All It Took Was A Joke

Word Count: 1340

Warnings: curse words, fluff

A/N: this one shot was requested and awe I thought the idea was very cute! Sorry it took so long to write! I’ve been so sick the past couple of days! I’m currently sitting in a doctors parking lot writing this oops! Much love!

Requested: after leaving Archie and Betty a few years back to be friends with Cheryl, Y/N rekindles her friendship with them, and ultimately becomes friends with Veronica and Kevin as well. She’s not so sure about Jughead though, but who knows maybe something will spark…

     "Betty! Archie!“ Y/N exclaimed, standing from her booth at Pops. The two look over to her and smile, and Betty walks over with her arms wide open.

    "Y/N!” she exclaims, embracing her in a hug. Archie comes over and wraps his arms around the both of them, and Betty and Y/N giggle.

    “I’m so glad you two could join me! I’ve missed you two terribly!” Y/N said, breaking free from Betty and Archie.

    “We’ve missed you too,” Archie smiled. “You look great!”

    “Archiekins, you see the girl every day at school, stop acting like you haven’t seen her in years.” Veronica teased, walking up to Y/N. “Veronica Lodge.” she confidently said, holding out her hand.

    “Sorry Veronica, I only give handshakes to people I’m not friends with, and I like you already, so bring it in.” Y/N said, holding her arms out open. Veronica stared at Y/N a second with a puzzled expression. It soon turned into a smile, and she hugged her.

    “Finally someone with my confidence!” she said, giggling.

    “Sorry Y/N, I know you were hoping for this to be just you, Archie, and I, but we brought three of our friends with us.” Betty said, and Y/N chuckled.

    “Don’t worry about it Bets, any friend of yours is a friend of mine.” Y/N smiled. Kevin came up and hugged Y/N by surprise. Y/N giggled, and when he released her she turned to face him.

    “Kevin Keller.” he said, and Y/N nodded.

    “Sheriffs boy?” she asked, and Kevin rolled his eyes, and chuckled.

    “Don’t worry, I’m not a snitch.” he joked, earning a laugh from everyone.

    “Good to know,” Y/N said, giving a mischievous smile. She looked at Betty and Archie and their two friends, and looked for the third, but they were no where to be seen. “Didn’t you say you brought three friends?” Y/N asked. Archie and Betty looked around for their friend.

    “Jughead!” Archie called. And Y/N gave a puzzled look to Kevin and Veronica.

    “Jughead?” She questioned and the two of them laughed and shrugged. Just then a tall boy wearing a grey beanie and dark clothing walked up to the group of friends, and Y/N stood, awestruck.

    “Jughead this is Y/N, Y/N this is Jughead.” Archie introduced the two, and Y/N collected herself from her thoughts and held her arms out to hug him.

    “I don’t do hugs.” Jughead said, and Y/N quickly put her arms down.

    “Oh-I… Im sorry.” she mumbled, her cheeks burning red with embarrassment.

    He may be cute but he’s kind of an ass… she thought.

    “Let’s sit down and eat.” Betty said, noticing the tension and motioned to the booth. Y/N slid into the booth and Jughead slid in after her, then Veronica. On the other side, right across from Y/N was Archie, Betty and then Kevin. Small talk between the friends went on, talking about things like school and family life, although Y/N was distracted by the tall boy sitting next to her. Part of her didn’t want to be around him, he was kind of a moody, outcast type. But the other part of her found him intriguing and handsome, and she wanted to know more. Y/N was quickly snapped out of her thoughts when Archie waved a menu in front of her face.

    “Y/N? It’s your turn to order.” He said, giving her a worried look. “You alright?”

    “Of course.” She said, nodding her head. She turned to the waiter, and smiled. “I’ll take my usual, a burger with fries and a chocolate milkshake.” The waiter wrote down her order and Jughead turned his head to Y/N and smiled.

    “You’re name was Y/N right?” He asked, and she felt a blush rise to her cheeks.

    “Yeah, Y/N  Y/L/N. Sorry it’s not as easy to remember as Jughead.” she teased, earning a laugh from him.

God he has a cute laugh, maybe he’s not as bad as I thought…

    Y/N looked around the table and saw everyone’s jaws wide open.

    “What?” she asked. And Betty shook from her trance and smiled.

    “You got Jughead Jones to laugh, like actually laugh! How..? I-we can almost never do that.” Jughead rolled his eyes and Y/N looked up at him.

    “Not much of a laugher are you?” She asked, and he shrugged.

    “Not much to laugh at.” he said, and she nodded her head.

    “Because no one has the same dry, sarcastic sense of humor like you. Got it.” she said and he chuckled, earning another round of surprised looks from everyone at the table.

    “Exactly.” He said and Y/N bumped into him.

    “Well it looks like I do.” she said, and he nodded.

   "Looks like you’ve met your match, Juggie.“ Archie said. The rest of the night, Jughead and Y/N talked and teased the rest of the group, and everyone stared at them knowingly. Much to Y/Ns surprise, Jughead ordered the same thing as her, and they ate their food and laughed at each other’s jokes. When the food was gone and everyone was tired, they all stood up deciding it was time to leave.

    "It was very nice meeting you,” Veronica said, hugging Y/N again. “You should definitely hang out with us more often, or all the time. Preferably the second one.” she joked and Y/N laughed.

    “Sit with us at lunch!” Kevin said, and Y/N smiled.

    “Yeah, you’re always welcome.” Archie said.

    “Well majority says I should so I guess I will!” Y/N said, and everyone smiled.

    “Good, I’ll have someone to actually talk to.” Jughead said, and Y/N rolled her eyes and laughed.

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it, you have no one to talk to because no one understand you and your humor.” She teased and he smiled. “Well Jughead, I think it’s safe to say we are friends now, so how about that hug?” she asked holding her arms open.

    “If she gets him to do it, my whole life will have been a lie.” Kevin whispered to Veronica, but Archie and Betty heard it. They looked at eachother and nodded in agreement with Kevin.

    “She’ll need a miracle to get him to..”  Archie said.

    “Come on Jones…” Y/N said, giggling. Jughead rolled his eyes and hesitantly walked forward, and wrapped his arms around Y/N.

    “Oh my god.” Kevin said, and the whole group sat there in silence. Jughead pulled away slightly, his hands still around her waist.

    “You know I was so convinced I wasn’t going to like you.” He said and Y/N rolled her eyes. “Damn was I wrong.”

    “What changed your mind, Jones?” she asked, confidence laced in her voice.

    “I’m not sure, but I’m glad it did.” he said. He leaned down, his eyes flickering from her eyes to her lips. She met him half way, and they kissed.

    “OH MY GOD!” Kevin yelled. Jughead quickly pulled away, and they both turned bright red.

    “I forgot they were there.” Y/N mumbled. Jughead collected himself and made his way to the door.

    “Well I’ll see you guys tomorrow at lunch,” he said, waving. “Right Y/N?” he asked.

    “Wouldn’t dream of missing it.” she called and he left. Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Kevin just sat there staring, and Y/N laughed. “Come on guys, close your mouths. You’re drooling all over Pops floor and I don’t think he appreciates it.” she said, laughing.

Nope, he’s definitely not as bad as I thought.

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A Grand Scheme For Love Possibly Ruined By The Asshole K-2SO

Cassian Andor/ Reader

Words: 1,954

Summary: A little droid tells you (well, you bribed him) that Cassian has a crush on you. You have just the plan to get Cassian to tell you straight up. 

Prompt: “ Where the reader tries to make cassian jealous by accepting a date right in front of him. So that cassian could admit his feelings or something like that.”

Tagging: @kwaiky, @attentionseekingprincess, @ly–canthrope, @can-t-figure-it-out

Author’s notes: Yeah, I feel like the title is a Bit misleading but in fairness this is one of my “quirkier” fics. It’s a bit silly and over the top but like! You’ll have a good time. I’m terrible @ wrting about jealousy bc i feel like it aint healthy pero…im also jealous at times? im a hippocrates. Created a minor OMC, too. I used a Star Wars name generator to come up w/ his name lmaoo

You always had a seeping suspicion that a certain captain had a crush on you.

Captain Cassian Andor. The intelligence officer and one of the best pilots on base has a crush on you.

Asking him directly would lead him to flat out deny your claim. That’s when you decide to approach what seems like one of his only friends on base, his droid, K-2SO.

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Kang Daniel | PokemonGo!AU

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prompt: pokemon go’s still popular and to kill time, you decide to try playing it - you didn’t expect that you’d catch more than just pokemon.

note: wow, i really need to stop writing for daniel but he’s just SO PRECIOUS AND WRITING COMES SO EASILY BECAUSE OF HIM.

