Someone: I really like you!

Me: what a Bad Choice but pls don’t stop


Feb 13. Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Zombietale.

People that despise Sherlock Conspiracy Theorists being like, “You guys are batshit insane” is really funny, honestly, because we’ve absolutely owned up to that and still do, we compare ourselves to Anderson and talk about wearing tinfoil hats to keep out aliens and magicians like wtf we’re the most self-aware group of conspiracy theorists out there

things people without bpd/personality disorders don’t understand:

-being too afraid to ask for help because we don’t understand our disorder ourselves and don’t want people to look down even more on us
-feeling guilty for asking loved ones for help, and being treated like a burden for seeking that help
-telling us to control our anger/emotions is more damaging than anything
-feeling so vulnerable constantly in any situation no matter who you’re surrounded with
-feeling trapped in your own body/mind
-having such high highs that you have panic attacks, mental breakdowns, you can’t control what you say or do
-having such low lows that you want nothing more than to die, you feel worthless and absolutely crazy
-people giving you even worse complexes by telling you you’re “too angry,” “too excitable,” “too emotional”
-being told “you’re insane,” even as a joke, and feeling like you want to die because you really believe you’re insane
-when people tell you to go on medication but don’t understand that bpd/personality disorders CANNOT be cured, and all that does is turn you into a zombie
-questioning your own mind constantly, not knowing what to believe and what’s real and what’s not
-spending your entire life with people leaving because they don’t want to understand or help you
-feeling anxious staying in one place too long, sometimes so anxious that you literally move houses, towns, sometimes states constantly
-finding any excuse to end your friendships/relationships because you feel like a burden to that person and figure everyone would be better off with you gone

Lena after single handedly saving the entire alien population in National City and leading to the arrest of her evil step-mom, aka the leader of CADMUS.

She has short hair, that’s it. She’s not even close to being butch or coded or whatever buzzword, she’s a plain as fuck woman with short hair because it’s easier to animate and god knows Biwoare animators need all the help they can get.


get to know me meme [2/30] shows
supernatural (2005-present)  “ that is exactly why our lives suck. i mean, come on, we hunt monsters! what the hell? i mean, normal people, they see a monster,and they run. but not us, no, no, no, we search out things that want to kill us. or eat us! you know who does that? crazy people! we are insane! ”

the signs as sweet couple things
  • aries: playful bantering, mock insults and teasing that neither of you means
  • taurus: eating each other's food without asking, buying your partner their favorite food for no specific reason
  • gemini: starting to leave your things at each other's places without noticing it
  • cancer: always being there for each other as a shoulder to cry on
  • leo: liking all of each other's selfies, calling your partner when they don't
  • virgo: hating all the same things/people, but hating them together
  • libra: staying up until morning talking to each other about anything and everything
  • scorpio: understanding each other without words, having a connection that runs deeper than what you project on the outside
  • sagittarius: having a million inside jokes and referencing them in public until people think you're both insane
  • capricorn: texting each other at 4am about a random fact or article that excited you -- then going on rants together about how cool it is
  • aquarius: knowing what your partner needs even when they don't say it, taking care of them without being asked
  • pisces: cuddling together on the couch, using each other's shoulders as pillows when you're tired in public

I can’t stop thinking about Bitty’s use of the words “fraught” and “opaque” to describe his relationship with his parents. 

I have so many questions. 


obviously the gay thing, the stifling feeling of being closeted and not knowing how much of yourself you’re allowed to be, of not being able to trust the people you should be insanely close to, the constant feeling of DANGER, DANGER that comes from extended interaction with family members

also the fear of “I’ve let too much slip already” with the figure skating and the baking and the beyoncé, even as Coach is including him (somewhat against Bitty’s wishes) in football, fishing, and Guy Talk with him and his uncles

also the fact that his best friend is his mother, but when he hangs out with her and her friends they’re from church circle and all that baggage is hanging over his head, and Suzanne is already hinting about girlfriends and grandbabies and it’s all so MUCH 


maybe the Bittles are that family that focuses on Everything Being Pleasant, with everything deemed uncomfortable or unseemly getting shoved under the rug 

maybe they don’t talk about shit in the Bittle household, or when they do it’s in hushed tones, making it clear that whatever conversation is happening, Bitty is not a part of it 

he loves his parents, and his parents love him, but Bitty doesn’t know the score, either. he doesn’t know where things stand in their family, what their views and stances are, what lurks under the superficial drama of jam disputes and football stats. he can’t know what coming out would do. he can’t know, and what’s worse, he can’t even bring it up to feel around the issue. 

the Bittle family doesn’t talk. 

somewhere along the line i met your eyes. i still feel jealous of the stars and the way they get your attention. people say loves like these drive you insane but i am more attached to the ground that i ever was before you. all my senses came together. all my pieces came together. all my being came together. even the stars came together. can you see the shine in my eyes when i look at you? can you feel the metaphors in my hands when i touch you? somewhere along the line i met your eyes. i don’t walk lines anymore. i walk to all the way that lead me to you. i love you
—  k.m

I hate when people who are really fit are like “fat people should just work out more then they won’t be fat and unhealthy!!”
Like 1 you don’t know how hard it is to go to the gym when you’re out of shape or don’t have that much motivation
2 lack of motivation can come from severe fear of being in front of people or depression or anxiety etc
3 also that’s assuming that all fat people want to be skinny or work out. Not everyone wants that even if you think that’s the ONLY way for them to be healthy
4 Don’t shame JUST over weight people because there are plenty of really unhealthy skinny people. So why not just shame all unhealthy people?
5 do you understand how insane the previous sentence sounds? Why would you SHAME and HATE people for being unhealthy or not working out.
6 even if you may be right that they are unhealthy. It is *not* your place or your job to worry about others health or lives

Okay thanks bye.
(This is just a rant I don’t wanna argue about this or anything)


There are so many roles where you have to fight to even be seen. And it’s insane that you have to say, ‘Hey, people care enough about me to go see a movie starring me. People care enough to see me on the cover of a magazine.’ But you’re not doing me a favor by checking off some diversity box when you cast one person. It’s about honestly saying, ‘We’re going to look at everyone as equals and understand the inherent disadvantages that minorities have, because we didn’t all start on the same playing field.

ok i know its way past midnight but what if we all went on a googledoc together and wrote a script for @waiting4codot

*checks tumblr. Spits out cereal* 1500! WHAT?!

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