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my brain, it was all blocked up

feeling out of sorts

the words they would not come

i met a guy on the train

who had a few kind words

the nicest dude

showed me his “ante up” tattoo

it’s kind of wild the people who we will find

some that you don’t even know

with just the tiniest boost

will help see you through

this world will jump up to surprise you

reminds me not to lose hope

on humanity yet

reminds me that I am as lucky

as lucky can get

so i told him that i was having the hardest time

felt like everything i wrote

was something i wrote before

he told me, don’t give up

keep the pen to the page and the word’s they’ll come

so that is what i’m gonna do

maybe I was wrong and i will never be alone

all because we wrote these punk rock songs

and god-damn that’s pretty crazy

so fucking amazing


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Hi I’m Sean! I met Jason Butler from letlive. and Fronz from ATTILA last year at Vans Warped Tour in Virginia beach. I ran into Jason when I was actually on my way to see ATTILA perform and I was just like “Oh Shit you’re Jason Butler!” And he really was the coolest dude and he was do humble. I wish I could just spend the day with him and talk about our views of the world and life. And he thought it was awesome how I said he reminded me of Anthony Kiedis. I met Fronz right after their performance on the monster stage, he as going to see his son Blaise and me and a few other people ran after him but his manager said no back away and he said “Hell no, come on ya’ll!” So we all ran over there. He kissed his son goodnight and took pictures with us and signed whatever we wanted. He was also really cool! He just loved seeing all our faces and he just appreciated it so much! That’s my story, Jason Butler, Fronz, just two great guys that you can’t go wrong with liking!

Bright Eyes

Original Requests: Hi, this is my first time requesting, so… I’m not really sure how to do it. haha. Anyways, can you write a fic that involves the reader to be a really good hunter, with a rep and stuff and dean is always a fan of hers, so he kinda of fluttered when they met in a hunt or something like that? a sassy reader, if you may. (BECAUSE YOU’RE SO AWESOME IN WRITING THOSE XD )

AN: Not the sassiest reader I’ve written so I hope that’s okay! This was a teaser a little while ago! I just finished it. :)

Word Count: 1482

Summary: Dean comes face to face with a somewhat famous hunter and gets to see her at work.

“Dean. Hey, Dean. DEAN!” Sam slapped his brother across the shoulder. “Dude, what’s your deal?”

“She’s right there,” Dean said in awe. “Sam, she’s a legend.”

“She’s just another hunter like us, Dean,” Sam said as he flipped through the pages of his journal. “Bobby said we needed some extra hands on this hunt, so here we are.”

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OMG!!!! You know what I just noticed? If you look at the first pic, you can see a dude, who is probably the pizza delivery guy holding a little girl in his arms who looks too much like that little girl Leo met in “Slash and destroy”!!! So what if Shredder is threatening her and Leo comes to the rescue, he fights well, but gets hurt protecting her. HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?!!!!!!!!! I’m calling it!


MEET & GREET! Submit your meet-and-greet stories to They are posted throughout the week.

I met Mr.Bryan Stars yesterday at Warped and I thought he was pretty rad. I hope I wasn’t awkward, heck who am I kidding I was but who cares it was still cool meeting him either way. I don’t really have a heart felt story I just want to hang out next time he comes by Florida, it’d be sweet to be friends. So yea keep being a kickass dude Bryan you mean the world to a whole lot of people.

“@_koutaa: ahhh tonight was incredible!! can’t even explain how amazing it was! was something that i’ll never forget! met cole and he signed my cd (cop that 2014 Forest Hills Drive if you haven’t) he took my letter and signed some letters lol but this dude is so humble and shows mad love to his fans. elijah and the rest of his security were tryna get him to his car and was pushing me away but he stopped and was like come here and ahhh just love this dude. real artist. beautiful soul. #supportthereal 🙌”

So lets talk about John’s line “Is everyone I’ve ever met a psychopath,” for a minute.

Sherlock’s really often mistaken for a psychopath, but his response is always the same.

But then you take John, who not only thinks that Sherlock’s not really a psychopath, but not even a sociopath.

