a desperate yoonkook/sugakookie figureskater!au 

inclusive of age gap and reversed height difference; may be viewed as platonic

jungkook as a young talented skater who just wants to express himself through the ice, yoongi as a tsundere coach who has so much affection for his youngest charge, hoseok as a dance choreographer who is full of love and passion, vmin as big shots in the sport who are so fond of each other and namjin who are journalists providing us with precious information about their lives. 

“Except in special circumstance, a Templar mage is not trained, but raised. 

Equally (indeed, perhaps more) important as skill in such mages is absolute loyalty to the Templar Order–something that cannot be properly nurtured in adults, as such potentials must chosen before rebellious natures are developed. Circle-born mages are almost always given to the cause, where they learn to become obedient to the Order well before they learn to walk or talk.

The first such case is the youngest of Knight-Captain Faulkner’s charges: Enchanter Haylan (then 17 winters), born of a union between a Templar and a mage woman. Her future as a hunter of her own kind was decided even before her birth, and she would be trained for 16 more years before the Templar Hound initiative could begin in earnest. Raised first in the Starkhaven Chantry and immediately given to the Circle at the first sign of magic, Enchanter Haylan has been under the Templar’s eye all her life and knows little outside of the Circle.

There had been some scandal when it was rumoured that in preparation for the Templar Hound initiative, the Order turned a blind eye to (and some would suggest even encouraged) cases of Templar and mage relations for several years in order to produce mages of the desired circumstance. It is unknown if Enchanter Haylan was a product of a mere dalliance or purposeful breeding.”

From In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Travels of a Chantry Scholar, by Brother Genitivi


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A/N: This is my second and last Baekhyun one shot. I think I have most of the feels out at this point. Also Yaja Time (야자타임) , if you don’t know, is when ages flip. So they youngest people are the oldest and the oldest are the youngest. So, the youngest are in charge for a specific amount time.

This is soft smut, I think, there is no actual sex but just heated making out. Don’t hate me for putting this in the smut tag.

Part 2

~Admin Allie

One thing you hated more than the game Truth and Dare and that was Yaja Time. So, you couldn’t understand why you agreed to combining the two games and sacrificed your title of oldest for the sake of your younger members’ entertainment.  

“Since this is a game run by the younger members of each group, you cannot refuse the tasks given.” Youngji took a sip of her beer and made hard eye contact with you. You knew she was itching to get you back because last time you said the same thing.

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America’s Youngest Killers
Curtis and Catherine Jones

In 1999, Curtis and Catherine Jones at the time were youngest people charged with first degree murder. They pled guilty to second degree murder and served 18 years.

On the 6th of January 1999 in Florida,  the Jones siblings shot dead their fathers girlfriend, Sonya Speights. Their original plan also involved shooting their father and another relative living at the address, however after the shooting they hid in the woods, where police caught them the next day.

Media at first claimed the shooting to be about jealousy, the kids didn’t get as much attention as Sonya but this was far from the truth. In actual fact, the kids endured a string of abuse by the other relative living with them. Welfare new of the abuse yet did nothing and so did both their father and Sonya, they also shrugged it off.

The relative was convicted of sexually assaulting his girlfriends daughter in 1993, he moved in to the Jones home and even shared a room with Curtis. Catherine also claimed he would masterbate watching her shower.

In 2015, Curtis and Catherine Jones were released from prison

It’s Us | Namjoon

Word Count: 4k 

Summary: Good news: you went into labor. Bad news: where the fuck is your husband? 

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“It’s four in the goddamn morning I wanna go home”, Taehyung whined, head hitting the surface of the soundboard with a hollow ‘thud’.

“I’ve been here since yesterday”, Yoongi said, glaring at the back of the younger’s head, “Feel blessed you piece of shit.”

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“Papa would be proud…”

On the desk in Jay Z’s Roc Nation corner office stands a photograph of his mother Gloria Carter and his father Adnis “AJ” Reeves on their wedding day.

