Boyfriend Series - BTS: Suga


- Like he’d be the sweetest, fluffiest thing to you and to you only ya know, aside from the fans

- Constantly check up on you to make sure you’ve eaten, kept hydrated, gotten sleep, and got what you needed done

- Would try his hardest to push you to your best WITHOUT overworking you

- Like his biggest concern outside from his work was you

- And his worst fear was you getting fed up with his work schedules and leaving him

- Wouldn’t even let other guys or girls attempt to hit on you or ask you out

- One risky glance and they would be running for the hills

- But he wouldn’t hurt you if he could help it

- Wants to see smiles and hear only laughs

- Rarely wished for you to cry unless he feels like you need to let everything out

- Not exactly touchy but would always have a hand on your waist or around your shoulder

- Cuddly only when it comes to you

- Whines for hugs and kisses when he misses you too much

- Actually drives the members insane with his constant moping when they are away on tour and he can’t call or text you because one of you is busy or asleep

- Literally only is a hardworking angel to you even though everyone knows he’s hard working

- He just likes actually showing you how hardworking he is by having you sitting next to him as he’s writing music

- Sings awfully loud and out of tunes when you two are in the car because he likes letting go of everything with you

- Doesn’t let you go to sleep without telling you how much he loves you

- Expect a couple calls randomly when he’s really stressed and needs to hear your voice becaue it helps him to relax

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Hey I love your Jungkook scenarios♡ Could you please write an Jungkook×reader fluff/at the end extreme angst? Like you both are best friends but he doesn't realise that you loce him so one day you confess and-the rest it's up to you XD

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Part 1 // Part 2

Of course, here you go!! I hope this is okay~~ (Thank you for the sweet comments)

Words: 1450

You felt Jungkook wrap his hand around your wrist, pulling your back into him. He changed sides with you, letting go of your wrist before shoving his hands in his pockets.

“You are so dangerous. Didn’t you see that car drive past? You could’ve been hit!” He scolded, walking ahead of you in frustration.

You felt your face burn. Jungkook was always so unintentionally kind, making you like him even more than you should. You wished he would hug you on purpose, or take care of you as more than a friend.

Girls would always go up to Jungkook on the street, telling him he was attractive and giving him their numbers. He’d always delete them after, without even texting once.

“Let’s go get pizza.” Jungkook pointed to the place they stood in front of. You nodded in agreement, letting him drag you into the pizza joint. When you sat down, you ordered a few pieces together. Even if it was two of you eating pizza (which was a pretty sight) you could never finish one from this place.

That was when you looked behind Jungkook, to see two girls pointing him out as he ate. They were obviously interested, planning to come over and talk to him.

They did. As they came over, you put down your slice and tapped Jungkook’s wrist. He looked up at you, chewing away at his piece. You hastily thought of some reason you both had to leave.

“I’m dizzy,” you whispered, holding onto his wrist tightly. Jungkook’s brows furrowed, and he looked concerned. Quickly, he nodded his head.

“Just give me a second, I have to pay…” He opened his wallet, pulling out a few bills and throwing them down. His mouth was still full, and he took at least 3 more bites of the pizza.

“Can you stand up?” He wondered, getting up and holding out a hand for you. You didn’t respond, taking his hand and pretending to struggle as you stood up. The girl’s had paused, only about 3 feet away from the both of you.

Jungkook put his arm around your waist, pulling you against him. “Okay, lean on me. Let’s go back to my place, it’s closer.”

“Mm, okay.” You replied, letting him guide you past the girls and out of the restaurant. As you walked together, Jungkook dropped his arm.

“Okay…what’s this about?” He wondered, stopping as you continued to walk. After a few steps, you stopped walking and turned to face him.

“There were girls behind you…” You stammered, trying to over exaggerate it into something he needed savior for.

“I know.” He replied simply, digging his hands into his jacket pockets. He seemed to be doing that a lot more as of late.

“They…they were coming over to our table…”

“I know.” Jungkook had a thin smile plastered onto his lips. It was definitely fake, and you felt a stab of anxiety. He didn’t believe you at all. Jungkook turned around, beginning to walk away from you.

“Where are you going?” You called, hurrying over to him and tightly taking hold of the back of his jacket. Jungkook stopped in his tracks, turning his head slightly so you could only see his nose.