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veterinarian! Vernon

ask anon: CN you do veterinarian!Vernon plz (with hint of romance between a pet owner)

Admin note: OKIE this is really late but then again so are the rest of our requests lol, hope you enjoy! it might be a bit reader focused welp whatever

  • ok so
  • Hansol was new to the clinic in your neighborhood
  • he had supposedly transferred from somewhere in New York
  • which had surprised the entire staff at the clinic
  • you knew all the staff well since your puppy needs to get vaccines quite often
  • your friend was a nurse working there
  • and during her lunch break, she told you about the new veterinarian transferring
  • “He’s supposedly a big hot-shot according to some people. I mean think about it, why transfer to this small clinic in the middle of nowhere from a place like New York?”
  • you laughed at your friend’s comment as the two of you played with BongBong, your Maltese
  • “But you work here!” you say as you pick up BongBong in your arms
  • “My point exactly, I like being boring.”
  • “You never know, he might have a good reason” you tell her
  • “I just hope he’s hot, I’m so single it’s funny.” she tells you as you both start laughing
  • “Whatever helps you sleep at night friend” you tell her
  • the both of you walked in right as an emergency patient is brought in
  • “Yikes, that’s me, catch you later y/n” your friend grabs a clipboard and runs into the examination room
  • you hear her yelling a few seconds later as she runs past you
  • “Whoever he is, he’s late and we have a puppy who swallowed some rat poison, and I REFUSE to accept any excuses he may have.” she shoots you a wink as she runs back into the emergency clinic
  • you sit there with BongBong and smile to yourself
  • you admired your friend so much, she cared a lot about her work as much as she would never admit it straight-up
  • “Excuse me!” you turn around to see who’s talking to you
  • it’s a guy with a stethoscope around his neck and his uniform is crinkled and you can see street clothes underneath
  • “Could you bring me pre-anesthetic blood work for the emergency patient that just came in?”
  • “What?” you blink a few times in surprise, “Me?”
  • “Yes, please, quickly!” he says flustered while dropping his stethoscope and bending down to pick it up again
  • “I don’t work here” you say holding up BongBong, “I’m a pet owner”
  • “Ah” he gives you an embarrassed laugh while bowing slightly
  • “Sorry.” he says racing down the hall to the exam room
  • you laugh as he goes and you notice he left behind a pen that fell out of his pocket
  • Veterinarian Chwe Hansol
  • it reads
  • he must be the new vet
  • you hear quite a few stories about him from your friend over the next week
  • “I walked into his office to hand him his list of appointments, and you know what?!?!? He was dancing to a Drake song and I was just standing there, like what do I do now?!?!” she tells you on her day off as the two of you walk BongBong through the park
  • “Oh my god which song?”
  • “Is that important? He’s a good dancer, not really my type though, but he’s cute I guess. I think I’d prefer someone outside of the clinic though. He’s always there late at night making rounds after we already have and saying hi to all the patients and giving the pets treats.”
  • you listen to her ramble on about what he does
  • “Like once he decides something even if it doesn’t follow basic protocol, anything for the health of the patient, he’ll do it”
  • “Really nice to all the staff too, brought donuts, I was- oh my heart.”
  • you remember his pen and ask her when he works
  • “Oh? he works everyday, I don’t know how he manages.”
  • so you go in later that day for BongBong’s appointment and to return Hansol’s pen
  • you sit in the examination room and wait by passing the time staring at the various charts and diagrams lining the room’s walls
  • “BongBong, maltese, ten months old… ” Hansol reads off without looking up from the clipboard
  • his glasses are balancing on the edge of his nose as he quickly pulls it off to get a closer look at BongBong after setting down the clipboard
  • “Looks like the little guy just needs to get a shot and go home and rest” he said giving BongBong the cutest smile you’ve ever seen
  • he looks up at you
  • and jumps back a little in surprise
  • “Hey, you’re the person I accidentally thought…” he rubbed the back of his head and gave you an embarrassed smile
  • you laugh lightly and introduce yourself
  • “I’m y/n, BongBong’s pet owner. You dropped your pen last time-” you pull it out of your pocket and hand it back to Hansol
  • “Oh thanks! I’ve been looking for it. You must be nurse f/n’s friend, she’s always gushing about you.”
  • maybe you’re just imagining things, but did Hansol blush?
  • “I’m Hansol, by the way, though some of my friends just call me Vernon.”
  • “It’s nice to meet you Vernon.”
  • for the next few days, you get to see more of Vernon
  • in the mornings when you’re waiting for your friend to check up on BongBong
  • Hansol always runs past you, his tie not properly done, uniform a mess, and two cups of coffee in tow
  • already trying to do fifty things at once, from checking on overnight patients to checking the appointments for surgery scheduled for the day
  • but once he sees you, he comes over to you with a big smile and asks how you are and how BongBong is
  • “Are both cups of coffee for yourself, Vernon?” you say hiding your smile behind your hand
  • “Hm…? Hahaha noooo, of course not, this second one is… for you!” he says holding up the cup for you
  • “you didn’t even know I’d be here.” you laugh and take the cup
  • “Please, don’t tell the others that I drink two cups of coffee every morning since I’m such a mess.” he jokes giving you a playful jab with his elbow
  • “I won’t since you gave me coffee. My lips are sealed.” the both of you share a smile and every morning after
  • if he saw you, he’d hand you his second cup of coffee before raising a finger to his mouth to make the “shh” gesture and walk off briskly to attend to appointments
  • you were around often enough that he would join you and your friend for lunch breaks in the waiting room, with BongBong always taking a liking to Hansol and sitting under his chair
  • “Yah! BongBong, I thought we were best friends” you’d say laughing
  • “BongBong likes me better, y/n” Vernon would say teasing you by cooing and feeding BongBong treats
  • you also noticed that Vernon was always super compassionate towards every animal he came in contact with
  • your friend told you how he never was around for when they had to let go some of the patients that came in
  • and on those days, you notice he doesn’t smile all that much and he looks like he got zero hours of sleep
  • he always busies himself with all there is to do
  • he worked himself ragged, the guy was a bit of a mess anyway without his coffee 
  • but he would always pull himself together eventually
  • talking to all the pets in cute voices, giving them all nicknames
  • making sure to always call all the pet-owners frequently for reports
  • and he’d always ask everyone how they were doing and insist they call him by his first name
  • “Yah, y/n I left my purse in the clinic, I’ll have to get it.” Your friend says reaching for her keys as the both of you sit in the café across the street from the clinic
  • “Do you want me to call Vernon and ask if he can bring it?” you say reaching for your phone too
  • you turn back to face your friend who is giving you weird looks
  • “You have Vernon’s number?” she says laughing
  • “Yea he calls about BongBong’s appointments and he usually has lunch break about now so…”
  • “Are you stalking our new vet, y/n?” your friend says narrowing her eyes and moving closer to stare at you
  • blushing you say
  • “No! Oh my god, I’m always in the clinic because of BongBong you know this!!!”
  • she crinkles her nose
  • “Now that I think about it Vernon does bring you up in conversations with me often. Don’t get me wrong sweetheart, I love you, but I’m a person too. But it’s always ‘y/n this, y/n that’”
  • you laugh and push her away
  • “So what?” you say defensively
  • “What if he likes you? Oh my god…. Lemme be your wing-woman!”
  • “Oh my god, get out and get your purse, crazy.” you tease her
  • but your cheeks are burning up
  • and she can see that
  • she sends a text on her phone with you staring at her suspiciously
  • suspicions confirmed when ten minutes later Vernon sprints into the café with your friend’s purse held in his right hand and his stethoscope in his left
  • “Here you go!” he says smiling brightly, “Oh y/n! I didn’t know you’d be here.” he gives you a cute smile
  • “I hate you.” you whisper to your friend who just laughs
  • “Vernon, I have some paper work to do, but since you’re on your lunch break why don’t you stay here and have some coffee with y/n?”
  • “Sure.” he says rather quickly
  • both you and Hansol proceed to blush with your friend giggling and walking away patting herself on the back
  • “Well at least I can pay you back for all those coffees.” you say grinning
  • “Yea, but you don’t have to.” he says looking at a coffee stain on the table
  • “Well I want to, you’re always so nice to me and take such good care of BongBong…”
  • “It’s no problem, that’s my job” he says cheerfully
  • “Even the coffee every morning?” you say laughing
  • he turns pink and you quickly focus on stirring your latte around, pretending not to notice
  • “Well, I enjoy seeing you around every morning…” he trails off sipping his coffee, “makes me happy to see how much you love BongBong with you always being there on time. Heck I work there and you still get there earlier than I do.” he says trying to casually blow past his earlier confession
  • you both smile into your drinks and avoid each other’s gaze
  • “Well, I enjoy seeing you work so passionately with each and every animal that comes through, you’re like a superhero, your cape is your uniform.” you say cringing at your own cheesiness
  • he laughs however and thanks you
  • “Well, it’s fun seeing you at the clinic, but I never really get to talk to you too casually like now.” he says looking up at you for your reaction
  • “True, this is nice.” you laugh
  • “We should hang out more then.” he says blushing yet again
  • “I’d like that” you say
  • as the both of you finish your coffees and meet each others eyes, laughing occasionally
  • you think what a beautiful person Vernon is on the inside and out
  • you pick up your phone and bag as the both of you prepare to go on your separate ways
  • “I’d tell you to call me, but you already have my number.” you say smiling
  • “I’ll call you then,” he said winking, “but it won’t be about BongBong.”
  • you give him your best flirty grin
  • “Call me if you want to hang out.”