Shawn Carter spent the first five years of his life living with Adnis’ parents, Adnis Sr. and Ruby Reeves, on the corners of Lexington Avenue and Lewis Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant. He remembers AJ working odd jobs, including time as a cab driver, a truck driver, and at the phone company. One of his fondest memories of his father is when AJ would take him and his cousin B-High to Times Square to “people watch.” Adnis was “crazy for detail”—which is where Hov gets it from—and loved playing games that exercised their observational skills. When maneuvering around Brooklyn he would always put Jay, the youngest, in charge of getting them to their destination.

When Shawn Carter was nine years old his Uncle Ray was stabbed to death outside a crowded Brooklyn club. Although the community knew who committed the murder, no one spoke to the authorities—so they were never arrested. AJ took the the murder of his brother hard and spent long evenings out of the house searching for the culprit. During his time searching the streets Reeves became an alcoholic and a heroin addict—trying to cope with the pain of losing his brother. Eventually he left his family behind, when Jay was aged 11 or 12: “He didn’t announce he was leaving. I found out what really happened. His brother had gotten killed. Life in urban areas, he got stabbed. It really sent him in to a spiral, and he could go out and look for the guy. My mom would tell him, you have a family here, you can’t go out there. He couldn’t deal with that pain … My dad swore revenge and became obsessed with hunting down Uncle Ray’s killer. The tragedy—compounded by the injustice—drove him crazy, sent him to the bottle, and ultimately became a factor in the unraveling of my parents’ marriage. As a kid, I didn’t know all this. I had no idea that it was the death of his brother that undid my dad. When I found this out I realized that yeah, of course every father that bounced had a reason. I didn’t excuse him for leaving his kids, but I started to understand.” In a 2013 interview with Howard Stern he revealed that his dad was just one day “gone,” and that he didn’t ever visit his family again, despite living “about 15 minutes away.”

When Jay took Oprah to the Marcy Houses in 2009 he explained to her how the young Shawn felt: “Anger. At the whole situation. Because when you’re growing up, your dad is your superhero. Once you’ve let yourself fall that in love with someone, once you put him on such a high pedestal and he lets you down, you never want to experience that pain again. So I remember just being really quiet and really cold. Never wanting to let myself get close to someone like that again. I carried that feeling throughout my life, until my father and I met up before he died.”

In 2002 he told his mom that “You know, Ma, I’ve really been trying to look inward, and maybe I’m just not meant to fall in love like other people do.” Gloria knew at this moment that she needed to have her youngest son reconcile with his father—at the time they hadn’t seen each other in 20 years, and Jay was a cold, closed-off person in relationships due to his father’s betrayal. Due to both Jay and AJ’s stubbornness, she was the one who organized a meeting at Hov’s house. AJ didn’t turn up to the first meeting—even after Jay had sent a car to pick him up. This action didn’t break his heart though—he had promised himself he wouldn’t let anyone else hurt him again.

Gloria pushed for another meeting, knowing the alcoholism had eaten away at his organs, and this time AJ turned up. It was during the Carter family’s Saturday meal, and AJ was “crazy uncomfortable … when he came in he felt completely left out. He was in my home, and we were still a family, and it probably killed him to see that we had survived his leaving—we were still whole … I didn’t come out of my room. My mother kept offering him food, anything to make him comfortable … When [she] brought him to my room she acted like she was depositing him and leaving us to talk, but she went around to the exercise room connected to my bedroom and eavesdropped on our conversation … When he was there in front of me, it was like looking in a mirror. I’m tall and slim like him—we looked exactly alike. I didn’t have much to say, only a question. I just wanted him to tell me how he could leave his son—one who looked exactly like him—to raise himself. Whatever drama my mother had, she never tried to keep us from him. He’s the one who decided it would be the way it was … He tried to hit me with excuses. He said my sister Annie knew where he was, that my brother Eric had been to visit him. He was still being proud. I told him that I was the child. I wasn’t supposed to look you up, you were supposed to be looking me up … He finally broke down and admitted he was wrong. He said he was sorry.” Jay has since said that “It was important for me to hear him say he was sorry and for me to hear myself say, ‘I forgive you.’ It changed my life, really. I wish every kid who grew up like me could have the same chance to confront the fathers who left them, not just so they can lay out their anger, but so they can, in the end, let that anger go. That anger still stunts so many of us.”

