what is summer?

(after kikinicolepoetry & bobschofield)

summer is tan lines. summer is the smell of chlorine rubbed into your sheets. summer is laughing with the car windows rolled down. is not waking up until two in the afternoon. is long hair and sweet sticky wine stains on your shirt. summer is a Calvin Harris EP. summer is eyes wide open. summer is piling into your best friend’s car and singing about your broken heart, and your hair is in your eyes and your thighs are sticking to the seat. is the jar my grandmother has in her kitchen, marked “blessings” and how it is full. summer is ice cream melting onto your wrist. summer is reaching for another cigarette and choking it down. is an empty parking lot in the rain. is chipped nail polish. is fireworks whizzing away into the oncoming dark. how strange men look at your bare legs. moths dancing around a street lamp. lipstick on your teeth. feels like putting concealer on your dark circles because who has time for sleep? summer is sin. is cherry pie, is an open window in the middle of a thunderstorm. is forgiveness, is never forgetting. is the boy next door offering you a hit from his bong. is coffee after midnight. summer is the shape of your back on the way out of the party. is the sound of your voice in the dark. is tulips, is my mother’s laughter on the phone, is looking online for remedies to a hangover. making french toast for dinner. is johnny saying, “everyone is leaving.” is lying in bed naked with the air conditioner blasting. summer is desperate and fleeting. is a half-dressed girl waiting to be kissed. is stupid miserable hopeful. is everything we could have ever wanted.

Supernatural Reality

Requested by impalalalalardis-1067: The reader is a huge fan of Supernatural and gets transported into that world. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Word Count: 1109

A/N: There will most definitely be a part 2 of this eventually, lol.

You had always been a fan of Supernatural. A huge fan. When it premiered, it quickly became your favorite show, and you had grown to love those characters as if they were your own family- laughing when they laughed and grieving when they hurt, mourning those that were lost.

But it was just a television show. You never confused that fantasy with reality.

Until you met Dean Winchester.

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fic recs

- first of all i second that anon recommending The Homecoming Saga (sns) because you all need to read that karin by the second half of the 5th chapter i was crying like this piece is hilarious

and a little bit kind of unfinished but it isn’t left off at a crucial point

- second is an ongoing modern AU itachi centered kisaita fic Too Hot (Hot Damn) READ THIS

at on point the enitre fire department (basically akatsuki minus itachi), police department including fugaku, half the uchiha family and naruto are standing outside itachi’s burning apartment while he’s in ducky pajamas

also everyone is alive and for once it’s working amazingly well idk what more could you want

“Wait, He Is Your Crush?”-Nate Maloley Imagine

Request by: batwoman123456

Originally posted by gabriellamaloley

I was playing Truth or Dare with Nate, Sammy, the Jacks, Cameron and Swazz. “ Y/N truth or dare?” Sammy said, “Truth” “Ok..Ermm” “I know something” Johnson said, he whispered something in Sammy’s ear and Sammy said: “ Okay, Y/N who’s your crush?” he said grinning. you looked over at Swazz and Cam bc they already knew, they just smirked at you, “Do I really have to say that?” you said rolling your eyes “YEAH! We wanna know” Gilinsky said making you chuckle a little “Okay… Well.. It’s Nate” you said getting a litlle bit red. “Wait, he is your crush” Sammy said laughing, you looked over to Nate who was sitting really quiet smiling to his self. “Y/N can we please talk for a sec?” he said, “sure”. He grabbed your hand and you blushed a little, you guys walked to his bedroom and when he closed the door he pushed you onto the door and kissed you hard, “You don’t know how long I wanted to do that” he said when you guys pulled away. “So you like me too?” you said confused “Yeah, I do Y/N” he said smiling, “So will you go on a date with me tomorrow night?” “Yes” you said kissing him. When you guys got back into the living room, where the boys were, they all stared at you guys. “Soooo??…” Swazz said. “Well we’re going on a date tomorrow night” Nate said grinning. Everyone began to clap and ‘whoohoo’ and you guys just laughed. “Well at least they like us together” Nate laughed.

A/N: Here you go! I hope you liked it!! xx

what a time
  • what a time
  • Clementine

Back in ‘06
I was just turning 13
What a time
I had my whole life to look to
We rode our skateboards till the sun went down
Then we rolled down the street & chilled at your parents’ house
Laughed on for hours till the sun came up
Spent the night looking up shit we shouldn’t on your dial up
Counted the days until we’d be grown ups
We’d be roommates, & we’d be rich
Man, who knew our young luck would run up
Fucking dumb luck. 

