Pokemon Center 2002 Giant Latios & Latias Plush

If you want something so much in terms of merchandise, you can always get it. It’s just a matter of time, dedication and it’ll question if you really want it or not~

These took a very long time to get (I’ve been wanting them for nearly 10 years…this is the 10th year!) and I ended up with… 3?! Not intentional I swear ;u;

Anyhoo I made a full collection update if you’re really interested the pics and info are here:

I’ve also FINALLY published my website that was in the making for …ages…but never mind here you go - it’s not got everything updated but it has a lot of stuff on there for fellow collectors eyes or if you like looking! ….;

Major thanks to Espy though who has helped me out with her amazing artwork - THANK YOU BRO I LUFF U <3

I’ll still be updating new gets here though as well ;3 ~ Latte

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Marina’s mother came in during this stream and confirmed that she was the “finger” in the dress video. She also confirmed that she was the “help me” voice, except she was saying “like me”

Things are developing, and I still don’t know what to completely think about all of it.