Youngjae being cute~ looked at how he jumps. adorable :)

by  네모♡

  • Youngjae:JB has a water fist
  • Youngjae:JB has a water fist
  • Youngjae:JB has a water fist
  • Youngjae:JB has a water fist
  • JB:You want to stay behind alone and find out who really has a water fist?
  • ...
  • Jackson:JB has a water fist
  • Jackson:Youngjae made me say it!
  • Youngjae:NO! Jackson said that and blamed it on my while touching my butt!
  • This is an actual word for word translation by yours truly, 2jaepg (no but really that's what they said)

Our Youngjae hidden strength~ @.@ 


20. “Because.”

Mark: “Because it’s cold!” You ran over to Mark and pushed him away from the thermostat. “Hey!” he yelled at you as he fell to the ground. He got up and saw that you were blocking the way. “Just let me turn it up two degrees higher!” You shook your head, still standing in your position. He scratched his head as he fought his way past you to press the temperature up one. “Ha!” he taunted you. “Just leave it there!” he yelled as he victoriously walked back to the bedroom. Before you followed him, you put the temperature back with a giggle.

JB: “Because you’re hungry! Yah!” He handed you the bag of food, but you refused to take it. “Ah, why are you like this?” he grunted. You crossed your arms and turned your head as he took the food out of the bag and placed it in front of you on top of a napkin. “I bought it for you because I know you didn’t eat all day.” You shifted your eyes in his direction as his facial expression changed. “I know you get cranky and upset when you have nothing in your stomach. Please eat,” he begged. With a sigh, you nodded.

Jackson: “Because it’s late.” You kept refusing his offer, telling him you’re fine. “Nonsense! It’s so dangerous at night,” he said as he walked up right next to you. “You need at least a buddy with you to accompany you. Please, let me walk you to your dorm.” Thinking about it, it was very sweet of him to walk you, especially this late at night. You accepted his offer, making him smile. On your way, you began to learn about him: his hobbies, his passions, his interests. And that night, you learned about how much you started to like him.

Jr: “Because you need to sleep,” he chuckled as he caught you yawning while you were stretching. While you were arguing with him that yawning was automatic for you whenever you stretched, he nodded as he walked over to grab the blanket in his room. He came back as you were still defending your action as he fluffed the pillow next to you and slowly pushed your head onto it. You yawned again as he covered you with his blanket. Pouting at him, he looked at you before kissing your forehead. “Sleep now, work later,” he smiled.

Youngjae: “Because I love you!” he confessed out of his mouth. You dropped the bowl in your hands as you stood there in shock, lucky that it didn’t break once it reached the floor. “There, I said it!” he screamed before he opened his eyes and looked up at you. “I did all of this for you!” There was anger and sadness written all over his face “You never even realized it. I can’t believe you!” he screamed. As you were about to approach him, he swatted your arm away and ran from you, leaving you speechless and alone.

Bam Bam: “Because you’re tired,” he said. You scratched your eyes as you shook your head in denial. He smiled to himself before cupping your face. “Well, if you’re staying up, I might as well get you some brain food.” You nodded with a sleepy gaze at the idea. He grinned and kissed your forehead. “The usual?” he asked as he was about to exit the room, you nodded. As he left the room, you turned back to your papers. It was late, and you were pretty tired, but at least he was there all night to keep you company.

Yoogyeom: “Because you need to get out!” Without any other words, he lifted you above the ground, making you gasp as you held onto his shoulder. You kept fidgeting but it was no use, considering the fact that he was much stronger than you. You kept commanding him to put you down and he kept shaking his head. “You’ve been inside all week, we’re going outside whether you like it or not!” he chuckled. You stopped moving as you saw there was no use. “Oh, don’t worry. I’ll make sure we’ll have a fun time outside together.”