She has short hair, that’s it. She’s not even close to being butch or coded or whatever buzzword, she’s a plain as fuck woman with short hair because it’s easier to animate and god knows Biwoare animators need all the help they can get.

Our Daily Routine

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Request: You’ve liked me for ages and were really obvious about it and I didn’t like all the attention but now you’re over me I really miss it and fuck I think I like you too? – Imagine for Gaston?

Rating: T

Warnings: None
Word Count: 944
A/N: i just wanna say that luke evans has officially ruined me. thank you. Tagging @whoaheather

You and Gaston had some sort of routine that you both went through every morning. He would knock on your door, give you a huge bouquet of flowers, blabber on and on about how great he was (sometimes he says something about you in between), ask you to go to dinner with him, and you would say no then slam the door on his face.

Any other girl would have jumped at the thought of Gaston courting them, but not you. You had no interest in getting married to that pompous asshole whatsoever. Some people called you insane for not taking the opportunity of being the “great and handsome and dashing” war veteran’s wife, while others went green with envy whenever Gaston immediately chose you over all of them. By others, you meant the girls who were completely and utterly obsessed with him (those girls who always looked like they got hit in the face with flour and got berries spilled all over their lips, those ones).

Sometimes, you did see the appeal of being with Gaston. Even though his ego was bigger than Europe itself, he had his moments and you would consider the possibility of being friends with him. Underneath all of his tough exterior, you saw his rarely shown weaknesses. He was still a human with flaws, unlike what he was painted out to be.

During the first month, Gaston’s daily visits to court you was irritating and annoying, but eventually, you got used to it. You even rehearsed various possible responses to all his attempts of trying to woo you and got a special bucket to store the massive, colorful flowers he brought you.

You thought of all the possible ways to drive him away, but no matter how much you rebuffed or tried to drive him away, he would always come back every morning, even if it was raining or snowing, with a monologue about how perfect you two would be. It pained you to admit that you had grown rather fond of him, because there was a good chance his precious ego would inflate even more.

You never thought that someday, he would give up and stop coming back. After all, no one perseveres like Gaston.

Your family lived in a small, but decent house. Your family was never too big on money, but ever since Gaston started courting you, your mother started complaining and tried to pressure you to marry him. Luckily, your father was a bit more forgiving.

“Think about the money and happiness he could bring you!” Your mother sighed. The argument all started with you complaining about Gaston, and it escalated from there.

“I’d rather fall off a cliff like Aunt Collete.”

Stretching your arms up above your head, you yawned then jumped off your bed. Gaston would probably come barreling through your door soon.

You hastily put on some clothes and looked at the bucket you used to store Gaston’s flowers. In the middle of the bucket, was your favourite flower, which Gaston surprisingly found out. You didn’t want to know how he got the information. Still, it was nice to know he cared.

“Morning Mother!” You greeted as you walked to your house’s modest kitchen. Your mother was hustling around the place, preparing food for your other siblings and scrubbing viciously at a pan. She looked up at you for a brief second and smiled, returning your greeting.

Your siblings, on the other hand, were quickly making a mess on the breakfast table. Scraps of paper and fruit were lying about, and you cringed. Sometimes you wondered how your parents survived with all the chaos around the house.

Smoothing your skirt and preparing your best i’m-not-interested-face, you exited your home and went into the warm sunlight. As always, your neighbours came out and wished you a good morning before carrying on with their regular lives. Children were hurrying to the schoolhouse, afraid of being late and some vendors heading to the market offered you some food, which you politely turned down.

Gaston usually arrived at exactly 10 in the morning, with a fresh bouquet of colorful flowers and a speech about what your future would be like. You wondered how many kids you would have in his little daydream this time. You hated to admit it, but his plans for your future sometimes made you laugh. (You would never tell him that though.)

You glanced over at the massive clock tower. It was almost 10 AM, the shorter hand almost at the 10. Anxiously, you looked over at the curve Gaston appeared from.

Bong! The bells of the clock tower suddenly rang, and Gaston would start walking over smugly to you. Except he didn’t. He didn’t come out the curve, like you thought he would. No one came.

You chuckled. Maybe something happened? Perhaps a minor delay in Gaston’s egg eating routine? Oh well. You headed inside. Gaston was late sometimes, so you weren’t that worried.

The day after, still no one came. You waited longer outside this time, expecting to see the bright red coat that always brought flowers to you.

Days passed, but no one came, and eventually… all your colorful flowers he brought you were gone, replaced by their dead remains.

There are some people whom you can tell just in passing that they’re going to be a trip. In this instance, it was a mom and her high school graduate daughter. Now, I looked at them and said ‘you’re going to be unhappy about something, I can just tell.’ The mother solidified my opinion in the exact moment that she crooked her finger towards me as a motion for me to come closer. 

She indicates a display of seasonal lighting. “None of these have prices on them. How am I supposed to know what they cost if none of them are marked?”

“Well, if you have any questions about pricing and can’t find us, there is a price checker in aisle 20. Some of our seasonal stuff is subject to price changes and we’re in the process of re-labeling them.”

“That’s ridiculous. You expect me to carry all this with me to check the price?”

