streaksofsilver asked:

No actually I was talking about Richard Fletcher, a man who is now hospitalized and in a coma after being beaten by 30 rioters. Or the fans leaving the oriole stadium that had bottles and other things thrown at them while being threatened. Or the blue station wagon filled with a family that was stopped by a horde of protestors that proceeded to smash on the car with there fists, continued to rip open the passenger door, and began reaching around in the vehicle. I was actually talking about them

The ONE article I found about Richard Fletcher was on a heavily conservative and deeply racist website. It claims he was beaten up in Dundalk, Maryland, which is 15 miles outside of Baltimore and that the attack occurred on April 22nd, three days before Saturday’s big protest in Baltimore for Freddie Gray. The number “black youths” he was attacked by changes from “30-some” to specifically 49 depending on which paragraph you’re reading, and it claims this huge group basically appeared out of nowhere.

The ONE article I found about the family in the blue station wagon is also from a bullshit right-wing website, and makes no claim that anyone in the car was hurt in any way.

So don’t come over here with your RACIST BULLSHIT and try to make it sound like the black people of Baltimore aren’t justified in their anger or that throwing bottles is anywhere the fuck near the level of violence that the police carry out against black communities and other communities of color every single day. 

Freddie Gray is dead, and you want to bitch about someone who threw a rock. Back the fuck down.



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