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~ admin jess

  • What they say: that must have been fun! It's so great to hear that you had a nice time with them, you should hang out more often. I'm so happy for you :)))
  • What they truly mean: fuck you for having fun without me. You wanna fight man? You wanna F I G H T? How dare you leave me behind like that? How dare you? i thought we had something. I really thought we did! I hate you so much. Can't you see that I'm about to cry? C A N 'T Y O U S E E I T?? I'm so sad! How could you do this to me? I'm literally on the verge of tears please hug me and tell me I'm important and that you love me

anonymous asked:

jungkook,21 and 26

Prompt: “You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with her.” “This isn’t just about you. It’s about what’s best for all of us.” + Jungkook

Words: 1416

Warnings: Angst + fluff

Description: You’ve always had feelings for your best friend, Jungkook. Now that he has a girlfriend, your chance with him is close to 0…….or is it?


“I’m glad you came, y/n.” Jin spoke as he sat down beside you. “I know that you and Jungkook didn’t really end things well.”

You looked at him. “It’s fine. I’m fine.” You smiled. “Plus, I can’t turn down your engagement party. Especially since Min-ji made me one of the bridesmaids.” You say.

Jin smiled at your words. “I’m really glad you’re here. You haven’t hung out with me and the guys in a while.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that. It’s just—” You started. “I get it. Things are awkward between you and Jungkook.” He speaks over you.

You nodded, sighing.

As if on cue, some other people sat down at the table. You looked up to see no other than—Jungkook. He sat down beside his girlfriend, Hana.

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grasshoppa  asked:

Hiya! I have a funny idea for you! What are your headcanons for Yoosung asking Zen to help him work out and them bonding until Yoosung is RIPPED? Reactions at the end result? Zen being proud of his beefy bro? I feel like these two would make such a cute bro relationship once Yoosung gets down to business.

You’re hitting me with another super cute and fun request! Yoosung and Zen are definitely Brotp for me and I super lowkey ship them but I really loved this idea so I made this one longer then I originally planned because I enjoyed writing it so much! Thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! :3

Yoosung and Zen

  • Yoosung had asked Zen if he wanted to hang out with him for the day plus he wanted to ask him an important question
  • Zen, who finally had a day off, agreed since he thought that him and Yoosung should spend more time together
  • Once at the cafe destination, Zen greeted Yoosung, the latter looking extremely nervous about something
  • “Yo Yoosung, what’s up with you? Are you worried about something?” Zen asked as he pushed up his sunglasses to help disguise himself
  • Before Yoosung could even think, he blurted out to his friend “Zen I really need your help, I want to work out and have a body like yours!”
  • Zen blinked a few times in surprise, processing what Yoosung just said while the blonde was blushing from embarrassment
  • “It’s just that I have such a wimpy body and I think that’s one of the reasons why I don’t have a girlfriend. I would really appreciate it if you could help me work out Zen!” Yoosung asked hopefully
  • Zen gave his friend a heartfelt smile then smirked saying “Sure I’ll help you out Yoosung! But on one condition: you have to say ‘I want your help Zen because you have the most perfect body, only fit for a god’ then I’ll help you work out.”
  • Yoosung sighed at his narcissistic friend but swallowed his pride repeating “I want your help Zen because you have the most perfect body, only fit for a god. There, now will you help me?”
  • “Of course Yoosungie! Now let’s get down to business.” Zen said, secretly excited that his friend wanted his help with working out
  • So the next day, Yoosung and Zen met at the gym with Yoosung starting to feel self-conscious about his body
  • Zen could sense Yoosung’s doubt so he gave him a playfully slap on the back and told Yoosung to mirror his stretches
  • Once they were done with their warm-up, Zen had Yoosung lift some weights to see his current strength
  • Yoosung had difficulty lifting the 20 pound weights, putting them down and feeling embarrassed as tears almost fell down his cheeks
  • Zen noticed his friend’s distress and patted his back saying “Hey Yoosung don’t get upset, I know you can do this! It’s going to take some time but I’m here for you. Try thinking of your end goals and results as you work out. We’re going to do this together Yoosung.”
  • With Zen’s helpful encouragement, Yoosung was filled with a new sense of determination, thanking Zen for those much needed words
  • So Zen and Yoosung started going to the gym every weekend and Yoosung’s results were starting to show
  • The two of them would work hard and usually end the day with some protein shakes made by Yoosung
  • Zen was astonished by Yoosung’s progress and soon enough, Yoosung had a body that could rival Zen’s
  • He would stare in awe as Yoosung would flex his muscle, giggling about how awesome he looked thanks to Zen
  • Yoosung gave Zen a sincere smile saying “Hey Zen seriously thank you for all of your help. I can’t believe that I look so good now! You’re a great friend Zen, I really appreciate your help!“
  • Zen ruffled his friend’s hair telling him “No problem buddy. I mean, you’re still not as gorgeous as me but it’s a good start! But in all seriousness, I’m really proud of you Yoosung, I had a lot of fun helping you and we should hang out more often.”
  • Yoosung and Zen became workout buddies from that day on, challenging each other to who could get the better body but both were more happy to spend more time hanging out together
Ready Steady Part 5

Summary: Day 2 of the convention. The reader starts to come to terms with her feelings for Rob. And, boy does Rob really start to show his feelings for the reader!

Words: 4577

Pairing: Rob x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, extreme fluff?, kissing, maybe?

Note: For the sake of the remainder of the fic, I’m using some old Louden Swain songs and making them new ones. Also, as you can tell, my reader is a singer/songwriter and a country girl at heart… so for her, instead of trying to write my own lyrics, I’m using songs by Miranda Lambert and claiming them as the reader’s own. Hey, this way, you can listen to the actual songs after you read!

The song used in this chapter is “I’ve Got Wheels” by Miranda Lambert.

Catch up:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

This feels rushed again, but writing too many characters is hard! It was late when I finished this, let me know if you see typos.

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*AW! Vegas Con memories in the GIF!*

You woke up to the sound of your phone indicating that you had text messages coming in. Rubbing your eyes, you searched for the phone on the nightstand but it wasn’t there. You realized you were still in your clothes from yesterday, so you searched your pockets of your jeans until you found it in your back pocket. What a night. You had no recollection of falling asleep fully dressed. You checked your phone, a smile forming on your face when you saw that you had messages from Rob. You had behaved a bit dramatically the night before, running off after his friends had told you a little more than you thought you were ready to hear. Despite your quick exit from the party, you knew that you really did like Rob, you just couldn’t see why he would like you. However, seeing that he had taken the time to text you just now made you feel better about everything.

Rob: Hey, are you awake?

Rob: I hope everything is okay. You seemed upset last night.

Y/N: Hey Rob, yeah I’m fine.

Rob: You took off pretty suddenly.

Y/N: Yeah, I reached my limit on drinking and lack of sleep. I wasn’t thinking. I should have said goodbye at least.

Rob: I’m sorry we kept you up.

Y/N: It’s fine. I’m fine.

Rob: Good. I was worried my friends may have said something to upset you.

Y/N: No, they were great. I like them.

Rob: I think they like you too.

Rob: If you’re not busy today, you could come down to the convention. I’ve got a panel with Rich and Matt. And there’s the concert tonight…

Y/N: I told you’d I’d go to your show. I would love to see your panel too.

Rob: See you around 10:30? Let me know when you get here and I’ll come find you.