She asks this as I am pulling out my handheld to check the price. As I am doing so, I notice the price on the box. “I believe it’s $19.99.”

“You didn’t even scan it.”

I turn the container around to display the price. “I can see how you would overlook that,” I tell her. 

“I looked ALL OVER.”


“Is there anything else I can do for you today?”

She’s mad.


“Let us know if you need anything!”

I regret saying so because not even an entire ten minutes pass and she’s down a different aisle, crooking her finger at me and motioning me to come closer- this time with a much less jovial attitude.

“These don’t have prices on them either.”

“Some of our seasonal items are in the middle of a price change and we will be re-labeling all of them as soon as we can.” Maybe if I say the words in a different order, she’ll understand me. The price checker is right behind her. I decide not to tell her. It seems like telling her that she could solve her problems by not yelling at me would make her more angry somehow. 

These items really don’t have prices on them, so I get my handheld out and start navigating to the price check function and she is just… increasingly impatient with me. 

Her daughter, who is easily JUST 18, notices that the price checker is right behind them. “Hey mom, there’s a price checker right here.” She scans it. “They’re $19.99.”

“That’s inconvenient! Why should I have to check it myself when you could just put prices on them?”



Don’t sigh outwardly. Don’t display how done answering this question you are. 

The manager on duty is in the next aisle over. I call her over. “Do you have any input on this?”

MOD is also done answering this question. “The seasonal lighting is going through a price change. We’re in the middle of changing the labels, but for now we have the price checkers here.”

“But don’t you see how that’s inconvenient to have to find an employee or haul all the stuff to the MIDDLE of the store just to find out what price it is?”

“I’m sorry it’s inconvenient, but it is the option we have right now.”

“This is TERRIBLE customer service. You people are INSANE.”

“Mom? It’s twenty bucks. Calm the frick down.” Thank you, class of 2017. 

Ahkmenrah x Reader: Bluebeard

I don’t own the image or Night at the Museum.  Other than that, enjoy!

“I’m telling you, that has to be one of the freakiest movies I’ve ever seen!” Nicky shuddered.  You and him had just returned from seeing Krampus, and he was still freaked out.  You, on the other hand, weren’t impressed by the film.  “Like, thank God it was just a movie!”

“Actually, it’s a myth.”

“What?” Nicky turned to you.

“Krampus.  He’s an actual myth.  He takes bad children on Christmas and beats them with sticks.” You said nonchalantly.  Nicky’s eyes bulged out and he looked around nervously.

“You don’t think he’ll be here one day, do you?”  You rolled your eyes.

“He’s not real, Nicky.”

“Yeah, well neither was Lancelot, and he almost destroyed the Tablet.” You shook your head and went back to texting.  Ahkmenrah came in a moment later.  

“What are we talking about?” He smiled and sat down.

“Y/N’s being terrifying again.”


“We went to see Krampus.”  Ahkmenrah opened his mouth.  “Don’t ask.  I won’t sleep for weeks.  Anyways.  We went to the movie.  And Y/N’s not freaked out by it.”

“Really?  That’s amazing,” Ahkmenrah looked at you in admiration.

“No, it’s not amazing.  This guys abducts and beats bad little kids with sticks and she’s just like, ‘nah it’s cool.’”

“It’s not that bad, Nicky.” Ahkmenrah said.

“I highly doubt it.”

“No really; it’s not that bad.”

“Well what could be worse?”

“Shesmu.” Ahkmenrah said simply.

“Bless you.” You said.  Ahkmenrah looked at you and you shrugged.

“Shesmu is one of my gods.  He greeted the good in the afterlife by serving them wine.”

“That’s not so bad.” Nicky said.

“I’m not done yet.  He served them wine made from the heads of the evil.”

“Seriously?!”  Nicky shouted.  

“That’s so gross!” You laughed.

“How are you laughing about this?!”  

“Because it’s not bad, and I can prove it!”

“You people are insane,” Nicky said.  He still listened though.

“When I was little my grandparents told me stories of Bluebeard.  He was a man with—”

“A blue beard?”

“Yes.  Now shut up.” You threw your shoe at Nicky, which hit him in the shoulder.  “He was considered ugly and asked a local noblewoman to give him one of her two daughters to marry.  At first neither wanted to because he had been married many times before but no one knew what happened to his wives.  But after a week of partying, the youngest decided to marry him.  A month into the marriage, Bluebeard had to go away on business, but he told his new wife to have as much fun as she wanted.  He gave her two keys, the big one for all the rooms, and the small one for a closet.  He said she could go anywhere in the house she wanted, but if she ever went into the closet she’d be punished.  With that, Bluebeard left.”

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Nicky said.  Ahkmenrah hushed him and urged you to continue.

