Featuring this blog  here. Your Holiday Mom. It’s exactly what it implies - heartfelt messages from mothers to LGBTQIA+ individuals (or anyone really) who are alone and far from family for what ever reason this Winter Season - You the reader are invited into their family  their adopted honorary holiday child. They don’t do advice but gosh do their letters leave you with warm fuzzy feelings. If you feel alone unloved or anything negative and need a kind word or just a reminder that there is good and hope is real - pick a letter. -Nick

This is a thank you letter, sort of like the letter you give your relatives on the holidays because your mom has been nagging you to for the past five days but instead of my mom nagging me its me nagging me. It’s the dreams I still have of you, the butterflies in my stomach when I see you. It’s the way my head hurts in the morning and my body aches all begging me to write this. To you. They want me to tell you, I miss you. My world isn’t the same without you. Please come back let’s try again. But instead I want to say thank you, thank you for the time we shared together. Thank you for sharing parts of yourself with me that not many else have yet seen. Thank you for the late nights up in your bedroom, the long talks and just, just for you. Normally it’s hard for me to care this much. Normally it’s hard for me to feel this strong this quickly. To by fricken roses in a grocery store and think that I’m logically going to bring them to your house and beg for you back. Normally it’s hard for me to want and have this desire but with you it’s hard not care this much. But despite all of that its time for me to move on with myself. It’s time for me to let go. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t love every single moment we that shared together and regret none of it. Although it was short lived it was more than I could have ever anticipated. Thank you for that.
—  I found this wandering through YouTube and it hit me harder than expected. Thank you Chris for making this// 4am
but there comes a time when I have to stop texting your mom every holiday
and I have to quit my job so I don’t see you
and I have to stop using social media to see what you’re up to
there comes a time when I have to delete our messages
and pictures
and your number
there comes a time when I won’t need you anymore
and everyday I’m taking steps to get there because even though you broke my heart, it’s still beating
—  slowly bouncing back ( d-xv )

YourHolidayMom is amazing website. Please share because maybe you don’t need it but someone else might and you might just be able to get it to them.


Your Holiday Mom (by YourHolidayMom) might even be better than It Gets Better. brbcrying

happy mothers day!

happy mothers day to all the madres out there! this includes moms without human children as well,cats and dogs can count as children ,also to those dads who have to play the role of the mom happy mothers day  to you as well you do double the work you deserve two holidays!

love your moms today yall and give them a couple of these