i like how dudes live in a world where most of the time they just don’t even consider possibly dangerous situations like a guy you just met on tinder will ask you to come to his house and not even think anything of it….. like…… do they not see how that’s weird. i’m not meeting you at your house for the first time at 11 at night…… what kind of dream land are men living in i’m just wondering

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Klance college headcanons? I'm nervous about going back to class :(

Awe anon don’t worry! If you need help with starting college or going back to it just come here and I will help you!

-That dude that’s always playing ultimate frisbee with his friends in quad somehow, that’s Lance. Does he go to class? Who knows? 

-In reality, Lance spends most of his time not playing ultimate frisbee studying. His parents are helping him pay for his schooling and he has a lot of siblings, so he keeps his grades as high as he can to hold down a decent scholarship. Lance tutors because it helps him learn, and that’s how he met Keith 

-Keith is half Korean but grew up speaking strictly Korean with his mother’s parents. He struggles to read/write English, feels a lot of pressure about getting good grades, and needs a lot of help writing essays, but Lance is really good at explaining English from when he learned it in school

-Lance really loves the cute little, wide-eyed, “ohhhh” thing Keith does when he finally starts to really understand something

-One day, when its just starting to get colder outside, the Library is uncomfortably hot and they’re both kind of just, sweating it out to work on homework together. Keith is watching sweat run down Lance’s neck and has a moment of “oh shit my tutor’s really hot”

-They spend the next few homework sessions with Pidge because Keith keeps dragging them along as a buffer because being alone with Lance makes him blush a lot. Lance doesn’t mind, Pidge helps him with his chemistry homework

-Pidge outright tells Lance Keith likes him as soon as Keith goes to the bathroom the first time they’re dragged along to the tutoring session

-Lance thinks it’s cute that Keith is so embarrassed, and he starts to bring Hunk with him who quickly becomes very good friends with Pidge (they build stuff together) They start to ditch Keith and lance alone as often as they can in hopes that one of them will just god damn make a move on the other

-A summer goes by and they comes back to school and Keith has made so much progress that he’s worried he won’t want to get tutored anymore, but Keith messages him as soon he’s back on campus and when they meet at the back table in the library where they always sat together, Lance just pulls Keith into a kiss because fuck waiting around anymore and when they pull away Keith, flustered and red, points out that about half the room is staring at them

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I might set up a CAH game today again. I dunno I feel like playing it… 
[Epic Countdown] and don’t get confused with the date. That’s just the case for germany.

Also don’t worry about all this. I might spam this blog with weird stuff but the chats are still coming every day. I want to get to know you guys and play with you but I’ll start tagging everything that’s not a chat as others so you can blacklist that if you’re just here for them. Which is totally fine ‘cause that’s the main reason I created this blog.

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Solangelo reminds me of the song "When the Day Met the Night" by Panic! At the Disco idk if that's just me or not (if you haven't heard it I highly recommend checking it out)

I love that song so much!!! And I can definitely see it suiting Solangelo

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Guilt !

Here to There verse.

Ben’s trying not to doze off while he reads when Andy comes into their room, announcing he’s just met a girl and her friend-

“No,” Ben says, knowing Andy isn’t listening as he applies some deodorant on.

“Ahh come on, dude. Your nose has been in that dumb book for a week.”

Ben raises his eyebrow. “I just started this.”

“What? Whatever man. You never go out anymore. Come on. This girl is really cute.”

He doesn’t care though. All he wants to do is read and text with Leslie. If Andy goes out he might even get to Skype with her.

Andy pulls the book from Ben’s hands. “I’m not giving this back until you say yes.”

Ben figures it’s better than what Andy usually does, which is sit on him, or carry him to the bar over his shoulders. Still, he has to decline. “Not interested.”

“Give me one reason. And don’t say because some dumb show is on tonight You’ll just torrent it to watch fifty times tomorrow anyway.”

Ben counts in his head. What he wants to say is because I’m in love with your sister and I hate lying to you. Because the guilt has been eating him up inside since the first time he kissed her.

He says nothing.

“It’s Saturday night, Ben. Come out with us. You’ll have fun.”

Leslie will find out. And no matter how hard she’ll try to hide it, she’ll be disappointed and jealous.

He can deal with the jealousy. It’s the way her smile falls and her eyes refuse to look at him he can’t stand.

“There’s someone.”

Andy frowns. He looks remarkably like Leslie. “Who?”

He can’t say Leslie. “Just um, a girl. I met her on the internet.” It’s the first thing that comes to him.


“She uh, goes to Purdue.” Again, it just comes. He hopes Leslie forgives him for sending her to their biggest rival.

“Fuck them, they suck.”

“Yeah I know, but um, I like her. A lot. And you know I kind of uh, want to be monogamous with her.”  Forever.

“Dude. That’s great. Okay tell you what. You come out tonight. I’ll even tell Susan you’re off limits and we’ll just drink some beer and have fun. Hey, are you sure she’s girl? Cause I saw that movie-”

“It’s not a catfish situation,” Ben promises.

Andy smiles, all hopeful and again, he’s reminded of Leslie. “Yeah, okay,” Ben agrees. He doesn’t really have a choice.  

He’ll just leave early.

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Yeah dude. Like honestly reading this in all its entirety just sounds like something to do with your demisexuality? Like, being a sex positive ace you want to experience that stuff but it just doesn’t come as easily? And the whole wondering if something’s wrong with you? There isn’t, I promise you there isn’t, craving touch and affection is cool and normal and not having it met is a bummer when the sexual attraction isn’t there.

Definitely, like basically the main reason I came to the conclusion about my sexuality was because of how I felt about sex and intimacy and affection. I like sex, think it’s awesome, wouldn’t mind having it, but I was definitely not okay with just anyone. I never felt sexual attraction to random people. In high school when I had crushes on people I literally thought “wow I wanna hold their hand and go to dinner and treat them right” lmao that was it, there was no looking at someone and going “wow I want to fuck them”. I could acknowledge they were attractive (I’m ace not blind) but while my friends were like “I wouldn’t mind hooking up with them” I had a completely different mindset. So it’s such a weird thing, figuring this all out. I’m always DTFAGTKYABCWYAEAMCWY (down to fuck after getting to know you and being comfortable with you and establishing a meaningful connection with you) lmao. Coming to terms with being cool with myself is always going to be a journey of ups and downs and figuring shit out but it’s absolutely awful when your own mind attacks you for it and I over analyze myself which concludes in “the majority of society is like A and you’re not so you’re wrong” and it’s just like “please shut up you’re not helpful” lol 

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so I find this kinda funny and I thought I would share because you're like "story time anons come here" person on my dash. anyways: my own friend is like a fucking furnace dude and I'm the exact opposite I'm always freezing no matter what. and we met up after school for a thing today and we haven't see each other in a while and he takes my hand and goes "yes, still cold" and he'll stick close by me and sometimes he'll say my name and I'll just reach back and give him my hand to hold

ok the fact that i’m the home for anon stories is rlly sweet and cute omf

ANYWAYS that’s literally my favorite trope of all time, holy gosh, platonic hand holding and ‘im cold and ur warm’ is so so so… pure…… like can u imagine a great supervillain going like “:/” and their villain friend touching their hand like “yes still cold :)” and then holding their friend to balance th heat

thats 2 pure and soft and gentle !!!!