college student!seungkwan
  • r AElly Really outgoing
  • gets a loud when he gets really fired up when he’s doing something he has interest in
  • which is all the time
  • part of the drama club in his school
  • also likes to hang around with college student!jeonghan who’s in choir
  • wows everyones pants off when they heard him belt out an ailee song in the room
  • there were people with faces squished onto the windows just to see who that boo-younce was 
  • has the sass level high enough to challenge the empire state building so you probably don’t want to get onto his sassy side
  • sassed the living daylights out of a jock who made fun of his pink knit sweater, that guy didn’t even know what he got himself into
  • ‘‘ excuse your ignorance , pink is colour it isn’t gendered so I don’t see the problem with me wearing it , do you ?’’
  • that sweater was a hand knitted by his mum
  • don’t mess with him when it about his mother, its like asking for a smack on the face
  • pretty much just shut that guy up in one line you go boo
  • quite popular in school due to his contagious smile that makes you want to smile along and pinch those adorable cheeks, has a wonder sense of humor that lifts up anyone’s unhappiness away
  • really kind to the people around him
  • always helps girls who are carrying an enormous pile of stuff on them
  • like ‘‘ don’t worry, let me help you with that , I can’t possibly let you carry all that by yourself ‘’
  • momma taught him right
  • hangs out a lot with collage student!vernon
  • n o one knows how they got to know each other but they’re best friends they just are

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Starring Sunita Mani, Aixa Maldonano, Paul Hatter, Allie Lemelle, and Daniel Kwan.  

Shot by Larkin Seiple, Production Designed by Jason Kisvarday and Kesli Ephraim and the gang, edited by DANIELS & Paul Rogers, VFX by Zak Stoltz, Produced by Jon Wang, Candice Ouaknine, Judy Craig, Styist Corban Poorboy, Makeup Eleanor Marks, Catering from the incomparable Stef Lynch, Colored by Ricky Gausis @ MPC, commissioned by Mr. Bryan Younce, and so many other awesome people helped so thank you to everyone.  Here’s the new video.