A straight-jacketed patient with untreated open sores on her leg crying alone on a bench. Unknown mental hospital, Youngstown, Ohio, 1946.


Originally from an exposé in published in LIFE Magazine on May 6th, 1946 titled “Bedlam 1946.” The original article is viewable via Google Books here. Lots more pictures. A transcribed (much more readable, lacking pictures) version of the article is here.

Mace started out life as a stray dog living on the streets and starving, until she got taken to the city shelter in Youngstown, Ohio. Here’s a story to help you understand what kind of dog she is:

One day, she was out for a walk with her favorite volunteer, and he fell down and dropped her leash. She could have run off, but she sat next to him, licking his face, until he could get up again.

Now, can you really leave a girl that sweet in the shelter another day?

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It’s Not What You Think (The Famous Jett Jackson Theme Song) - Youngstown featuring Lee Thompson Young

R.I.P. Lee Thompson Young (1984-2013)