For decades, the concept behind Superboy delivered everything it promised: Superman, only as a boy. Comic book writers are allergic to simplicity, though, so in the ‘90s the character was rebooted as a human clone genetically modified to mimic Superman’s powers and appearance. The comics kept his complete origin a mystery, but a young fan named Geoff Johns had an … interesting suggestion: Superboy was (basically) Superman’s son with Lex Luthor.

The editors laughed off the idea, but as you might have gathered from this article, fanboys are nothing if not persistent. Fresh out of college, Johns scored an internship with director Richard Donner, who happened to be working on a Warner Bros. movie, which happens to be the parent company of DC Comics. While some DC people were visiting the movie set, Johns talked their ears off and eventually convinced them to give him some writing gigs. After six years of writing for DC, Johns finally landed a comic featuring Superboy and was able to do this: 

The shocking revelation that Superboy was actually Luthor’s clone was even incorporated into theYoung Justice cartoon – of course, the fact that Johns is now a high-level DC executive consulting on all movies and TV shows might have had something to do with that. But maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised that a future pro wrote a fan letter to a comic, since they’ve been doing that for decades – like this enthusiastic 15-year-old Fantastic Four reader here:

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So first, Jamie is totally a great magic user in this, in that he uses magic stuff and tricks everybody, besides anyone who can actually use magic, think he can actually use magic
except Wally because Wally doesn’t believe in magic but I digress
but, see, Jamie’s mostly unsure that he’s particularly accomplished in any other part of his life
Counselor wants to talk to him and his mom about his grades. And Mrs. Bennett is like “??????? Jamie’s grades are fine????”
“They are,” assures the nice counselor, smiling kindly as her eyes flicker to Jamie, “in fact, they’re better than fine, They’re outstanding.”
And Jamie flushes a bit at that, not used to praise on his school work from anyone other than friends and family.
Mrs. Bennett looks at the folder the woman is holding, seeing a familiar insignia but unsure of where she’s seen it. She glances back up at the woman, pursing her lips as she sits up straighter.
“So then…?”
“We would like to see if the two of you would allow Jamie to go to Gotham Prep.”
And it’s the biggest deal Jamie Bennett, normal teenage boy, has ever had to deal with. As his mother hugs him, her eyes glossy behind her glasses but her smile so wide it must hurt, Jamie swallows the lump in his throat and tells both her and the counselor that he’s honored.
Jamie Bennett, the closest thing to a Guardian of Belief and the hero Last Light, however is panicking inside in a way that causes what Jack will remember as the “great intervention of 2010″
because oh no
But right, after all the Guardians promise to keep an eye on him and make him a plan to be the most boring, uninteresting kid in the whole universe at school, Jamie feels slightly better.
Poor boy doesn’t know he’s headed straight for Robin’s class

Dick isn’t quite paying attention, copying down notes absentmindedly as he thinks of other things entirely. He’s got one strain of thought on what The Light could be planning, from global takeover to ultimate power, he’s a bit stumped. He’s also thinking of how to annoy Artemis that day, wondering if he should lay the “love sick little boy act” any further or if he should try going a different route. It’s when the class is stopped, the Teacher opening the door for a boy with mousy brown hair and wide, brown eyes that causes Dick to halt all other thoughts.
Because he’s seen those eyes before…
The Teacher, who looks about as bored as the rest of the class, gestures a hand towards Jamie.
“We have a new student today,” Mr. Who-cares-what’s-his-name says, voice clear from the many years of teaching but his gaze is unfocused, “Please introduce yourself.”
The boy’s eyes light up and his body tenses but then Dick watches as he forces his shoulders to slump, his head bowing slightly, His voice is purposefully quiet as he says, “I’m Jamie Bennett.”
A normal name that connects to a seemingly uninteresting boy and the students, who are used to flashy cars and diamond earrings, let their gazes slip to other interest deemed more important.
But Dick keeps on staring. Jamie looks up and flinches at those bright blue eyes but quickly takes his seat and tries to ignore them.
They never let up though, not even once, because Dick knows exactly where he’s seen those eyes before. The minute the boy spoke, Dick figures exactly who Jamie is and the biggest mystery that has bugged the team since the moment the Last Light came into their little world of costumes and capes.
Jamie remarks later to his friends and family back home, as he finds those bright blue eyes attached to a person with a impish grin and an arm slung around his shoulder, that he has made a new friend a GP.
He also finds that on patrol that day, Robin keeps grinning at him knowingly, like there’s a great big joke that he wants to tell Jamie but finds it funnier that he won’t.
Jamie does meet Artemis and, much to Dick’s displeasure, Artemis doesn’t put two and two together. Jamie does though, if only because it’s so goddamn obvious. He does pretend he doesn’t know though, for the sake of everyone involved. Dick’s displeasure at her not figuring it out leads to his rather gaudy gift of terrible earrings and a necklace that she finds in her locker the next day, with the bonus knowledge that Dick has told his new “friend” Jamie that she’s  “Totally my girlfriend.”
Artemis rants to the entire team, and to even the Last Light who happened to be on that mission, that Dick Grayson is the “most annoying little prick ever to breathe near me.”
Robin and Wally cackle like mad over it later and Jamie ends up being extremely nice to Artemis in real life as a silent apology.


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Why everyone should watch Young Justice
  • It’s pretty much Teen Titans with more emphasis on the storyline
  • Characters are extremely relatable
  • Excellent animation
  • Badass female leads
  • Badass POC leads (more are introduced in season 2)
  • About striking out on your own
  • About how we are not our parents, we are our own people
  • Even though it was made for kids it has the dark and serious subject matter of Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • DC show that DOESN’T focus on Batman or Superman