queennavidean Re: about smokers

I mean this is great and all and I support this if you have the physical capability of doing so (I myself drive around outside my neighborhood while I smoke) but the reality is that not a lot of people can just hop in their car and drive somewhere.What about those who can’t walk? People who don’t have cars? People who can’t walk far? Yes I agree with this for the most part, but I personally know a lot of smokers who do everything they can to avoid smoking near people but sometimes they just can’t. Because they can’t walk or don’t have a flipping car.Saying that EVERYONE is able of doing this IS ABLEIST.

That’s why I say every smoker should ”DO YOUR BEST” to avoid other people while smoking.

It oughta be obvious if you can’t physically move then people are gonna have to avoid YOU.  If someone comes across a live smokebomb on the ground they don’t tell it to stop, they get away from it.

Me, I’ve grown up with and worked alongside loooooooots of different smokers, I know most are perfectly capable of getting up and smoking somewhere more appropriate.  Many choose not to, and/or maybe don’t truly understand how disruptive their emissions are to those around them.  I’m old enough to remember when smoking was much more common and acceptable, and since its decline I wouldn’t be surprised if anti-smoking education has become less prioritized in recent years.  I see a new generation taking up e-cigs or trying to be “vintage”.  Smoking isn’t limited to a social class or to disabled people, it’s still a HUGE far-reaching industry and the majority of users are able-bodied. 

Smokers need space to smoke, but those airborne chemicals are NOT picky about whose lungs they enter. If you NEED to smoke then you also NEED to do your best to remove yourself from other people while you do it.

If you CANNOT remove yourself sufficiently, AT LEAST warn people you’re about to light up.  Give them a chance to create space or leave the area.  

It was a long weekend, so Tuesday was obviously a slow start, and we’ve had crappy weather the last two days, and dreary skies filter into brains ya know, and summer is just around the corner, so all the parts added up to the blah whole that was crappy student engagement in whole group conversations. Like, ask the class an open question? Crickets and suddenly shy eyes. Bueller shit.

By 4th period, I was done fighting. I pulled out the best trick I know. It worked.

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First of all, blocked.

Second of all, if you think knocking some sense into a psychotic anti-choice serial killer is abuse, you need to reexamine your morals.

Not to mention they’re not officially in a relationship (hate to say that but true) and in retrospect Grell said the beating was thrilling experience. It’s so abusive that Grell couldn’t get enough of it. I’m sure I’ll understand that logic.