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She got the moves


This is legit starting to scare me xD im wprried about what will happen on the 31st

JACK BE CAREFUL, D̋͊͐͂ͯ̽͛͏͖̳͕̠̜O̴͓͚̤̮̣̣͐̐̌͛͋͛͂͋̏͡Ṇ̤̜ͭ͑ͮ̀͘T̪͈̦͂ͮ͛̌̊͝ ̧̣̮ͯ͋́̋͛̃͢L̝͍̲̜̼̳͖ͨ͊ͫͥͦ̍͘͘Ȅ̶̳̬͇̫͓͔̂ͤ͑͑T̛̼̲̈̓̇͝ ̟̜̪̞̣͉̂͌͋͌ͮͯͦH̲̭͐̋ͣ͆ͧ͡Ī̲̯͍͍̭͒͋ͪ͒͌M̰̠̤̟̻̜͍͐͑͑̎̋͋ ͛͋͡҉̳͖̹̞̟͙̲̺T̠͔̲̟ͨ͊̂ͣ̓͌ͩͮ̿̕͡Ă̴̧͉̞̖̯͕ͤͥ̃ͥK̴̤̬̤̬̪̗̄ͨ̾ͥ̍ͩ̈́͝E̮̦̦̫̠̓ͩͩ̈́ͬ̆̀ ̷̙̹̼̫̩̳ͮ̐̽̏ͭͅͅṴ̞ͣ͊͡͠ (@therealjacksepticeye)


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Not Perfect

This one has perfect hair. And this one has flawless skin. Why is she so skinny? Why am I not? Y/N frowned as she kept scrolling her thoughts only growing darker as the girls she viewed grew more beautiful.

She knew she shouldn’t be looking, but she was curious to see who Joe was following. It was the regular thing for a best friend to do, judge what accounts they follow.

Except she didn’t expect to find all these perfect looking girls.

Y/N already felt insecure most of the time. She had struggled with how she looked all her life, and it didn’t help being best friends with someone so in the public eye, because that meant a lot of people looked at her as well.

“What you up to?” Joe asked, flopping onto the couch beside her, laptop in hand. Moving quickly, Y/N closed out of Instagram, smiling over at him.

“Nothing much, checking social media. How’s editing going?”

His response was a groan as he leaned his head on her shoulder, sending butterflies aflutter in her stomach. That seemed to happen every time that Joe touched her, and she had long ago accepted her crush on her best friend, but looking at the pictures today had confirmed that he would never feel the same way. Y/N just wasn’t pretty enough for him.

“That great, huh?” She laughed, pulling his computer over to her lap and opening it.

“I don’t want to finish it.” He pouted, watching as she scrolled through some of the clips he had already edited.

“You need to. The boys are due over soon to film, and that’s just one more video you’ll have to finish.”

“You’re a horrible best friend.”

“Because I’m encouraging you to finish your work?”


“Well, then I guess I’m horrible. Now finish editing.” She moved his laptop back over to his lap, nudging his head off her shoulder.

Sighing, Joe shifted on the couch to get comfy, grumbling while he reluctantly started. Smiling, Y/N also shifted on the couch, sitting sideways and pulling her knees up, placing her phone on her legs where he wouldn’t see it, reopening Instagram and starting her search through the perfect woman once again.

An hour later, and Y/N was hating herself even more than before. The boys had arrived, so they and Joe had moved into the other room, their voices and laughter carrying through the flat. To make matters worse, they were talking about the fit girls that they had spotted the other day at the club. Y/N still remained sat on the couch, blinking back tears that stung her eyes. Throwing her phone against the pillow opposite her, she stood and walked into Joe’s bedroom, closing the door behind her. Moving in front of the full length mirror he had, Y/N slowly studied her body.

Her hair was too dull, too flat. The boys, Joe included, preferred girls with luscious hair. Her eyes, they were too close together. And their shade wasn’t striking like most of the models on Instagram. Her lips, they were too thin. No guy wanted to kiss thin lips.

Moving lower, her eyes fell on to her body, currently clothed in a loose shirt and some black leggings. Y/N didn’t care, usually, what she wore around the guys or Joe. She never thought she needed to wear just the right outfit to draw their attention. But now, as she stood there, picking at her shirt, she regretted her choice. Frowning, she lifted the shirt, turning from side to side.

The girls Joe followed were skinnier, more toned, more perfect looking. But not Y/N. Her reflection blurred as the tears filled her eyes, the dark thoughts from before resurfacing.

“What are you doing?” Joe’s voice caused her to jump and spin around, her shirt falling from her hands. He stood just inside the door, a concerned look directed at her.

“I…” Y/N opened her mouth, attempting to explain, but found that nothing would come out.

“Does it have anything to do with this?” His voice was soft as he held up her phone, the screen showing all the profiles she had been looking at before. “Why were you looking at who I followed, Y/N?”

Her eyes dropped to the floor as the tears spilled over.

“I wasn’t.” She mumbled.

“Bullshit.” His voice was closer, and she lifted her eyes to see Joe standing in front of her. “Tell me what’s going on.”

“Nothing. Shouldn’t you be with the boys?”

“I came to check on you, you were acting weird earlier, and I was worried. Y/N, please.” His fingers brushed against hers, and Y/N jerked her hand away.




“Not good enough.”

“Because I’m not those girls!” She snaps.

“What in the world does that mean?” Joe asks, his face contorted into one of confusion.

“I don’t want you acting all…adorable and shit, because I can’t handle it, knowing that it’s not real. That it will never be real! Because I’m me, instead of one of those perfect girls that you follow. I’ll never be skinny enough, or pretty enough, I’ll never wear the right clothes. I’ll never get you to look at me the way you look at those perfect freaking girls! So just…don’t.” Y/N shakes her head and moves to step around him, but is stopped by a hand on her wrist.

“Can I talk now?” Joe asks softly, his hand sliding down to grasp hers as he moves to stand in front of her. “I know what you think. You think I never noticed my best friend refusing food because one of the guys dates is eating less? Or how you avoid looking at mirrors, and frown at any pictures of us, even when everyone is saying how great it is. Do you think I don’t notice you, Y/N? Because I do. More than I probably should. Those pictures, sure, the girls are pretty. But they are missing one thing.” He lifted a hand to her cheek, brushing away a tear. “They aren’t you, Y/N.”

Joe leaned in close, brushing their lips together once, and then moved in to kiss her fully. Y/N blinked her eyes open as he pulled back slightly, searching his eyes.

“I’m not perfect.” She mumbled.

“I hate perfect girls anyways, they seem fake.” He smiled down. “I like girls who are real. Who are horrible people that make me edit videos when I don’t want to. Girls who don’t put on a mask of make up and uncomfortable clothes when we’re doing nothing but watching a movie or playing a video game. So, stop comparing yourself. Because I don’t care about any of those models.”

Wrapping her arms around him, Y/N buried her face into Joe’s shoulder, “Thank you for making me feel beautiful.”


Episode 11 👭


Here’s a short animation I did of Jess as acting practice.

Jess is from my online comic, No Pink Ponies (

Audio I got from the 11 Seconds club (, this was an audio they gave way back in January… of LAST YEAR… and yes, I was actually planning to do this animation with Jess and all last year, but I never got around to it til now… and even now I’ve only done just 3 seconds of it, ha ha ha ha.