But then not only does John call him a psychopath

But when it’s him, Sherlock agrees with it

and that has to mean something.

(this is my first try at anything even vaguely meta-ish so please dont trash it i know its not very good its just a thing i noticed)

(also i saved these gifs a long time ago and ive lost the credit so if you think one of these gifs is yours or you know whos it is please tell me)

Hey, YOU, listen up...

Can I just tell you something?

You’re really freaking awesome. You, yes you beautiful human being, are awesome. I think most people just don’t see the true amazingness that is within themselves. I don’t care what flaws you see in yourself, you are beautiful, and smart, and inspiring. Just throw them out the window. Measuring your life by the negatives will always hold you back in the end.

Seriously, dude, think about your name. Yeah, someone has the same name as you out there. But do they have your freckles? Do their eyes twinkle like yours? Have they traveled the places you have? Met the people you have? Lived your life? Everything about your existence is your own. You are your own awesome that no one else can attain. 

And YOU, deserve every single good coming that you have. You deserve to see your favorite artist live, to eat a fresh batch of cookies, to get good grades, fall in love, be loved, feel joy and do what truly makes you happy. Neverlet anyone say otherwise. When they do just poop on their face,  politely tell them to stop.

This PSA, was for you, my friend, who is feeling alone, lost and scared. This is for you, if its hard to go on. And this is if you ever need a helping hand, because my ask is always open.

I love you. Go get them tiger! Carpe diem, you can do it! Embrace your eternal awesomeness and never forget: you’re worth 12345678908765432345678 cookies, and you deserve to eat every one.

Austin Carlile: Warmth

Request: Hi! Can you please write a Austin Carlile imagine where y/n is Josh’s (singer of you me at six) roommate and all the band people are over at their flat, the boys from ymas, omam, bmth and Ptv and josh is anxious bc you have never met the band dudes. When y/n comes home she is crying bc she nearly relapsed. And Austin falls in love with her and fluff

A/N: I loved writing this, thanks for the prompt! :) I hope you enjoy!

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fun fact: my mom and i have been using the term “poseytivity” since last november when my doctor’s appointments started getting more intense. she’s actually credited to coming up with it because after i met tyler posey in october and told her it was one of the coolest moments of my life she kept trying to say “focus on that mindset” to get me through some of our shittiest of days. it was always just stupid and cheesy and a thing between us that got a dumb laugh.

so congrats, mom, u are giving faith to a lot of tyler posey (or as you call him “the wolf guy with the crooked smile”) fans and helping a start a movement of love for a stellar dude. 

ant-man & spider-man

but guys did you know that there was a video where paul rudd was being interviewed and tom just popped in to ask if he plays golf cause he heard that paul plays golf but paul said that he only played golf once and was terrible at it and the rest was tom wondering if it really was paul rudd who played golf then paul said maybe it was paul bettany


just try to imagine spider-man mistaking something he heard about vision’s powers with ant-man’s

so peter’s ALL EXCITED like “hey ant-man heard you can hold thor’s hammer”

then scott’s like “dude, i haven’t even met thor yet”


The Elevator

I was tagged by a few amazing people! @yoursupernaturalsammygirl @balthazars-muse and @misswinchesterworld thank you!!

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I tag : @charmaineevangeline @bovaria @deanandidrinkcoffee @winchester-writes @mxltifandom-imagines @chris-evans-imagines and who ever else wants to do it!


“Dude, he’s coming this way.” Your friend nudged your side.

You looked up in time to see Jensen walking over to where you were. Your breath hitched as your eyes met. And in that moment, the world stood still.

“Hold the elevator, please!” He yelped.

Your friend pushed you to the side, as she held the door open for him, snapping you out of your daze.

Before you knew it, the actor you grew to love for so many years, was now just a few feet away from you. Smiling at you as the doors closed behind him.

“Thanks.” He smirked.

“Y-youre welcome.” You hesitated.

Your friend cleared her throat. “I’m Y/F/N, and this is-”

“Y/N, my name is Y/N.” You muttered.