Jay’s next step was to organize an apartment for his father—trying to make him as comfortable as he could in his last months. Around two months after their meeting, on June 19, 2003, Adnis Reeves passed away—the same night that Jay opened The 40/40 Club in New York City. The doctors had told AJ to stop his drinking to prolong his time, but he didn’t. As Jay expressed on “Moment of Clarity,” he was “more intrigued than devastated” at his father’s funeral—and he didn’t cry.

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Summer 2017 bellarke? Or ice mechanic? Or both???

The Summer Day Camp through the Parks Board was basically a bare bones day care.  Other places had facilities, enrichment lessons, and organized activities, whereas they just had a multipurpose room in case it rained and Monty’s ability to turn just about anything into a physics lesson.  That usually kept about half the kids interested and Bellamy would figure out something for the rest of them— either a game of capture the flag if it was nice out or a story in the other corner of the multipurpose room if it wasn’t.  It wasn’t the fanciest day camp on record, but they did okay.

And as long as they told the parents a week in advance and it didn’t involve a bus, they could take the kids on a field trip.  The sculpture garden was only three blocks from their park and admission was free, so Bellamy usually planned to take the kids at least a few times each summer.  He wasn’t an expert at art appreciation, but it had to provide a little more educational value than yet another scavenger hunt.

Getting the kids there was a bit of a challenge, since kids were generally not the best at walking at the same pace and crossing the street carefully.  Monty took the lead with the older kids and Bellamy followed in the rear, holding hands with their two youngest charges to make sure neither darted into traffic.  But once they walked through the gates of the sculpture garden (two bright red steel beams) the kids spilled out across the grassy lawn with excited yelps.  The garden was completely fenced in so he and Monty let them roam free, each of them keeping to opposite sides of the garden for maximum supervision.

Most of their campers were well behaved, if a little rambunctious, so Bellamy was surprised when a girl about his age in a bright blue shirt that had garden docent stamped across the chest marched over to him.  “You’re with the campers, right?” she said, a little more testily than strictly necessary.

“I am,” he confirmed.

“Some of them are climbing on a piece and won’t get down,” she snapped.  “Maybe you could supervise them a little better?”  She was all righteous fury and indignation and Bellamy never took well to being ordered around, especially by someone who was probably just volunteering because they didn’t actually need the money from a summer job.

Bellamy followed where she was pointing and snorted.  “That’s literally a jungle gym, princess.”  He’d told them at least a dozen times before coming that they weren’t allowed on the sculptures but he didn’t appreciate her tone.

“It’s a sculpture that has half a dozen ‘don’t touch’ signs on it.  And it’s not just a jungle gym, it’s a meditation on the fleeting nature of childhood.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“That’s what the artist statement said,” she replied, suddenly fighting a smile.

On second thought, she was kind of cute, so he relented.  “Hey, get down from there,” he hollered at his campers and the guilty parties immediately climbed down.

“They listen like that all the time?”

This is literally the first time that’s ever happened, he thought.  “Usually,” he told her, and flashed her his best smile.

She beamed back, all their initial tension dissipating.  “Clarke, by the way.”

“I’m Bellamy.  We bring these kids here a few times a summer.  Hope that’s okay.”

“Then I’ll see you around,” she said, and she glanced back over her shoulder as she walked away.

Bellamy and Monty brought the kids three more times that summer and each time, Bellamy lucked out and found her working.  The last time he even stumbled upon her sitting underneath a tree with a few of the older campers, giving them a short art history lesson while the kids watched her, rapt.

He found her on facebook that night–Clarke was a pretty uncommon name, after all– but of course she went to an east coast school, so Bellamy wrote her off as an idle crush.  But she accepted his request immediately, and when school started in the fall she surprised him by sometimes tagging him in photos, usually of incredibly stupid art.  Each time made him smile, but still.

Futile crush.  That’s all.

The next summer Bellamy reapplied for his job, even though Monty would be doing an internship for an engineering firm.  He hoped his new coworker wouldn’t suck too badly, but in the end he liked the kids enough to figure it didn’t matter if they did.

