11 Things Only People Who Suppress Their Emotions Will Understand

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Some of us carry catastrophic storms in our hearts and minds wherever we go. They try to keep everything bottled in as they have trouble expressing themselves or nobody’s listening.

When they do react , they are reacting to not only the current situation but the many like it before. If two or more of these aspects relate to you then I’d suggest you start venting and seeking avenues of love and acceptance for yourself (and the safety of others).

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the signs as sweet couple things
  • aries: playful bantering, mock insults and teasing that neither of you means
  • taurus: eating each other's food without asking, buying your partner their favorite food for no specific reason
  • gemini: starting to leave your things at each other's places without noticing it
  • cancer: always being there for each other as a shoulder to cry on
  • leo: liking all of each other's selfies, calling your partner when they don't
  • virgo: hating all the same things/people, but hating them together
  • libra: staying up until morning talking to each other about anything and everything
  • scorpio: understanding each other without words, having a connection that runs deeper than what you project on the outside
  • sagittarius: having a million inside jokes and referencing them in public until people think you're both insane
  • capricorn: texting each other at 4am about a random fact or article that excited you -- then going on rants together about how cool it is
  • aquarius: knowing what your partner needs even when they don't say it, taking care of them without being asked
  • pisces: cuddling together on the couch, using each other's shoulders as pillows when you're tired in public

I just love when Delena fans get all moral

“It would be wrong for Damon and Bonnie to date because Bonnie is Elena’s friend”

like what the spaghetti are you talking about Damon slept with Elena a second after she broke up with Stefan without an ounce of guilt and then spent the rest of the season complaining to Stefan what a bitch compelled Elena is 

what are you doing ????

things people without bpd/personality disorders don’t understand:

-being too afraid to ask for help because we don’t understand our disorder ourselves and don’t want people to look down even more on us
-feeling guilty for asking loved ones for help, and being treated like a burden for seeking that help
-telling us to control our anger/emotions is more damaging than anything
-feeling so vulnerable constantly in any situation no matter who you’re surrounded with
-feeling trapped in your own body/mind
-having such high highs that you have panic attacks, mental breakdowns, you can’t control what you say or do
-having such low lows that you want nothing more than to die, you feel worthless and absolutely crazy
-people giving you even worse complexes by telling you you’re “too angry,” “too excitable,” “too emotional”
-being told “you’re insane,” even as a joke, and feeling like you want to die because you really believe you’re insane
-when people tell you to go on medication but don’t understand that bpd/personality disorders CANNOT be cured, and all that does is turn you into a zombie
-questioning your own mind constantly, not knowing what to believe and what’s real and what’s not
-spending your entire life with people leaving because they don’t want to understand or help you
-feeling anxious staying in one place too long, sometimes so anxious that you literally move houses, towns, sometimes states constantly
-finding any excuse to end your friendships/relationships because you feel like a burden to that person and figure everyone would be better off with you gone

Im wondering… when did shipping become less of squealing over members’ cute interactions with eachother and more of wanting a member of the group you love to die because he is “getting in the way” of your ship?
You know what? You have two choices, grow the hell up. Or get the hell out.

And I guess the truth of it is that he was right. He said that him leaving would be the best thing that ever happened to me, and it was.
—  A little sad, a little nostalgic, a little relieved. // lily rose.

I’m not even slightly fucking sorry about the amount of Ferguson stuff on your dash right now because there’s a point where the system has fallen so low you can’t ignore it. I don’t give a fuck where in the world you are, this is relevant, and we can’t let this die. We cannot let this die. 


But, this Frankenstein scowl really adds to the whole– Jess! Okay…I’m going. Look man, I really was just dropping off some food. So, don’t get all West Side Story on me, okay?

Jared's reactions to:

People who are whining about all the J2 we are getting and zero “cockles”

People who think the insane amount of J2 we’ve been getting is PR and the powers that be made Jensen move near Jared

People who think Jensen and Misha are secret lovers and/or are closer than Jared and Jensen

People who think destiel is going to become canon on the show

Jared’s bonus reaction to all of this hilarious shit: