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angsty 22 and fluffy 14 with luke alvez pls? :-) absolutely love your writing!!

22: “Please don’t leave me.” - “I don’t want to go”

When you finally managed to lift your hand up to touch your chest, the sticky feeling of your own blood coated your fingers. There were so many people crowded around you but you kept staring at Luke, there was so much fear in his eyes. You thought you would have been able to negotiate, it was the main reason you had been hired but this time you failed and it might have costed you your life.

“Please don’t leave me.” You managed to wheeze out despite the pain in your chest, it was so immense you’d never felt anything like it, you’d heard horror stories from people who had been shot before but that was different from actually experiencing it. Luke held onto your hand tightly and tried to be the brave one. 

“Sir you need to move.” One of the medics told Luke as they tried to move closer to you, trying to determine whether the bullet was still in you or had passed through. Luke hesitated in letting your hand go but if it meant you would be okay he’d do anything.

Hotch stood back with an apprehensive look on his face, he watched as Luke stumbled over to him with concern painted across his face. It was clear to everyone on the team about Luke’s feelings for you which only made this situation more painful. Hotch went to ask if he was already but was just met with a shake of his head.“

“I don’t want to go” Luke couldn’t leave you, not being right by your side was painful enough but if he was told to go, knowing there was the possibility this would be the last time he saw you - that just wasn’t going to happen. Hotch nodded and looked to the medics who were being stretcher in, he wanted to be angry at you for going in without a vest but he was too worried for that.

“Ride in the ambulance with her.” Hotch said and Luke sighed deeply with relief and thanked him quickly before following you out, you reached out and took a hold of his hand, gripping it as hard as you could muster.

14: “No, I’m not talking to you.”

The sight before you after you came out from the bathroom was one of pure adorableness, Roxy had jumped onto the bed while you were gone and cuddled up next to Luke, his arm draped over her. It would have been nice to be able to get back into bed and cuddle with your boyfriend but by the looks of things they were both too comfortable to move, so you instead went to go make breakfast.

Luke stumbled out of the bedroom half an hour later, the smell of bacon floating around the rooms of the small apartment. He followed the scent into the kitchen where you were stood in your pyjamas, frying up some bacon and eggs. It was the weekend which meant you could have a full breakfast rather than a quick slice of toast in the car.

“Morning.” He mumbled after immediately padding bare foot over to you, wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his his head against your shoulder. You thought it funny to pretend like you were cross with him for letting Roxy take your spot so you stayed quiet, focusing on not burning your breakfast. “Don’t I get a good morning kiss?”

“No, I’m not talking to you.” You tried to keep your voice steady despite how big you were already smiling, Luke just chuckled deeply and pressed a kiss to your neck before letting you go.

“What did I do this time?” Luke knew he hadn’t actually done anything wrong but he decided to play along, walking over to the coffee machine to make both himself and you a cup. It was at that moment that Roxy skipped into the room, her nose perked up in the air as she smelt the food being cooked. With a raised eyebrow you looked down at her then back at Luke, he quickly caught on. “You’re jealous of my dog?”

“I’m jealous she got cuddles and I didn’t!”

You begun to serve breakfast onto the two plates you had set out previously before Luke walked back over to you, cupped your face within his palms and kissed you. Whatever jealously you had disappeared when you realised it was okay because you’d be back in bed with him very soon.

I write because I miss what you used to say, and the way your voice used to shut down mine. I write because there are things you used to do that still play repeat in my head, and I can’t help but write. I write because I miss you and you don’t. I write because a lot I have to say but so little you want to hear. I write because very many are the things that remind me of you. I write because you don’t know I do. I write because that’s all I can do about us. I write because I want those who read to wish for us but mostly I write because you fucking shattered my heart and there is nothing to fix it else than spilling down words heavy to carry.
—  My purpose. 5:50

Not only is Lauren the queen of coming out, but she’s also the master of triggering an entire fandom using only two words. 😂😂

I’m pretty sure Lauren has said “I Lahhvvvvv Youuu ❤️❤️❤️” even to a trash bin in their dressing room, but god forbid if she so much as put a poop emoticon after that touching “thank youu” to her best gal pal of four years. Lmao!

I love this ship and I’ll never abandon it. It’s so exciting, even if nothing happens. 😂 🌚🌝🙌🏻