“I’m going to go finish my pizza.”

He was going back to where the girls were, probably watching from the window wondering if he was dumping you or something. It wasn’t like that. It wasn’t, not at all.

Not unless you made it like that.

You slung your arm through his, holding him tightly. “I have something to tell you…”

Jungkook pulled away, taking hold of both your shoulders and holding you at arms length. “Don’t tell me. Don’t say it, don’t you dare.”

Did he already know what you were going to say? Why didn’t he want you to say it, if he knew? Jungkook was always honest, no matter what. He’d always gotten upset whenever you hid anything from him, and would forcefully pry it out of you. Always.

“Don’t say it, (Y/N).” Jungkook continued, his voice icy. “I always hear the same thing from every single girl. I don’t want to hear it from you.”

Why was he so mean about it? Every time he’d rejected a girl, he was always so kind and put them down as easily as he could. Did he not feel in the least guilty about his harsh choice of words towards you? You didn’t want to lose him, but you couldn’t continue to be his friend without him knowing your true feelings at least a little.

“I like you. No, I’m in love with you.”

He pushed you away from him, now unable to meet your eyes. “I just told you not to say it! Why would you be in love with me? You’ve always been a little sister to me, nothing more. I’m friends with your older brother, he’d kill me if we started to date!”

“I’m sorry, I… I can’t take it anymore, okay?” You choked, crossing your arms over your chest defensively. Jungkook hung his head between his shoulders. He was going to say something to hurt you, you knew it.

“You’re my best friend…How can I date my best friend? What if we broke up? We’d never be able to be friends again, right?”

“We can try, can’t we? Are you really just going to give up? Before we even started?” You tried as hard as you could, but Jungkook was slipping away from you as you knew it.

“I don’t want a relationship, I thought you of all people knew that.”

You froze, trying your best not to cry. That was it. He was breaking up with you even though you two weren’t even dating.

“Is that really your answer?” You breathed, not wanting him to say yes.

He nodded grimly, taking a deep breath. “Yeah, yeah it is.”

This time, you turned away from him. You couldn’t take it. You were crying, and Jungkook definitely wasn’t going to console you this time. Maybe he wouldn’t even console you ever again, all because of you. It was your fault this time, for sure. You nodded, sure that Jungkook was looking at you. It was hard to keep from shaking with tears, but you refrained it. He couldn’t know you were crying like a baby.

“Okay, alright…” You mumbled, trying to wipe away tears without him noticing. it didn’t work, obviously.

“Are you crying?” He sounded concerned.

“No.” Your voice was so thick with tears, you didn’t know how anyone could see through your petty lies.

“Stop it. Come on, it’s not like I’m breaking up with you.”

Yes, he was. He just swept you away with harsh words, and he expected you not to get hurt? Man, he had a lot to learn.

You walked off, leaving Jungkook there in the middle of the street. You arrived home, crying as you threw off your shoes and slammed your door shut dramatically. You felt bad, probably disturbing your neighbors.

You shucked off your jacket, throwing it aside and knocking a few things off the coat rack. Who cares? You didn’t.

Your phone had rung at least 7 times as you were walking back to your apartment, but you didn’t answer once. You didn’t care if the world was ending, you didn’t care if your friends had found a kitten in their attic, nothing.

Your phone rang again, and you decided to check it this time.

It was Jungkook.

Had he been calling this whole time? Isn’t it what he wanted, for you to leave him alone? Obviously he was annoyed with you, that you’d just confessed your love even after he didn’t want to hear it. You stared blankly at your phone, wondering or not if you should answer it.

You did.

You held the phone up to your ear, and Jungkook was talking even before you’d answered.

“How could you just walk away? You’re at home right now, right? You are, I know you are. I’m coming, so you better not lock me out. What’s your problem? I wasn’t even finished talking!”

“Don’t come.” You whispered, bottom lip quivering.

The line was quiet for a moment, before a confused sounding Jungkook finally answered.

“…What? Why not?”

“Isn’t this what you want?”

“No…No! You are insane, seriously…I love you, I do! You didn’t even let me finish talking before walking away. I told you, I don’t want a relationship. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you, right?”