Y/N: Sure.

You checked the clock to make sure you had time to get ready. It was only 7. You groaned, sort of upset that Rob had messaged you so early. You don’t think you even left the party until 2 this morning. How the hell was he up and ready to go? You rolled off the bed, willing yourself to get in the shower. Sure, it was early, but you would have time to get breakfast before meeting up with Rob.

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Random Zodiacs

Aries: You don’t exist, apparently. Use that to your advantage. Rob a bank, send the void of your soul into the nothingness of space.

Taurus: Imaginative and clever, you surprise people with your deviousness. You’d make a great writer with that sneaky mind of yours. All shall love you and despair. You’ve had a run of bad luck lately, but don’t worry it’ll get better.

Gemini: Socially anxious, but the best kind of friend. Plays too much Fire Emblem and loves dumb anime dating games. Geminis love to rp, but watch out because they’ll torture you with sad head canons. Your luck is picking up! Good things will come your way!

Cancer: You are as crabby as your astrological sign suggests! Chill out there, friend, that road rage isn’t good for your blood pressure! On the other hand, you’re confident and responsible, you really have your shit together. You take good care of your friends and loved ones. If only you would stop listening to political radio…

Leo: You’re so cool, how come I don’t see you around more often? You should really hang out with me more. Leos also love to rp but they tend to be more upbeat and quirky, even if they do enjoy giving their characters tragic back stories and making them suffer.

Virgo: You have sarcasm down to an art form. You’re the dead-pan snarker of the group and often people can’t tell if you’re being serious or joking. The few people who can tell think you’re hilarious and charming and you have no idea why. (But you should listen to them because they’re right.)

Libra: Everyone look at this fuckin’ nerd. You know all about cinematography and film themes and are happy to expound at length about it, it would be annoying if it wasn’t so interesting. You nerd out hard about comics too and always have the best suggestions. See you at comic con, you beautiful nerd.

Scorpio: Everyone thinks you’re so cool and intimidating, but you’re really a huge nerd. You watch anime and have the original Star Wars movies memorized. I bet you even play WarHammer and paint your own figures. You have a real talent! Keep it up!

Sagittarius: Zany and artistic, you’re the clown of your group of friends. Your snark and good humor is a blessing to all. You like horses and swimming, but you’re not really that athletic. Stay cool, friend. No really, it’s hot where you live, find a refrigerator near you.

Capricorn: You’re the coolest friend in any friend group. Confident and easy going, you love to feed your friends and watch them play video games. On the other hand, you really have no chill and will throw down at the drop of a hat. Why are you so angry? I’m sure you’d love to tell me all about it.

Aquarius: What are you doing?? No one even knows. You should write a book tomorrow.

Pisces: You talk a lot, but your heart is in the right place. You’re generous and outgoing, but watch out because that temper of yours can be too much. You also collect dead things. I love that about you.

I Don’t Like to Share | Wonwoo Drabble

AN: this is an old drabble prompt that I’m finally writing

Prompt: “Same time tomorrow?”

Word Count: 729

You let out a yawn as you placed a lid on top of and a cardboard sleeve around your latte. As if you were sleepwalking, you tried to muster an energetic thank you to the barista and let your feet drag you down the path that you had memorized long ago.

To say you were tired was an understatement, you were completely exhausted. The worst part was that it was only a Monday, the beginning of the week, and you already felt like giving up on having any semblance of an organized or successful lifestyle. It seemed as if assignment after assignment was piling on top of you and soon responsibilities were jumping into the pile of things that were suffocating you. But if you were looking on the bright side, you had at least made it through the day. On the even brighter side, you were allowed your small comfort of relaxing in your favorite corner of your favorite coffeeshop. A smile began to tug at the corner of your lips, Perhaps this week won’t be so–

Oh hell no.

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New Beginnings

New Beginnings


summary: Peter Parker x reader. It’s Y/N’s first day at Midtown High, after being home schooled her whole life. She meets an old friend and a new one. Can’t be that hard right?

word count: 1650

warnings: none :)

a/n: This is a collab with my friend @barnesvogue xx

“Remember, if anyone comes too close,  just hit ‘em like I taught you, alright?”

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Knox: You guys don’t think I’m like…..uncool or something, right?

Misael: Well obviously we do, but literally all of us are uncool so you’re not special, mkay?

Kate: I’m cooler than everyone here but whatever.

Misael: Ignore her. You should hang out with us more! You seem like the kind of person that would fit in with us.

Knox: Hang out with my sister’s friends more often? Hmm, we’ll see.

New Beginnings

Summary: It’s Y/N’s first day at Midtown High, after being home schooled her whole life. She meets an old friend and a new one. Can’t be that hard right?

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1650

Warnings: Fluff!!

A/N: This is a writing collab with my friend @mymarvelobsessions!

Permanent Taglist: @harleyquinnandscarletwitch @buckyappreciationsociety @rda1989 @milleniumxhan 

(Tell me if you want to be part of my permanent taglist or a cartain taglist!)

Send in your requests here!


“Remember, if anyone comes too close,  just hit ‘em like I taught you, alright?”

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Work Comes Home - Part 5

Summary: You work for the company that publishes Hamilton: The Revolution. You meet Lin-Manuel at work and who knows what will happen?

Words: approx. 3030

Author’s Note: Sorry this took longer than I thought, I hope you like it! I can’t wait to see your feedback! Thank you so much for reading and continuing to enjoy this story. Thanks to @secretschuylersister for being amazing and helping me figure it all out. 

 Ask Me Anything

Disclaimer: Obviously, the timeline is a little weird, it takes a while to publish a book, but we’re condensing that time for the purpose of the story.

Warnings: Swearing, Alcohol

Askbox | Masterlist | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

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Taking My Life Away Part 19 ~end~

Originally posted by chrisstmaself

Originally posted by drama---llama

Summary: Reader gets a job in a new city forcing her to leave her best friend behind. Or not.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1832

A/N: This is it! It’s super cheesy and I really hope I didn’t disappoint anybody! I wanted this to be an even 20 parts, so if anybody wants like, and epilogue about the future I’ll write one if I get enough feedback. Again, thank you everybody for reading!! If you ever wanna be tagged in anything else that I write please let me know!!

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Prowling Phantom Pt 1 (Natasha Romanoff x Reader)

Warnings: Mild Violence, Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 900+

I was about my daily business, which, I must admit was pretty boring, aside from the field missions and sometimes getting called into training- today was different though, Nat had seen me around and also decided she needed someone to fight with, so she called me.

I hadn’t talked to many of the Avengers before, I usually just observed them, if I did- which was rarely, go on missions with them I enjoyed it and I was an asset to the team apparently.

Little did Nat, or anyone really apart from Nick know, I was fluent in many fighting styles as well as hand to hand combat, weapons and I could speak a few languages- I preferred to stay behind the desk as I never really trained and It was just easier.

The suit I picked up and eventually changed into was a full leather one, it kind of resembled Maria Hill’s and Nat’s but a little different- I’m sure Stark and Nick had some design imput on it though.

Nat smiled at me when I walked into the room, I blushed, before I got my act together and smiled back, she looked really attractive with her shoulder-length, blazing red hair and un-characteristic smile.

“Hey Y/N, I’m glad you came” she greeted.

“Ha, yeah, I probably won’t be when I get my arse kicked” I chuckled, feigning weakness.

“don’t worry, it won’t be that bad- I won’t kick your arse, too much… Of course unless I need to” she winked.

God, she was going to be in for a shock, I decided to fake dumb for awhile longer before I turned into full combat mode. 

“okay, I’m ready” I sighed, mentally preparing myself for the fight and getting myself focused.

We both walked around the rink, before she made her first move- jabbing my stomach, I acted hurt and doubled over in pain when really it was nothing “ouch… I thought you said you’d go easy?” I coughed.

“I never said that” she smirked at my obvious discomfort.

“Don’t get too cocky Romanoff, I never said I’d go easy on you” I smirked, Nat expressed a confused expression, before I unleashed everything on her.

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Bermuda Triangle - Chapter One

Chapter one

A/N The first chapter!! Okay I’m really excited for this Ahh I hope this is long enough for you all, it’s basically an introduction to the situation so enjoy~

Requested by - @joyfulgem



You smashed every button your fingers could find, not wanting to lose to Haechan for the sixth time in a row. You took a small glance at him before gluing your eyes back on the screen, in that split second you could notice his features had formed into one of concentration. The other dream members cheered you on, them also not wanting to hear another Haechan’s winning speech again. Both of you were low on health and suddenly the room went quiet when you both were one hit away from losing, the only sound that could be heard was the both of you button mashing and dodging hits that came your way. That’s when you finally did it, you landed the finishing blow and the loud “K.O” filled the room. First it was silence, everyone tried to figure out what had actually just happened, then it was cheering. The boys sitting on the floor shot up, pulling you up with them as they all cheered, Haechan sat motionless, shock painted on his face.