“Well, the wife’s friends all came over and were amazed at how much wealth she had.  While they looked around the house, the wife thought about the closet.  She was worried about her husband’s warnings, but wanted to see what was inside.  Eventually the curiosity became to great and she opened the closet.  Inside…WERE BODIES!” You shouted the last part.  Nicky let out a very unmanly yelp and Ahkmenrah laughed.  “They were the bodies of all of his previous wives.  She locked up the closet and ran back to her room.  Her key was covered in blood, and no matter how much she washed it, it would not come off.  When Bluebeard came home, he asked for the key.  Eventually the wife returned it to him.  He asked why blood was on it, but she said she didn’t know.  He didn’t believe her, and accused her of opening the closet.  He told her he would kill her, but she asked for time to pray. While Bluebeard left her to pray, she called for her sister Anne, begging her to send their brothers to save her.  Eventually, Bluebeard lost his patience and called for his wife so he could kill her.  Her sister told her that her brothers were coming, but were still a long ways off. Bluebeard grabbed his wife by the hair, and prepared to cut off her head.  She begged for more praying time, but he refused.  Just before he could kill her, knocks sounded at the door and two officers strode in.  Bluebeard tried to run, but was killed before he could get far.  With Bluebeard gone and no children, the wife inherited his riches.”  You finished.  Nicky had left during the story, but Ahk was giving you his full attention.  You blushed at his stare.   “So yeah.” You said awkwardly.  “Krampus isn’t that bad.”

“That…was amazing, Y/N!” Ahkmenrah exclaimed with a grin.  “Do you have any more?”  He asked eagerly.  You laughed.

“Honey, I’m German.  I have tons.”

Thanks to foxinforestofstars for requesting this one!

“You don’t have to talk to me, you know. They can’t see me. It’s like you’re talking to yourself.”

“I am painfully aware.”

“Then why’re we having this conversation?”

“Because I - I don’t know, fuck. I like talking to you. And people already think I’m insane. Really, what eighteen-year-old guy in his right mind owns a flower shop?”

“You like talking to me?”

“Did I say that?”

“Yeah, kinda.”

“Right, well, pretend I didn’t.”

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Ricky Gervais is best known for creating The Office and for behaving like a teenager who just discovered atheism on Twitter. It’s hard to imagine him breaking into entertainment if he wasn’t incredibly funny, seeing as how he devoted an entire episode of Extras to David Bowie calling him a pug-faced fatso.

And speaking of Bowie, Gervais is also a huge fan, which makes his 1984 androgynous look so deliciously amazing. The British comedian was absolutely channeling The Thin White Duke in his massively successful (in the Philippines) pop duo Seona Dancing.

Gervais sang over slick, synth-heavy keyboards, and Seona Dancing quickly won their way into the hearts of Filipino teens with their two hit singles, “More To Lose” and “Bitter Heart.” (Before you go check: Yes, there are videos, and they are extremely Eighties.) “More To Lose” was so damn popular, in fact, that a Filipino radio station would deliberately introduce the song under a fake name in order to make it impossible for rival radio stations to get their hands on. Gervais says he doesn’t miss his time as a pop idol, preferring his podcasts, TV shows, and angry online arguments. So, you know, everything worked out in the end.

11 Famous People You Never Realized Were Insanely Hot

No Way

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Word count: 415

Part 2 of Twins

The entire time that you watched your twin and the shaggy haired man, you were shaking. You had no idea what was going on! And before you knew it, they were moving towards you. All you could do was look at them, terrified.

“We won’t hurt you.” He said gently, seeing your eyes water. “I’m Sam, this is Y/T/N.” He added, distracting you while your twin freed your hands.

Instantly, your hands ripped the gag from your mouth. You were gasping for air as you worked on untying your feet. “I don’t know what the hell is going on, but you people are insane.” You were backing up towards the door, bumping into another warm body, causing you to scream.

“No way…” He breathed as you turned around. “Look at that, Sammy. You get to keep two of them away from scumbags.” He smirked, glancing at you. “Hey, kid. I’m Dean.”

Your eyes looked between the three of them, and you had nowhere to run. “Look, I don’t know who those people were, or what they wanted. I just want to go home!”

Your twin stepped forward. “I doubt you have one to go home to.” She told you sadly.


Sam gave you a sad smile. “Were you taken from your home?” He asked, and you nodded. “Who else was home?”

Your mind was racing. “Uh… My parents, my younger brother…” Your face paled. “Phone.” seeing their faces you held out your hand. “Someone give me a goddamn phone!” Sam was the one who gave you his phone, a curious look on his face. Quickly, you dialed the number you needed and started pacing. “Come on, come on…. Pick up!” Starting to panic, you leaned against the wall and slid down a bit. “Zach! Please, please tell me that no one has come asking for me, or trying to see Xander.”

Sam raised an eyebrow as your forehead went to your knees, listening to whoever Zach was. The three of them went between watching you and watching out the door. While they assumed they had gotten them all, they couldn’t be too careful.

Your voice made them stare at you with wide eyes with it getting a bit angry. “Damn it, Zach! He’s my son, and if I want to question things while he’s with you, I will. Don’t start with me. I will be by to pick him up soon.” It was obvious that you were trying to control your tone with him.

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Yoongi looked up from his spot on the couch.

How would you know that’s true? He asked, his voice significantly smaller than it had been moments ago.

From these. You showed him a packet of records. From what you could comprehend, Yoongi’s father had been training and using Yoongi to hack into various government systems around the world. At a young age, Yoongi had tested with a higher IQ and his father ran with it, ultimately letting Yoongi take the fall.

So I can’t hack into my own records, but you can look at other files of mine? Yoongi asked and you shook your head.

