BTS reaction to them seeing you naked for the first time

Anon said:  hiiii :) so… can you make a BTS reaction to the first time they see you naked? (ok, I’m sorry if is too much) thanks, ly ❤❤

- Enjoy it dear anon! ^^ Love you too! 

Jungkook: *gif*

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Jimin: *Can’t help but smile *gif*

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Taehyung: Admires and watches your beautiful body *gif*

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J-Hope: *speachless and smiles kissing your shoulder*

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Rap Monster: “You are such beauty babygirl” *smiles*

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Suga:  “…Wow…” *gif*

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Jin: “I.. I just…” *gif*

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saturn ❖ jongin

You wanted to understand why that boy looked so disgusted by your presence and why he ran away so clearly from your body.

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fanfiction, high school love, jongin! ocd, fluff, smut (in future) | velvet

✎ He made love in the best way a man could, he did it as if making love was showing to her his true self. When he was making love he was different, he was messy, he didn’t check things twice, he was another person, his body was sinuous and not stiff, he was happy. When he made love to her he was free from his nightmares, from his mind. 

[Warning: If you’re not comfortable with the topic of OCD, please don’t read]

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“I told yeh t’ use the sunscreen.” You couldn’t help but roll your eyes when you heard Harry’s voice from behind you - yet again. 

You liked to take advantage of Harry’s place whenever you slept over, because, well, why wouldn’t you? He had a nice swimming pool, a steaming jacuzzi, and his bed was always super soft and smelled like his cologne. It was definitely a lot better than your dinky little apartment. Your favourite part of staying over at Harry’s place (besides the 24/7 snuggles with him) was the swimming pool. You absolutely had to take a dip in the pool whenever you came over, and whenever you went for a swim, there was Harry, reminding you to slather on some sun lotion. Now, you had never gotten sunburned. In fact, you thought your body was just immune to getting sunburned, but maybe because you rarely went outside to expose yourself to some good ol’ light rays. Because now? 

“I look like a lobster.” You winced as you pressed your finger tips into your cherry-red arm, watching as the white prints slowly faded away. 

“A cute lobster?” Harry offered, reaching over to poke your raw arm. “At least yeh only burned your back… and a little bit of your arms… and a bit on your chest. Actually, I can see the tan lines of your bikin-”

“You’re not making this any better.” You whined, tugging down a bikini strap and gasping lightly at the very visible tan line. 

“I’ve never seen a lobster with a bikini tan line.” 

“Oh, cut it out.” You groaned, turning around and checking if your back was as bad as your front. Spoiler alert: It was worse. 

“Hey, I did offer to rub sunscreen on your back before you went in.”

“You told me to strip down so you could rub it all over my body.” 

“The point is, I offered, and you refused. Plus, if you’d stripped down, the sunscreen would have been applied evenly.” Harry clicked his tongue, shaking his head lightly. “I was jus’ bein’ a good boyfriend!” 

“I know you offered, but you didn’t have to be such a guy about it.” You grumbled under your breath, eyes flickering over to the tub of aloe vera gel Harry found sitting in the very back of the cabinet. (“I don’t even know why you own that. You know I don’t burn!”) “Can you help slather some aloe onto my back? I can’t reach.” 

“Strip down so I can rub it all over your body.” 

“Jesus Christ, Harry.” 


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sometimes i don’t even know what i’m writing

Seventeen having a curvy girlfriend // reaction

What would Seventeen think of their curvy girlfriend :0??

Requested by anon. I would’ve never thought of this, so thank you so much for sending this idea in! It turned out to be a super fun one to write. I hope you enjoy!!

Request reactions and scenarios on my page if you’d like :)


Would be totally in love with your shape omggg. You know Seungcheol’s part in Adore U when he makes a curvy body shape gesture with his hands (1:49 in the fixed camera dance practice video if you wanna check it out lol), well he would definitely be thinking of you whenever he performs that part of the song c; He’d also be begging for hugs all. the. time.

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Whenever he gets bored, this boy would just take you by the waist and pull you in for a comfy hug. He’d just love your curves and would take every opportunity to hold you. And every once in awhile he’d rest his chin on your shoulder and whisper in your ear that you’re beautiful beautiful beAUTIFUL <33

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GIVE ME A MOMENT, I CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT WHENEVER I SEE THIS GIF. Okay so Josh would most definitely be one to compliment you on your curves every now and then when you guys are alone. He would also D I E every time he sees you wearing clothes that show off your body shape (the gif is an accurate representation of what he’d be like in his head jsdalfjdhaflj).

