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Being Sam’s ex and the Winchesters find a hunt in Hells Kitchen and then Sam sees you with Matt and gets all jealous. (request by @crazyfangirl345).

That was a long time since you left the Winchester. Especially Sam. You had left Hunter’s life, after Sam had left his soul in the cage, and began to make mistakes, many, if not to say anything else. You had found some time after his fall, and tried to stay with him, to still love him, even if he had changed. But you had reached your limit.

You went in Hell’s Kitchen, so as to hide you and make you forget. But the hunter instinct was quickly returned, and you were doing small hunting within the city. It was during one of these hunts that you met Matt.

As the months passed, you had helped, and had even moved in together. You cured his ailments through your hunter experience, and he helped you sometimes on some cases. To both of you, you were literally being cleaned from top to bottom of Hell’s Kitchen demons.

Besides, you work in a small coffeshop as a waitress, not far from the office of Matt and Foggy and regularly soak your boys with caffeine. You start to get used to this little quieter sedentary lifestyle, and even love it.

“Hi, hot stuff !” you say, while Matt and Foggy come in the coffeeshop. They head to the counter, then you already start to prepare their favorite drinks. Foggy gently flirts with you, while Matt watchs it, laughing softly.

In the same time, Sam and Dean Winchester, together again, until the end of the world, were in New York, for a case. After this long drive from Kansas, Sam expressed the wish to leave baby, and go walk his long legs, drink coffee before going to the local police station as agents of the FBI.

The two brothers went into the first cafe they found, that is to say, they have seen the worst of the world karma, yours. And the first thing that Sam saw, was you, speaking and flirting with this two pinguns. And he got more and more angry and jealous about it.

The first thing he made, when his soul came back, was to try to find you, his love. But he couldn’t. To his mind, you left him, you were possibly dead, and he couldn’t support the fact he may have loose you, like Jessica.

But that was all the problem, he couldn’t remember everything he made to you, he doesn’t know that you were with him, to make your best to help him. And, now, to you, it was too late. 

You gave to Foggy the reglement of their order, and their coffees. Matt leaned forward, his hand touching yours, while he muttered you something about a chase to your ear, something he had noticed about one of his more recent cases.

But for Sam, you look like a couple in love, him whispering to you tender sweet words in your ear, like himself used to do. He clenched his hands at the point to get white knuckles, staring at the scene unfolding before his eyes, and felt his heart break. Dean was near to him, trying to talk to him and make him react.

Sam looked at the two men in suits to go, and you, back to work. His feet moved him to your counter without his will. Dean, meanwhile, was following him backwards.

You return you with a smile on your lips, ready to serve your future customers, when you see your ex and his brother approaching, the figure both discomfited and annoyed. You’re frozen on the spot, dozens of memories back in your face.

“Good morning, sirs,” staying professionnal,”what can I do for you ?” Sam also stood frozen, tears starting to reach his eyes. He whispers your name, and tried to reach your hand on the counter.

You back up your hand, as if his mere touch had burned you. You turn to Dean, ready to take his order, even if you know exactly.

“(Y/N)”, tries Sam to talk to you, he shakes his head slightly, taking his spirits back. “I’m happy so see you’re okay”. You continue to ignore him, preparing their coffee. “He looks like a good guy”, trying to make you react. Your back stiffened. “I hope he makes you happy.” You raise an eyebrow, but did not respond, then you put the two cups on the counter, and extend them to them.

“Yes, he does.” you respond, looking him in the eyes. He still looks sad, and tries to ask you. “Can we talk a bit ? Together ?” You rob you, feeling uncomfortable, still thinking about what he did to you. But on the other hand, he seems to be so sorry.

You hear a little cough behind you, and you see Matt “watching” you and the boys, deviating Sam with his cane, to be placed in front of you, before him. “Sorry to interrupt your little.” he makes a little break, speaking to you three, and more particularly to Sam. “conversation, I forgot about the case this morning.” He tells you, smiling at you, and handing you the folder with informations about the possible next hunt.

Leaning over the counter, he kisses you on the cheek, before saying “tonight”, and walks away, Foggy waiting outside.

For the duration of the exchange, Sam was holding his breath, seeing what he isn’t and that he wanted to be, behaving tenderly with the woman he loved.

A small smile still lingered on your lips, and you took the payement from Dean, and speaking to him. “Are you here for a case ?”. Dean nodded. “Don’t worry, we’re working on it.” You turn to face Sam, “I accept to heard your explanations, and you will hear my point of view. I’ll decide if I forgive you or not, and wathever my decision will be, you will have to accept it, without a word. I don’t want to live what you made me live again. Deal ?”