Relationship: Batboys x Batmom!Reader

Summary: A relaxing day of making cookies is just to much to ask for!

Key: Y/N= your name

Ah, the weekend. When children are home and husbands don’t have to work and families can get together and share a lovely day. Well…not your family. 

Wayne Manor was always full of hustle and bustle and it seemed no one had time for each other, ever. Even if the boys had some down time, they wouldn’t spend it together of their own free will. Yes, you had given up on family bonding sometime ago, especially with the night activities. The family was always too tired to do something during they day, so you left it alone after trying a few times.

This weekend was no different. You watched as your family scattered to their respective zones and shut themselves away. It was a sad thing to witness, but there was nothing you could do.

“Miss Y/N,” Alfred interrupted your thoughts, “I’m leaving for a short day trip, I’ve prepared meals if you need them. Don’t let anyone beside yourself, or Master Jason, into my kitchen, please.”

You giggled, “Alright Alfred.” Then you had an idea. “Alfred, do we have the makings for cookies?”

“Why, I believe we do,” he saw your face light up, “Just clean up when you’re finished.”

“Will do. Enjoy your day!” You waved the butler out the door. You stared until he was at the end of the sidewalk then shut the door and dashed to the kitchen.

You hadn’t made cookies since you were in college when you went home to visit your parents for Christmas. It was your tradition until you married Bruce, now you and your family just visit for the holidays and your mom has the cookies already made. The first time it happened you were shocked and slightly offended, but as the years wore on, you understood that she was making your life a little easier with your boys and all.

When you entered the kitchen, you texted your mom for her chocolate chip cookie recipe. While waiting for the response, you got out the basic necessities for making cookies. You peaked at your phone as you measure the flour and sugar and other dry ingredients into one bowl and the wet ingredients into another. You mixed the bowls together and tossed in a generous amount of chocolate chips.

“Hm,” you hummed looking into the bowl. You snatched up the bag and poured even more chips in. “That looks way better!”

You finished mixing the batter and tossed a cookie sheet onto the counter with a little bang. “Oops,” you giggled to yourself. You assumed it didn’t bother anyone and continued with your cookie making.

Jason was in the room next to the kitchen when he heard a bang. Worried, he rushed to the kitchen and found you humming to yourself, scooping cookie batter onto a tray. “Ma, what are you doing? Are you okay? I heard a bang.”

You were startled by Jason’s entrance,but smiled and shrugged off his questions. “I’m fine Jay, I just dropped the pan,” You spun around to face him with the cookie sheet in hand, “I’m making chocolate chip cookies! Like grandma makes at Christmas.”

He watched as you happily moved about the kitchen. He couldn’t remember you ever looking so cheerful and overall, pleasant. He smirked as you did a little dance and shoved the tray into the oven, setting the timer. “What are you smirking at,” you cooed at your son.

“Nothing,” he responded, shaking his head, “Just happy someone around he is making sugary goodness.” Jason slide over to the bowl on the counter.

With your back to the boy you said, “Stop right there Jason. Don’t you dare think about eating the cookie dough.”

“Ah but Ma! I’ve died! The worst I can get is a little salmonella,” Jason whined as you turned back to him. He pulled a pair of puppy-dog eyes out. “Please!”

“Jay, no! If you eat some, then I’ll eat some an then there’ll be none left for making cookies!” You swatted his hand away with your spoon. “I said no.”

Jason just sneered and stuck his finger in when you went to check on the cookies.

The smell of the sugary treat cooking wafted through the whole manor. A feat not easily accomplished, but they were your mother’s recipe and she knew what she was doing. Or at least, her grandma knew. 

Dick was the first to smell the cookies baking. His nose stuck into the air the moment the smell began. Oh it was wonderful, he felt like it was the holidays. He followed his nose down the stairs and to the kitchen where he found you and Jason chatting, a bowl of cookie dough left on the counter, ignored. He tip-toed his way over to the bowl, his finger poised over the rim.

“Richard, you dare so much as take a swipe of my cookie dough, you will be grounded for a month,” you chastised without looking over at the man.

“Mom! You can’t ground me, I don’t even live here.”

