Young Jae

How they would kiss...
  • Zelo:He would be very shy and awkward, but his kiss would be sweet and innocent. He would hesitantly move his lips up to your lips and place a gentle kiss onto them. It would be a peck and then he would turn away blushing.
  • Yongguk:He would kiss you in a private place in order to be considerate of the people around you. His kiss would be passionate and you would have this feeling of your souls connecting. His kiss would be very memorable.
  • Himchan:He would kiss you in a public area, so that everyone knew you were his girl. However, right before your lips touch he would lose confidence and quickly kiss you on the cheek because it's embarrassing to kiss in front of all these people.
  • Daehyun:He would probably incorporate food somehow like Lady and the Tramp. hahaha. just kidding. He would be a skilled kisser and his lips would feel soft as they brush against yours. He would try and distract you by pointing to something behind you and once you turn back to look at him he kisses you slyly on the lips.
  • Young Jae:His kiss would be very intense and long, like you would never see each other again. He would probably run his fingers through your hair and hold you close to him.
  • Jong Up:After many years of practicing on his pillow, his kiss would be gentle. He would probably kiss you after dancing, like he would try and do something to make himself look cool, and then he would kiss you quickly just to tease you.