Hello new FOB fans!!

So apparently we’ve got a boatload of new fans joining our fandom due to the huge success of American Beauty/American Psycho. We are not going to be mean to them! We were all in their place at one point. Here’s a couple things you newbies should know: 

 - We are called Overcast Kids (original name from pre-hiatus) or Youngbloods (name adopted post-hiatus in Save Rock and Roll Era)

-If you want to see Patrick Stump without a fedora, you’re going to have to literally search up “Patrick Stump without a fedora.” 

- Joe is literally 300% cooler than any of us will ever be and we’re all perfectly fine with it 

- Andy never wears a shirt. If he’s wearing a shirt it’s because he’s probably on national television. If it were up to him, he would not wear a shirt. We all like Andy without a shirt. We all like Andy. 

- The first time you hear Andy’s voice you’re going to fall out of you chair, than fall in love with him. 

- Don’t ask what guyliner is. Please. We’re still trying to recover.

- We are part of what is called the emo trinity. 

-We periodically shove things up our asses. Don’t ask questions just join us.