Imagine your OTP
  • *12 am, everyone is sleep*
  • Person A:*Sneaks out of Person B's bedroom*
  • Person A:*Is halfway down the hallway, trips and falls down the stairs head first*
  • *Loud Crash*
  • Person A:Mother****er
  • Person B:*Runs towards stairs*
  • Person B:Who's there? *The broom person A tripped over in hand*
  • Person A:*Groans* It's me...
  • Person B:*singing* ... I was wondering after all these years you'd like to met... To go over everything.
  • Person A:Help me you idiot
  • *Person B helps Person A up*
  • Person A:This is why you would never be much good at defending an attacker if the house was broken into
  • Person B:What were you doing anyway?
  • Person A:.... I'm going to bed.