Jensen kept his gaze on you, his lips curving into a smile. It made your stomach flutter and your heart beat rapidly.

The elevator came to a stop, and you and your friend were getting off.

“It was nice to meet you.” You both said simultaneously and made your way out into the hall.

Before making your way to your room, you glanced back at him, though he was already staring.

“I hope to see you again soon.” He smiled. “Good night, Y/N.”

(RP starters){Jealous starters}

“Hey.. Dont be like that, i didnt like them really!”

“You’re the one for me i promise!”

“Shut up..I know you like them”

“I see how you look at them, you like them don’t you?”

“I knew I never met anything to you”

“I’m not jealous!”

“I don’t care! Sleep with whoever! Date who you want’ I don’t care!”

“Oh please they aren’t even that attractive..”

“I’m better than them..”

(Nsfw ish) “Oh, come on, I’m totally bigger than that,”

(Nsfw ish) “Mine are better! You can feel them if you want!”

“They aren’t even your type!”

“Stop being so jealous,”

“Oh come on im not making you jealous!”

“Dude, calm down, they’re just a friend,”

anonymous asked:

Dude in the office friendship au eventually when sai went on to be a hero and Reigen picked up mon imagine the two of them meeting up again anD JUST BEING PROUD AT EACHOTHER FOR COMING SO FAR


can you imagine tho? Saitama deciding to call Reigen and being all:

S:“ wanted to apologize for being an ass. You always told me things would get better and I never believed you….”

R: Ahaha, Why the change of mind, do tell?

S: Well…I met someone-
S: ….its a he - Hear a screech of delight on the phone-

We Few, We Happy Few, We Band of Brothers by H. Tucker Rosebrock ‘10 (@Tuckneverending)

I can’t remember exactly when it happened – I’m not sure if it can even be quantified as a moment, or a distinct point in time – but there came a time after I had been on T for a few months and my voice had lowered and I was passing pretty consistently when I realized something:

I’m a white dude now.

I really nailed that one. Seriously, hit it out of the park. Lucked out. Whatever you want to call it. For all the angst that comes along with being trans, I’m still able to regularly cash in on that privilege I am now rewarded, and it’s important to me that I am aware of that.

See, most people have never a met a trans person, at least not that they’re aware of. It’s just not something that registers for them. I’m constantly impressed at the mental gymnastics people will do to explain ‘inconsistencies’ about my history, my body, and my gender. I’ve had people tell me that they ‘just assumed’ Wellesley had gone co-ed, after I told them I had graduated from there, even after mentioning that I had women roommates all four years. Once, I had a guy see my top surgery scars and jokingly ask: “Damn, bro, did you get your tits lopped off?” He didn’t mean it to be offensive (or certainly not that offensive); it was just a joke for him. So when I replied, “Yeah, that’s pretty much exactly what happened,” he laughed again, because he thought I was playing along with him. The entire idea that I was born a woman was just too preposterous to entertain. It never even entered his mind.

Now, I recognize I may be unique in that this kind of stuff doesn’t bother me. I’m very fortunate that I can pass as a white dude almost all the time, so it’s my choice if I want to then explain my trans identity and educate. And, like people in other minority communities, I can take advantage of code switching. But because of my nice blue eyes and blonde hair and deep voice, I get an extra bonus: I can partake in frat boy brodowns and then, with a mention of my transition, join queer spaces with a relative equal degree of comfort.

This is an incredible privilege. One that I am constantly aware of, in awe of, and do my best to be respectful of. When I realized I was now seen by the vast majority of the wider world as a nice white guy, it was a little frightening. I mean, I had never seen myself as a white bro, but that’s how the world saw me now, so it was my duty, my responsibility, to be the best white dude I could be.