I wasn’t looking for you, I was looking through logs to see how to handle people with your personality and I stumbled on your name. Why didn’t you tell me who your father was? You tried to figure it out for the nights leading up to today, but nothing made sense. He had a different name and his father wasn’t known to have a family.

I took my mother’s name at birth. I’m a bastard to my father and I was used like a militant child. They sat me in a room and tested me for various abilities. Finally, when I hacked into that guy’s account in high school, my father realized what they could use me for. So I began working in the government, hacking into security servers and formulating data so that the government could blackmail. You watched as Yoongi angrily spouted off his frustrations. His father seemed like a horrible politician who wanted nothing more than to control him and the country. A part of you cracked. You had been subjected to similar issues, your mother using you as a permanent test subject. But I got so tired of watching the citizens of my own country get fucked over. I cracked. I finally went off and released documents.

You went after your father. You said in a dazed way. You looked at Yoongi, who had his head hung.

He’s old, he doesn’t deserve me going after him like that. Although he treated me like shit, I’m still his kid. For the first time, you saw remorse in Yoongi’s action. A sweet side to a rather bitter man. But a part of you was angered by this.

How could you say that? He’s a horrible man for doing that. God, I thought that I wanted you to show remorse, but there’s a huge part of me that wants to beat the shit out of your dad. You responded, you didn’t have any idea what had gotten into you. Tears welled up in your eyes and your vision went red. I … I … UGH. You slammed your fist down on the coffee table and Yoongi let out a bit of a chuckle.

Hold on there, little miss feisty. I did what I could, but I paid for it. The people now have access to the documents and can see how the government fucked them over. I did my deed. He shrugged and you watched him lay back like he had done for the past week and close his eyes.

Oh shut the fuck up. You spat and Yoongi opened his eyes and looked at you. You continue to behave poorly. You’re not content with your circumstances, but you’re playing the noble hero card. You scoffed and Yoongi sat up, looking you dead in the eye. Huh, well, today’s session is over. You pointed to the clock and Yoongi continued to stare you in the eye. Not making any movements to leave, Yoongi just sat there, his gaze not budging from yours. You started to stand, when Yoongi reached out and grabbed your hand. You eyed the button that sat on the table next to you, it was meant for security situations, if you pushed it, the guards would rush in. Your mind contemplated pushing it, but Yoongi saw you look and quickly dropped your hand.

I’m not a bad guy. I just wanted you to know that. This entire experience hasn’t been the worst thing to happen to me, in a way, I’m free because I’m here. I’m not under my father’s constant watch. So I’m not remorseful because in a way, this opened doors for me. He shrugged again, but you saw something else in his eyes.

Okay. Well we can pick this up on Friday. You said and Yoongi’s eyes shot up at you.

Friday? Why Friday? Why aren’t you here for the week? He erupted with a myriad of questions. His eyes darted around the room and you realized so much from that small interaction.

You need to calm down. I’m going to come back. You reassured him, but he didn’t seem completely convinced. You realized that within a week, Yoongi had formed a connection to you. He saw you as a constant in his world and someone who was willing to vouch for him. Sitting back down, you timidly took hold of Yoongi’s hand. I have some connections of my own in the government and I think I have a case to help you. You said quietly. Yoongi looked into your eyes and it felt as though a scared child was staring back. A piece of your heart broke as you looked deep into his eyes.

A case? He asked and you nodded.

Everyone is in here for a reason that they caused, but a person who is forced to do a crime is seen as innocent and the person who forced them into the crime is the guilty one. You said before letting go of his hand and standing up again. Yoongi sat there, his eyes staring at an empty part of the room, and you could tell his mind was racing. Yoongi, you have to leave my office now. You said and he stood up only giving you a small wave and exiting without a word.

You packed up your things. The next day you made your way to your friend’s office, sitting in front of him, you laid out the case.

So Min Yoongi, the convicted government hacker, is actually innocent? Y/N, I thought you usually helped people that are insane, but looks like you’re the insane one here. You rolled your eyes.

Look at his documents, his statements don’t make sense. The government changed his transcripts so it made it look like he worked alone. I swear he’s innocent, his dad is the one who put him up to this. You ran your mouth at your friend who sat back in his chair.

I’m a second year at this firm, I can’t be bringing a case against one of the top government officials, saying that his illegitimate son was used as a pawn and that he’s actually a horrible man while his son is innocent! I’ll end up jobless! You looked at him and pleaded.

But that’s exactly what happened! You yelled and your friend looked around. Giving a sigh, he held out his hand.

Give me the documents, but don’t be upset if this goes nowhere. He said in an exasperated tone and you gladly tossed the documents to him.

This was the beginning of the trial of the century.


Pairing: G-Dragon (Big Bang) x Reader

Genre: Smut (kind of)

Length: 878 words

Warning(s): suggestiveness (loads of it), mild language, MATH !

Originally posted by hell-ogoodbye

Mondays sucked. Like, they really sucked. You rolled your eyes and swung back in your chair, eyes fixed on the torturously slow movement of the clock hand. The clock showed 12:30, and your heart leapt in your chest as you heard the bell ring, giving you permission to escape this prison of a class.

