Cursed Images

There are images on the Netwith something sinister insinuated into their pixels.
Even to Behold them is to leave imprinted………influenced……
And yet we are drawn to them. We Down Load them and view them at our own peril……

Here are some blogs teeming with accursed pix:

Extremely Cursed Images (@extremelycursedimages)

These images are—get this—extremely cursed.

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Cursed Imagez ( @cursedimagez )

This…is definitely cursed.

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Cursed Image Repository ( @isthisimagecursed )

This is a good place to submit an image that may be cursed, just to be sure.
The below image is supposedly not cursed, but even experts make mistakes sometimes.

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Ghost Photographs ( @ghostphotographs )

Oh and this one! This is just a project by an artist named Angela Deane who paints on postcards and found photographs. They’re really lovely. Might be cursed but take your chances.

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BOOM. my half of the collab with the super talented @h-otokichan!! her half is here :D we agreed on various ‘draw ur otp’ scenes and she did the sketch for this, i lined/coloured it! and let me just say. her art style is really freaking gorgeous. it was a ton of fun to work with her, and WE AGREED. jason is tulio, percy is miguel in this scenario.

not pictured: leo dressed up like chel while both percy/jason look mildly horrified at the, uh, amount of skin on display.