Your love is my drug


#TBT: Your Love Is My Drug by Kesha

If you have been keeping track of Kesha (like Sophie and I have been doing), you’ll know that she had a minor victory today! Turns out the judge residing over one of the slew of lawsuits tossed out Dr. Luke’s counterclaim that Kesha’s mother tried to extort him. The battle is long from over—she still isn’t freed from her contract—and I hope things come out on top for our favorite girl.

Keep track of her Insta, because she’s seriously just the world’s most cinnamon-roll-y cinnamon roll (can we just call her a cinnabon instead, because they are the pinnacle of cinnamon rolls). She needs her fans’ support more than ever.

In deciding which song to post, I couldn’t decide tbh, so instead I’ll just link to a few of her nostalgic tunes: “Blow,” “Take it off,” “Dancing with tears in my eyes”