Your characters are not people

All the posts trying to claim Moffat hasn’t striven to provide representation and trying to make him look like a hypocrite for not making John and Sherlock a canon romance are tiring. He’s put his money where his mouth is on other shows, like Doctor Who, and has only increased doing so over time. Would I love more? Are there ways he could improve? Obviously. But don’t you dare suggest characters like Canton, Vastra, Jenny, Clara, and River aren’t important. And for that matter, Johnlock and representation aren’t synonymous. Sherlock can be not straight and still not be in love with John. Other characters can also not be straight. And interpretation and fanfic are still things that matter to the viewing experience, which Moffat encourages and celebrates.

Basically, stop beating him up for not giving you your ship when he’s busy writing various queer characters to inspire young people and make them feel accepted elsewhere and constantly trying to be better with it.

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Which fictional relationship models what you want in your future? Or single character?

I feel like some people would expect me to say Oliver and Felicity, and although there are some aspects of their relationship I adore and would want for myself they haven’t reached the status of be all end all yet. So, this might sound a little random, but Gomez and Morticia Addams are relationship goals as fuck for me. I ran across a post one time that explained it perfectly. I’ll have to find it again, bit it’s basically… These two care about each other, they see each other as equals, and were even healthy when it came to sex. They have a marriage that isn’t tainted by petty squabbles, subtle hints of abuse, or any of the other gross things that can often be found on old television shows/movies. They had a healthy relationship, they cared about their family, and yeah they were unconventional in the sense that they were “dark” and “gothic” but that didn’t take away from any of the love they had. 

As for a single character that is future goals… I could still say Felicity Smoak because she’s the epitome of “She believed she could so she did.” Obviously I don’t want the mess that has been happening, but the fact that she came from basically nothing and pulled herself up. She pushed herself hard and made her way up through the ranks. She struggled with self esteem, but managed to see herself as more. She has a lot of issues still, but she’s strong and I know she’s going to keep coming out on top. I want that kind of future. 

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If you want to draw a character from a show/book/series whatever and change up their race/gender/etc then do it. Fan art is supposed to be fun and your own expression of a character. I honestly love seeing what people create. Especially slash art where someone blends two series. Sailor moon and Steven Universe sounds good but I demand Steven also wear a Sailor Scout skirt. Because let’s face it - he would want to and he would look fabulous.

me normally: its cool, characters with no explicit mention of their gender or sexuality can be headcanoned any way you want, just don’t be mean to other people about their headcanons and everyone can play this awesome game and relate to these characters :)

me after seeing this shit: actually you know what fuck you Blanche is totally agender now, Candela is a trans woman and her and Blanche are FUCKING MARRIED and Sporky my son is a bisexual trans boy FUCKING  F I G H T  M E

Your characters, plot, theme, setting, and dialogue are all under your exclusive control. No external force, no magical muse, is taking your hand and making you do anything. That’s why I tend to feel frustration when I see a would-be author blaming one of the aforementioned for hijacking the tale.

You are telling the tale, and should be consciously making use of your novel’s elements to do so. The lion’s share of misplaced blame for novel derailment gets heaped on characters. When you’re saying “My character refuses to do this!” what you’re really telling us is that you’ve failed to give the character proper motivations in the story up to this point, and now your mind does not feel that it would be logical for the character to move on to your desired course.

One method is to go on the new logical route and see where it takes you. If you are a discovery writer, as opposed to someone who outlines, this can be a healthy process. If it’s going to leave your story in shambles instead, or destroy all of the carefully laid plans for your plot, then you need to step back and rewind. Find out where you failed to give your characters proper motivation, and make the necessary changes. Take ownership of your characters as tools to tell your tale.
Talk to them if you want. Do any exercise you need to in order to get to the heart of their motivations. Once you’re done, realize that you’re just using these techniques as a vehicles to communicate with yourself.

The big pitfall of believing your characters are actual, sentient beings is that you lose the ability to tell the best possible story with them. Grow too attached and you’ll always find a way to keep bad things from happening to the character. You’ll enhance their traits until they’re the embodiment of everything you want to be. You’ll give them unrealistic rewards, or become blind to their faults. You’ll stop using them to serve the needs of the story, and they will become a parody of excellence that you may adore, but no one else will want to read.

