Your argument is invalid


Lily bets Marshall that Ted and Robin won’t end up together.

Ted: Damn it, Lily! Why are you rooting against me?Lily: I’m not rooting against you. I just don’t think Robin’s the girl you marry. That’s why I made the stupid bet to begin with.
Okay so since I found this rather amazing story that fuses legends of tomorrow and doctor who together while watching legendary it 1x16 and when Rip is comforting Sara all I see is Rory comforting his granddaughter and it just warms my heart

I am usually a person who thinks that EVERYBODY is entitled to his/her own opinion.

BUT: If you don’t agree with me that Minerva McGonagall is just THE best teacher Hogwarts has ever seen YOU ARE JUST WRONG!!

- She has no prejudices whatsoever
- She’s even handed
- She treats everyone the way they deserve it
- So she’s fair
- She’s a good teacher
- She believes in everyone
- She thinks everyone deserves a chance
- She’s honest
- She’s brave
- She’s witty
- She’s no sucker
- She can fight
- AND she’s a badass - AND “Have a Biscuit Potter”
- AND “There are a lot of things I’d love to say”

So whatever you say


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I hate how when kinksters defend their kink they always say “It’s between two consenting adults”. Because it’s not always that way. What about Underage littles? Many minors have been groomed into ddlg because of how innocent people make it look with the pastel pink and stuffed animals. And some daddy doms specifically look for UNDERAGED littles. And there’s blogs dedicated entirely to pairing underaged littles with older daddy doms?