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When Jun sees you wearing outfits to show off dem curves, he’d always take a quick glance down before looking up to your face bC HE’D JUST FIND EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU SO FREAKING ATTRACTIVE. He’s probably thinking of how lucky he is every time he looks at you ;u; He’d also enjoy pulling you in for random hugs.

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Boi this human hamtaro would be gassing you up over your beauty everyday. He’ll always be throwing compliments every time you walk into the room like, “someone’s looking hella good today ;)” But that’s when you guys are alone. When other people are around and you walk in, he’d just be blushing to himself and thinking, “she’s just so… beautiful.”

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It doesn’t matter if you’re alone with him or if you guys are around other people; Wonwoo would always flash the cutest smile after looking at you from head to toe. Inside his head, he’d be asking himself, “damn, how did I get myself the most beautiful girl in the universe?”

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Whenever Jihoon sees you, he’d give you a really long stare but wouldn’t smile or anything. DON’T TAKE THAT AS A BAD THING THOUGH. In fact, he’s actually melting at the sight of you, but internally. He wants to keep his cool because he doesn’t want the others to tease him for being soft whenever you’re around (because they won’t live that down for the rest of his life lmao). He’d definitely tell you how much he loves your shape with a hug when you guys are alone.

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Seokmin would make eyeing you up and down super obvious, especially when you guys are alone. Oftentimes, he’d be one to hold you by your waist when you’re walking together. Back hugs are also a must!!! You’d have to ask him why he’s hugging you so much, and he’d just reply, “I don’t know… you’re just so… pretty. And you’re mine, so…”

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When he’s hanging out with the other members and you walk in, he’d just smile and watch you walk into the room. “Mingyu, wtf you gotta greet your girlfriend. What’s wrong with you??” the members would say, having noticed him staring. “I will, I will,” he’d reply. He’s just enjoying watching you in all your beauty. He’ll proudly bring you in for a hug in front of everyone afterwards because he’s just sweet like that.

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This boy would have huuuuge heart eyes every time he sees you. He would’ve never imagined having a such a pretty girl to call his own, and would take opportunities alone with you to hold you close and tell you just how beautiful you are to him. Also an avid lover of back hugs, just like Seokmin :)

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Dude this guy is so soft, he’d probably want to cry every time you guys see each other. But seriously, he’d just love EVERYTHING about you, and your outer beauty would just make him melt all the time. He wouldn’t even have to see you to cry. He could just be thinking about you and a he’d have the brightest smile. Probably one of the proudest boyfriends tbh…

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With the members around, he’d give you a simple smile when you walk in. But when you guys are meeting up alone, you can expect Hansol to casually bite his lip behind your back. But you’d catch him doing so once in while, so you’d laugh at him like, “hey, whatchu biting your lip for?” “Oh nothing, I’m just… admiring you. That’s all.”

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Would be super shy to let you know that he loves your curves, so he’d probably just smile very widely when he sees you. Later on in the relationship, he’ll start initiating more skin ship, and while doing so, he’d also mention how beautiful you are, inside and out.

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I’m very sure that Seventeen would love any and every body shape, but they’d love your heart over everything else <3

♡ Angry Luke Smut w/ Visuals (Request) ♡

A/N: ITS HERE!!! iya this was an anon request for an angry luke smut w/ visuals, so yea, wasn’t sure how to go about this but i hope y’all like it (sigh, i feel like everybody needs angry luke sex tbh)

warnings: ofc smut, nsfw images so if ur not into that then keep scrollin’, lots of dirty talk n rough sex here ok ok 

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Imagine being Loki’s girlfriend and being on the street when he attacked New York. Imagine running down the street avoiding the attacks of the Chitauris. When you find Loki, you shouted him: “Stop” and just when he turns to see you (First gif), a piece of wall fall over you. Loki tries to get you out of underneath (Second gif) but when he gets it, he only finds your body lifeless (third gif). His reaction of holding your body lifeless (Fourth, fifth and sixth gifs).