The first day of work he got to the park early to set up the multipurpose room and for a moment, he thought he was hallucinating.  Clarke was standing on a chair in the corner, tacking a giant piece of butcher paper to the wall.  She looked over her shoulder and grinned.

“Hey,” she said, a little shy.

“You’re working here?” he replied.  He was kind of dumbfounded and more than a little nervous, to be honest.

“I talked the head of the Parks department into letting me set up an arts program through this,” she said, climbing down.  “Hope that’s okay.”

“Probably slightly less dangerous than Monty’s ‘everything is flammable if you believe in yourself’ lessons,” he said with a grin.

Clarke smiled back and Bellamy privately wondered how he was ever going to make it through the summer.

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(I'm not sure if this is how to do this, so I'm sorry if I mess it up!!) Do you happen to have any prompts about guards / sentinels that are wary of the person they're supposed to be serving, despite the fact this person is only a child? Thanks!! Hope you have a great day!

“Why do you look so scared? It’s just a kid.”

“This has to be the youngest charge I’ve ever had.”

“Do you ever think about how sad it is that I have to protect a child? Who would hurt a child?”

“I suppose it’s too late to request someone else?”

Murder Most Foul - Jeremy Steinke and Jasmine Richardson

Most pre-teen girls go through phases of rebellion against their parents, but twelve-year-old Jasmine Richardson of Medicine Hat, Canada, took teenage rebellion to a horrific extreme when she assisted in murdering her parents and younger brother because they forbade her to see her boyfriend, twenty-three-year old Jeremy Steinke.

Jasmine had a normal childhood with doting parents, but her personality changed when she created a MySpace account and became interested in gothic culture. It was through this interest that she first met Jeremy Steinke - over a decade her senior - and began a secret relationship with him. Steinke was a self-confessed witchcraft enthusiast, claimed to be a 300 year old werewolf in human form, and reportedly wore a vial of human blood on a chain around his neck.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jasmine’s parents objected to their relationship, and before long forbade Jasmine from having contact with Jeremy. Furious, Jasmine continued seeing him in secret and the two began hatching a plan to rid Jasmine of her parents meddling. A note recovered from Jasmine’s bedroom by police displays how callously the couple felt about murder. In Jasmine’s hand it read “Ok, I have this plan. It starts with me murdering my parents and ends with us being together.”

On April 22, 2006, Jeremy Steinke sneaked into the basement of the Richardson house armed with a knife. When he encountered Jasmine’s mother he beat her to the floor and began stabbing in a frenzy. Jasmine’s father attempted to protect his wife with a screwdriver but he too was overpowered and stabbed repeatedly; the coroners report later noted that the Richardson parents had suffered dozens of stabbing injuries each.

Meanwhile, Jasmine had sneaked upstairs with a knife and busied herself with killing her younger brother. She later said to police that her brother had begged for his life before Jasmine choked and then stabbed him. Sated, the two murderous lovers fled the chaotic scene to a friends house, where they estatically had sex.

A young boy visited the Richardson house the next day and glimpsed the bloody corpse of Jasmine’s mother through a glass door. Police were dispatched to the home where they immediately noted the absence of Jasmine; fearing she was being held hostage, police released her description and an all points bulletin across the area.

Though they had planned her family’s murder thoroughly, Jasmine and Jeremy clearly didnt give much thought to evading capture; within a day they were located and arrested, with Jasmine’s part in the murders frighteningly clear when she spoke about murdering her brother. She showed little remorse and giggled when informed police had found drawings of hers that depicted the brutal slaying of her family.

Jasmine Richardson was charged with three counts of murder and remains the youngest person ever charged with murder in Canadian history. Because she was only twelve at the time, she legally could not be charged as an adult. Despite overwhelming evidence she was an active participant in the awful crime, Jasmine Richardson was sentenced to only ten years in prison, the maximum sentence a person of her age could recieve. Her relatively light punishment caused a public outcry throughout Canada, with calls to reform the sentencing process for under-age offenders. Her lover Jeremy Steinke was charged with three counts of murder and recieved three life sentences.

