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These comments are really getting me furious.

There are not a lot of english translations for Fire Emblem If/Fates in Youtube, this person here is translating this game ALL BY HIMSELF with 17 chapters out! Do you know how hard translating a game is? Let alone doing it yourself? It takes a lot of time and seeing these comments makes me feel like people aren’t grateful for his hard work.

“Oh he hasn’t uploaded any FE:IF translations for the past two weeks an has only POST TWO Splatoon videos. I guess he’s not doing the translations anymore!” Give the guy some time, just because he uploaded TWO (Just. Two.) videos that isn’t Fire Emblem If/Fates related doesn’t mean that he just completely ditched it. What if he wants a little break from FEif or wants to enjoy FEif first and THEN translate it? I swear I feel like only a few people are thankful to this person.

If you have a fellow translator that you thank for, please tell them that. Because I am sure they have to deal with a lot of stuff like this.


what goes through your head when you eat a popsicle? (x)

What feels different and groundbreaking here, though, is that the online beauty community has long-been dominated by a hyper-feminine, aspirational, makeup-clothing-cute boyfriend-diet vibe that’s followed in the footsteps of traditional media targeting young, white, well-off, heterosexual, cisgender women. There are many LGBTQ youth who have never seen themselves reflected in the the beauty and fashion space.
The Marina Joyce story

(Warning; Bruises, Drug mention, Kidnapping mention, Abuse mention)

Disclaimer: I’m no fan of Marina Joyce, never heard of her until this all became relevant. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t care for her + her fans and whatever they’re going through.


Now as i’m writing this out I know that all questions won’t be answered, and there is probably some potential evidence that’s missing, but I would still like to share all that I’ve gathered.

So I just saw an article on Facebook that said she could be possibly kidnapped by Isis???….“Isis” that’s what we always go back to isn’t it? (im not dismissing the possibility BUT to me it seems pretty far stretched…)

Seriously though I’ve looked into this and with her jerky movements, blinking and stutters it’s pretty obvious she’s on some type of drugs. I think it’s most likely the drug “Methamphetamine“ aka "meth” or “speed”. Yeah you know, the heavy stuff. The side effects pretty much line up perfectly with what she’s displaying;

As for the finger, paper, breathing behind the camera, the supposed ’help me’ she whispers and the reflection in her eye…

-She came out in a recent live stream claiming that the ‘help me’ everyone heard when they slowed down the clip was just her mom muttering something that people misheard. Now if this IS the case then that would explain the finger, breathing and paper. 

Still, you can never be sure, that could just be a cover-up her kidnapper forced her to come out and say to ease the worries of her fans. People have pointed out that the ‘help me’ seems almost edited in afterwards - and it very well may be. Yet the reason I don’t exactly believe that it was edited in afterwards is because of this;

If you take a look at Marinas old videos, her editing is pretty much standard. Jump-cutting at the correct times and etc…Now however the editing is much more sloppy, there are long awkward pauses at moments and even times when her words are cut off. So it’s possible the reason for this editing decline is drugs, or that someone else is editing for her. 

If someone was editing for her, I doubt they’d add in a ‘help me’ unless they were intentionally wanting people to hear it, and become scared. But now we’re stretching into ‘what ifs’

Anyways I wouldn’t find it hard to believe that if she’s really kidnapped, it’s an ex-boyfriend. Things like this especially for someone as young as she is AND with drugs involved usually go back to past lovers.

(Her and her boyfriend)
    (?? if a fan of her knows this isn’t him feel free to change it)

So someone pointed out that a lot of her recent videos have been ads. She’s been advertising dresses and things for different companies. Now this is how Youtubers get paid obviously, by ad revenue. But with the situation at hand, it’s possible that IF she’s being forced to do this, whoever has her could be taking the profit she gains from making the ad videos? That’s the only reason I can think of, because why else do it except for the money? What benefit would you get from forcing this girl to continue making videos?

   ”But– uh-uh Savannah if whoever has her wants ad money from YouTube then why not use someone with more subscribers like.. idk PewDiePie?!?!? Whoever has her is making her hold a party so he can shoot up the place!!!!!“

Who knows, could be because of the possible relationship between them, or the fact that she has /just/ the right amount of subscribers to pull something like that. Not too many to where it’d become an obvious, immediate problem, and not too less to where no one would know.  