Make me

Word count: 1003 

Warning: smut (nonny here’s the imagine you requested)

You and Kai hook up

When you and Kai met, you immediately connected, like tgere was a spark between you two and you knew you were going to see more of him and not just that one time. After a few days later, you met him again and you both felt the attraction between you. That night after hanging out at the grill, you and Kai hooked up for the first time. It was amazing and both you and Kai agreed you would definitely do it again. Soon, you and Kai started a relationship, even though it was more sexual than emotional. You’d agreed you’d try to keep it that way, trying to not let any feelings take over. You liked it that way and so did Kai.

It’s been a week and a half since the last time you and Kai hooked up. You’ve never been this frustrated in your life and everything was driving you crazy, but Kai was nowhere to be seen. The first thought that popped into your mind was that he might be hooking up with someone else and that made you kinda angry. That could’ve meant you had feelings for him. Those feelimgs and you were scared to tell Kai about them or even acknowledge them. Maybe it was better to leave them burried.

‘Oh hello’ a familiar voice spoke up, making you turn around. It was exactly who you thought it’d be.

'Oh so you do know where I live, I thought you got lost.’ You said sarcastically and took a few steps forward as you entered the kitchen.

'I see someone’s not feeling very well. Someone made you angry?’ He asked and came behind you, placing his hands on your waist, your shirt coming up just a little bit as you felt his fingers on your skin. His touch felt like fire. When he touched you, you gasped, feeling like there was a lump in your throat. His hot breath caressed your neck, making you close your eyes. You snapped out of the moment and pushed his hands away.

'Well what do you think?’ You snapped and turned around, facing Kai as you leaned against the table.

'Feeling frustrated, aren’t we?’ Kai asked and came closer.

'Shut up, Kai.’ You snapped at him again, and met his eyes, his gaze burning into your skin. You bit your lip and tried to control your breathing.

'Make me.’ He whispered and winked at you, his grin obvious on his face. You wrapped your arms around his neck and crashed your lips with his, making him moan out. He picked you up and placed on the table, his body moving forward, standing between your legs.

'I need you so fucking much.’ Kai mutter as you lifted his shirt up and threw it across the kitchen. You intertwined your fingers in his hair, slightly pulling on it, making him moan out. He reached between your bodies, unbuttoning your jeans. He pushed his hand inside your underwear and started rubbing your clit with his finger, your grip on his hair getting stronger. He locked his eyes with yours, standing deeply into them while his hand was getting you closer to your release. You reached down to his jeans and unbuttoned them, pushing them down with his boxers, his hard lenght popping up. You wrapped your fingers around him and circled around the tip with your thumb making him bite his lip. Suddenly je pushed two fingers inside you, making you gasp as you pulled him closer and kissed him deeply, your hand still on his hard lenght. Your moaned out louder as you started clenching around his fingers. He pushed your hand away from him and pushed you down, your back hitting the table. He pulled out his fingers and vigorously pulling the jeans down your legs and ripped your panties and your bra with ease, leaving you naked in front of him. He placed his hand between your breasts and gently trailed it down your body and stopping right at your sensitive clit.

'Please Kai’ you moaned out, your voice barely audible.

'What do you want me to do? You have to tell me.’ He said, his voice sexier than ever. You looked at him, the biggest grin splattered on his face. Clearly he was enjoying in torturing you this way.

'Fuck me, Kai’ you finally muttered as Kai got closer to your entrance and push himself in with a single swift move, making you arch your back. Being filled in that way has never felt that good. You sat up and placed your arms around Kai’s neck, your lips finding his as Kai started thrusting at an incredibly slow pace. Even though there was no more room for Kai to come closer to your body, you did everything to feel him as close as you good. His hands were firmly placed on your waist while his hips mercilessly slammed into you. He kept changing his pace, from fast to slow, from gentle to rough, getting you and him closer to release with every thrust he made.

'I’m gonna-’

'I know, me too’ he whispered, his hips kept repeating his actions and after a few more thrusts you reached your climax and came around him, your fingers digging into his biceps. He made a few more thrusts and then came inside you, placing his head in the crook of your neck, moaning your name as he stilled and pressed his forehead on yours.

He finally opened his eyes, locking them with your. He was still inside you as he kissed you.

'Still mad at me?’ He whispered and pulled out, making you wince a little bit.

'What do you think?’ You asked and kissed him as you pulled away and winked at him.

'Got it’

'But if you disappear like that again, you better watch yourself when you come back.’

'Am I goning to be punished?’

'We’ll see’ you replied as he pulled you closer again and kissed, his hands roaming over your body.