Just as you were about to make your speech he got up suddenly and put an arm around you, dancing with you and congratulating you on your win. You were confused as to what he was doing until you saw Mark frowning in the door way. You both locked eyes and he shyly looked away, whatever it was before had clearly gone now as he looked back at you with a smile. “Mark I beat Haechan!” You yelled with excitement as you ran over to him, giving him a quick hug. “Don’t get too happy, I also beat you five times before that.” He said, Jeno rolled his eyes giving him him a quick punch in the arm. “Don’t show off you know you cheated.”

“Did not.”

“Did too.”


“Okay guys let’s shush a second, I’m hungry is anyone else hungry?” Renjun sighed, quickly changing the subject. There was murmurs of agreements and it was like all at once their stomachs had growled. Mark moved away from you and towards the kitchen, “Y/N I’ll go get you something so stay put!” And with that he disappeared, not even asking if you were hungry.

“Psst. Y/N.” Haechan tapped at you shoulder and his voice was hushed. “Haechan what now?” You asked, slightly frustrated yet slightly intrigued at the same time. He lifted his eyebrow with a smirk, a look you only knew that meant mischief. You too had a smirk on your face, feeling nothing but curiosity. “Let’s go to the other dorms and ditch these guys, it’s better there and Taeyong will actually make us good food…If we beg hard enough.” You nodded, giggling quietly. You loved it when Haechan proposed such ideals to you, you both were menaces when you put your minds to it. You have been since you were little, either terrorising each other or the other children at your school. You were a team and would always work together on your tricks and pranks, ever since you were little and still now to this day. “Oh I do love how you think, Taeyong adores me and I’ll just say dream never fed me!” He lifted up his hand for a high five but quickly shot it down when voices could be heard getting closer. He pulled you out the door by your arm, the both of you dashing frantically down the hallways.

Haechan lightly knocked on the door before letting himself in, announcing his arrival. You walked in, greeting Taeyong and the others. They soon went back to doing whatever they were doing before except from Taeyong who waited patiently for the two of you to take off your shoes, much like a mum would do. “Where are the others?” He asked, picking up your shoes and placing them in the cupboard. “They’re back at the dorms-” “Have you eaten?” Taeyong asked again, interrupting Haechan. You both shook your heads in unison, he let out a sigh and beckoned you both towards the kitchen. When his back was turned you and Haechan shared a look, smirking at each other.

You moved and sat at the dining table, Haechan took a seat next to you and you both stared intently at Taeyong. In a matter of minutes the kitchen filled with the smell of food and the sound of meat being fried, your stomach rumbled and you licked your lips at the thought of Taeyong’s cooking. “Oh Mark, when did you get here? Are you hungry too?” Taeyong suddenly said, snapping you out of your thoughts. Your eyes tore away from the cooking and found Mark standing in the doorway. You felt apologetic having let Haechan pull you into another prank, you could see the hint of sadness in his eyes that you could tell he was trying to mask making you feel even worse.

“No I’m fine…I actually just ate.” Liar. You knew he hadn’t, you knew when he was lying and he made it so obvious yet maybe it was only you who could tell since Taeyong shrugged it off. “Mark! Come sit here~” You motioned to the other seat next to you, you heard a slight grunt of disapproval from Haechan but you ignored it, not wanting to deal with him right now. Mark’s features lit up and he did as he was told, you shot him a smile, a smile that you reserve just for him, and he gave you one back, this time it was genuine.

“So Mark, and you too Y/N, graduation is just around the corner right? How many exams have you got left?” Taeyong sparked up a conversation to fill up the silence. “It’s only a couple weeks now, it doesn’t feel real!” You said, reminiscing the past years you had spent at school, the thought of it being over terrified you yet you couldn’t help but anticipate it. “Yeah it really doesn’t, and we have about two exams left right? Chemistry and physics I’m pretty sure.” You groaned, the two exams you were looking the least foward to, you hadn’t revised at all and instead had spent all your time procrastinating and hanging out here. Mark looked at you, slightly worried. He knows how much you hate physics, not to mention chemistry, he’s your science partner and you copying his answers or having a mental breakdown in class can make it pretty obvious. “Hey Y/N, have you been revising? Do you maybe want to-”

“OH MY I JUST REMEMBERED!” Haechan suddenly piped up, you had forgotten he was even sitting there. All three of you looked at him, waiting for whatever it was he was going to say. “Y/N do you remember when we were little and you’d cry whenever I left you alone at school!” You scoffed, shooting a look to both Mark and Taeyong when they laughed slightly. “Haechan that isn’t true and you know it!! You were the one that cried, it was always you.” He shrugged shaking his head. “Not how I remember it but okay.”

Just as you were about to say something in return a plate of food was placed in front of you, instantly snapping you out of your thoughts. “Oh Taeyong this looks delicious! Thank you for cooking for us.” He shook his head with a smile, undoing his apron and began to wash up. You dug in, feeling even hungrier than before. “Wow Y/N you pig.” You glared up at Haechan, noodles hanging from your mouth but you didn’t care. “Haechan you can’t say much, your stomach has no capacity you just eat and eat.” Mark said in your defence, you thanked him with your eyes since your mouth was still full to the rim with food. “Well I still eat, I’m just a hungry little boy leave me be.”

“Why are the kids arguing again?” Doyoung said, walking into the kitchen. Haechan continued eating and Mark sat with his arms crossed. “I don’t know but I’m sure they’ll both stop since they’re making the guest uncomfortable.” They paid no attention to Taeyong’s words and still sat in a strop. “Ahh Y/N-ie!! How are you? I haven’t seen you in so long you should hang out here more often forget the dreamies.” Doyoung gushed at you. “I’m good Doyoung! I might start to, I won’t get a meal like this over there.” They both laughed and you did with them, after your meal you helped clear up. Both Haechan and Mark had lightened up a little and helped you wash the remaining dishes although it turned into a bubble fight seconds after you started cleaning.

Taeyong walked in just as you threw bubbles at Haechan and he ducked, the bubbles landing all over Taeyong. “Oh no Taeyong I’m so sorry!! Haechan why did you duck!?!” He pulled a face at you in disbelief that you were actually blaming him for the situation. Taeyong walked towards to sink, supposedly towards the towel but to everyone’s surprise he scooped up bubbles and threw them at you all. It was full out war, you, Haechan and Mark versus Taeyong, Johnny and Jaehyun who had joined in after hearing your screams.

“Surrender you oldies!!” Haechan yelled, throwing over a bubble grenade. “Never!! Respect your elders you rebels!!” Johnny challenged, all three sending a series of bubbles flying through the air. “You respect your juniors!!” You hollered, a series of agreements coming from your side as bubbles were sent flying.

You weren’t even aware of the time until Doyoung came into the kitchen, a look of distaste smothered on his face as he looked around the bubble filled kitchen. He was holding a phone in his hand and you could only just make out the number. Oh shit…mum. You shot up from your crouched position and ran over to Doyoung. “Hey Y/N where are you going? You can’t just leave a war!” Jaehyun called after you and you stopped. “I have an even bigger war to fight now…The war of the mother, I may not get out of this alive, so just know I love every single one of you. Good bye.” A robotic voice echoed around the room, “I heard that Y/N, come home this minute!!” All of you cringed, you hung your head down and waved to the boys who looked scared for you. I really am dead this time.

You got home, standing outside the door for a while unwilling to face your mum. You placed your hand on the handle but the door suddenly opened and there stood your mum. She didn’t look as mad as you thought she would, although she did look very annoyed still. “Hi mum…” You said cheerfully, hoping it will make her happy too. She didn’t budge. Instead she moved slightly to the side to let you in. She pointed to the sofa in the living room and you sat down, your heart beating fast in fear. “What am I going to do with you Y/N?” You looked to the floor, waiting to hear what you did wrong although you were pretty sure you knew what it was already. You had forgotten to tell her you were going to the dorms. “Y/N I was worried sick. Why didn’t you tell me where you were? Your lucky I have Doyoung’s number, if I didn’t I don’t know what I would’ve done…” Bingo. You were right. “Look mum I’m sorry I know I should’ve told you but I was having fun and I forgot! I won’t ever do it again.” Her facial expression softened and you smiled in relief. “Okay, I trust you not too. You can go now.” You got up and hugged her before running towards the stairs. “Oh Y/N” she said just as you got through the door way. “You seem to be spending an awful lot of time at those dormitories.”

