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5 ways Meek Mill f**ked himself over lol

At this point my Twitter and Instagram timelines consist of nothing but Meek Mill tweets and memes. Although, this entire situation has been entertaining, I can’t help but think, Meek Mill is either really hurt over something Drake did, or is strategically trying to drum up press for his album ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money”. Either way, I think Meek Mill’s initial twitter rant opened Pandora’s box, and he has been consistently f**cking himself over since, five times to be exact.

5. To Snitch or not to Snitch

Meek Mill claimed he was exposing Drake for not writing his raps, going as far as to call out Quentin Miller as Drizzy’s ghostwriter. BUT! Quentin Miller  received credit for his work on “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”. Miller even shot down Meek’s accusations, saying he and Drake ‘collaborated’ on the album. So how are you exposing someone exactly if there is credit being given? Ghost writer where? Sounds like snitching to me…

4. Pick a Target… and FOCUS!

Realistically why Meek Mill even mentioned Safaree in his twitter rant is beyond me. As far as I can tell Safaree is dating his new girl and distancing himself from Nicki Minaj. So My question is why mention Safaree in the twitter rant if you were upset with Drake? Why are you focusing on your CURRENT girlfriend’s EX-BOYFRIEND? Meek tried to come for both Drake and Safaree at one time. Like come on, pick a target and focus, you sound like a guy that just wants to chat… You don’t even have a reason to be mad at Safaree, aren’t YOU dating Nicki?..

3. Priorities vs. your feelings

As silent as Nicki has been about this whole situation, this has to be a little bit annoying and embarrassing for her. Meek is busy tweeting about her ex, Safaree put Nicki on blast for emailing him on his birthday, plus he released his own diss track ‘lifeline’. I haven’t heard it, but this is just getting ridiculously messy. Meek, you’re in the middle of a tour, I’m not gonna discredit your work prior to the relationship, but your exposure with Nicki is definitely a plus not a minus. So get out of your feelings and focus on touring and promoting your own damn album!

2. If it’s About Music, GTFO of Twitter!

This whole situation started on social media, a twitter rant really?! I don’t understand how Meek is so upset about Drake having a ghost writer, fans had to wait almost a week for a record (zzzz). Gucci Mane was dropping mixtapes from jail, if you were that upset I’m sure a studio was near by, stop tweeting, get in the booth. PERIOD. 

1. If you gonna talk shit, back it up!

I’m going to speak directly on this one. 

Lets be real, you basically tried to come for hip-hop’s current IT guy and ‘expose’ him. You ranted on social media, let Funk Master Flex put the battery in your back to keep the shenanigans going. Let Drake drop TWO diss tracks as you continued to tweet. Built your fans up and kept social media waiting, just for you to drop a MEDIOCRE diss record. Even with the undertaker’s intro, Quentin Miller’s reference track and Diddy talking shit, you still gave your fans 4 minutes of disappointment. You should be ashamed…

I think My tweet sums up how I feel about Meek Mill initiating this ‘beef’:


[screams with my mouth closed]


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