Young Bastards

Weekly summary

Zo aan het einde van onze derde week bij Young Works vonden we het toch een keertje tijd voor de eerste wekelijkse samenvatting. Onze excuses voor de late verschijning van deze allereerste editie.

Ondertussen zijn we drie briefings, twee borrels en één #fashionthursday verder en krijgen steeds meer het gevoel dat we een onderdeel zijn van de Young Works-machine. We mogen ons misschien nog wel wat rebelser gedragen, maar alle Young Bastards zijn er heilig van overtuigd dat dit de komende weken vast nog wel zal gebeuren. 

Eén van onze resident illustratoren, Sandy, heeft deze week als eerste van alle Bastards iets gemaakt wat (waarschijnlijk) daadwerkelijk gebruikt gaat worden en daar zijn we natuurlijk allemaal heel erg trots op. Verder was de lunch deze week weer geweldig en zijn we superenthousiast om iemand te interviewen voor de rubriek #whatthefunction, maar het lijkt er maar niet van te komen. Stay tuned om erachter te komen of die rubriek überhaupt nog van de grond komt.

  • STUDENT TEACHER:Nice to meet you! I'm S.
  • ME:Oh, I'm Amanda. Nice to meet you, too.
  • STUDENT TEACHER:How old are you?
  • ME:Uh, 25?
  • STUDENT TEACHER:[shocked face] Oh. I'm 22.
  • ME:[sobbing inwardly]
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Look, look how the “pacific” leftist students behave here in Germany (Berlin). That will sound familiar to my Spanish colleagues. Among other things they have destroyed an Exhibition on Jewish Entrepreneurs in the 3rd Reich. Fascist, fascist, damn fascist.
Titus Andronicus Cover the Replacements’ ‘Bastards of Young’ With Craig Finn | SPIN
Titus Andronicus wrapped up their five-night stay at home-field venue Shea Stadium in Brooklyn last night, celebrating both the release of fourth studio LP The Most Lamentable Tragedy and the 30th birthday of frontman Patrick Stickles. To properly commemorate the simultaneous special occasions, the band welcomed a variety of guests, including fellow New York transplant Craig Finn, frontman for the Hold Steady. Finn sang Billy Joel's "You May Be Right" and his own band's "Stuck Between Stations" with the six-piece Titus as backing band, and then was invited to stay on stage for some "real Minneapolis s--t": A cover of the Replacements' 1985 college-rock classic "Bastards of Young," which Finn and Stickles previously covered together at a 'Mats tribute gig in 2011. Watch a minute-long clip of the performance here, as well as some fan-shot Instagram footage of the "Bastards" and "You May Be Right" rendition.
Bastards of Young|ameth-vitzum

A 16 year old Matt laid awake in his bed at Wammy’s, unable to sleep without anything in his system. Even chain smoking was no use to him now. He’d gone to Linda earlier for a hook up but she unfortunately was all out. with a groan Matt rolled out of bed and looked over at Mello who was fast asleep. Figuring there was no harm in it Matt got out of bed and quickly dressed for a late night stroll. Matt easily slipped down the empty halls, avoiding cameras as he went. Soon he made it to his usual exit and slipped out of the orphanage. 

Now this was the hard part. He has to time this just right. Matt’s sharp green eyes watched the security camera as it slowly turned away. The redhead bolted across the expanse that separated him from the tall wrought iron fence that cut the orphans off from the rest of the world. With surprising agility the tall boy climbed the fence and dropped down. Unfortunately he hadn’t paid much attention to the other side of the fence. 

Matt had fallen directly on a passerby, bringing both of them to the ground with a lout thud. ‘Shit.’  

anonymous asked:

Can you suggest and Tyler the creator songs and Kendrick Lamar songs?

For Tyler- Tamale, smuckers, answer, fucking young, IFHY, Yonkers, radicals, bastard, deathcamp, inglorious need any more ask again 😊

Kendrick - I, king kunta, MAAD City, ignorance is bliss, Keishas song, swimming pools, hiiipower I’m not into him as much but those are some of my faves

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"Hello you cruel bastard" a young voice said from behind him as a familiar, unique silk hand touched his neck, the puppet, "I see that you have visited me once again" she said wrapping an arm around his stomach (hi) (boxedupemotions)

“Cruel bastard what are you talking about?” He looks to the side and jumps. “What are you doing?” He is very aware of the hand on his neck and the arm around his stomach. “I came to see if you needed any maintenance or anything.”

If you miss this show I’ll find you and drag yo ass to the show. My cuz, young dirty bastard, putting on for the city. It’s gon be a LiT! #youngdirtybastard #ydb #odb #ripodb #austincanon #djthoro #cuffiecrimefamily #ccf #hoodcelebs #Brooklyn #newyork #nylive #clubpyramid #summerheatconcert #summerheat #wutangclan #wutangforever

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Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats (his new project), Chadwick Stokes, Young Buffalo, The Hunts, Rayland Baxter, Before The Brave, Heartless Bastards, The Young Novelist, Westward the Tide, Kevin Garrett, The Lighthouse and The Whaler, Two Gallants, Night Beds, Jr. Jr., Meg Mac, Quiet Life, Lief Vollebekk. Hope this is some help!

Thank you so much, Nick! these sound great!


Titus Andronicus and Craig Finn playing “Bastards of Young” by The Replacements

That’s pretty good.
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