What you missed on LWA

Croix got her yay back, a free poncho, bi-weekly therapy sessions and an actual diet plan, all courtesy of Azkaban, and left Chariot with their 7 adopted kids, the youngest being in charge of her surviving broombas that are still programmed to periodically steal noodles from nearby stores and occasionally shock people awake if they sleep too long

It’s Us | Namjoon

Word Count: 4k 

Summary: You just had to give birth the one morning Namjoon wasn’t home. 

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“It’s four in the goddamn morning I wanna go home”, Taehyung whined, head hitting the surface of the soundboard with a hollow ‘thud’.

“ I’ve been here since yesterday”, Yoongi said, glaring at the back of the younger’s head, “Feel blessed you piece of shit.”

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Citrine and Ruby

Pairing: Reader/Leo, a bit of Vixx/Reader

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: AU, vampires, violence, penetrative sex, oral sex, blood play, biting, mild masochism, foul language

Wordcount: 6802

Request: Reader/Leo unspecified kink

Notes: LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THIS THING!!!! its monstrous and took forever to write omg but thats what happens with AU’s for me, I get too carried away with the details and it ends up a wordy mess -_- Vampires tho…I really had to write vampires i couldn’t help myself and I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it ^_^ of course the kink here is biting/bloodplay and there’s a bit of violence too so if any of you are uncomfortable with that you might want to skip it idk…okay bye!

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out of sight, out of mind. (Tim, Dick, Bruce, Jason)

Not going on AO3 yet because this is basically part two to a verse-establishing part one that doesn’t exist, but basically it takes place in a universe where Tim’s adopted into the family early, before Jason died, because REASONS.

Also, Tim’s reactions reference some shitty parenting. So I guess warning there?


When Bruce pulled him aside after dinner and told Tim that, starting the next day, he, Dick, and Jason were going to be very busy for a few days and not as available as usual, Tim understood. Bruce was being nice, not coming outright and saying he didn’t want to see Tim around until they were done, but Tim knew what we’re going to be very busy meant: keep quiet, stay out of the way, don’t be a bother. He showed up for breakfast the next morning and then did his very best to disappear. The manor was a big place; he thought it would be easy to find somewhere no one bothered to go anymore and stay there.

After a little wandering, he finally found a room, small enough that it was really more like a closet with a window than a proper room. Clearly no one had used in a while for anything aside from storing random bits of junk. Tim scavenged a pillow and a blanket from a shelf and settled himself on the floor for the day with a couple books he brought with him. He probably didn’t need to go to all that bother when his bedroom would probably be enough, but it just… felt right. Even the smallness of the room was kind of comforting, like he was using up as little space as possible. Like he had really removed himself as a distraction from Bruce, Dick, and Jason’s important work. 

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Mate - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Imagine youre the alpha and Scotts sister and you and Liam get taken by hunters and they force you to take him as your mate to see how it works and once the pack finds you, you freak out cause theres no way to undo it and now youre bound to Liam for life and you dont think youre good enough for him and you think he doesnt like you anyway so you avoid him even though it physically hurts but he confronts you cause it hurts him too and you realize you both love each other.


You flinched as you heard Liam cry out in pain “STOP IT” you yelled , your face wet with tears, your hair stuck to your forehead from sweat, your cheeks and hands had smudges of blood and your clothes was slightly torn in spots from putting up a fight.

You struggled against the chains which bounded your hands to the wall . A group of hunters had taken you both captive, wanting to know how werewolf mates worked, you were their experiment .

You had tried to plea several times that Liam wasn’t your mate and that you weren’t his , that it made no sense keeping you captive but it had only resulted in them beating him.

“Stop it please ” you whispered, your head falling as you shut your eyes . “ Why should we? He’s just a weak Beta Y/N . Weak and useless ” The eldest man spoke , a smirk evident on his face as he knelt down and yanked Liam’s head up .

Your breathing became heavier , you felt your sharp canines coming out, claws extending. Raising your head you let out a low growl ” He’s not just a Beta . ” flashing your red eyes you yanked your hands forward breaking free of the chains and standing up ” He’s my Mate ”

The Four hunters in front of you stood still, frozen in place . Letting out a loud howl, you received one back knowing your pack was now on their way. ” I said let him go John ” You snarled grabbing the man by his neck , raising him off his feet .