Jason piped up, “Could’ve fooled me.”

“Shut up!” Dick stuck his tongue out at Jason playfully and Jason grabbed his tongue. “Ow, ow, ow, ow! Mam make ‘im staph!”

You chuckled, “Jay, let go of your brother’s tongue. Okay, that’s a sentence I never thought I’d say.” Your boys laughed with you.

You had gotten the first batch of cookies out and put in another when Tim entered the room. “Mom, what smells so good,” he exclaimed. He say the cookies laying on a cooling rack and cried out, “Sweet! Cookies!” He went to grab one and you smacked his hand.

“Timmy, they’re way too hot, you’ll burn your mouth,” you told the teen. His shoulders slumped and he shuffled to grab a chair and sit down. On his was back with his chair, he saw the bowl of dough. “Timothy don’t you even think about it.” Tim’s face flopped and he dragged his chair past the cookie dough, a longing look on his face.

Damian had popped in when the first batch of cookies were cooled and the third batch had somehow made its way into the oven. Your bowl only contained enough dough for one more batch and by God you were going to do it. “Dami! Sweetie, do you want a cookie? Fresh made!”

Damian grabbed the cookie you offered him and shoved it into his mouth. You watched as his stern face melted as the cookie melted in his mouth. “Ummi, this is delicious! Did Pennyworth make these?”

“Nope,” you smiled proudly, “I did! And I’m almost finished. There’s one batch left to bake.” You glanced to the bowl that you had managed to keep away from your children’s grasp. You admired your boys as they chatted and ate the cookies. “Boys, I’ll be right back. I have to use the restroom, please don’t touch the cookie dough!” They nodded and said they wouldn’t eat it, so you left. 

Only moments after you left, Dick snatched the bowl and put it in front of himself. “I am the guardian of the bowl! None shall receive it’s delicious contents,” he proclaimed while cuddling said bowl. Damian scooted over to Dick, promising to protect the bowl as well

Jason and Tim shared knowing looks and Jason said, “We’ll see about that.”

And with those words, it was a fight to the death. Who would get the dough or keep the dough safe from the ‘evil’ clutches. It was a hard fought battle, but in the end, all the boys had began to eat the cookie dough. They ate it from the bowl, from the counter, from their hair. The cookie dough had gotten everywhere and they thought it best to clean it by eating it.

You strolled back into the kitchen and stood gaping at the scene in front of you. You boys had managed to get all of the last of your cookie dough, everywhere, The ceiling, the floor, the oven, the fridge, and themselves, all covered in cookie dough.

“Oh, no,” Damian mutter as he caught sight of you.

“Wha- oh. Um, heh, hi mom,” Dick stuttered once he found what Damian was looking at.

“Boys,” you began, an eerie calm in your voice, “What happened here?”

“Well…” Jason began. He explained the circumstances that led to the cookie dough no longer being available for your last batch. “So, yeah, sorry Ma.” His head hung low, as did the other’s.

You just began to smile, then giggle, then out right bust out laughing. Their heads shot up in surprise as they found you in hysterics. You skipped over to your boys and pulled them all into a big hug. “Oh, you all are a mess, but you’re my mess and I couldn’t love you dorks more.” You hugged them all tightly.

“We love you too, mom,” Dick spoke for the boys. They all nodded and hugged you back.

Your family wasn’t like any other family, and they were nothing short of perfect.

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Hello, may I request a hc where the RFA members meets MC ‘s step father and they find out he’s younger than her!?!? 😭 In fact is the same age as Yoosung.... lolollol..... What would they feel about this?

This is,,, uhm,,, an interesting ask??? Never thought I would be writing this, but here we are, I guess. Let me just say that I, personally, think this is super wrong and should not happen, but that’s just my own opinion. I’m sorry if these all are pretty repetitive there’s only so many ways to say they are uncomfortable with it but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!!