Sometimes, bad things need to happen to great characters to facilitate the best possible outcome. If you behave as if you’re the characters’ kind and loving creator, instead of an artist who is using a tool to shape your tale, you’re always going to be tempted to mitigate any disasters that occur to your imaginary friends.

Your characters are not people.

They are tools for you to use.

—  Your Characters are Not People.  Awesome words to remember, whether or not you’re writing fiction or roleplay.

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Whats your opinion on people who Headcanon characters Straight? Taking Greg for example.

I don’t really care what other people do, do whatever you want man. Like, that’s not how I headcanon him but you do you.

You know what I find interesting/irritating, though? How, like, whenever anyone says the Gems are gay or lesbians or whatever, a whole herd of people pop out crying “they can’t be gay! They’re genderless alien rocks!”

but like the vast majority of people seem to see Greg as straight and I’ve never seen anyone say “He can’t be straight! Rose was a genderless alien rock!”. Like for some reason people only care about them being genderless alien rocks when they want to discredit lesbian headcanons

How to Write a Book: 4 Simple Steps to Getting Started

Step 1. Develop a Kick-Ass Idea

All book writing has to start somewhere, and the best place to kick off your manuscript is by coming up with a great idea. Book ideas come in all shapes and sizes and can be found anywhere—an article you read from your local newspaper, a conversation you overheard at Starbucks, a recent experience you during a vacation, etc. You’re overall idea should be narrowed down to one-to-two paragraphs, similar to the back cover copy you find on most books. When writing books, idea is king. Always remember that.

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Just because a character is flawed doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to love them. And just because you love a character doesn’t mean they don’t have flaws

a shout-out to all the writers of this fandom, whether you write longfic or ficlets or poetry or meta or anything else! :) what can be better than getting to read more about your favorite characters, interpreted by so many different people in so many different ways? thank you for writing. you’re so damn awesome <3

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Can you and all your little friends stop with this "flagshot" nonsense? Rick Flag is a veteran, an American veteran, who doesn't need to have your Gay issues projected onto him. He certainly doesn't need to be shipped with a black man, of all people. Focus on your own characters instead of stealing straight ones and invading straight spaces like the army with your Queer propoganda.

Rick Flag is a fictional character, my friend, and fictional characters are up for interpretation. This is clearly being both homophobic and racist so I’m not going to get into this with you, but I just want everyone to know Rick Flag is a gay soldier in love with a black man Floyd Lawton and his sexuality does not negate his profession as a soldier and leader.


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‘The Girls Who Run With Wolves’ 

I can’t believe people are mad at Brooke right now….Like from what I saw in the trailer she didn’t “gang up” on Audrey.  She stopped Audrey from going after Emma after she pushed her. Emma clearly didn’t want to be around Audrey in the moment.  She just got into a small physical altercation with her and wanted to leave and cool off and calm down.  She wanted to just not be around Audrey because she was UPSET. Audrey clearly wanted to fix things with Emma and wanted to go after her because she too was probably upset by the situation.  However Emma clearly ran away and did not want to be near Audrey anymore for the time being.  All Brooke did was stop Audrey from following Emma.  All Brooke did was insert herself into the situation an stopped it before it escalated and got worse.  All Brooke did was protect both of her friends from possibly getting into a larger fight?  All she did was make sure that Emma was allowed some space to cool down, and even allowed Audrey some time to cool down.  Both of their emotions were probably running extremely high in that scene and Brooke forced them both to be away from each other so they could process what happened and cool down.  Brooke did not choose “emma’s side” or “audrey’s side”.  It is not a black and white situation.  It is not “Emma and Brooke against Audrey” now. No it is a fight between friends and it is hurt feelings and it is a complicated situation and all Brooke fucking did was stop it from getting worse.  

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Thank you for your current posts on people getting upset because 'x character is abusive' on steven universe. its so disheartening to hear like you said, 'oh x is a great mentally ill character' and then hear that they are apparently abusive, especially when you relate very closely with some characters because of mentally ill traits they exhibit. it seems like people only want mentally ill character without the "negative" stereotypes and thats just gross in itself? sorry if this doesnt make sens

‘I don’t hate Pearl because she’s mentally ill I hate her because she’s [lists the exact symptoms of Dependent Personality Disorder]’