My time at Wellesley, as well as the large chunk of my life spent living as a woman surrounded by strong, smart women, gave me the foundation and the education to be able to use my newfound privilege for good. It makes me feel like some kind of secret agent, a spy working from the inside of the patriarchy. Because, whether I like it or not, my voice means something different now just because of my perceived gender and the color of my skin. When I talk now, people listen because my voice is deep. And, by contrast, if I’m riding the train home late at night and the only passengers are myself and a woman, it means something different to her if I smile at her, or try to strike up a conversation. That camaraderie we would have once had when I was read as a woman isn’t there anymore, and my actions are seen as potentially predatory (though they clearly are not). I’ve gained many things from my transition, but I’ve also lost some too.  To borrow a quote from Hedwig: ‘in order to be free, one must give up a part of oneself.’

So what does this all have to do with the whole trans issue at Wellesley? I’m getting there. It’s a little tough for me because I realized I’m falling a lot more on the conservative end of the spectrum here and that’s a very different experience for me – being conservative – so I’m still sort of working through it myself.

See, the thing about being transgender is that there are just not that many of us. And that’s okay – I would never wish the struggle and anxiety that comes along with being born in a body that feels so wrong on any other person. For those of you who are comfortably ciswomen, I am overwhelmingly happy for you. For all the privilege I do now receive in the world, this is still my personal struggle, and while I ask and expect to be treated with kindness and respect (like any other person), I do not expect the world – nor Wellesley – to change to accommodate my needs specifically. There are a great many other issues facing Wellesley that I would rather talk about first, that affect a much larger portion of the student body – financial aid, mental health resources, increased support for all LGBT-identified students, to name a few. Do I think there are ways Wellesley could help improve life for trans students? Sure, absolutely. But there’s a big difference between being listened to, as one voice among many, and being catered to.

I don’t want to look at numbers too much here, because gender is something that’s very hard to quantify, but I think it’s important we get a sense of scale. The entire College is comprised of roughly 2500 students, with about 600 students per class. Out of those 600 students, how many would identify as male, trans* or otherwise gender-nonconforming? This is where things start to get tricky, and there’s certainly no good way to quantify things. I’ll speak from my experience and say that in my time (2006-2010), I knew roughly one to three, maybe four, people per class who I knew were openly and actively exploring their gender identity while at the college.

That’s about 0.5% of one class. 0.25% of the school.

So it seems presumptuous to demand that the College change its very raison d’etre for me, for us. Certainly, there will be the few of us who are transgender at Wellesley, and while it’s important that we feel safe in this space, we are still men in a women’s space. All I’ve ever excepted is to be respected and treated like human being, and Wellesley has never been anything but accommodating and respectful of my transition and my gender identity and, honestly, I don’t know what else I could ask for.  The rest of our lives will be spent as men in a man’s world, so why not use this time at Wellesley to listen to the voices of our sisters, to learn how we can one day promote positive change and gender equality in the wider world?

As Caleb Wolfson-Seeley put it so eloquently, this is not about us. Wellesley is an institution that has a long important history of empowering strong women, and, as a man of Wellesley, I could not be more proud of my alma mater’s commitment to single-sex education. It is the reason I am aware that my male voice carries a different weight and can be louder, and easier to hear, than others. But the very fact that such a privilege exists is why we need places like Wellesley for women.





I don’t think you understand my utter and inexpressible excitement that the Candle Wasters have chosen Love’s Labour’s Lost as their next adaptation. I know it won’t be a direct adaptation, but y’all LOVE’S LABOURS LOST IS MY JAM.

In the original play, the King of Navarre and his three dude friends solemnly swear to devote the next three years of their life to study—no parties, no ladies, no indulgences, no nothing. Then, of course, the Princess of France comes along with her three ladies, who have met the King’s three friends before. Four dudes who’ve sworn off women, four ladies who love to banter…I think you can see where this is going. There are other subplots, one involving a goofy Spanish soldier and one involving a teacher and a priest trying to out-wit each other, but the main drift is that the dudes love the ladies in earnest, but the ladies think they’re just joking because of the Solemn Vow they took at the beginning of the play. And the big point of conflict between the dudes and ladies is how can the dudes be trusted if they so easily break promises they so seriously made?

Yeah. So that’s a major emotional conflict that LLL and NMTD have in common.

But I’m most excited because THE CHARACTER PARALLELS Y’ALL. 

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