Young Justice

I kind of love how almost every fandom has that-thing-that-never-happened for whatever reason. like it was bad or there was a character death or unpopular ship becomes canon or something.

like the A:TLA fandom has the last airbender movie

Steven Universe has the Cat fingers and Frybo episodes

Danny phantom has phantom planet

young justice has the fact that it ended at all

to a lesser extent the Avengers fandom has age of ultron

It looks like the Nu52 is going that way for DC comics fans

Im pretty sure that when it ends Teen titans go is gonna be that too

that sort of thing (I’m sure theres more I just can’t think of them rn)

(30 Day Writing Challenge) Day 8: Shopping

Title: Flannel Love

Pairing: Conner Kent x Reader

A/N: this sucks I’m sorry I wrote it in a noisey cafeteria on my first day and I had a migraine I’m sorry

Conner smiled at you as you picked out various styles and kinds of shirts for him to try on. “Do I really need all of these?”, he said with a chuckle.

“You wear the exact same thing every day and I like to spoil you. Is there anything wrong with that?”, you said pointing to his signature red Superman shirt.

“No, there’s nothing wrong with that at all. It’s just.. Isn’t the guy supposed to spoil the girl?”, he asked.

“Traditionally yes but I mean… I love you and I want you to know that. Also I think you’d look amazing in the flannel.”, you said handing him the flannel, “Go try it on, please.”

He took it from you and walked to the fitting room of the store. You waited for him whilst looking around at other clothes for him to try on.

He walked back and very awkwardly,”Do I look alright?”

You turned to look at him,”Yes! You look amazing, sweetie! I really like that shirt. Do you like it?”

“Um, I guess it could be a different color. It doesn’t seem like me.”, he requested. He was right. The bright blue and green was odd for Conner.

“We could try and find a red and black one. I think that would fit you best.”, you suggested.

He nodded, letting you do pretty much whatever you want. He was like your own personal Ken doll.

You walked around the men’s aisles with Conner following suit. You looked through all the clothes and Conner looked at you.

“I love you.”, he blurted out like word vomit. He felt like he didn’t have control over what he said.

You froze as your brain tried make sense of what Conner said. Neither of you has said those words before. You weren’t even sure you did feel the same way. Of course you pondered it but now that you had to make a decision on how to react, you were scared.

Conner was too. You hadn’t responded yet. Conner felt his heart rate quicken, he started to sweat madly.

“Do you…. Do you love me too?”, he asked. He really hoped you did. If not, he looked like the biggest idiot right now.

“Yes. Yes, I do.”, you said with a sigh of relief. Conner let one out also.

“Oh thank god.”, he said with an awkward chuckle.

“Yeah. I’m sorry it took me a second to respond.”, you said with an apologetic smile.

“No it’s alright. If you say it I want you to mean it.”, he assured you.

“Okay. Thank you.”

“No problem.”, he said smiling. Yeah, you loved him, a lot.