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People tend to judge mental disorders too harshly,
So i ask you this:
Dont judge too quickly,
Keep your mean words til the end,
Yes, we have flaws
Sometimes more than others
But just put down your opinion for awhile

Youll see that the boy with deep scars up his forehand
will always be there for you,
Sometimes youll wonder how hes still alive with such a gash down his arm
He jokes and tells us that he got it during a war,
And ill tell you,
Youll laugh at the horrifying joke and wonder how such a boy can joke about this,
Youll become fond of him,
I promise you.
You cant get enough of his disturbing jokes and youll wonder about the boy with the war scar that needed stiches from his elbow, up.

Youll see that the girl who barely eats will draw the most breathtaking pictures
Youll stare at her while she draws and realize that theyre about monsters,
Dont get her wrong, ocasionally she’ll draw a rainbow and you cant help but laugh,
Ill tell you,
Youll find yourself thinking about her more than you should.

Youll find that the boy who has difficulty staying alive
is the life of the party and everyones
best friend but not his own,
Youll grow fond of his pointless conversions and jokes
but find yourself searching for jokes to tell him
Then youll wonder if he made it til today
But the next day, he’ll buy you a drink
Youll grow fond of the boy that is the ultimate winner of the game
‘Ways to die with things in this room’
Youll adore him for it
Youll laugh as he says he could use floss as a noose and
hope he never does.

Youll fall in love with the girl in the back of the room
Who takes a little more effort to be noticed,
Youll talk to her and get attached
Even when you talk about the colour of bedsheets,
Youll be scared to death when she starts to shake uncontrollably and become non-existant to the world for awhile,
Youll grow fond of her worn out grey eyes and smile when you ask about the weather,
I promise,
Youll do anything to stop her panic attacks

So i ask if you have any mean words to exachange,
Even after meeting
The war scarred boy,
The too skinny painter,
The floss noose boy
and lastly
The grey eyes girl.
We arent monsters,
We’re just different.”

—  29sft-indecisive



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Imagine being Arya Stark's best friend and she teaches you how to use a sword.

“Stand side on; it reduces the target… Your stance is all wrong, (y/n). Straighten up. Bring your arm in… There! Now, fight!”

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