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some kind of jake unrequited love drabble?

(or he thinks unrequited I mean)

((Set after Tactical Village but before Charges and Specs. I’d set it in current B99 time but we’re not entirely sure how Jake’s feeling so I decided to play it safe—hope you don’t mind, anon?))

i’m spinning around in circles also on a03

Of course, just because you’ve had your big realisation about your feelings, it doesn’t mean Amy suddenly realises she feels the same way—except in the daydreams you allow yourself to spin before you go to sleep.  

Far from it in fact. It seems like every day she comes in with a new story of Perfect Teddy and what a Perfect Boyfriend he is. You don’t begrudge her her happiness just because it isn’t with you (really, how can you when she comes in with a smile on her face in the mornings and sometimes directs it at you?) but it doesn’t stop you wishing it was.

And sure, you’ve liked unavailable people before this thing you have for Amy, but you also usually move on pretty quickly and painlessly. Aside from Jenny Gildenhorn -which is really the only comparable situation you have to this even if it was in the 8th Grade- it isn’t usually that hard for you to bounce back from romantic knocks.  

For the foreseeable future at least, there is no bouncing back from liking Amy Santiago. 

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Can I get one dating sim where the female protagonist isn’t a shy little virgin?

Give me one where

Guy: “I…I can finally confess my feelings for you.”

Girl:  “Finally, jesus fucking christ. Do you even know how many bento boxes I made for you?! You me bed now.”

I ACCEPT (1x07)


“crying doesn’t indicate that you’re weak. It just means that you’ve been strong all this time.” ❤


I am uplodaing all of them because I am so proud of myself! ;//w//;
I based my Porrim from askthestargazers’s Porrim (and the colors)
I put green on the tip of the heels, the tank top is transparent green, the pictures are transparent~! I am so proud -pat my self in the back for not letting this project down~ After aproximatly 6 hours I got it done ;w;
Hope you all like it!!
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Inspired by this awesome edit, I edited yama-z-aki’s clean-up again and this was the result! :’D Tumblr doesn’t let me upload the full-size version but I figured as may as well share anyway. 

—I strengthen myself because of you."