  • He is so excited to meet your step father!
  • You two had been dating for a while, and while you had met his parents, he had only met your mom and real dad
  • He knew that your mom had remarried, but he wasn’t sure why you didn’t want them to meet
  • What was wrong with him meeting your family?
  • He started to worry that you were embarrassed of him, which made him distance himself from you until you finally confronted him on it and he told you
  • You hesitantly agreed to let them meet, and set up the date with your mom
  • When the day came, Yoosung was so excited
  • The whole time there, he talked non-stop, and you sat there, tightlipped
  • When the house appeared, your stomach did flips
  • When you two walked up to the door and Yoosung was asking if he looked okay, you felt like you were going to throw up
  • When the door opened to reveal him and Yoosung greeted him, “Hi! Are you MC’s brother?” You almost passed out
  • “No, I’m her step father.” Yoosung is just like w h a t
  • “Uh, may I ask how old you are?” “21. Will you come inside? We can talk more inside, plus MC’s mother made dinner.”
  • So this is why MC didn’t want me to meet her step father
  • Your mom had made dinner for the both of you, and the whole time there was a thick blanket of tension over everything
  • Yoosung was excited to leave, but was sure to give your mom a hug and thank her for the meal he loves your mom, well he used to but now he isn’t so sure
  • As soon as you are in the car, he is speaking. “MC, that’s not normal! Your step dad is the same age as me! You are older than me, too!” You could only shrug
  • He’s always uncomfortable when talking to your mom, especially when her new husband was brought up
  • You both also tried to avoid going out there as much as possible, even coming up with silly excuses to get out of it usually it’s that one of you are sick
  • But, every time you had to interact with him, he stuck close to you, and cut the conversation as short as possible


  • He knew you were touchy on the subject of your mom’s remarriage, but he always assumed it was because the guy was just not nice
  • That wasn’t the case, not at all
  • You avoided the subject, refusing to talk about it until he practically forced you to sit down and tell him why you avoided the subject
  • He needed to know if this man had hurt his precious girl
  • When you squeaked out that the man your mom married was 2 years younger than you, he was uncomfortable and mad
  • Uncomfortable  because that meant your stepdad was younger than you and him, and  mad because he is causing you so much worry and stress
  • After you told him, you both didn’t bring it up until your mom’s birthday rolled around, which meant you needed to go out to see her
  • You were going to go alone, but Zen knew that he would be there, and didn’t want to make you go alone, so he hesitantly offered to go
  • The whole ride there was tense, neither of you talking
  • When the door opened to reveal your mom accompanied by her new husband, Zen’s hand squeezed yours tightly
  • You both spent the minimum required amount of time there and booked it, with the excuse of Zen having rehersal
  • Zen didn’t even react when your stepdad told him about how he was a fan of his musicals, he seemed even madder at him
  • The whole ride home was Zen ranting and yelling about how wrong it was, but there wasn’t much you could do about it other than put a smile on your face and bare it
  • You both only showed up to the required events (certain holidays, birthdays), and never brought him up unless necessary


  • She wanted to meet him, and was a bit upset that you refused to let her meet him
  • Finally, you agreed to take her to meet him around the holidays, when your mom invited you to dinner
  • The whole way there was tense, mostly from anxiety from you
  • You were thankful he had run out to grab a few things and wasn’t there when you got there
  • You, Jaehee, and your mom were having a nice discussion at the dinner table when he came in, arms full of groceries
  • Jaehee leaned over and whispered in your ear, “I didn’t know you had a brother” to which you hesitantly replied, “I don’t”
  • She looked confused, until he set the bags down and leaned over to kiss your mom
  • Oh
  • She politely introduced herself, and asked his age
  • Her face just turned white when he said ‘21’
  • You two stayed for another 20 minutes, silently communicating via eye contact
  • Finally, you were able to get away with a phone call from Seven you made it sound urgent to let you go, and poor seven was so confused bc he just wanted to chat
  • She wanted to do something to help this situation, but what could anyone do? It was your mother’s relationship, and you had other things to worry about
  • So, you both were formal and polite when talking to him, and as soon as he was gone, you both ranted about it lol


