So about that time Gabi Gregg came to my school and was young fat and fabulous…

And then I met her and it was amazing and everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

But really though, today was such a good day compared to the past week. Except for the Wills shirts - every time I saw one I had to look away.


Gabi was amazing. She like ruled the assembly hall even though the guys in my grade totally weren’t that interested in her presentation but they loved it anyway.

Especially when she said “MTV’s larger audiences, no pun intended” and everyone laughed awkwardly and I wanted to cheer because I make jokes like that all the time and nobody gets them.

And then she met me and I told her I love fat fashion blogs and her tumblr and all that stuff. And she was like “do you have a blog?” and I said just a personal one but I want to make a more legit fashion blog or something and she and Alex were like DO IT.

So maybe I will.

PS in the photo it’s me, Gabi, Alex, and Jackson.



today was a good day…. on to the weekend.

EDIT: This is my 2,700th post. I have a problem.