a playlist for rainy days and solitary travels II; good for drawing

  • Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles) - Arcade Fire (x)
  • Mykonos - Fleet Foxes (x)
  • Elephant Gun - Beirut (x)
  • The Wolves (Act I and II) - Bon Iver (x)
  • Uncover Your Eyes - Young Empires (x)
  • Crystals - Of Monsters and Men (x)
  • Wetsuit - The Vaccines (x)
  • Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) (x)
  • Human - Daughter (x)
  • Holocene - Bon Iver (x)
  • Home We’ll Go - Walk Off the Earth (x)

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Young Empires – Enter Through the Sun (Short Circuit Remix)

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When I was asked to take a stab at remixing this track, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. The track was a bubbly indie pop jam with a chorus of chanting “Uh Oh’s” which worked for the track but didn’t lend well to a remix, at least not in my opinion. My first instinct was to make a disco style floor banger which I felt the vocals would lend well to but I decided against it because I assumed that the other producers that were also working on remixes would probably have the same idea.

While I was messing with the vocals and building a drum pattern, I decided to slow down the song quite a bit and I was impressed with the way things were sounding. I felt that when slowed down, the singer sounded a bit more emotional and forlorn. I started getting a sort of Depeche Mode / Tears for Fears vibe with the new tempo and decided to go with it. I went with an 80’s sounding short analog bass to fit with the theme. All the synths and pads I used were selected for their retro synth pop kind of feel. I also added a short room reverb on the vocals to give it that retro Depeche Mode sound.

One of the biggest hurdles with this song was getting the timing of the vocals to work with the new tempo and drum pattern. If you compare the verses of the original to my remix, you can hear that I added some pauses as well as removed some in the vocal lines. I was pretty happy with the way they came out and I felt that they sounded natural, like the singer intended them to sound that way. The second hurdle was figuring out what to do with the vocals in the chorus. The original chorus was not fitting well at all so I decided to splice up the acapella and load it into the DrRex so that I could play the “oh’s” with my keyboard in order to come up with a new pattern. What emerged from lots off tinkering over the loop of the chorus was pretty different from the original but worked well in the new context of the remix.

Ultimately, the end result was not something that you could really play on a dance floor, which is probably not what the band wanted but it was something that I really enjoyed and had fun making. This is always something I struggle with when doing remix requests. Do I go with the standard dance floor sound that the artist probably wants, or do I go with the flow and create something that I really enjoy? Usually, I go with what I would like to hear, and sometimes it ends up not being used by the artist because it’s not what they were expecting or wanted to hear. But you know what? That’s fine with me.

Keep it real,


Young Empires - Enter Through the Sun (Short Circuit Remix) by SHORT CIRCUIT