  • He wanted to invite your parents over to dinner
  • Your dad had passed years ago, and your mom remarried a few years back, so he invited them to dinner despite your pleas not to
  • He couldn’t understand why you didn’t want to see your mom and step dad
  • Were they bad people? Did they abuse you? Was just he bad? Was just she bad?
  • He got his answer pretty quickly
  • As soon as they arrived and walked through, he could spot it; that man was younger than you, but it couldn’t be a brother because you don’t have any, plus he had his arm linked intimately with your mother’s
  • He gave the two some time to settle in and pulled you aside
  • “MC, please tell me he is older than he looks.” His stomach dropped when you slowly shook your head and murmured, “He’s the same age as Yoosung.”
  • Jumin was mad
  • He immediately cancelled the diner and kicked them out that’s not earning you brownie points with them Jumin
  • He refused to let them inside the penthouse, and would get upset if he was brought up
  • Jeez Jumin you are taking it worse than MC did
  • You were grateful for it though; at least you could complain to him, and he would understand completely


  • I think you all know what’s coming
  • He knew from the background check
  • there it is
  • He also knew that bringing it up made you upset, so he didn’t let it come up in conversation
  • It made him uncomfortable as well, because that meant your step dad was only a year younger than him
  • So, when they met for the first time, he did what he does best: hacking and pranking
  • He hacked into the guy’s phone when he saw it sitting abandoned and downloaded an app he made specifically for this that would make it so that every time he tried to type, it would send ‘I’m a creep!’ instead, no matter what he typed
  • He made the app invisible so that he wouldn’t know and set it so that it reported what happens, and seven just sat back and watched it all go down
  • He told you about this beforehand, so you did know, and you both got a kick out of this
  • high five saeyoung lolol
Mom? Pt 2.

A/N: Part 2 to this one-shot.

Mom? Masterlist

Dean x Sister!Reader   Sam x Sister!Reader   Mary x Daughter!Reader

You all sat around the table, happy to be there together and happy that everyone was safe. You had all taken a beating, Cas had healed you all but you were all still pretty sore. This is why everyone had decided to stay in; eating fried chicken, pie, and drinking beer. You let out a chuckle causing Sam to give you a curious glance. You shook your head and took a sip of your root beer while smiling.

After Dean left to thought it would take forever to feel this happy again.

When Sam was taken you weren’t sure your family was going to be normal ever again.

Here you sat, at your kitchen table, with your two older brothers and your mother who has been dead for over 30 years.

For a Winchester life was good.

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littleflowerprincett  asked:

Hi! I'm NB and saw your post about holidays. Have you gerard about Your Holiday Mom? It's a website for LGBTQ youth who don't feel welcome during the holidays. Someone different writes a letter every day of december. You can leave comments, and the reply. The sense of belonging is enough to make me cry sometimes. It's a really great thing I wish more people knew about.

!!!!! Thats amazing!!!!

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Can you write a Harry imagine where he wakes up sick on Christmas morning with an upset belly and you guys have to go to your parents for Christmas lunch & for a party & Harrys really not feeling it but doesn't want to stay home by himself so he goes & not long after being there he just tells you he needs to go lay down for the day? Thanks love!! I really enjoy your writing

Sick on Christmas Day (Harry Styles Imagine)

Summary: Harry wakes up sick on Christmas morning with an upset belly and you guys have to go to your parents for Christmas lunch and a friend’s party. But Harry decides not to go because he is really not feeling it but doesn’t want to stay home by himself so he goes and not long after being there he just tells you he needs to go lay down for the day.

Requested: yes :)

Warnings: nope

A/N: I know this is a little late and after Christmas, but here it is! I hope you all had an amazing New Year’s!!

Originally posted by softharrysquad

Sick on Christmas (Harry Styles Imagine)

“Merry Christmas babe.” You say turning over in bed to kiss Harry on the forehead. When you kiss his forehead, you feel sweat and that his head is hot.

“Babe, you’re burning hot.  Are you feeling okay?” You say feeling his forehead, and feeling his temperature.

“I didn’t sleep at all last night.  My stomach just kept turning and I took tums, but nothing worked.  And I had practically sweated out all my bodyweight.”  Harry groans out.

“If you’re not feeling well, I can always tell my parents that you’re under the weather, and that we will stay home.  We can always see them on New Year’s Eve before we go out for the night.”  You say brushing some of the hair off of Harry’s hair off his forehead.

