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So far the common consensus is that this one particular line is the best thing out of my latest Overwatch fancomic dub Hacks Are An Open Door. It’s said that if you play it three times on a dark and cold winter night, a door will unexpectedly close in your face and you’ll, like, bang your nose pretty bad.

How The Young Justice Team Celebrates Birthdays

My birthday is tomorrow, so I’ve been coming up with a bunch if YJ birthday headcanons because I have no impulse control. Anyways, I have an infinite amount of headcanons about the team and birthdays:

- M'gann is always put in charge of pretty much everything
- Baking the cake, decorating, wrapping presents, etc. She’s now a birthday expert.
- They insist on using trick candles every year
- The majority of them are surprise parties intended to make the birthday boy/girl wet themselves from fear
- Once Conner got a surprise party and when everyone jumped out he punched Wally in the face
- Kaldur is terrified of balloons popping
- Batman secretly buys at least half of the presents given
- They play Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Archer every time, and so Ollie, Artemis, and Roy are very wary at birthday parties
- Dick sings the Happy Birthday song in the highest pitched voice possible and annoys everyone
- M'gann once found a cheap tiara at the store, and now everyone has to wear it on their birthday, even the guys.
- Red Tornado buys really weird gifts. One time he bought Artemis a bottle of salad dressing, another time he just wrapped up Rocket’s socks and gave them back to her.
- Zatanna gives Dick a kiss every birthday
- So does Barbara
- And Bette slept with him that one birthday
- Dick just has really good birthdays
- Ever since Wally turned 21 he and Dick go out drinking every first Saturday after his birthday
- Bart was super excited when he got his very first birthday party ever when he turned 14
- Tim is considered the best at buying birthday presents, so everyone always goes to him for advice
- Both Roys only attend parties for the cake
- So. Many. Balloons.
- Also bouncy houses because yolo
- Wally and Dick once hired a stripper for Kaldur’s birthday. He was not amused.
- They always make at least four cakes, since Wally and Bart eat at least one cake each

Jazz hands Lakers another Loss

         Los Angeles had a hard time trying to pull off a win on Monday night. Injuries have been a huge issue this past week, and didn’t help at all against the Utah Jazz.

           In the third quarter, the team lost center Tarik Black to a sprained right ankle which he fell on top of it hard. While that adds to concerns for the team earning a winning record, Los Angeles is now 10-13 at the start of the season.

The Lakers were behind 15 points going into the fourth quarter. Utah was held to just 18 points, with most of them coming in the final minutes.

           Controlling the erratic shots is something that this young team still has to figure out. Too many hurried shots can hurt the rhythm of the offense, and that’s exactly what happened. The Lakers as many know are full of rookies who need to learn the chemistry.

           After going off for 40 points recently, Lou Williams found his sweet spot with 38 more. Williams led the scoring category for both teams despite the fact that he doesn’t start.

           Jordan Clarkson had 17 of his own off the bench, while the starting lineup failed to really do anything.

           Julius Randle led all Lakers starters with only 11 points, and the starting five combined for only 34 out of the 100 point game.

           Despite not having Black in the game after his injury, Los Angeles managed to beat Utah in the rebounding area by a factor of four.

           Both teams had 12 turnovers, while the Jazz had a better field goal percentage as well as shooting behind the arc.

           Los Angeles shot only 14 three-pointers all game, making only five of them. While this wasn’t the major issue, it definitely contributed to lost points that added up in the end.

Hargrave AU Drabbles: Rescue Attempts

Setting: Following Old Enemies

Summary: Grey Matters and the task force mount a rescue attempt for Red and Howard

Hargrave Drabbles Master List

Rescue Attempts

“I don’t trust you.”

Christopher Hargrave paused where he was checking his ammunition and looked over to Liz’s partner who looked particularly irritable that day. Chris knew the feeling. “Noted,” he answered as his gaze slid back to the gun in his hand and he fit the magazine into place.

“I know you’ve got some grudge against Reddington after what happened. I can’t even say I blame you, but I have a job to do and that requires me to make sure Reddington gets out of this in one piece.”

Christopher looked over again, dark blue eyes looking Donald Ressler over. He had done his research. The man was a talented agent, graduating top of his class at Quantico. He’d been given his own team relatively young and made the case agent on the Raymond Reddington case before Red had turned himself in. He was slow to trust, Liz had explained once, and teased Chris that Ressler was the only other person that she’d met that could give him a run for his money on his dedication to the job.

Christopher pulled in a calming breath. “Listen, nothing here says we have to like each other. Just work with each other. Your people are here for Reddington, mine are here for Howard Hargrave. Let’s just stay out of each other’s way, huh?”

Ressler frowned deeply at the comment, but finally offered a sharp nod as he fixed his vest in place. “You are cleared to be back in the field, right?”

We’re a go,” Dumont’s voice rang over his comms, and one look at Ressler said Aram had said the same.

Christopher offered a smirk. “Sure.” It wasn’t a complete lie.

Ressler shot him one final look before he started forward. Both men moved silently behind the crew that blew the door for them, ready for whatever they might face.

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That’s how we will remember you, Chape. All the players, all the crew. We are grateful. Very grateful. Thank you for all the smiles you gave us. You made your people happy. And today we cry and pray for you. A young team that never faced relegation and it was about to face it’s first international final match. May God bless all of you. Rest in Peace.

In the loving memory of:
Ananias Eloi Monteiro (1989-2016)
Arthur Brasiliano Maia (1992-2016)
Bruno Rangel Domingues (1981-2016)
Ailton Cesar da Silva (1994-2016)
Cléber Loureiro (1981-2016)
Dener Braz (1991-2016)
Filipe Machado (1984-2016)
José Paiva (1987-2016)
Guilherme Gimenez (1995-2016)
Everton Kempes (1982-2016)
Lucas Gomes (1990-2016)
Matheus Bitencourt (1995-2016)
Helio Zampier (1985-2016)
Sérgio Barbosa (1989-2016)
William de Jesus (1986-2016)
Tiago Alves (1994-2016)
Josimar Tavares (1986-2016)
Marcelo Augusto (1991-2016)
Mateus Lucena (1994-2016)