Ch-Chef ‘Iplier
[idk, Bon Appétit]

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Happy Deli~

Time taken to create: 2 hours because I kept on testing out different colors and painting styles on it.

This style takes a while in terms of painting, but I like it so I’ll probably get used to it and finish works faster. <3 I may change up the line-art a little bit, but other than that I feel accomplished with myself.

Please do not steal or repost elsewhere without credit or permission. <3 Simply send me an ask about it and I’ll say yes!!! (Just don’t forget credit~)


VIXX Noraebang Lotto (chaotic dorks) 😂


Skirmish is a wonderful place to develop a grip on other heroes.
Or waste time on Nepal.

Made an Overwatch video with my pally pal @nymphveon and if editing is off, I am so sorry
I edited this at literally 3 in the morning.


Watch Donald Glover Play Hungry Hungry Humans with The Final Five on The Tonight Show


Made a makeup tutorial with cool tunes again :) enjoy my ugly mug