“No, no, no. It’s Christmas, we get to be with your family.  I’ll take a shower, eat some breakfast, and we will go to your parents, then the Christmas party, and we just won’t stay out too late.”  Harry says beginning to get out of bed and walk into the bathroom.

You walk over to the bathroom door, and tell Harry, “I’ll prepare breakfast, and if at all during the day that you don’t feel well, we can always come home.”

After getting ready and preparing breakfast, Harry comes down in nice pants and a shirt, with a gift in his hand.

“I know that I’m sick, but I still want to give you your Christmas present.”  Harry says kissing you on the forehead.

You open the long box, and find a necklace.  The necklace is like a locket, but it’s round and there are several charms in it that represent you.  There is a charm of your birthstone, and a few charms that represent your favorite hobbies and likes.

“Harry, it’s beautiful.”  You say taking it out of the box and examining it.
“Put it on me?”  You ask Harry, turning your back to him and holding the necklace around your neck so he can clasp it.

“Of course my love.”  Harry says kissing you on the forehead, going behind you then clasping the necklace.

“Thank you.”  You say turning around and about to kiss Harry on the lips,

“Wait,”  Harry says putting his finger on your lips when you puckered up, “I’m sick, and I don’t need you coming down with something.”

“It’s Christmas, and I’m allowed to give you some love.  And besides, nothing bad happens on Christmas.” You say sneaking a kiss before Harry rejects.

“Now let’s eat breakfast so we can head to your parents on time, okay?” Harry asks.

“Yes! While you were getting ready, I made pancakes.  But not just any ordinary pancakes, eggnog pancakes.  Ever since you celebrated Christmas in the U.S., I know that you’ve been obsessed with eggnog.”  You say excitingly and proud of your creation.

“Ah, you know me so well.”  Harry says grabbing the plate of pancakes and grabs some syrup and starts to eat.  “These are absolutely delicious.”  Harry says with a mouthful of pancakes.

“Good! I’m glad.”  You say taking a bite of pancakes yourself.  “Ooh, these are good, if I should say so myself.” You say patting your back jokingly.

After both of you finish your breakfast, you grab your coats and presents and head to your parents. When you get to your parents’ house you’re showered you with hugs and kisses from your parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

“My darling, are feeling okay?  You don’t look like yourself.”  Your grandmother says to Harry feeling his head.

“Yes, just a little bit under the weather, but I’m doing okay.”  Harry smiles at your grandmother.

“What are you doing after this? Hopefully you guys can just go home so you can rest.” You mother asks.

“Well, after this, we are going to our friend’s Christmas party.  It’s like “friendsgiving”, what I was telling you about, but it’s Christmas.”  You explain to your mom.

“Don’t stay out too late.  You don’t want to be sick for the rest of the holidays.”  Your mom advises you both.  

“We should be leaving soon, so we can get to the party early, so we can leave the party not too late.”  You say linking your arm with Harry’s.

“It was so nice seeing you two again.”  Your grandmother says being the first one to say goodbye to both of you.

After leaving your parents house, you both arrive at your friend’s Christmas party.  But, not long after you both are there, Harry starts to really not feel well.  You knew it was time to leave when Harry’s face began to become really pale and tells you that he needs to lay down.

~At your apartment~

“Okay now, you change and get into bed.  I will get you some tea to relax, some plain toast to calm your stomach, and a heated blanket because you’re a baby.”  You say pinching his cheek, in which he sticks his tongue out at you.

While you get the tea and toast prepared and grab the heated blanket, Harry changes into his comfiest pajamas and snuggles up into the bed you both share.  When you walk in, you give Harry the tea and toast, in which he drinks and eats slowly.  While he eats, you wrap him up in the heated blanket and snuggle in next to him.

“I’m sorry I got sick on Christmas.”  Harry says resting his head on your shoulder.

“No worries baby.  Christmas this year was great, I got to be with the man I love.”  You say kissing the top of his head.

After you and Harry watch your fair share of Christmas movies and snuggle, as you start drifting off, Harry says to you, “Merry Christmas, love.”

You smile and answer him sleepily,  “Merry Christmas, babe.”

