My Way or the Highway

Pairing: Jikook, NamJin, YoonSeok
Status: Chaptered, ongoing
PTSD, panic attacks, nightmares, minor character death, self-esteem issues, hurt/comfort, slow burn, female!Seokjin, enemies to friends to lovers, (not blood-related) step-siblings, parents!NamJin
Jeon Jeongguk, the school’s brightly shining athletic star and basketball team’s young ace gets forced to live under the same roof with his biggest rival in terms of popularity, Park Jimin.
That Park Jimin who can’t even open a bag of chips alone, who likes Maths and studying more than anything, who doesn’t know what an alley oop is, and whose smile makes Jeongguk feel things he definitely shouldn’t.

Or: The Patchwork Family AU where Jeongguk’s single father Namjoon falls in love with Jimin’s single mother Seokjeong and after one year of secret dating they decide to move in together.

I was originally inspired by this prompt:

… but I managed to completely butcher it, I’m really sorry!! I got a bit distracted with the ‘big patchwork family’ idea…. :/ Anyway, thank you so much for sending it to me, and I hope that you’ll still enjoy my fic. :3 (If someone wants to write a fic while sticking to the prompt strictly, then feel free to do it for the poor Anon~ ^^ )


Dear Mom and Jeonghyun,

I know I went MIA for two weeks, I’m sorry! But a lot of stuff happened out of the blue and I was busy with packing.
Dad has a new woman in his life, y’know, the one I already ranted about a few times. That model-like one with big boobs. It turned out they’re dating for a year now, I didn’t even notice. A whole year! That bitch completely wrapped Dad around her pinky finger so things got serious and we moved in together last week. And since Dad’s life unfortunately means my life as well, now I have new ‘family members’, including a stepmother. Yeah… I fucking hate it.
And what I hate even more is my new ’brother’ Park Jimin. Especially Park Jimin.
I already told you about him a couple of times, remember? That short guy with infuriatingly bright red hair. He’s so stupid and annoying! And a huge nerd loser. All he does is smiling like an idiot and giggling and reading textbooks. Who on earth likes reading textbooks in their free time?! God, I hate him so much. Really wanna punch him in the mouth.
So I hate my life as per usual and my new ’siblings’ just make everything worse. I might run away from this house (because hell I can’t bring myself to call it ’home’) if stupid Park Jimin continues laughing this goddamn loudly at every not-even-fucking-humorous thing. I wish I could be with you, Mom.
Are you sad? Do you feel jealous? I think Dad betrayed you but don’t worry, I would never. For me, you’re the only Mom and no one can replace you, okay?
Miss you. Good night!


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12 VIDEO or IMAGE. Show us what Supernatural will look like at the start of Season 50. -Sara and Caitlyn Cacador

4 hours before the hunt was over, the original file that was done for this image was lost, SO I DID IT SUPER FAST ON-CALL–got it in with 2 hours to spare B)

Imagine Tsukki being really popular with old ladies because they always ask him for help when they need something from the highest shelf at the super market. They would say things like “what a polite young man” to him and every time they see him they go “oh, it’s that handsome young man again” and he gets so embarrassed by it. Yamaguchi loves to tease him about it.