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How do you feel about Pokemon players using cheating devices to obtain shiny Pokemon? Just got in a heated argument in the subreddit /r/Pokemon because someone posted a video of a machine that basically hatched shiny Pokemon for you, and I was the only person in a thread of about 50 people to say I disliked it, because I felt it promoted cheating to get your shinies. I just feel it's pointless to have them if you didn't earn them (Trading is a different story.)

i’m sure you’re talking about the hotspot thing???? in which that was patched in one of the updates so you can’t do that anymore

ANYWAYS IN MY HUMBLE OPINION i’m pretty indifferent about people hacking for shinies. there are people that have never gotten a shiny in their life!!!!!!!!!!and that’s horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if they wanna get a shiny by hacking that’s cool!!!! but if they wanna earn one by randomly running into one in the wild/using masuda method that’s really great too!!!! i get most of my shinies through trade and i’m almost positive that most of them are hacked/cloned but       in a sense you’re earning that shiny since you won the giveaway out of a 1/????? chance????yeah

FOR COMPETITIVE POKEMON LEMME TELL YOU i don’t grow too much of a bond with my shiny competitives which are traded (and, as i said, most likely hacked/cloned). heck, i wouldn’t feel any different if they weren’t shiny at all. hatching a pokemon with perfect ivs takes a LONG time, and trying to get a perfect iv shiny pokemon is a WHOLE different story. for a while i’ve tried to get a 5/6 iv ha shiny froakie and EVEN WITH THE SHINY CHARM i’ve had no luck. it would be cool if i could cheat to get one???? but i know it wouldn’t really feel the same as hatching one on my own. it’s just how i spent 18 days trying to hatch a shiny gastly and i LOVED HIM SO MUCH until i was introduced to ivs which. ruined me.

in a case that i believe hacking for shinies is wrong is when people get like. a level 100 shiny darkrai with a good nature, 255 evs in every stat, 31 ivs in every stat, and an insane moveset AND THEN CLAIM THAT IT WASN’T HACKED like??????????y'know???????????????? but this is totally off topic

OVERALL if people wanna hack for shinies for good purposes then i’m not stopping them u H u


Thank you much to those of you who’ve stuck around.

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