“Just call them dorms mum, and yes all the guys are really cool, Taeyong made me food! Plus we had a bubble fight and I totally kicked Haechan’s butt when playing games.” Her face seemed to light up even more at the mention of Haechan’s name. “Well that’s very nice of Taeyong, I’m just happy that you and Haechan get on so well still, it’s relieving for me and his mother.” You didn’t understand what she meant by that but she kissed you on the forehead making you forget what had even been said. “Now go get ready for bed, it’s getting late and you have school tomorrow.” You smiled with a nod of your head and turned to run your room.

You woke up the next morning and started to get ready for school. You took a look outside, it was bright out, not a cloud in the sky could be seen. Definitely not wearing a jacket today. You thought to yourself, avoiding the jacket hanging on the back of your door and walked out of your room, going downstairs to get some breakfast before you went. You had two slices of toast then went back upstairs to brush your teeth and get your bag before you went.

“Have a good day at school sweetie!” Your mum cooed, kissing your cheek and seeing you out of the door. “See you mum! Have a good day at work too~” She waved goodbye then shut the door when you got to the lift.

You walked through the school gates, only a few weeks left at this place until you had to go college and join the big world, the world of an adult. Your mum had been preparing you, telling you the ins and outs and to be honest, it sounded frightening. It didn’t help that everyone else around you seemed to have their whole life planned out whilst you still didn’t know what the hell you wanted to do with your life. “Y/N!!” You turned to see Haechan running towards you, his arms outstretched. You opened yours and embraced him in a warm hug, a greeting you’ve kept ever since you were little. Behind him Jeno and Jaemin, slightly less excited, walked towards you with a smile plastered on their face.

“Hey Y/N, how are you?”

“Y/N~ I missed you why did you leave us?”

You laughed at their pouts and ruffled their hair, only making them pout ten times harder. “They got bored of you all that’s why, the real question is, how was your mum? Surely it went well if you’re still alive.” You pushed him lightly, scowling at his harsh words. “No I love you guys, it was another of Haechan’s brilliant ideas that I went along with, sorry! But yeah my mum was chill about it, just a little upset how I didn’t tell her where I was, but fine.”

“It’s because you were with me, your mum loves me~”

“Correction. My mum has to love you because your mum is her best friend.” Jaemin and Jeno burst out laughing, their pouts transferring to Haechan’s face, you pinched his cheeks making baby noises when the bell for first period went. “Ah great, science.” You sighed, waving goodbye to the boys and walking inside the building. Usually you’d walk to class with Mark but you hadn’t seen him anywhere this morning, maybe he wasn’t coming to school today? You hoped he was coming, you wouldn’t be able to survive without him by your side.

You opened the door to class and thankfully Mark was sitting in his seat, staring impassively out of the window. You skipped towards your seat, ignoring the looks from the other students and stopped beside your seat. “Mark!” You said although it seemed as though he didn’t hear you. You took off your bag and sat down, admiring Mark’s side profile, he was very attractive but you knew it’d look weird if you kept staring for too long. You gently tapped his shoulder and giggled when he jumped, nearly falling out of his seat.

“O-oh Y/N, hey.” He still seemed spaced out making you quite concerned. “Mark is everything alright? I called your name a minute ago and you didn’t hear me, what’s up?” You asked, hoping it was nothing serious. “I’m fine… just worrying about the exams that’s all.” You smiled knowingly, you weren’t going to lie but you knew exactly what he meant. “Well do you maybe want to go on a study date. I-I mean like not date date but you know…” He chuckled at your flustered state and eventually nodded. “Yeah Y/N. I’d really love that.”

Birthday and Booze

Prompt: Hello! I love your stories :) Could you do a Jason Todd x reader where the reader is out with her friends and Jason picks her up because she’s drunk.

Thank you, you get the prize for being my first request Anon! Also, I’d just like to throw it out there that I have a request rules post, in case anyone else wants to ask for one. I’ll link it Here.

Also, in this request, every character that consumes of alcohol is written to be of the legal drinking age!

Y/N= your anem

H/C= hair color

TW: Mentions Alcohol, Mentions Throwing up

Word count: 948

“Y/N!” one of your best friends, Barbra Gordon, shouted in the fairly crowded bar, “let’s do some shots!”

A part of your brain knew that this was a horrible decision, but that part was shut up by the part of you that already tipsy, that had already had a few “girly” drinks from the ladies’ night menu. They were cheaper, not your usual poison, but cheaper booze was cheaper booze. The cheery response of, “Okayyyy!” was out of your mouth. Barbra and you wormed your way up to the bar. Cass followed you, quiet, but just as  tipsy as the rest of you. Kathrine was busy flirting with her girlfriend at said bar.

The battle plan had been simple, wear comfortable “sexy” clothes and shoes, get to the bar early, stay as late as you possibly could. You partied until you knew your liver was gonna hurt, then you partied even more. You definitely thought that you’d be a lightweight, turns out, you could even outlast Cass. You were a bit off on your feet, but at least you could still form coherent thoughts. The bartender cut your friends off with a dismissive shake of her head, “Sorry ladies, you’ve had a bit too much.”

You grinned and went up to the bar to order another as Kathrine, Barbra and Cass pouted. You got another beer and made a bee-line back to you table. Katherine sighed, “You know, Y/N, you could have at least gotten us some…”

“I’m sorry?” You said, pointing the open end of the beer bottle at them, “ Whose Birthday is it?”

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Temporary Fix-Part 4

Friends With Benefits/Fratboy Luke Imagine

Summary: He was supposed to be temporary, so why did he leave such a permanent mark? Perhaps this is the one love that was meant to be more than just a good time. Can things be fixed? Or are some things better left in the past?

A/N: This is the fourth and final part of Temporary Fix! Thank you so much to everyone who made this series even more fun for me to write. All the kind words about this fix made my heart absolutely soar:) Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and of course, I hope you enjoy it! 

~Contains Smut~Approx. 4.3k Words~

|Part One| |Part Two| |Part Three|


His words continued to linger in your mind for weeks on end. He was all you could think about, even after all this time. You hardly saw him however, despite the two classes you had with him. However, this time it was you that made moves to ignore him. Your tendency to skip class and pick up homework after hours had turned into a habit. You had barely held it together during your last confrontation with him and you knew if he even so much as looked you in the eyes your resolve would crumble. As much as you hated to admit it, the feelings you had harbored for him were genuine and those don’t just disappear overnight. The world felt bleak now. It was like the whirlwind of your relationship had painted your entire world in color and now that he was gone, the colors had faded back into the dull grey they had been before. On the lonelier nights it took you everything not to call him and beg him to take you back. To tell him that you had made a mistake and that you wanted him too. But your fear held you back. Did he still want you after your rejection? And more importantly, did you trust him enough to hand him your heart again? It was still fragile after the last time he had dropped it on the floor and you weren’t sure if you were ready to give it back to him yet. Though you couldn’t deny the aching in your chest when you replayed that conversation over in your head. He had told you he loved you and you couldn’t deny that he looked as if he really had meant it. The more you mulled it over the more you couldn’t help but think you had made the wrong decision.

A pillow hurtling towards you caught your attention and as it hit you square in the face, you heard Lola’s shrill voice pulling you from your thoughts. “Earth to Y/N!”

“Hmm, yeah?”

“Did you hear anything I just said?”

“Uh, no.”

“I asked if this dress was cute!”

“Yeah it’s cute.” You responded, barely even looking at her. You heard her scoff.

“But is it date night cute? I mean I know it’s cute but what is it saying? Does it say ‘hey I like you we should hang out more’ or does it say ‘hey i’m not wearing any panties under this so you should rip it off me later?’”

“Oh my god, Lola.” You groaned, chucking the pillow back at her.

“It’s important to distinguish the two!”

“:And you think that a dress will do it?”

“Oh I know a dress will do it.”

“Well what do you want it to say?”

“I need it to tell him that I’m interested, but I need him to put some more effort in before I let him fuck me.”

“Go with the blue one.”

“Y/N, you’re a peach!” She yelled over her shoulder as she ran back to her closet.

“Who are you going out with anyway?”

The doorbell rang before she had a chance to answer. “Can you get that? I’m still naked!”

You laughed, getting up from the couch and walking over to the door, sliding the bolt and swinging it open.

