Fire Emblem Heroes likes to fuck with your kokoro.

Anna tells you at the start, fuckin not to get attached or have them get attached to you because the order of heroes but mostly Alphonse’ gay ass is torn over loosing Zachrias. 

Yet despite this you spend plenty of time with each summoned character and go through many hardships (Aka getting a 5* to level 40) for them to basically say that they love you as fucking passively as possible including the characters that are canonically married to/are infatuated/in love/etc with someone in their respective game. 

They pretty much go along the lines of “I like you so much we should totally hang out some more, like damn I really enjoy having you around, like what the fuck would I do without you." 

But because we supposedly can’t or shouldn’t "get too attached” to the heroes, you as the summoner are in predicament of basically making hundreds of individuals have attachments to you and vice versa, essentially breaking the rule to begin with.

So if the same shit really will happen just like Zachrias and we won’t be together forever despite these characters saying that they want to be by your side for the long run then whats the fuckin point. On the bright side the only one that technically can work as a relationship is the commander and the summoner/and or anyone from Askr or Emblia because neither count as summoned heroes. So fuck yeah I ship myself with Anna.

25 Frustrating Things About Being An Extrovert

1. Having a weekend night off, but no one is available to hang out.

2. Being upset and needing to talk it out with at least three different people.

Because how else will you process all of your FEELINGS?

3. When new friends think you’re “too clingy” because you’re initiating all of the hangouts.

4. Blurting out your thoughts on something before they’re necessarily fully formed.

(Which isn’t the way introverts do it AT ALL, so sometimes they think you’re rash or too honest.)

5. When you come home and want to just drink wine and talk about your day with someone, but your roommate isn’t willing to hang out.

6. Feeling like you should have more shame or sense of embarrassment than you do, because you don’t mind being the center of attention.

Is that a bad thing??

7. People thinking you’re “needy” when you’re just trying to recharge by connecting with someone.

8. When everyone talks about how all they want to do is stay home and be on Tumblr and marathon Netflix, and you’re just like:

9. Dealing with unexpected alone time.

10. Sensing that you’re talking too much in meetings

You just have a lot of ideas!

11. …or talking too much at work or in class in general, because it’s second nature to you.

12. When the cashier at the grocery store is like:

13. Because once you get going, sometimes you can’t stop.

..and you feel like you overwhelm people.

14. When everyone near you at work is wearing headphones and you just want to chat.

15. Talking with your hands all the time. Maybe even TOO much.

16. Feeling more comfortable working with a large group than working by yourself.

17. Having those “OH MY GOD I NEED TO BE AROUND PEOPLE” days…

18. …but on the flip side, people expect you to ALWAYS be the life of the party.

…when you have your quiet moments too! You just feel more refreshed when you’re socializing.

19. You want to do yoga or meditate, but the thought of being silent for that long seems exhausting.

Zumba or group sports are really more your thing.

20. Being home alone.

21. Making your introvert friend semi-uncomfortable with all of your talking.

22. Being labeled “too intense.”

23. Feeling like you’re burning out from socializing constantly, but also feeling like you can’t stop.

24. Wondering if your voice is too loud.

25. Feeling stereotyped as shallow or unintellectual because you’re not an introvert.

Introverts are NOT better than extroverts. And vice versa! It’s just about celebrating your own personality type.



“Well…” said Kinleigh as she stood up “I better get going, it’s getting late and I need to get home to feed and bathe the little dude before bed..”

”Oh.. I’m sorry to keep you!” Said Elliott concerned

”No, No, it’s fine.. I told them I wouldn’t be home until about 5:30, it’s only quarter past now..” Kinleigh smiled “It was really nice catching up with you, we should hang out like this more often it’s so nice out here!”

“I’ve had a great time too, We definitely need to do this more. Say Hi to your Mum and Lincoln for me?”

“Will do, We’ll see you tomorrow night, right?” 

“For sure, I’m looking forward to it!” 

“Jack! Glad you could make it!”

“Are you kidding? I wouldn’t miss my only nephew’s birthday for the world.”

“I don’t suppose he’ll be your only nephew much longer.”

“Yeah, I imagine both the not-twins will be procreating pretty soon.”

“How about you?”

“Me? - nah! Not yet, anyway…”


“Hey, Dale! Happy birthday, man!”

“You missed me? I’ve missed you - we should hang out more!”

“Dinner dinner dinner dinner-”

“NO! No no no no no no no no no no!”

“Hey, hey, what’s up? Hold still, you’re gonna fall on your head - putting you down, putting you down.”


“Hey, Dale, it’s okay-”


“Uh, Dawn!”

“Shh, Daley, it’s okay, Mama’s got you.”


“Mama’s here. Mama’s got you… What happened?”

“I dunno - we were just playing, and then he started screaming - wriggled so much I nearly dropped him on his head.”


“Right here, Dale. You’re okay, I promise.”


“He’s just in the kitchen. Wanna go see?”


“Okay… you want Daddy to read to you?”

“Ning Nang Nong…”

When you compliment the signs
  • Aries: tell me more...
  • Taurus: hahah what no
  • Gemini: yeah
  • Cancer: *blushes super hard* I don't know.. Tihi
  • Leo: thank you you're so nice I love you we should hang out more often maybe we could go on this concert together like that would be so much fun
  • Virgo: Um no Hahah you're kidding, right?
  • Libra: awwwwwwwwww you too!
  • Scorpio: (doesn't say anything just smiles sheepishly) hehe
  • Sagittarius: I know I know (tries to play it off but is actually really happy)
  • Capricorn: *looks down on the floor* (they make a weird noise and then laughs it's so cute)
  • Aquarius: mmhhahmm *turns and start to walk away but then comes back again* thank you
  • Pisces: ahh that's nice of you Hahah aw ;)

breezythewanderer  asked:

DYING over Mafia Boss. DYING. I went through all of the parts in 5 days, with working and going to school full time, and managing to hang out with friends. I need more, so you should start posting them more!! Haha pleeeease.

Aaaaw hahaha. Good job with finishing all of it in five days, while actually managing to have a life too. I’m impressed haha. I need more too, but juggling real life with writing both this and my other series (and updating both weekly) kind of makes that impossible. Also, with how long every part of Mafia Boss is, as well as how long it takes me to write it, weekly updates will unfortunately enough have to continue haha.

one of my guy friends was concerned that I didn’t go to track practice today, and it was actually kind of nice? Idk how to describe how it was adequately. Like, “we don’t talk very much, but the fact that you were concerned about me was really sweet, and I should totally hang out with you more, man…Except you’re like Sonic the Hedgehog when you run, and I am an awkward potato.” He’s cool.