Young Adult

No. Harsh truth was better than comfortable lies. It had to be.
—  Kelly Armstrong, The Awakening

"One day, a knight came, seeking her power on behalf of his king. As they traveled to his kingdom, his fear turned to love - and he saw her not for the power she wielded, but for the woman beneath. Of all the kings and emperors who had come courting her with promises of wealth beyond imagining, it was the knight’s gift, of seeing her for who she was - not what she was - that won her heart.”

More and more lately, I’d been realizing that my life had again shifted, almost reversing itself. I now stayed home at night, studying and sleeping, and was out in the early morning and afternoon, almost like a normal person.
—  Sarah Dessen, Along for the Ride
I want a character in motion with an easily understandable positive goal and a good voice. Give me those three things, and as a reader, I’m invested. Then you just have to make sure that I stay that way.
—  Swoon Reads Editor Holly West, discussing the importance of giving your characters positive and negative goals on the blog.
I was trying not to think about the distance too much, but it was my hope that no matter what happened, at least we’d always be able to find each other.
—  Sarah Dessen, What Happened to Goodbye