Hearing and arrow soar through the air , you grabbed it with your other hand before it could touch you. Breaking it in half you turned your head and looked at the woman behind you. “Bad move sweetheart ” You smirked as you flung the man into her knocking them both to the floor .

“Who’s next ?” The youngest male hunter charged towards you but you simply punched him and kicked him in his stomach sending him flying through the air . He was soon grabbed and slammed down to the ground by your older brother, Scott, the other alpha of the pack.

Looking towards the last hunter you saw a silver blade go through his stomach , Kira . Whipping around you saw Malia and Stiles helping Liam. “What have I done ” you whispered looking over at Derek . “Derek , is there any way to reverse it? ” He shook his head and you shifted back to your human self ” That’s impossible , there has to be some way. H-he can’t be my mate ” ” I’m sorry Y/N your bounded to each other now .”


It’s been two weeks since the incident and you’ve tried every possible way of avoiding Liam. You no longer stayed back after school to see your brother play lacrosse , you took up a small job at a little pastry shop just so you wouldn’t have to be around when Scott trained him using the excuse that you were trying to earn your own cash to help out. You sat as far away as possible during class, you ate lunch in your car and avoided contact with him at pack meetings.

You had to admit however that it was starting to take a toll on you. You’ve had sleepless nights , every time you snuck a glance at him down the halls in school your heart ached because you were rejecting the bond . There was no way to get rid of it, but the longer you two stayed apart, the more weak you became .

It’s not that you weren’t attracted to Liam, that you hated him or that he was an awful person in fact he was the complete opposite . He was handsome, funny, athletic, sweet and everything you loved . That’s why you were rejecting it . You loved Liam. From the minute you saw him in Scott’s bathtub you felt something towards him. But you were completely sure Liam didn’t feel the same way. That he didn’t like you, he didn’t find you beautiful or good enough to be his mate .

After all , why would he like the girl who is related to the reason he’s stuck in all this supernatural bullshit. But what you didn’t know was that you were wrong.


Not only was this hurting you but it was hurting Liam. Why didn’t you accept him as you mate? Why were you avoiding him? Was he not good enough? All these thoughts ran through his mind as he lay in bed , bedside lamp on. To make matters worst, he couldn’t get a good night’s rest. Not with the berserkers showing up every time due to his imagination. His fingers lingered on the switch , contemplating if to turn it off or not . Flicking the switch he turned the light off and settled into bed , only to see what he feared most. ” Its not real, ” he muttered several times to himself but a knock on the window startled him making him jump up in bed. Looking out the window he saw you which made him breathe a sigh of relief . _____ Jumping in Liam’s room with grace you didn’t fail to notice how beads of sweat formed on his forehead or how fast his heart was beating and how heavy he was breathing. ” Hey, calm down” you whispered placing your hands on either sides of his face ” I’m here, it’s okay ” You guided him towards his bed and sat him down, and placed yourself next to him ” They’re not here Liam. They can’t hurt you . We wouldn’t let them. I won’t let them . ” You could see his eyes were filled with tears, and as they spilled you pulled him into your arms . You didn’t know what came over you but you placed your lips to his forehead, placing a kiss and lingering longer that you should have . Your fingers passed through his hair and you held him with such love . When Liam had settled down he pulled away from your embrace, keeping your left hand in his “what did I do Y/N.” Furrowing your eyebrows in confusion you wondered what he was talking about when realization hit you. Sighing you looked down to your hands which had found themselves playing with Liam’s hand which was in your lap. ” Nothing. I was being stupid, selfish and a complete idiot. I didn’t accept you as my mate because I thought why would you even want to be with me? I’m partly the reason you have to be apart of this supernatural bullshit. But , Liam I’m completely in love with you and no matter how much I tell myself there is no way you’ll feel the same it doesn’t help. Your my mate, and I love you” You felt Liam’s hand on your chin, making you look up at him . “All I’ve ever wanted was to be with YOU. I love you too y/n . So much” he whispered as he placed his lips on yours.