hi everyone! i’m sorry for not posting something in a while, i’ve been away on vacation and then i went straaight to närcon in sweden, uuughh, i’m exhausted… anyways! during the flipping awesome convention i met a looottttt of new gf fans that are now my friends, yaaay! if you guys see this, you mean a lot to me you guys, you awesome dudes! i’m already lookin forward to the next con :,D

two of em cosplayed coven dipper and mabel, so i got inspired and drew my inspired version of coven mabel, a coven dipper will come sooner lmao :D

i just reaaaalllyyyyyyyyyy love this au, with the theme of covens and wicca and all that!

Ganon explanation

So I guess I’ll explain how ganon will occasionally appear in this blog

Dude can travel between dimensions (which also mean he’s unaffected by the forget spell). He’s been in the mushroom kingdom before but only while Midbus was frozen so the two never met and mid has no idea what he’s capable of

Gan comes back once every century just to give bowz a hard time and see if he’ll consent to a casual encounter if you catch my drift UvU his “koopiglet” had a nice butt and he misses tapping that now and then

But he’s an Unremorseful asshole over thaaaat whole situation and he never gets any so he seeks a new plaything everytime he visits. Always the chubby baras too

Oh look this time there’s Midbus. He’s got just the right bowzesque body shape “hello there pillow pecs”

Mid is of course flustered and none too keen on a guy taller than him being so aggressive so it’s just a case of cat and mouse with Midbus rebuking every advance which makes ganon try harder UvU

Meanwhile he probably be up and down the kingdoms looking for more big guys yes

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what about the fact that 5sos (except luke) won't talk to fans that they don't find physically attractive? there was also that entire time that ashton wanted to fuck a fan and the guard told him that she was 14 and he was still really creepy and was grabbing her ass? and yea they are racist because they make racist keeks all the time.

well this is all from that “5sos are problematic” tumblr post, which has really sketchy information. all of it comes from rumor, there’s no evidence and in all the cases it’s one girl saying it happened. imo they’re just seeking attention spreading gossip because they don’t like 5sos but idk. 

them only talking to fans they find physically attractive is a load of bullshit and gets me so frustrated tbh. anyone who’s met them will tell you they’re really nice and that they had a great experience (you can watch lots of fan meeting videos on youtube, there’s nothing bad at all, just very nice dudes being very nice to their fans, including poc btw). that includes not conventionally attractive fans if you know what i mean - sorry, sounds really mean but yeah. the ashton thing was again, from one girl saying she saw it but nobody else could confirm and nothing like that has happened before. the couple of racist keeks were from 2013 when they were dumb teenagers, nothing like that has happened since and they’ve admitted that they’ve grown up a lot since then 

so yeah, not trying to be mean or anything but that stuff is all from like one girl and what she told that one blog. personally, i doubt it’s true and that she was just looking for attention like i said. my point is there’s no proof for any of it and it always is just one girl saying “omg they were mean!!!!11″ without evidence or anyone else to back it up and say they had a similiar experience. 

and just one last point, those claims are from 2013 and none have come about since :) 

misc. rp starters #1

1. “There’s no way that’s going to fit through the door.” (Open to any context)

2. “Do you believe in ghosts?” (Spoopy ghost infestation time)

3. “Hi I just met you, I may be crazy, but there’s a raptor on my ass so help me maybe?” (Your muse is being attacked by a dinosaur and comes to mine for help)

4. “SWEET JESUS IS THAT A ROASTED MAN’S LEG?!?” (Your muse walks in on my muse mistakenly committing cannibalism)

5. “Your face is cute, lemme get a closer look at it~” (Your muse gets uncomfortably close to mine)

6. “Meet me in the pit.” (Your muse challenges mine to a fight)

7. “Dude, I love you in a platonic sense and I wish to be friends with you.” (What it says on the tin)

8. “So like, there’s this bulge on my neck and I think it may be a second head growing???” (What is says on the tin)

9. “Do you like bagpipes? *SCOTLAND THE BRAVE PLAYS LOUDLY*” (What it says on the tin)

10. “It’s a bird! It’s a plane!” (Your muse falls from the sky and lands on my muse)

11. “I think there’s someone following me…” (Your muse is being stalked by an unknown threat!)