“Calum? You’re the guy Lola’s going out with?” You stared at him in shock, your eyes landing on the small bouquet of daisies in his hands.

“Uh, yeah I am.” He laughed awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.

“Oh. Well, you can come in I guess. She’ll be out in a minute.”

He nodded as the awkwardness increased, the room silent as the two of you waited for Lola to emerge. After a moment, Calum broke the silence.

“He’s a wreck you know. If that makes you feel any better.”

“It doesn’t.”

“Well. Okay then, I uh, just thought you should know.”

“Thanks.” You mumbled, wanting to avoid the subject altogether. “And thanks for trying to stop me from walking in on him that night.”

Calum snickered, “What I should have done was punch him in the face before it even happened. I’m sorry I didn’t.”

You laughed halfheartedly. “Thanks for the thought Calum.”

“Honestly Y/N, I’m sorry this happened. You didn’t deserve that.” You were quiet, unsure what to say, but he didn’t give you time to think of a response. “But I also have to say it was shitty of you not to accept his apology.”

“Hey, I don’t owe him anything.”

“True. But I think you owe it to yourself to give it another chance. He really does care for you Y/N. Just think about it.”

At that moment, Lola emerged from the other room, clad in that blue dress and giving Calum a small smile.

“Hey Cal.”

“Hey, these uh, these are for you.” He handed her the daisies and her whole face lit up.

“They’re beautiful, thank you.” She smiled.

You couldn’t help but feel like the third wheel in the small room and so you quietly exited the premises, allowing the two to continue on. You couldn’t help but feel a little bitter at the prospect of such a beautiful couple conversing in the next room. You did not need to deal with all the negativity you were feeling right now. Of course it was all brought on by you, but you didn’t want to think about that.

As you heard the front door slam shut, you made your way back into the small kitchenette. Under the sink Lola kept a stash of cheap liquor and tonight seemed like the perfect time to put it to good use. You could use a little numbing. You pulled out the plastic bottle of clear liquid, put in your headphones that were blasting the best ‘get over him’ playlist you had and got ready for a pitiful night in.

By one in the morning, almost the entire bottle was gone but the memory of Luke stayed put still. Even with the clouds in your brain he was still all you could think about. But with your inhibitions lowered,  the idea of calling him started to sound better and better. You wanted to hear his voice, even if it was through the speaker of your phone. You fumbled around the house for your cell phone, finally locating it in Lola’s potted orchid of all places. It took you a few tries to punch in your code and you giggled every time it buzzed telling you it had been input wrong like it was the funniest joke in the world. Finally, you found his contact. The picture of him was one you took right when he was waking up, his hair was a mess and his eyes were puffy but at the time you thought it was the cutest thing in the world. Honestly, you still did.

It rang twice before he picked up.

“Hello?” He asked cautiously, like he was afraid it wouldn’t actually be you on the other end.

“Lukey! My little Lukey you picked up!” You slurred, giggling from your place on the couch.

“Y/N are you okay?”

Suddenly, the familiar pang of sadness in your chest returned. Had your mind not been impaired, you would have hung up the phone but tonight all the words you had to say flowed right out.

“No Lukey, I am not okay. You’re supposed to be here with me tonight. You’re always supposed to be with me but you’re not. And it’s all my fault isn’t it? I walked away from you because I’m too stubborn to admit that I love you. Even you could tell me you loved me but I ran away. I ran away Lukey. And I wish I hadn’t because then you would be here with me and I need you here” You blubbered, practically forgetting that he was still on the phone.

“You’re drunk Y/N. You wouldn’t be saying this if you were sober.”

“But I’d still be feeling it wouldn’t I?! It’s not my fault I don’t know how to communicate my feelings.” You huffed.

“Y/N please, I’m trying to get over you.”

“But Lukey, I don’t want you to.” He was silent on the other end, and you thought maybe the call had been disconnected. “Hello?”

“Yeah I’m here.” His voice was barely a whisper.

“I need you here with me. Right now. Please?“ Your voice was hushed now too as he thought over your offer.

“Are you in your dorm?”

“Mmmhhm.” You sighed dreamily.

“Okay I’ll be there soon. Don’t do anything stupid okay?”

“Seems I already have.”


Luke hung up the phone gingerly, barely able to believe that you had reached out to him. Sure you were clearly pretty drunk, but either way you had reached out and he was not going to pass this up. He had long since decided that it was time he put you were. You went above everything and he’d be damned if he let his pride and ego get in the way of another chance with you.

He pulled his coat tighter to his body as he walked across campus and towards your dorm, his feet taking him there automatically. Luke couldn’t remember ever being as nervous as he felt right now. It felt like this was his last chance with you, but he had no idea what was going through your mind. If you rejected him again, he didn’t know if he would ever recover. In all honesty, he probably shouldn’t be going to see you. He needed to get over you, but when it came to you he had never been able to be rational. His heart raced as he stood at your door, a soft smile spreading across his face as he remembered all the other times he had been standing in this very position. His knuckles rapped on the wooden door, almost of their own accord.

The moment you opened the door, he let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. You looked beautiful as ever in your night shirt and shorts, he thought.

“Lukey! You came! Like my knight in shining armor.” You giggled and Luke couldn’t help but laughed at your intoxicated state. Your hair was a mess and your face was flushed, your eyes dilated as they roamed over his body. “Take your coat off and stay awhile!” You opened the door further and he stepped inside, shrugging off his jacket. “Want some?” You asked, handing him your practically empty bottle of vodka. He took it from you, only proceeding to set it on the table.

“I think you’ve had enough Y/N.” He sighed. unsure how to handle you in this state. Usually he was just as drunk and you two were hooking up in a public bathroom at this point. Luke couldn’t even remember the last time he had taken care of a drunk person, but he had to admit you still looked as cute as ever.

“Aw but Lukey we used to have so much fun like this!”

“Why are you calling me that?”

“Because it’s your name silly!” You giggled. “And because it’s my name for you. It belongs to me. Just like I belong to you, isn’t that right Lukey?”


“It’s true! You made it so I’ll never love anyone as much as I love you, didn’t you? You poisoned me and you have me asking for more of it.” You rambled on, your head feeling lighter and lighter and the feeling of warmth beginning to take over completely as your eyelids drooped shut. “I don’t think I can ever get rid of you Lukey. I’m yours forever and ever.” You sighed, just as the warmth took over completely and you drifted off into a hazy, drunken stupor.

Though unfortunately for Luke, you had been standing up when you decided to pass out. You immediately fell over and into his arms, your face smashing into his chest as his arms wrapped around your torso to steady you. In one swoop, he lifted you into his arms and carried you over to your bed, your head lulling as mindless babble sounded from your mouth. He placed you gently down on the duvet, tucking the thick cover under your chin for warmth . He smiled, stroking your hair back from your face and placing a gentle kiss to your forehead.

As he turned to go, suddenly your arm shot out and grabbed hold of his hand. “Stay.” You mumbled, scooting over and making room for him on the small bed. He never could resist you. He pulled off his shoes before laying down and snuggling into bed next to you. The feeling of your body entwined with his felt so perfect and so familiar and he could only hope that in the morning when the alcohol’s affect had worn off, you would still want him there next to you. You had told him everything he had been hoping you would tonight, but he couldn’t count on your words just yet.

With a long sigh, Luke closed his eyes and embraced the familiar feeling of you, praying that this wouldn’t be the last time he felt your body in his arms.


He awoke with you still snuggled tightly next to him, your legs tangled in his and your back pressed against his chest as snored quietly. For a moment, he almost forgot that this was temporary and that you were not in fact his anymore. He lay like that for a while, simply enjoying the feeling of you so close to him and admiring how beautiful you looked, even as your mouth hung open and drool fell from the corner of your mouth. He was almost sad when your eyelids began to flutter open, almost like with your awakeness his dream world would come crashing down.

“Oh my God, I feel like death.” You groaned, shielding your eyes from the sunlight streaming in through the small window.

Luke chuckled, “Well princess, maybe you shouldn’t have drank so much.”

Luke felt your whole body stiffen at the sound of his voice and immediately you sat up, eyes wide as you took in the blonde haired boy lying in your bed with you.

“Luke?! What are you doing here? Did we…oh shit what happened last night?”

Luke couldn’t stop the pang of disappointment in his chest at your words. Seems he had been right in assuming you wouldn’t remember a thing. “Long story short, you got piss faced, called me, and then proceeded to collapse in my arms.”

Your eyebrows knit into a line as your processed his words. “So we didn’t…you know?”