New Life- Calum Hood Imagine-  (pregnancy Imagine)

Requested- Yes

Anon- Hi! Can I request something?? Can it be where I’m married to Calum and I go into labour during a concert? And like he has to tell the crowd he’s leaving and then he rushes with me to the hospital and he’s all worried and stressing? And he cries and stuff when he meets the baby? And yeah it’s really really cute? Thanks. 

Pairing- Calum & Y/N

Words- 650 +

Summary- You are married to Calum and pregnant with your first child but  during the final few concerts of his tour you go in to labor and Calum comes rushing off the stage and becomes very overwhelmed

NOTE- I can make an extra part to any imagine/smut in my masterlist.  Just ask


Masterlist / Ask

 “And just you stay in there until Daddy is finished,”  Calum knelt down to kiss your swollen belly then he stood again, pecked your lips and rushed on to the stage.  

You were so relieved that he had managed to schedule the final part of the tour at home.  It would have been hellish to go through labor alone or in a foreign country.  

You lived for these moments as much as your husband did.  It was such a thrill to see him on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans and he always looked so good when he was rocking out to that bass guitar. You stood right on the edge of the stage.  

Calum refused to let you go in to the crowd any more because he was scared the fans would get too riled up and something would happen to you and your unborn child. As it was, something happened anyway. 

You were swaying and rocking the baby in your belly along to “she looks so perfect” when a sharp pain hit your side.  You doubled over, baby bump making it damn near impossible but it was gone as quick as it came.  You shook your head and shrugged.  Must have been baby rearranging themselves.  But then it happened.  You gasped as you felt a wetness between your legs and one of the security guards behind you came rushing over, ushering you to a seat. 

“Oh my god!”  you panicked.  

The baby wasn’t due for another two weeks.  This could not be happening.  Calum had three more gigs to play.  He was on stage right now!

There is a frantic rush of people around you as you sit in some kind of panicked stupor. A security guard runs over and chats to the guard who helped you sit down. You are breathing heavily now, completely stressed and pain is coming an going at an alarming rate. 

 The security guard who just ran in goes rushing out again and you are left with the original guard who sits beside you and tries to calm you down. The noise from the concert is still echoing around the place. It’s so loud out there and yet somehow you can hear your own and your baby’s heartbeats ringing in your ears. 

 "Um guys I am very sorry but we are going I have to cut this short!“ You heard Ashton’s voice ring out as the music came to a screeching halt and Calum rushed over to you from the stage. 

 "Looks like Calum is going to be a dad earlier than we thought,” Ashton explains and the crowd roars in approval. 

 "Baby it’s okay I’m here. I’m here,“ Calum gasps, kneeling in front of you and taking your hands.

 "It’s too early,” you reply and Calum rubs a finger over your knuckles. 

 "Car is ready Mr Hood,“ someone announces and you are helped to your feet by your worried husband and some of his entourage. 

 You are raced to the hospital in the back of some uncomfortable people carrier and Calum is murmuring in your ear the whole time, soothing you. 

 The labour itself is long and tedious and you nearly break Calum’s hands in the process but at precisely 4.34 am you welcome your first child in to the world and the joy proves too much for Calum as he bursts in to tears. 

 Not just a happy tear or two but full on sobs. He doesn’t even calm as he cuts the umbilical cord. 

 The midwifes clean the baby up and announce that it is a boy before handing him to you. 

 "It’s a boy,” you giggle, nuzzling in to your freshly born child. 

 "He looks just like you,“ Calum grins through his tears, "God baby you did so good,” he adds, kissing first your head then your sons. 

 "That was one heck of a concert,“ you reply and he nods. 

 "I think it’s the best one we’ve ever had.”

i got drunk one night and accidentally cut my palm open on the dull end of a rusty broken window in the abandoned house we snuck into the day we first got back together

i cried for the first time since you left, curled up in the floor where we were months ago, when you pushed me against the door frame and kissed me like i was the one leaving.
i cried for the first time when you weren’t there to kiss it better

the creaking of that house sounded like your laugh
so i drank until i couldn’t hear you anymore and kissed the boy i was with until i thought maybe he tasted like you

i saw myself in a broken mirror and i found
none of my reflections looked like me
when i finally smiled i saw you smile back

i need to come clean, i knew you’d break my heart
but i never thought you’d leave with the broken pieces

—  you can’t fucking abandon me when i was never your property,  then break into me for fun a few months later, i’m not your home and i never was (t.d.)