When you compliment the signs
  • Aries:tell me more...
  • Taurus:hahah what no
  • Gemini:yeah
  • Cancer:*blushes super hard* I don't know.. Tihi
  • Leo:thank you you're so nice I love you we should hang out more often maybe we could go on this concert together like that would be so much fun
  • Virgo:Um no Hahah you're kidding, right?
  • Libra:awwwwwwwwww you too!
  • Scorpio:(doesn't say anything just smiles sheepishly) hehe
  • Sagittarius:I know I know (tries to play it off but is actually really happy)
  • Capricorn:*looks down on the floor* (they make a weird noise and then laughs it's so cute)
  • Aquarius:mmhhahmm *turns and start to walk away but then comes back again* thank you
  • Pisces:ahh that's nice of you Hahah aw ;)

The Spine: So uh….Steve Negrete, you like talkin.

Steve: Yea but you don’t usually talk to me because I’m way over here off to the side. 

The Spine: Well, it’s a brand new day… We should hang out more often.

Steve: I see you every day at the zoo, The Spine. We hang out a lot. 

The Spine: We should hang out outside the zoo.

Steve: I don’t want to hang out any more…than we already do. 

The Spine: Well Rabbit’s sick and Jon is… Jon’s weird. And well, you’re the only normal one here!
Mike is…well, he’s weird and Sam is…is weird and no one’s normal except for Steve and I. 

Oh yea, that’s The Spine…

….Toooootally normal. X3
And totally awesome. 

I love these dorks. XD

but Twelve is so fucking cute bc like

he’s so shouty and grumbly and gruff but then at the same time once he gets past his post-regeneration madness his affection for Clara is obviously through the goddamn roof?

“Clara it’s ok that you’re an game-playing egomaniac I’ll play your games it’s cool it’s no big deal I don’t want you to change”

“Clara look I got new clothes what do you think (now we totally match)”

“Clara someone out there really thinks we should keep hanging out what do you think wanna hang out some more pls say yes”

“Clara let’s go on a date we can get whatever you want you can pick”


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birthday: nov 16th
gender: female girl
orientation: bisexual but like a 5 on the kinsey scale rn (aka pretty durn gay)
age: 20

favorite soda: CHERRY COKE ZERO
favorite candy: mike and ikes
favorite pizza: mushroom omg
favorite salad dressing: ceasar, or just straight up peanut sauce
favorite meal: tofu pad thai <3333

best memory: yo it’s still what it was last time i did one of these silly things it is when i broke 24 minutes on my last 5k in high school it was so good i cried
best friend: her name is kelly and she is real cute with bad hips. i also have a very good friend named nick who drinks heavily with me and encourages me to make bad decisions. on tumblr my bff is @fade-walking​ i love them they’re so wonderful <3333 i send them small presents whenever i can. i also have a best friend named abby who is real great and helped me pick out a vibrator that’s how you know you are true friends. 
best relative: my sister who is a shitty 12-year-old child
best celebrity: tie between sophie turner and natalie dormer i love them so much

one random fact about you: I’m a geologist and I do research and have a desk job in addition to my rping and school shit and quasi-legal dating adventures. also one time i accidentally called 911 at work
one random fact about your day: i turned down a genuine offer for a threesome from the kid who sits next to me in one of my classes
one random fact about your job/school: it is really, really easy to accidentally call 911 when all you want to do is fix someone’s washing machine
one random fact you wish was a fact but it isn’t: i have a positive balance in my checking account… o.e

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Okay just, imagine you’re hanging with Michael having a lazy kind of day, watching movies and eating all the food. You’re lying on the couch eating fries (or something) and he keeps reaching over trying to sneakily steal some, and you keep smacking his hand away because their yours and why share food? So Michael leans over and starts kissing your neck, and while you’re distracted he steals some fries pulling away from you with a smirk on his face. You look over like, ‘what the hell man’ and he sticks the fries in his mouth, half hanging out, teasing you “Should’ve paid more attention babe.” You scramble up and straddle his waist, your hands grazing along his thighs and you bring your face close to his and bite the fries that were hanging half out of his mouth. “Shouldn’t have been too cocky babe.”

