This Feels Like Falling In Love
Falling In Love
Falling In Love

New series: “Mats and Sven…Sven and Mats…”

Mats looks at Sven…Sven looks back…

Season 1 soon will be aired .

Spoiler: There’ll be more gazing, more staring and more ’ you and I ’ should hang out more on pitch so fans would get one or 2 extra Gifs of us together.

you came into my life unexpectedly
wait, no, I take that back —
you’d been in my life the last 14 years
but it was only now that I saw you
and maybe you saw me too
“we should hang out more”
you said after the fourth Friday we’d consecutively hung out
but maybe I missed a beat
or maybe I misread you
because there was never a fifth Friday
and you, like the rest,
darted in the opposite direction
not knowing what to do with me
so you left without a single goodbye (should I have been surprised?)
but this time, I wasn’t going to ask you to stay


Get your hands on some of that ‘Tub Juice! It’s easy to make, easy to drink, and it’ll have all your friends coming up to you like “Dude. Dude. Seriously, we should talk more. Lets hang out. I’d kiss a parrot if it had bird lips. What?”

Just throw some stuff in the tub, fire up the spigot, and watch the Bathtub Juice flow! Guaranteed to turn any party into a classic club banger like the ones you saw on MTV. 

Tub Juice: It’ll make your momma say Oh My Golden Rings!


"I drank tub juice and now I’m dead." -a skeleton

"Alpha Delta Pizza had me submerged in tub juice as part of my initiation. Now, I have to have an IV drip of vodka otherwise I get so sober I can see the future. Don’t make any long term plans if you know what I’m saying." -some frat guy

"WOOOOOOOO" -everyone else we asked


lmao ur pretty great
I use to have a hella big crush on you bc ur hella sweet and cute
But I’m glad I got to know you this year! I’m gonna be sad when you graduate. But we should talk and hang out more. And tbh, I still have the screen shot of you wearing my knee high converses.

Dear Peyton, 
I didn’t have the chance to get you a flower gram so instead I gave you a dozen flowers and a teddy bear for Declan. Thank you for your flower. We should hang out more often, ‘cause I
do like you and kids. 

Now I don’t have to share the one Jill gave me, perfect! Thank you so much, Jay. These are stunning, and I’m just…floored that you would spend this much on me…and Declan. Thank you. I…Wow. Let’s make plans this week, okay? Text me.

Thinking Of You 11:11 p.m.

I’m slowly been falling for you and you’re ready to catch me. It’s crazy because I thought I could get over it but, I can’t now. I’ve been thinking about you more than ever. Not being able to talk to you it’s honestly so depressing. I hate what your dad did and I literally did want to get up and hug you when you told me what he did, I feel terrible that I didn’t. I think if I had I would let you go.
I keep thinking about pizza. We should hang out more often. It probably wasn’t as fun as it could’ve been. We were both awkward. I think it’s because we both wanted to do things we couldn’t door maybe it was the fact that both of us were paranoid about our parents finding us and yelling at us for lying. But the funny thing is that I keep thinking about the cheese dripping down your chin and, laughing when you realized I saw it. I think I burnt myself 3 times with the pizza. Again we were both awkward as hell.
I remember agreeing with you mom in my head about you playing football. Only because people aren’t running to tackle you and get you to the ground in baseball. I wouldn’t care if you played football or baseball. Either way you’d still be you and I’d still be me and hopefully we’d still end up being us.

hufflepufflefran asked:

[VOICEMAIL]: Hello? What? No, shut up. Anyways, hello, voicemail. I was actually hoping to find Francine but clearly nobody likes to pick up their phones anymore. Anywho, hi! I have no real reason to be leaving you a voicemail except that I feel we should probs hang out more because I have a feeling our boyfriends are going to have some kind of weird bromance soon and I’m not all that sure how I feel about that. Plus, hanging out with me is fun! Well, I think it is. I have no idea what we would do because I’m not always the best planner of events, I’m sort of more spontaneous under those circumstances but anything would work if your interested. Just let me know whenever and stuff. Byeee!

send a ☎ for my muse to leave yours a voicemail.

anonymous asked:

my crush is gorgeous and she has a ton of piercings and amazing pink hair and she's super-short and kind of quiet but she has great music taste and i rly wanna ask her out! but im nervous ha she's the first girl ive ever had a crush on...

that’s always kinda scary since it’s a first and u don’t want to mess things up, ya feel me? idk how much you guys talk or hang out but you should try to start doing more stuff and show her that you’re interested in her, unless you feel comfortable enough 2 just flat out ask her out. i believe in you anon :-)

anonymous asked:

Okay excuse my French but tbh your "friend" is an abusive bitch and you should, for your own sake, /not/ hang out with her any more. I used to have "friends" like that too and trust me, I'm off so much better now without them. They're more or less just acquaintances now, but - back to the subject - please, please get rid of her. She's emotionally abusing you and manipulating you and making it seem like you're in the wrong. You don't need people like her in your life. Take care of yourself <3

I tried to stop talking to her but she’s in almost all of my classes and we have mostly mutual friends. I’m trying to make other friends but I’m not very good at it and I’ve known her for years. I mean, I fully intend to get her out of my life as soon as possible but as far as this year goes it could just be really hard. I’m just so miserable around her, so I guess maybe I’ll try not talking to her again. (On this day in particular, we have 3 out of 4 classes together which is why I’m considering faking sick to get out of school.) Thank you for your input, it means a lot to me.

anonymous asked:

You rock! We should hang out more. It's my fault. Yes I realize this is anon. :P


emileedarling asked:


I think you’re one of the most strikingly beautiful girls at Stonegate, and I know that people stare whenever you walk by. The red hair is the thing. You just have this aura about you that’s really special, and I don’t know, we’re friends, I guess. Don’t hang out a lot, mostly in groups, but I think that you’re definitely really cool and maybe we should hang out more. If you’d want to, that is.

wickedfreaks asked:

You are way too fucking fabulous to associate with a cowardly anon like that. Don't take people like that seriously, anyone is blessed to even talk to you. You're amazing :) never let anyone try and prove you otherwise.

Linde agghhhhhhhhhh >.< I love you so much ;-; Thank youuuuuu! Gorgeous specimen, we should talk/hang out more now that I’m not in cheer c: