Young Studs


Hump Day Hunk

He’s Held The Title Before, But James Haskell Deserves Several More Turns Wearing The Laurel Wreath This Day.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

my son,after way to many beers one nite last week, slipped up and told his two best friends that he was having sex with his mom.of course the ydidn’t beleive him at first,but somehow he managed to convince them it was true.a few days ago,the doorbell rings and there’s two young studs i didn’t even know at my door.they told me what my son told them and if i didn’t have sex with them,they would tell my husband( he already knows).i told them they can’t do that or it would ruin my marriage,so i would agree to fuck them if they kept silent.these two young men were magnificent! they had me cummin all afternoon and each gave me two big hot loads apeice! i told them they better come back next week, just to ensure their silence and we could play some more. they’re here every week now and i’m thinking of having son join them. after all, i have three holes!


Nice Pants

Cameron Munster Gave A Near Glimpse Of His Slater Melons, When He Got Dacked Today!

Cute Glutes, Baby!


Sunday Brunch

Would Love To Do Some Crunches After Brunch With Dougie Flockhart Of The Doncaster Knights. He Has A Errol Flynn Quality About Him…Quite The Swashbuckler. 

Dougie Is A Perfect Early Birthday Present To A North Carolina Lad I’ve Had The Pleasure Of Meeting! Here’s To You, Stud!

Woof, Baby!


Sun’s Out, Buns Out!

Manly Marlins Smuggle Their Budgies And Get Their Buns Out!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!