Can we get some Daddy!Sebastian?? I live for parent scenarios. Maybe his child wants to lie down with him and his lover? - anonymous

It was a school morning, so Sebastian had to wake up the kid. When he walked into to the room, he immediately heard loud coughing coming from the little bed. He rushed over to the side in order to look at the child, but found nothing wrong with they’re temperature, color, breathing, or even heartbeat.

“I can’t find what’s the matter… What do you feel?” He asks.

And the child hesitates for a moment before replying, “I have a tummy ache.”

He’s really worried now because he can’t find the reason for his child’s illness. “That’s no good, I guess you can’t go to school.”

Sebastian’s lover listens in on the conversation,and steps in when they hear school being involved. They rush into the room and immediately inspects their kid. “Are you sick?”

“… Yeah?” the child answers.

“Oh that’s a shame, because we were gonna go to the park today.” They teased, much to Sebastian’s confusion. 

He got even more confused when his partner winked at him. “We weren’t-”

Sebastian was cut off by his child’s, “I wanna go! I’m feeling better!”

“So your good enough to go to school, let’s go.” His partner concluded.

After seeing his child’s utterly betrayed face, Sebastian understood that they were faking an illness. His child was a trickster, and they had fooled him. He’d never been so proud. 

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