“Don’t come.” You responded, hanging up the phone. You didn’t want to hear it, not right now. If Jungkook really did love you, he would wait until you were finished sulking.

My mother used to tell me fairytales
before I went to bed and I would
always dream of princesses and princes,
knights in shining armor and a
girl who could take dragons down
without a touch of harm on her.
I dreamt of heroes on their gleaming horses
and heroines running with torches
and I guess I fell in love with every fantasy,
wishing for them to happen to me.
And so when you came along,
you hit a string in my heart
and my chest beat to your song
and everything was just like those
bedtime stories and everything
fell around us as we pleased.
It was perfect– we were perfect,
until I realized there was no ending
after happily ever after.
There was no struggle, no hardship,
no substance, no nothing but a
flimsy guarantee that we would be happy.
And it made me worry because I always
thought we were something real–
but what if I got what I had asked for–
and it’s only a fantasy and a good dream?
What if that is all this is and tomorrow
I will wake up to see that everything that
we were was never anything that we seemed to be?
—  How I dreamed we would be

They say you fall in love,
but you didn’t fall for him

Every kiss of his lips against yours,
the brush of his fingertips along your hips,
all the sweet nothings whispered in your ear,
they filled you with helium
and you began to drift up into the clouds

Being with him was a natural high,
you didn’t even realize you were floating

Now his lips kissed the juncture of your thighs,
his fingers reached up to caress your breast,
the sweet nothings turned into filthy wishes,
and all you could do was soar higher

But like a balloon flying up in the sky
you hit a point that is too high,
and you pop

When you saw him on that street corner,
another girl leaning into his gentle hands,
your could feel your heart burst from the pressure
and the tattered remains plummeted down

So, when someone asks you
if you have ever fallen in love
you tell them no.

Your love was a flight into the unknown
and his betrayal, your heartbreak,
it was a crash landing.

—  You’re lucky to have survived || O.L. 

Baby girl,

I know today was a bad day for you and you felt like the whole universe was against you. But I just want to tell you that I’m here for you and the universe isn’t against you because it brought us together. Three and a half years later after bonding on this silly website about our love of cats and the unrealisticness of the movie The Vow. After you hit on me and I thanked whatever power for putting you in my path and giving you the courage to make the first move because I was so scared you weren’t into me. You have become so necessary to my living and as cheesy as it sounds you are a part of me. The part of me that demands we take a picture everywhere that we go and then insists we take 10 more because you didn’t like the way your arm looked in the first 9, the part of me that loves bubble baths even though I don’t get the point, the part of me that forces myself to put moisturizer on my face because it’s a big deal or something, and the part of me that loves naps even though I can’t ever sleep but I love them because you love them and I love you. I make fun of almost all of the things you do, I’m impatient, and I can be an ass, but you are the most perfect little spoon and hand holder I could ever ask for. Thank you for being mine and for loving me, I couldn’t be more grateful.

I love you @thechampagnewasdead.

Taking the Stage

Author: @dianaflynn22

Rating: T

Katniss couldn’t stop her pacing. Nine steps. That’s all it took. Nine steps before she hit a door. Nine steps before she hit a wall. It was a damn box filled with flowers and insincere well wishes. She could hear the screams of her fans waiting for her to come out, excited for her to perform. But she just couldn’t do it. The pressure was just too much. Just when she felt ready to give into a full panic attack, there was a knock on the door. She smoothed out her too-tight dress and yelled to the familiar voice to come in.

“God girl, you look like you’re ready to throw up. You’d think you haven’t done this before,” her manager Haymitch said, his eyes sweeping up and down her body sharply. He’s one to talk; he looked like he slept overnight in an alley behind a bar.

“I’m fine Haymitch,” she answered, closing off any emotion she was feeling except for annoyance.

“Well don’t screw this up. You need to show those boys you can do this without them. Anyway, you have five minutes, so pull yourself together. Now I have to stop Effie from bullying the stagehands.” He opened the door again and stepped out, but hesitated for a moment before turning around, pulling out a wrinkled letter from his pocket. “This came for you.” He plopped it in her hand and left without another word.

She turned over the battered envelope and recognized the distinct sloppy writing that scripted her name. And with a shaky hand, she opened the letter.

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