Now with the meetup, she tweeted to meet at ”Bethnal Green" at 6:30 AM for a “party/meetup thing and okay…

1: Obviously everyone is suspicious because who actually "parties” at 6:30 in the morning?

2: People found out that Bethnal Green apparently doesn’t even open until 9 according to its schedule? 

But who knows, could possibly be a tweet error I mean 6 is 9 upside down but I mean that’s stretching it a little too far considering they’re pretty far apart from each other on the keyboard.

Anyways, on her Facebook page where the official meet up information is, it says that the date is August 3rd. So people were pretty silly to think when she tweeted recently “6:30” she meant that day. And apparently some people actually went??? I’m not sure if that’s real or not.  

^EDIT- yes some guy actually went and periscoped the whole thing but nothing happened and it was literally just him complaining about having to pee and eating a sandwich…

I wish I was lying;


    “B-b-but Savannah! The local Police Station Twitter in that city tweeted out saying that they have Marina and she’s okay!“ 

Yeah and I saw that some news article posted that she FREAKING DIED? come on…

Anyways a police station did tweet that, BUT a couple of things…

1: Marina isn’t a HUGE Youtuber, but she still has a pretty large fan base. She was #1 trending on Twitter. If nothing was actually wrong, why not live stream and let everyone know you’re okay? (she did live stream claiming that everything was alright, but never actually answered some big questions and was still acting very strange…) - Why does a supposed police station have to say this first?

2: Unfortunately, said Police station Twitter happens to be the ONLY police station account that isn’t verified by Twitter! So there is a possibility the tweet is fake. Could be a coincidence? Idk, but at this point you have to take it into consideration.

  ”S-s-Savannah I saw someone post pictures and videos at the meet up spot! Th-the-they said there were police everywhere and yelling!!!“

Yeah there’s been a TON of people posting pictures and videos at the supposed "meeting spot”. But seriously? You’re going to believe that? It’s #1 trending on twitter. Those people could be going anywhere, you wouldn’t know. And the party isn’t even until August 3rd. If a shooting really did happen, you would know about it. People will post anything on what’s trending to get a couple of likes. Don’t immediately believe everything you see posted onto the internet.

In conclusion the whole thing is a pretty interesting story. This girl is only a couple of years older than me so I mean I obviously fear and pray for her if something IS wrong.

But with how popular YouTube is these days I wouldn’t be surprised if a kidnapper would take advantage of that. -IF there is a kidnapper-

I still personally believe it all ties back to drug use. The “bruises” are side effects from the earlier mentioned drug methamphetamine. I looked up if it causes discoloration to the skin and it said that it “wrecks havoc” on the skin.

(warning; picture of bruises below)

And even if it’s not that, another side effect is still violence! So she could potentially be even harming herself!

The twitches, rapid blinking, taking sharp breaths instead of pausing during speaking can all be labeled as “Repetitive motor activity” It is also another side effect of the drug. If that STILL doesn’t convince you, another thing she’s doing is constantly repeating herself. An effect of meth is ‘memory loss’ now if it’s short-term i’m not sure, BUT that could be another reason if you’re still not convinced.

IMPORTANTLY- I know people keep pointing to the fact she keeps glancing off camera with a scared and fearful look. Another big side effect of Methamphetamine is vivid hallucinations. We don’t know what she’s glancing at off camera is even real.

I know that a lot of people are going to stick with the whole kidnapper story -which yes could very likely be real- and I know it’s because she’s only 19 and no one wants to blame a 19 year old, innocent girl, for doing drugs. Especially her fanbase, I know that if someone I loved and watched online had this problem I would refuse to believe that they were doing freaking meth. But when it comes down to it you have to realize what’s more common.

And in all honesty, I’m sure she’s okay and the media has blown this whole thing out of proportion, but there are still some signs you can’t ignore.

Until the time comes where a trusted and reliable news source comes out with the whole true story, whether the whole thing is fake or she’s been kidnapped by Isis, this is my take on the whole thing.

The End

-By Savannah <3