You sprung up out of your seat, whistling a familiar tune, but suddenly froze in your tracks. Shit. No. Math test. Your mother had severely warned you about what she expected from this test. She’d said you’d have to consider the serious consequences of doing badly in school otherwise.

You groaned internally. As if you’d had time to revise for this stupid test. Rolling your eyes, you slumped back down in your seat as the other students swiftly made their way out of the classroom to get lunch. You pulled out your math book and reluctantly opened it to the topic you were meant to have studied for.

You heard the door open loudly, followed by the sound of footsteps approaching your desk. You looked up to see Kwon Jiyong, a tall boy in the year above you.

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Into The Criminal Mind (Part 1)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Trigger Warnings: Language, vague descriptions of violence

Word Count: 2110

A/N: This was written for Kari’s Favorite Things Challenge aka @thing-you-do-with-that-thing . My topic was Criminal Minds a shared favorite TV show of ours. This is only part 1 of a series, so trust me when I saw there is more planned. Well, in my head anyway. I still need to write it out on paper but there is a plot coming. Also, I made up the creature in the beginning. I couldn’t find a real myth that fitted what I wanted so I made one up. What are you gonna do? Sue me lol. Hope y’all enjoy.

Summary: You and the guys are in danger. The reason for it, you’re not exactly sure. Cas comes to warn you and transports you to another dimension. However, this dimension doesn’t have monsters, but it does have a serial killer on the loose. With Sam missing and you and Dean in FBI mode, you help the BAU track down this killer. When you become a target and Sammy’s whereabouts connected to the killer, what will Dean do to save the love of his life and protect his brother? Will Cas make it back to get you in time?

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THAT Wonder Woman script, part 2 of oh shit it got worse

Previously on Wonder Woman, we met our hero – brave, selfless, moral, willing to go to bat for perfect strangers without a thought for personal safety, but uneasy with emotional vulnerability, preferring to rebuff intimacy with snark and condescension.

I’m talking, of course, about Steve Trevor. Wait, who did you think the hero of this movie was?

Anyway, Steve crashed in plane on an island of Nasty Women, proved his moral superiority and won a convert in the form of a luminous-elemental-natural-curvaceous-waterfall-girl, who beat up her mother to save his life, then decided to follow him home. Just because.

Now Steve and The Girl are flying into a war zone, where Steve is overdue to deliver much-needed supplies to sick, starving refugees.

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Rumors - part 11

Part 1  Part 2   Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8 Part 9  Part 10  

When we wake up, we go down stairs, while we were entering the living room Kol was behind me and he put his hands around me and kissed my cheek and I laugh. We didn’t see that someone is in the room.

   - You two had a wild night; “Klaus told us”.

   - Omg; I said and walked out of the room taking the wine with me so a can pour it in the glass and mix it with blood so Kol and I can drink.

   - You didn’t need to mention that you heard us; “Kol said to Klaus”.

   - Sorry, but I couldn’t resist; “Klaus told smiling”.

When I walked into the kitchen I saw Rebekah and before she saw me I wanted to turn around and walk away, because if Klaus heard us then so did she.

   - Good morning Y/N; “Rebekah said before I could get away”.

   - Oh, good morning; “I said to her walking back into the kitchen”.

   - So I wanted to ask you where did you leave last night while I was sleeping, but now I know; “She said to me smiling”.

   - I couldn’t sleep on the couch so I..; before I could say something she told me; So you went to Kol’s room I know, I hope you two had a good night; “She said to me smiling”.

   - Hahah yeah, okay I won’t pretend, that was the best night of my life, but I believe you don’t want to know the details; “I told her”.

   - Oh God no, spare me that part; “She said while we were entering the living room”.

After a while Klaus got a call and rushed out of the house not telling us where is he going.

When Klaus came home I saw that he has Elena.

   - What are you doing with her? “I asked him”.

   - I need her blood to make more hybrid so I’ll drain all of her blood; He told me and explained to me how Elena’s life is linked to Alaric, if she die, he dies too.

I was in a room with Elena watching her, she came to consciousness and slowly bring her head up, then she saw me.

   - Where am I? “She asked looking around”.

   - I think that you already know answer to that question; “I said”.

She wanted to move but felt pain and looked at her arm.

   - Moving only makes it hurt more; “I said”.

   - What are you doing to me? “She asked afraid”.

   - I’m just looking at you, Klaus want’s to drain all of your blood; “I said”.

   - Help me, please; “She said almost crying”.

   - And why would I do that? “I said wanting to walk out of the room”.

   - So you’ll just leave me to bleed; “She said trying again to free herself”.

   - Yes, but don’t worry you won’t even feel as the last drop of blood is drawn from your body, you’ll simply fall asleep; “I said”.

   - You people are insane; “She said as loud as she could”.

When Klaus heard her he came in the room;

   - I hear she is awake; “He said”.

   - Yep, I’m going to go now; “I said”.

   - Feel free to go, love; “Klaus said while he was sitting on the couch and reading a book”.

Rebekah was waiting me outside of the house so we can go shopping. She was driving and we chatted mindlessly about random subjects. When we came where the shopping center was we found parking place and stepped out of the car. I dragged Rebekah into my favorite shop and she found some dress and went in the dressing room. 

