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so ive been listening to Hits Radio for last 3 hours cuz I love UK music

and ive been anticipating them to play 1D ok?

So then fucking We Found Love by Rihanna comes on and idk i hate that so much.

So i mute it and go back to studying and forget about the radio.

I then remeber to turn it back on and guess what the last song played was………

What Makes You Fucking Beautiful

…….i think the universe hates me.

After taking over The Mythical Show for a while
  • Link:How do you guys feel that went?
  • Locke&Lincoln:Good.
  • Rhett:Do you wanna take this show over?
  • Locke:Yeah, when you die I'll take over your business.
  • Link:It's a little morbid.
  • Rhett:So it'd be like If I die first, it'd be you and Link... for a little bit. It'd be Locke and Link.
  • Lincoln:What if you guys die at the same time?
  • Link:Then you'd both take over.