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It’s Insanity, but... Choices

4th part of the “It’s Insanity” series is here!

It’s quite long but I think it’s my favorite so far. Also, there is brief NSFW stuff right at the very beginning but it’s literally over in like three sentences. And that’s it!



It’s Insanity but… Choices

           Stiles is on top of him, sinking down slowly, bottom lip trapped between his teeth, eyes screwed shut in focus when the phone rings.

           “Fuck,” Derek mutters but he’s already reaching for it, because Stiles is the one who always has his phone nearby on the loudest setting. Stiles hums in agreement but doesn’t stop moving and Derek’s hand misses it on the first try (and the second because Stiles is still moving) but eventually he finds it and-

           “It’s Scott,” he says.

           And just like that Stiles’ eyes open. He freezes and snatches the phone.

           “Scott?” Stiles answers.

           “Hey, Stiles,” Scott says and Derek would try to be polite and not eavesdrop but he’s a werewolf and he is also still inside Stiles so it’s not like he can help it. “I’m sorry, dude, I know you guys are having a date night-”


           “It’s fine,” Stiles says, his voice surprisingly level for their current position. “Just- uh- what’s wrong, man?”

           “It’s Lucy,” Scott replies. Stiles freezes. “Uh- she’s alright now but she smells… I think she may have one of her… episodes later tonight. Been really quiet and I- maybe it’s an anniversary?

           “Fuck,” Stiles says and Derek hears his heart stutter a little in his chest. “Fuck, let me check- gimme- gimme a minute, Scott.”

           “I can hang up or-”

           “No, no, just hold on,” Stiles replies and then he is rising himself up and off, pressing the phone to his chest to hide a gasp and sitting back down next to Derek. He doesn’t take his eyes from the phone, frantically typing away. He’s still naked and covered with sweat but already down to half-mast.

           “Fuck,” Stiles mutters, holding the phone up to ear after a moment. “You’re right. Brother’s birthday. Last year, we watched Godzilla – his favorite movie – but I don’t know if that actually helped or not.”

           “Okay,” Scott says and Derek can practically picture the accompanying nod. “Okay, I can do that. Though, uh- I think, I mean, you know she is always better when-”


           “Dude, I’m already on my way,” Stiles says. “Be home in twenty.”

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  • ship a: obviously endgame, led by two characters who are constantly torn in a cycle of will they/won't they, literally EVERYONE knows that they are in love with each other, destined to happily ever after
  • me: nice
  • ship b: shows up OUT OF NOWHERE, decides to SLAP YOU RIGHT IN THE FACE WITH EMOTIONS, obviously NOT endgame, doomed from the start, will probably be destroyed via unnecessary character death or ridiculous characterization write-offs, the bane of your emotional existence, wHY
Peter Maximoff-Reader  (1)

Originally posted by teriarty

          They were making fun of Peter; you could hear it from the bar.  You just arrived a few minutes ago and went for a drink while waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive. He was playing pool and a few trouble makers started cracking jokes about his silver hair. You hated when stupid people made fun of Peter. A few years older than him, you thought he was a crazy kid, but you liked his style and personality. Two guys tried to pick you up but you brushed them off fast. You knew you looked good in that outfit, but you just wanted to enjoy a night out with your friends, no complications needed.

         You thought he could have used his powers and get back at the jerks, but he didn’t. He was just waiting for them to leave so he can continue his game. He had to behave in public, you made him promise before. You decide enough is enough. Passing the other guys, you stop in front of Peter, getting very close to him, just inches apart from his lips and seductively say:

         “Last night was amazing.  Am I going to see you again tonight?”

         He looks shocked for a split second, but he gets what you’re trying to do.

        “Pftttt, of course, babe” he scoffs with a huge, stupid grin on his face. “Anything to make you happy.” You caress his face with the back of your fingers, biting your lower lip. Peter puts his arms around your waist, pulling you in a tight embrace.

        “Can we go now? I’m bored,” you purr in his ear.

        “Yes, yes, of course, whatever you want.”  He holds your hand as you pause in front of the guys that didn’t make a sound since you started talking, their jaws to the floor.

          “Excuse me boys”, you say with a smirk. They move slowly, still in disbelieve, letting you two pass. You go outside and you both burst out laughing the minute the door closes behind you.

          “(Y/N), THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!! Thank you for doing it. ”  Peter blurs out, still holding your hand tight as you walk down the street. You look over to him, happy to see him so excited.

      “I thought that would make them shut up”, you reply, letting go of his hand, grabbing his arm instead.

        “So… I was amazing”, he declares full of himself.

         “The best I ever had”, you say starting to laugh again.

        You hear a whooshing sound, suddenly having a huge, beautiful bouquet of flowers in your hands.

          “For my lady”, Peter says with a small head bow. “I have to be amazing until the end.” His face gets dangerously close to yours. You don’t even blink or move, you let him come so close to you lips that they are almost touching.

          “Don’t push it, Maximoff!” you mutter, looking into his eyes.

            He backs out, his hands up in surrender. “I’m sorry, that wasn’t very gentlemanly of me.”

            You sigh, rolling your eyes.

            “Let’s get a hold of the others to tell them we are going somewhere else.” He doesn’t answer, sulking and not moving.  

           “Come on, Peter, don’t be a baby. I still think you’re the most adorable man I know. And your dimples are to die for.” You reach out your hand again and he takes it, smiling. You rest your head on his shoulder, quietly walking by each other.

             “But I was amazing last night, that’s a fact” he says, suddenly breaking the silence.

             “No doubt about it”, you answer smiling, watching his face light up.

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“Only love could ever hit this hard.”

Title: Do You Remember?

Song: Do You Remember, Jarryd James

Fandom:  The 100, Clexa

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These two crazy kids and their love/hate relationship.  No death scene, because fuck that noise.

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