stay away from glowkidcore/any other blog cherie moves to

this is @lighterdayss speaking on this, i was just kind of too anxious to post this myself and wanted caesar to do it. 

they’re currently claiming to be the alter of a system after their host “went dormant” but in all reality are just faking it so they can keep sending people shit and not have the attention on them, don’t let that fool you, they’re still actively going after people and you should avoid them. i was manipulated into feeling bad over leaving this “alter” and that they were innocent when that wasn’t the case and this even went as far as me trying to protect them and keep them away from everything so they could secretly be bad and so i was being used as well.

below is a full story with logs on what happened with me and them and why you shouldn’t trust them despite how they may appear to be, why you should avoid them if you don’t already believe everything.

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