Wonderland (Prologue)




The two shouted when Karlie opened the door to her apartment to see one of her closest friends there.  Cara practically jumped on her the moment Karlie opened the door, making her legs a little shaky.

“You’re finally here! You should’ve flown in earlier so we could hang out more!” Karlie said after she set Cara down.

“I really wanted to, babe, but you know how it is. Burberry really had to plan that last minute shoot.” Cara said followed by a disgruntle grunt. She’s already made her way comfortably into the apartment, clearly familiar with the surroundings.

“So, where’s Jourdan?” Karlie asked hesitantly. Her and Jourdan were best friends and eventually hooked up and that didn’t end so well. Karlie refused to have a relationship with her and Jourdan felt rather heartbroken. Karlie doesn’t do official relationships. As much as she didn’t want to hurt Jourdan, she couldn’t force herself to be with someone knowing she won’t be happy and no longer herself. But she still cared dearly for Jourdan. It’s been a year, but Jourdan still has not fully forgiven Karlie. Karlie actually regrets their fling greatly because it caused her to lose someone so special to her.

Cara sighed. She’s great friends with both of them so she didn’t want to take sides. She understands and relates to Karlie in the sense that she doesn’t prefer serious relationships either, but also being Jourdan’s friend, she hated seeing her so hurt. Some called their lack of interest in real relationships commitment issues, but her and Karlie like to view it as, “just living life to the fullest.”

“She’s at the hotel.”

Karlie nods, wanting to end the conversation there knowing it won’t get anywhere either.

“So what have you got in store for me tonight, Kloss?”

Karlie smirked, “Well, we’re definitely gonna hit up a club, but we obviously can’t stay out too late. Tomorrow’s the show. We just have to be there by 8AM since the show won’t start till 8PM.”

“Aw, that’s it?” Cara whined, “I really wanted to get extra fucked up tonight.”

“Should’ve come earlier, bum.” Karlie mocked.

“So who’s performing this year?” Cara asked.

“Oh! I wanted to tell you about that. So it’s Fall Out Boy, A Great Big World, Neon Jungle, and wait for it…Taylor Swift!” Karlie said, emphasizing Taylor’s name.

“No way! She is so cute!” Cara exclaimed.

“Hell yeah! Which is why I call dibs.”

“No fair! You can’t call dibs on a girl.”

“I can and I will. Come on, you got Rihanna last year. It’s just fair for it to be my turn. Not to mention, I’m obviously more her type.”

Cara scoffed while chuckling, “and you know that because…?”

“I can tell. Plus, let’s not forget that she wants to bake cookies with me.”

“Whatever you say, babe. But, since I did get RiRi last year, you can have her.” Cara nodded at the thoughts of Rihanna, “Such grand times,” She said while wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

“Ew, you creepy sexual maniac!” Karlie said jokingly as she threw a pillow onto Cara’s face.

“Takes one to know one,” Cara said in a singsong voice followed by laughter by the two.

A/N: So this will be a Kaylor on-going! Since this is just the prologue, I will be posting chapter one very soon. Hope you guys will like it! :) 


Riding these glassy Sardinian waves there’s Nicola Pili, as framed by Filippo Maffei with his film camera, the board is a 6'2’’ hollow wood construction we call Lo Spiedino, a model I’m particularly fond of because of the classic heritage it carries along.

Filippo is pretty well known by now for his photographic work on projects like Bella Vita and Onde Nostre, I was lucky enough to get to know him, his girlfriend Sara, Nicola and all their friends that usually hang out at the Swell Shop & Cafe, together they keep up the true spirit of soul surfing between a coffee and a swell, really inspiring people to hang around with!

You can (and should) check out more of Filippo’s work on his blog and website.

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so I was talking to my friend and we said "if we were dating nothing much would change, except we would hang out more often" and without thinking I said "we should hang out more" almost immediately followed by me going "it sounds like I'm asking you out, I'm not I swear" and my friend just says "it'd be fine if you did. we should hang out more often"

I’m…. I think u two should date..,…..,