Luke let out a dry laugh. “Of course not Y/N. I would never take advantage of you like that.”

“So why’d you stay then?” You inquired, pursing your lips as if you expected the worst of him.

“Because you asked me to. Listen if you want me to go that’s fine, I’ll go. ” He spoke solemnly, getting up from the bed and pulling his shoes back on.

“No! Wait, I didn’t mean it like that! Or, er, what I really mean is, um…thank you.” You blurted, and he stopped moving.

“You’re welcome Y/N.” He sighed, before continuing to put his shoes back on. Without a word, he slipped out of your room leaving you dazed and confused. But you did know one thing. You weren’t letting him out of your life again.

“Luke wait!” You hopped out of bed, the long shirt you were wearing brushing over your bare thighs as you ran after him. You caught him right as he was opening the front door to your dorm room. “I don’t want this to be the end.”

“Do you? Because that’s not what you told me that night Y/N.”

“I know, I know, but can you honestly blame me? I was scared Luke. Scared that you would break my heart again and I guess in the process it was me that ended up ruining things. I know I must’ve said something about it last night because you wouldn’t have stayed if I hadn’t. Please Luke, I don’t want this to be the end.” You were practically begging, but if that’s what you had to do to make him stay then you certainly weren’t above it. You could feel tears pricking your eyes. You couldn’t remember being this emotional before he entered your life. Maybe he just brought it out in you.

“No, princess don’t cry.” Luke whispered, stepping towards you and taking your face in his hands. He hated to see you sad.

“We can make this work Luke, I know we can. Just tell me how you feel. I need…I need to hear you say it.”

“Do you remember what I said that night?” He spoke curtly.

“Which part?” You chuckled dryly.

“The part when I told you that I saw nothing but problems for us? The part when I said it would be chaotic and that I always detach myself from people?”

You swallowed a lump in your throat, unsure where he was going with this. “Y-Yeah, of course I do.”

“I told you I was in. I told you that no matter how many people are against us, I’m in. Do you remember that? Because it’s still true. And it will always be true. You’re all I want and I am not afraid to admit it. You make me want to be a better man and I just love you, you hear me? God, I am so in love with you it makes me crazy.”

His lips were on yours before you even had a chance to respond. You had missed the feeling of his lips, the way his hands cupped either side of your cheeks and pulled you in before one hand drifted down to the small of your back and pressed you into him. It felt so natural to be with him, like the weeks without him hadn’t ever existed. Your fingers threaded through his soft locks, playing with the small hairs at the base of his neck. Swiftly, his hands moved down to caress the back of your thighs, signaling you to jump. He lifted you up, carrying you over to the worn leather couch and placing you down gently as he climbed on top and settled his body on yours. He slowly worked his hands down your body, kneading your breasts through the thin fabric of your tee shirt. You let out a little moan, egging him on further as he reached down to pull your sleeping shorts down your legs, moving then to tug off his own shirt so that you could caress his torso. You giggled as he awkwardly fumbled with the belt around his waist, trying to get his pants around his ankles as fast as he could. You cupped his face in your hands, pulling him in for a small kiss. “We’re really doing this again?” Your voice was worried, but the twinkle in his eyes calmed you immediately.

“I guess we are.” His lips ghosted over your own and you could feel him smiling. He pulled back just a little, so he could look you in the eye. “I want to do this Y/N. But I want you to know that I want to, well, keep doing this. I mean, not like we had been doing, or er, yeah like what we’ve been doing but with some minor differences, or maybe major differences I’m not really sure how it all works…” He shook his head, letting out an awkward chuckle. “What I’m trying to say is that I want you to be my girlfriend.” He breathed, his nervousness causing him to stumble over his words.

You eyed him coyly, tracing your fingers down his biceps and giving them a little squeeze. “I think I like the sound of that…boyfriend.” You winked playfully and he smiled wide, attempting to lean back in for a kiss but you put a finger to his lips instead. “No, no, no, I think I want to do a little something for you today.” You spoke coquettishly as you sunk down on your knees in front of him.

“Baby you don’t have to do this if you don’t wan-” His voice hitched in his throat as you palmed him through his briefs, his bulge becoming more prominent with your every move. “Oh God.” His hands gripped the edges of the couch as he watched you strip off your shirt, leaving your chest bare for his eyes to roam, your nipples peaked and ready for him. You eased him out of his briefs, tugging at the hem until he relented. His cock sprung to attention, the tiny beads of precum inviting you in. His eyes were trained on you, desperate to capture your every move as you took his length in your hand, pumping it slowly before you lowered your mouth down and swirled your tongue along the slit. He groaned, his knuckles white from gripping the couch so hard.

“B-Baby, please do something I can’t handle the teasing.”He begged, his eyes now squeezed shut as you took more of him in your mouth. You went as deep as you could go, his tip hitting the back of your throat before you pulled off him, one hand still pumping his cock, which was now fully hard, and the other playing with his balls like you knew he loved.

“Does that feel good?” You asked innocently, your tone of voice turning him on even more, if that was even possible.

“So fucking good princess, f-fuck you look so sexy with your lips wrapped around my cock.” He whimpered as you put your mouth back on him, licking a long stripe up his shaft before swirling your tongue around the top, giving the head little kitten licks. Again, you took him fully in your mouth but this time his hands found your hair, threading his fingers through it and gripping your roots. He helped you find a steady rhythm, bobbing your head up and down as his hard cock slid in and out of your mouth. “There you go princess, that’s it. Suck my dick baby, suck it like a good little girl!” He moaned, throwing his head back as the pleasure became more and more intense. “I wanna…wanna fuck your mouth, is that okay baby? Can I fuck that pretty little mouth?” He rasped, staring down at you with his piercing blue eyes, his cock still completely buried inside your mouth. You nodded in approval and opened your mouth a little wider so that he could fit his entire length snugly inside. You could feel your eyes watering as he began to move, in and out of you, small bits of drool dribbling from the corner of your mouth as you choked on his cock. Your hands moved up to hold yourself steady on his thighs, your nails digging into his skin. You could feel the familiar heat of your arousal coursing between your legs and so you subtly moved one hand down and pushed your panties aside as you slowly began rubbing over your sensitive bud.

Luke groaned as he gripped your head, pistoning his hips just gently enough that he wouldn’t hurt you, but enough so that he could feel his orgasm building, your wet, warm mouth like heaven to him. Though as he looked down, he saw your fingers moving around between your legs as you pleasures yourself and it gave him an idea. He pulled out of your mouth, almost climaxing then and there from the sight of you on your knees staring up at him with a mix of your saliva and his arousal dribbling down you chin.

He leaned down so his face was level with yours, and brushed the hair out of your eyes. “It’s not fair for you to be doing all the work now is it baby? How about we compromise?” He grinned before pulling you to your feet and then sitting down on the couch. “Take your underwear off baby.” He commanded and so you slowly stripped yourself of your panties, making sure to go slow enough so that he could savor your hips moving back and forth as the lace material moved down your thighs. “That’s it baby, good girl. Now come over here and let me eat your pussy.” Happily, you obliged as you reverse straddled him so that you glistening heat was mere centimeters from his face. His cock, still slick with your saliva, stood at attention directly in front of you making your mouth water. You took it hungrily back inside your mouth just as you felt Luke’s tongue enter you from behind. You moaned around his cock, the feeling sending vibrations through his whole body. You could hear him slurping and sucking at your wetness and occasionally his lip ring would graze your clit, sending you into spasms of intense pleasure. You could feel your orgasm building as it threatened to take over your whole body. Luke had added his fingers to the mix, roughly pumping them in and out of you while his tongue devoured your clit. His hand came down on your ass, giving you a little spank of encouragement as you sucked on him. The feeling of his cock in your mouth and his lips at your core was almost too much and you could tell he felt the same. His dick began to twitch as he moaned and whimpered, rasping out your name.

“Baby I’m gonna come! Oh god, your mouth baby you’re so perfect, I missed your little mouth so much!” He whined as he pushed his fingers deep inside of you, the final thrust you needed to take you over the edge. You groaned around his cock as he spurt his load inside your mouth. You swallowed every bit of it, making sure he had done the same before you turned around and snuggled under his arm.

“You’re so amazing baby. I love you so much.” Luke sighed, pressing a kiss to your temple. “I’m never letting this go. Never letting you go again.” He said happily, pulling a blanket over the two of your naked bodies.

“I love you too Luke.” You exhaled in content. You had never felt happier than you did in that moment. The boy who was supposed to be only temporary ended up being the most permanent thing in your life. And nothing could be better than that.