mermaid!percabeth au where percy is a deep ocean mermaid and annabeth is an explorer with white scars running down her arms and eyes that reflect the storms

“fuck it, im gonna say it.

i don’t think lgbt individuals deserve scholarships just for being gay or trans or whatever.”

someone said this and i’m…… why are cis people so bitter?

a lot of lgbt people:

  • are kicked out of their homes
  • are not receiving financial help from their parents/guardians because of being lgbt
  • don’t work because of mental illness and have no source of income
  • are an advocate and deserve these scholarships


hey, aphobes, thanks for co-opting cishets from the trans community and ruining its meaning so much that we can’t use it for its original purpose and now have no way to properly explain part of the trans experience without directly referencing anti-ace/aro discourse. thanks for constantly using it against trans and/or gay minors in discourse. thanks for constantly misgendering and attacking lgbt youth (yes, including aces and aros). thank you for constantly telling aces and aros how to identify.

/end sarcasm

They're attacking you.

They’ve devised schemes to keep their means intact.

To stay the dominate force.

Took control over all political systems and the courts.

Regulate your information, ultimately all news coming from the same source.

Gave you freedom only on paper, accompanied by strict stipulation.

To be the master authority using deceit, and all forms of manipulation.

Pit the people against one another what a perfect tactic.

To create a socializing feud from all these polarizing views.

Just take the time to ponder this sounds a lot like divide and conquer.

They attack our youth and in that, our future.

Closing down public schools left and right without the least bit of guilt.

All while another prison is being built.

But education is what you need to succeed, but priced as a luxury.

Told you education is the key, but you can’t even afford to get your foot in the door.

I guess knowledge just isn’t fit for the poor.

Part 1 of the master plan, is like an embargo on our communities.

Cut off all resources and lock away the people and opportunities.

I can’t find a grocery store, but the liquors stores surround every block.

No access to nutrition, but this henny and newports always in stock- this will suffice.

Ever wonder who’s at fault for all these stereotypes?

Draw you as a threatening image, fear is heightened and empathy is diminished.

Control perception puppet the thoughts, they see us as enemies to the state.

Having us all in fear of one another, but the enemy is the state.

Entertainment and 9 to 5s keep us too preoccupied.

To realize this grave we’ve dug or to take any action, educate one”s self, or pursue true passion.

How many can say they’re happily employed, empty inside trying to feel the void.

So they sell you dreams of luxury made us see ourselves as ugly.

So we would buy, buy, until it’s bye bye, really shopped until you dropped, dead.

Never really loved yourself, though confidence in materialism instead.

Fed us insecurities so we buy the sports cars, products, and jewelry.

A different person gets gunned down, but they see us all the same.

Speak of us as statistics no wonder young brothers see their lives as such a game.

Consumed by the avarice from the materials they tease you with.

They’re attacking you!

Shaped and carved your entire mindset with their images, ideas, and concepts.

They’re attacking you! They’re attacking us.

The 1 percent, the government, and the media. So we don’t come together and rebuild.

Scars and wounds still open, but it can all be healed.

Can’t you see all of our struggles are intertwined? Fighting to be heard, respected, and recognized.

I’ll die for the rights of Caucasian, Native, Latino, and Asian, pink, purple, people of any religious creed, LGBQT community everybody’s equal.

I want humans coming together to fight the problems that plague us. A simple vision.

But, the majority of our problems are self-inflicted.

Let that sink in.

Who’s attacking us?


Troye Sivan YOUTH | An Attack on Titan parody



Special limited edition soundtrack set to commemorate Mark McCoy’s DEVOURING GHOST exhibition, available exclusively from Slowboy Records in Germany.

• Custom heavy duty black linen and velvet lined box with white foil stamp lettering, spine text and silk pull to remove contents
• Two black vinyl LP’s encased in heavy-duty uncoated “tip on” jackets
• Offset 12" x 12" art print set featuring all 9 works from the exhibition, Mark McCoy portrait, and complete lyrics composition housed in custom silkscreened folio and stamped in a black wax YA logo
• Signed and numbered double-sided silkscreened card

Limited to 100 copies
Youth Attack #93/Slowboy #23

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