   - When she got out she asked me; So, what do you think?

   - I looked at her saying; Maybe you should try this; and showed her two dresses that I was holding in my hands.

   - Women in the 21st century dress like prostitutes;Rebekah said looking at the dress she was wearing”.

   - Hahah, not all of them; “I said with a laugh”.

Rebekah took the dresses I showed her and went back in the dressing room. I was looking through clothes and one dress caught my eye.

   - Bekah, what do you think about this dress? “I asked Rebekah while she was looking at herself in the mirror”.

   - I think I want to try it on; “She said”.

   - Um, no, no this one is mine; “I said smiling and gong into the dressing room”.

When I walked out she looked at me and said; Wow, you look beautiful.

   - Thanks, you think this will turn heads? “I said running my hands down the material”.

   - You mean Kol’s head; She said smiling and adding; It definitely will, but if someone else do that I don’t think it will end well for them.

   - Haha yeah, right; “I said smiling”.

When we finished choosing clothes we want Rebekah paid for it and then Rebekah dragged me to the shop that has shoes. But before we entered the shop we heard a familiar voice;

   - Girls you didn’t call me to go shopping with you; “Kol said behind us”.

   - I didn’t know all of sudden you are interested in spend 3 hours shopping; “Rebekah said”.

   - Well I’m; “Kol said as he put his hand around my shoulder”.

   - Rebekah smiled looking at us and asked; How did you find us?

   - I told him where are we going; “I said”.

When we came into the shop Kol looked around and said; A lot of people are looking at you two.

   - So what? “Rebekah asked”.

   - Maybe I should just kill them; “Kol said”.

   - What? No, you can’t do that; “I said looking at Kol”.

   - You think I can’t do it, darling? “He asked smiling”.

   - I mean, I know you can, but you can’t do it; “I said”.

   - Then maybe just that guy; “Kol said and looked at the guy who was looking at me”.

   - There is no need for that; “I said and kissed Kol”.

   - Kol is jealous and I though I’ve seen everything; “Rebekah said smiling”.

   - I’m not jealous, I’m just hungry; “Kol said”.

   - Sure you are; “Rebekah said sarcastically”.

Rebekah and I were looking at some high heels when I saw that Kol wasn’t behind us anymore.

   - Where is Kol? “I asked Rebekah”.

When we turn around to look he was talking with that guy and when he got back I asked; What did you do?

   - I just compelled him to find someone single to look at; “Kol said”.

   - I’m not jealous, I’m just hungry; “Rebekah mimicked while she was looking at high heels, what Kol said couple of minutes ago”.

   - Shut up, Bekah; “Kol said”.

I smile and turn around spotting some high heels.

   - Omg, these are perfect match for the dress; “I said showing Rebekah the high heels”.

   - Yes they are; “She said”.

   - What dress are we talking about? “Kol asked wondering”.

   - You’ll see it, one day; “I said smiling”.

After some time when we finished shopping we got back to the car and put the bags in it and hopped into the front seats, Kol sitting behind us.

While we were shopping Stefan and Damon came to rescue Elena but nobody was home except Klaus. They came into the room where Klaus was and Damon grabbed Klaus’ arms and Stefan puts his hand into Klaus’ chest, Bonnie felt the connection again and started chanting. Klaus’ heartbeat begins slowing down and he begins to desiccate. Klaus has been completely neutralized and Stefan takes his hand out of his chest and lays Klaus down on the floor.

When we came home Klaus and Elena were nowhere to be found. After a while we heard what Stefan and Damon did to Klaus.

   - We need to call Elijah; “Rebekah said and get to call him”.

   - So if Elijah doesn’t come in terms with them I’ll kill Elena and finish this once and for all; “I said looking at Kol who was angry as much as I was”.

   - Darling, it will be my pleasure to help you with that; “Kol said smiling at me”.

   - Hey, so Elijah will be here as soon as he can, so until he comes he said that it’s better we do nothing; “Rebekah said while she was coming into the room”.

When Elijah came he went straight to Elena’s house to convince them for helping to take that stake away from Alaric and if they return Klaus’ body to us, Elena will be in no harm and Elena said; We have a deal.

Elijah called us to tell what the plan is, so the three of us get ready to go and meet Damon in the storage room so we can take Klaus’ body.

   - When we came there Rebekah said; Damon! Where are you?

We search for Damon and Rebekah grows impatient so she yells; Damon, this isn’t funny.

Alaric pulls out the white oak stake and begins to walk towards Rebekah’s voice.

When we didn’t heard Damon we split in two so Rebekah was alone and Kol was with me. While Alaric was searching Rebekah, Damon grabbed her and because we didn’t know that Alaric was here he found us instead of Rebekah. We were surprised when we saw him in front of us, Alaric vamp speed and push me away and I fall to the ground. Kol goes after him and starts fighting with Alaric.

While Alaric was trying to kill us Damon and Rebekah were taking Klaus’ casket to the car, but Alaric comes from nowhere throwing me on Damon and slams Rebekah’s head against her car. Kol came to help me. Alaric opened the casket where Klaus is and stab him with the white oak stake.

   - I heard Rebekah screaming; NOOO! Damon grabbed her and she continues to scream and cry.

