Just Wow.

Looking back at all my roleplays, I realized that I’ve grown! I’ve made new friends, grown as a roleplayer and an artist! I just really wanna thank all of you!

@radicalremix - Oh My gosh!! I can’t even believe that I got the courage to even talk to you! You are and awesome person, great roleplayer, and artist(#ArtGoals)! I really appreciate the fact that you always talk to me whether it’s plotting, memey shit posts, or just lovable things, I will ALWAYS appreciate you! You’re all the great things I want in a friend! A++++ Characters and I will always love them with all my heart! (definitely follow this wonderful woman)

@dearestdanger - I can’t even begin to say how glad I am to have you as a friend! You’re a great artist, wonderful friend,and you’re an absolutely AMAZING roleplayer! I cannot believe how much we’ve grown as friends, and I pray that we stay friends forever! I’d give you characters 1,000,000,000,000/10 because they are amazing and well developed! ( FOLLOOOOOWW!! )

@sweetfox21 - Holy mac n’ cheese, maple in my pants, mother duck. THIS PERSON RIGHT HERE IS THE BEST I KID YOU NOT! I love her to death and she is the sweetest, kindest person I have ever met! She was the 3 person I ever roleplayed with and I just love her to death! We even had a kid together! Well, out characters did anyways. SPEAKING of characters, Can you believe how wonderful her characters are? I mean seriously! AMAZING! Just follow this person right now and I will give you a million dollars. (Seriously follow them!)

@asklittleink - Okay, this is the first person I ever roleplayed with on Tumblr. I really loved their interpretation of ink, He was just the cutest little thing I ever did see! Mun was a very good person, one of my best friends! Sadly, I think she doesn’t roleplay on Tumblr anymore, which is okay, I just really miss them. You should still check out their blog, read their roleplays. You could tell just how good of a roleplayer they were. I really do love/miss them with all my heart! (Still follow them! We never know if they’ll come back!)

And finally a Very, very, very special person  I want to thank, but I currently don’t know which blog they run

@hyperdiapason-a ( This blog was archived.) Great person, a great friend, and I miss talking to you! Hyper was the sweetest thing in the world and I miss him lots and lots! Just thanks for being there with me!

I want to thank every single one of my followers and friends for being here with me, through the good and bad times, and i just love you all to death! Thanks alot and i love you!! 

~ Chaos ~

poeticlover1996  asked:

I loved your (and Jazzy because I can't forget about my girl Jazzy) eremika story! Like, I just read it, and it was great! It said so much with so little words, and it was really sweet with sprinkles of angst. Seriously, keep the eremika coming ^^

Awwhh, thank you so much~! Both @jaegsae and I appreciate it soo much that you enjoyed our story ;u; We hope that you’ll enjoy the pieces we have to come! ^-^

Hope you have a great one <3


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