A/N: I know this is after Christmas, but I hope you guys enjoyed it!  Also, I hope you guys have an amazing 2017!!!

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I gotchu my bro! BEING FRIENDS WITH JACK MA BOY: If you are Jack’s best friend you probably have to watch out for him. Look, Jack is a train wreck confirmed. And he probably falls for people easily so you listen to his ramblings about ‘that extremely beautiful person he saw at the coffee shop that one day’. You get Jack out of A LOT of trouble. You start listening to Holiday music in June (you only stop for Halloween and immediately return to your Holiday jam). Second mom friend to Newsies (1/2)

i agree with everything except the holiday music bc i literally refuse to listen to holiday music anytime before halloween

My dear lgbt+ children, 

As the holidays are coming closer, here’s a big hug for..

- everyone who knows they’ll get misgendered by or have to spend time around lgbt+-phobic relatives during the holidays 

- everyone who spends the holidays alone 

- everyone who wish they could spend the holidays with their partner but can’t 

- everyone who has to dress “festive”, even though it triggers their dysphoria (for example, has to wear a dress)

And everyone else who experiences the holidays as stressful or saddening rather than joyful. I know it can be hard but please know that there are many who support you, even if the people you spend the holidays with do not. 

I wish i could invite you all to spend the holidays with me! <3 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

My Boys: Bright Future - Chapter 5

Hey everyone, thank you so much for the amazing and heartfelt feedback. I appreciate it very much!

@jia911 thank you so much for the usual great work!

My Boys: Bright Future – Chapter 5


Lucas looked down at the paper right in front of him, frowning hard while trying to concentrate exclusively on it.

Por qué hay tantos…” He tried to read the sentence, looking expectantly to Emily to see if he was doing okay.

It was his third afternoon of tutoring and so far, Emily Spencer still remained a mystery to him. During their previous sessions, she had dodged all his questions, making him focus entirely on the Spanish content. And miraculously, even though they had just begun, Lucas had already been able to pick up on some things.

“Don’t look at me, look at the text,” Emily commanded, with her usual bossy voice.

“Your eyes are very distracting,” He confessed, smiling widely.

Emily let out a heavy sigh and looked back at him, impatiently.

“Are you here to learn Spanish or to flirt with me?” She upfront asked. “Because if you’re not interested in learning, I can…”

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English isn’t my native language, so I apologize if this sounds weird or is hard to understand.

The first time he makes you laugh, you let out a childish giggle. Your voice gets a little too high and for a moment you sound like a girl, you can’t deny it. You cover your mouth with your hand, mumble about some stuff you have to do and you stalk away. But you can’t help it that your lips are still tugging up.

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A while I heard about this community where, during the holidays, lgbtqia+ people who didn't have supportive families could sign up and they would get emails from mothers who are supportive encouraging them and such. But, I can't find it anymore and I have no idea what it is called. Do you have any idea?

i was just talking about this actually

it’s called Your Holiday Mom and here is the website

-Mod Virgil

Don’t know when we started losing touch - Chapter 8

Hello everybody,

I am sorry that I am late on this update but life got into the way (or however you say it in English) xD I have/had a brain concussion the last two weeks and wasn’t able to write or do anything except lying in bed and do nothing. And I mean – NOTHING! At least the first 1,5 weeks. Urgh … but now I am doing better and here is the new chapter. I hope you like it. Tell me what you think. Love you all. Thanks to my beta.

Thank you for your likes and reblogs. They are meaning the world to me and keep me writing this :-)

Chapter Seven

Chapter Nine

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YourHolidayMom is amazing website. Please share because maybe you don’t need it but someone else might and you might just be able to get it to them.

Featuring this blog  here. Your Holiday Mom. It’s exactly what it implies - heartfelt messages from mothers to LGBTQIA+ individuals (or anyone really) who are alone and far from family for what ever reason this Winter Season - You the reader are invited into their family  their adopted honorary holiday child. They don’t do advice but gosh do their letters leave you with warm fuzzy feelings. If you feel alone unloved or anything negative and need a kind word or just a reminder that there is good and hope is real - pick a letter. -Nick