   - As I said; Omg; I started to cry and I put my hand on my mouth, Kol was behind me holding me tight.

   - Alaric turns to us and says; Next!

We vamp speed out of there while Damon stayed to distract Alaric.

Elijah was waiting for us in the woods, when we came there I said in tears; I can’t believe he is dead.

   - There was nothing we could do to stop it; “Rebekah said still in tears”.

Kol hugged me and Elijah walks towards Rebekah and embrace her.

While hugging her Elijah said; Only Tyler is dead the rest of them survived, how is that possible if Niklaus turned their bloodline.

   - It wasn’t any of us, I’m sure of it; Rebekah said adding; It was Nik.

   - Then how are they still alive? “Elijah asked”.

When we came home and I was alone in my room changing into new clothes, Rebekah came and asked me; So are you up for some killing?

   - What do you think? So who do we kill? “I asked her”.

   - Rebekah smirked at me and said; Elena.

   - And don’t forget Alaric, when she dies he will die too; “I said to her smiling”.

We went outside without telling anything to Elijah and Kol.

While we were waiting for car to come to the Wickery bridge Rebekah called Stefan and told him what we have in plan to do, that’s the only way to stop Alaric and for us to survive.

Car was coming closer to us and Elena saw two figures and Matt swerves to avoid us and sends the car flying over the guardrail and into the water.

   - Just like that; I said and I looked at Rebekah adding; And I didn’t even need to get my hands dirty.

When we came home it was around 1 AM Elijah asked us; Where did you two been for the past 2 hours?

   - It’s better if we don’t tell you, you won’t like the answer; “I told him”.

   - We killed Elena; “Rebekah told him without hesitation”.

   - Why? “Elijah asked”.

   - You know that was only way we can be free of Alaric, that’s why; “Rebekah told him and walked away”.

   - Elijah looked at me and told me; And you participated in that?

   - Of course I did, one human life mean nothing to me if I can save you guys, we already lost Klaus; “I told him, tears were coming into my eyes”.

   - Whats going on here? “Kol asked entering the room”.

   - Your girlfriend and Rebekah killed innocent Elena; “Elijah told him”.

   - She was hardly innocent; “I said”.

   - So no more threats of that Alaric guy? “Kol asked looking at me”.

   - That’s right; “I said to him smiling”.

   - Well I think we need to celebrate that; “Kol said and went to get glasses and champagne”.

I came after him in the kitchen and kissed him while he was pouring the champagne in the glasses.

   - Rebekah came after me and said; I heard we are celebrating killing Alaric.

   - Yes we are; “Kol said and give her a glass”.

After a while Kol and I went to his room bringing one bottle of wine with us.

   - It’s so different without Klaus, even if I wasn’t with him for a long time and now when I finally started to get used to him again, he is gone; “I said to Kol while I was standing in front of the mirror with a glass of wine”.

   - I know, who will now be the guy that tell you that you can’t help because it’s dangerous; “He said to me trying to cheer me up”.

   - Haha, well I believe it will be you; “I said turning to face him and smiling”.

   - Probably sometimes, but I would rather kill people or whatever with you then leave you out of it; “He said coming closer to me”.

   - That’s good to hear; “I said”.

I felt his hands on my waist and when I looked at mirror he was standing behind me, our eyes meet in the reflection and I lean my head behind so we can kiss.

After that Kol took me in his arms to carry me to the bed and then he throws me onto the bed I laugh at that. He lay down next to me and we were just cuddling in the bed for some time he was holding me tight like I would leave if he let go of me.

   - Did I tell you how much I like you? “He asked me”.

   - I believe you didn’t; “I said while my head was on his chest and I felt my cheeks blushing”.

   - Well I never liked someone like this before; He said smiling and he touched my cheeks, probably because he saw they are blushing more and more on every word he say.

   - Feeling is mutual, I never felt this way either; “I said turning on side to look at him”.

As I looked at him, I found his eyes staring deeply into mine. He swiftly leaned in and kissed me deeply:

We broke the kiss with a smile and looked deep into each other’s eyes; I felt myself melting. Then he pull me into his chest and wrap his arms around me, laying kisses into my hair. I drawn patterns on his shoulder and chest. When I fall asleep Kol was  watching me for a while and run his fingertips along mine arm and side.

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HR x Reader

Set Up: HR meets you on a pokemon GO excursion. This should end well.

Warnings: Strong language.

Gender: Neutral

A/N I have this list of AUs in my folder. And there was one for Pokemon GO. I couldn’t help myself. It seemed like such an HR thing, you know?

