A group of 16-17 year olds (including me) are holding an activity day at St Matthews Church in Northampton on Saturday the 15th of August to try and raise money for two mental health charities, Mind and Service Six.

I know this event can’t really be attended by everyone, but if you could show your support for these two wonderful charities by just reblogging this post, that would be great. Maybe someone that lives near Northampton may be able to attend that wouldn’t have known about it at all. All proceeds go towards Mind and Service Six.

Here’s the link to our facebook page:

And here’s the link to our twitter:

Thank you guys so much :)

International Helmet Awareness Day

TODAY! Sat Aug 1 2015

If you need a new helmet, or don’t currently ride in one, today is the day to buy!! Great 1 day sales thanks to IHAD

Hundreds of retailers in 12 countries will be offering special one-day only discounts on 15 helmet brands.

Visit to locate a participating retailer near you.

In the U.S., up to 20% off helmets at Dover, State Line Tack, Beval and up to 25% at SmartPak!

Please share - and add any other great sales you come across!

my dad is watching atheist rants on youtube and they all sound so bitter and condescending and he’s just like “YAAAAASSSSSSS SLAAAYYYYYY” but i’m just like shit who pissed in your tea and called it honey

also they all sound like they’re using SAT vocab words like they tore out the part of their minds required for basic human empathy and replaced it with a thesaurus like yeah you know big words too bad you’re an asshole

i am bitter about atheists

So many years later and I’m still seeing the manga/Brotherhood vs 2003/CoS debate. The thing is, you can’t prove that one version is “objectively” better than the other–because I firmly believe that entertainment is an entirely subjective matter. However, one can, at the very least, logically assume that the storyline planned from the very beginning is the more coherent version. 

thorsbiceps replied to your post “Funny how you are complaining that people reblog their own stuff. You…”

go find something productive to do anon you’re not doing yourself any favors by misinterpreting people’s words and sending them rude messages

I’ll just leave this here :)

New blog

I don’t have a good name yet so um basically this posts will basically tell you that my new blog will encompass a plethora of fandoms that is not only anime/mangas but as well as movies, books, and video games and possibly webcomics. Here’s the list of fandoms I can/feel comfortable writing for:

| Anime/Mangas


Magi;the kingdom… and…labrynth (?) (Both of them)


Avatar the Last Airbender



Deadman Wonderland

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Psycho Pass

Shaman King

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu gi oh (does it count cuz it was a cartoon to me just like Atla)

| Books

Percy Jackson

Harry Potter

(These are the only list that I can list since I’m a huge personality and psychology book buff person) 

| Video Games

Jak and Dafter Series

Final Fantasy series

Kingdom Hearts series

Assassins Creed series

| Movies

Treasure Planet

Space Pirate Captain Harlock

Howl’s Moving Castle

Harry Potter

Big Hero 6

How to train your dragons

I’m sure I’ll add more cuz many of these things escape my mind so sorry about that and add some other suggestions or animes, movies, games to play or books I should read or watch. I still meed a name but I’ll try my hardest.