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Maybe he doesn't hit you

Love is such a strange concept because

one day you feel like this person is everything and

the other this person demands to be everything

they view themselves as an emperor and you are their legions to command

you are the lands they plan to conquer

and with every rebellion you dare to withstand

he ambushes and tortures you with sick, breaking words to capture

the settlement that is your brain

and i am not saying that that is

the truth

for everyone

no i am telling you that many not little but big women

not weak but strong women

and not only women but also men

have been through war with not only their so-called master but also with themselves

you think that

when he says you are nothing but an overflowing pond of tears without him

he must say that out of love, right?

and when he tells you to call him every night

and to not go to this party

to not drink

to not have fun with your best friend because she makes you happier than he does

he claims to love you but

in reality

he’s poisoning you

and you believe him

maybe he doesn’t hit you but

he forces your mouth shut with his and other parts of his body

of which i will not speak

because that’s all you’re good for

maybe he doesn’t hit you but

he tells people you are insane because

he makes you sad

and angry

and hit walls

and that’s “all your fault”

maybe he doesn’t hit you but

every time you tell him you are unhappy with him

he threatens to kill himself because

he says life is not worth living without you

but behind your back he’s begging other girls for blowjobs

and then you know you meant nothing

and all you can think is that he was right all along

maybe he never hit you but

everytime at 1 a.m. or when alcohol runs through your veins

you can’t stop thinking about why

you weren’t enough and

if you really are better off without him

but let me tell you, my dear

when i tell you that you are so strong

you are not alone

that i am proud of you

and that things will get better

it’s okay to miss someone even though you never want to see that person again

it’s okay to have nightmares

it’s okay to cry

because trust me, it will all pass

Shadow on the Sun
Shadow on the Sun

Once upon a time, I was of the mind,
to lay your burden down, and leave you where you stood.
you believed I could, you’d seen it done before.
I could read your thoughts, and Tell you what you saw, and never say a word.
But now all that is gone, over with and done, never to return.

And I can tell you why People die alone.
I can tell you I’m a shadow on the sun.

Staring at the loss, Looking for a cause, and never really sure.
Nothing but a hole, to live without a soul, and nothing to be learned.

And I can tell you why People go insane, I can show you how you could do the same.
I can tell you why the end will never come.
I can tell you I’m a shadow on the sun.

Shapes of every size Move behind my eyes.
Doors inside my head Bolted from within.
Every drop of flame The Light’s a candle in Memory, of the one who lived inside my skin.
And I can tell you why People go insane, I can show you how you could do the same.
I can tell you why the end will never come.
I can tell you I’m the shadow on the sun.

Mark Imagine - Water Fight

The summer sun blazed down, making the heat almost unbearable. You and your boyfriend, Mark Tuan, had been lounging around watching tv, trying to forget about the heat. As you were sat there in your shorts and tank top, Mark turned to you and asked, “Do we have any balloons?”
“Um, balloons? No, probably not, why?” You asked him, confused as to why he needed balloons.
“Well, I was thinking we should fill some up with water and have a water balloon fight.” Excitement lit up your eyes, “Oh we are so doing this. Let’s go to the store, they’ll have loads there.”

When you arrived, the two of you practically sprinted through the store like children, not caring if people thought you were insane. Once you found them, you grabbed a couple packets each so you wouldn’t run out of ammo too quickly.
“Prepare to get drenched, Tuan.” You said giving your boyfriend an intimidating smirk.
“I think I’m better at getting you wet, babe.” He winked and walked off to pay, leaving you blushing at his comment. You followed after him and paid for the water balloons. As soon as you got back home, you ran to the kitchen to fill all of your balloons with water. Piling them into a large box, you carried them all outside and watched Mark as he brought his out after you.
“Okay, some ground rules,” you started, “No aiming for the face because that shit hurts, got it?” He laughed and nodded. “Got it, I wouldn’t dream of ruining that pretty face of yours anyway.” Tutting at his attempt to flatter you, you grabbed your first balloon. Mark matched your movements and picked up his first weapon. “One, two, three!” He shouted, initiating your water balloon war.

Balloons flew and all that could be heard was a melody of screaming and laughter as you threw balloons and attempted to dodge incoming ones. Soon enough, you both had become splashed with water and were much cooler. You reached into your box only to find you had none left. Before you knew it, Mark had snuck up on you and was holding a water balloon over your head.
“Don’t you dare, Mark Tuan.” He smirked, “Oh, I dare, (Y/N).” He then burst the balloon over your head, causing water to spill over you.
“Didn’t I say I was better at getting you wet?” Revenge. You needed to get revenge, but how? Numerous ideas entered your mind but none were standing out until you spotted a hosepipe sitting by the house. Perfect. Now all you had to do was pretend to be angry and then surprise him with the ice cold water from the hosepipe.
“Ugh, why did you have to do that Mark? Now I’m completely soaked!”
“Sorry baby, it was just too tempting.”
“Whatever, I’ve run out of balloons now anyway.” You grabbed the empty box and stormed off towards the hosepipe.
“C’mon, (Y/N). It’s just a game!” You ignored him, putting the box down by the door and turning the hosepipe on. You made sure the water was only dripping out slightly so he wouldn’t notice. As you heard Mark’s footsteps reach you, you increased its power and turned with an evil grin on your face.
“Hey, don’t you dare spray me with th-goddamnit!” He screamed and giggled as you sprayed cold water all over him, completely soaking him in the process. Mark fought his way through the water and wrestled the hosepipe off of you. Instead of aiming it at you, he held it upwards, making the water sprinkle down over the two of you.
“I’ve always wanted a romantic kiss in the rain but with this weather, it doesn’t look like I’ll get that any time soon so this’ll have to do.” With his free hand, he pulled you close and brought his lips to yours. It was moments like this that make you feel like the luckiest girl in the world.