12. “Fainting goats” (Your muse passes out in front of mine)

13. “SAVE ME SATAN!” (A person is being possessed by a demon and our muses have to exorcise it)

14. “Only dreams now.” (Your muse walks in on mine having a nightmare)

15. “WELL EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE ME PRINCESS” (My Muse unintentionally offends your muse)

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About the older brother of my friend when I first time met him just when he had moved here from the US, i was visiting my friend but he hadn't told about my visit for him, I decided to bake cookies while my friend was walking their dog but then while i was baking his older brother comes out of his room completely naked walks into the kitchen and then watches me for a minute until he realized that he was naked and says "you are lucky because i have the best looking dick in this family"


the wonders of dudes never cease

wait question if you aren’t US where are u m8

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IM STILL FRAGILE! It’s been 2 months lol

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Howd you meet this bf? I on,y ask cause im hopelessly alone dude

We met on grindr. We’d just hang out, have a drink, have sex. Or find a third. Then it gradually turned into us hanging out like every day and always spending the night with each other. Then meeting the other’s friends and family and going on vacation together and just coming to the realization that we’re in a relationship one day

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hey man how you been? do you remember me?you ready for senior year?! can you believe we met before either of us dare to come out and now we're both gay as hell and proud about it!

YES DUDE OH MY GOD BLESS GETTING MORE CONFIDENT WITH WHO WE ARE *high fives* yeah I’m looking forward to senior year just so I can get it over with man cause I have some big plans for after I graduate and I can’t wait. How’ve you been?

Gratitude, 7/17/15

Got to eat at this awesome restaurant today for my friend’s birthday. There were ninjas everywhere, I kid you not. It was a ninja themed restaurant and like the waiters were ninjas. They would even try to scare you here and there. Almost punched one in the face out of reflex haha. Grateful for that awesome place and for catching myself from punching the waiter… Twice

Also grateful for multiple other reasons, I’ll just put them all under dancing lol. Met this guy who gave me alot of pointers on dancing that proved beneficial instantly. Even met this other dude (nicknamed wolf… So you know it was an awesome encounter) who wanted me to teach him dancing.

Today was an amazing day.

P.S. My girlfriend comes back from her cruise tomorrow :D

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heyo the "The Fosters is actually the best show." post is kinda gross to me (maybe not to you idk if im overreacting) but the girl is outing all this stuff about the dude maybe without his permission? like "when I met him he was literally binding" maybe he's not out to the other guy as being trans? sorry if im overreacting it just is puttin a bad taste in my mouth

yikes i get where youre coming from so!! i dont watch the show in question so i cant say if the context is shes been given permission or told not to do that later. or if its just flatout rude n not called out but im sorry you had to see it n get a bad taste in your mouth,,, its not overreacting at all once you mention it!

This dude just sent me a snap saying “you ever want to ask a question but is too scared it’ll ruin things?” And I answered with “not sure ??” And he just goes “never mind I’m being dumb”



I know what the fuck you want, and instead of being a pussy about it how about you just come out and say it so I can actually turn you down. We danced around each other for months, and the few occasions we met you were a fucking twat to me while playing all nice and sweet.

I’m not coming back to london and it’s so hard to tell him because all he talks about is “how he gets through work knowing I’m coming back soon” or what we should do when I come back and he’s even bought a fucking present for me, god he stresses me out so bad

I’m telling him tomorrow cause I’m fucking done and he needs to know so he can take a step back

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Dude that's so awesome! Have you ever seen members of the main cast just like strolling down the street and thought "Oh yeah that's Lana Parrilla she seems pretty chill." Annoying question is annoying I'm sorry I'm just really curious.

Haha no worries no worries! I don’t keep up with the show myself, so I never went out of my way to try and meet them- my boss however has met a few! (Sorry I don’t know their real names!) we’ve had the little boy, Henry I think was come into the candy store where I work, and the actor who plays Captain Hook come in. Fun story, we have a number of ouat themed candies, and he came in while my boss was making Captain Hook bags, and he bought a whole bunch!

We also have Snow White bubblegum fudge, and the actress who plays Snow White is a big fan apparently, and was eating it during her pregnancy. She also apparently sends someone in to get some for her when she’s on set

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We don't know each other. We've never met, never even spoken, but your Instagram caught my interest. Your photos are great and let me tell you, you're so beautiful. Unbelievably beautiful. Any guy who has you is the luckiest person in the world. You're just perfect. <3 <3

dude who are you? pls come off anon!!

I come out as thinking I may have ADHD to a friend of mine.

“I wouldn’t associate you with ADHD.”

Thanks for the support, dude. Just because I’m not being stereotypically ADHD like, and because I don’t talk about every one of my problems doesn’t mean it isn’t a thing. Been considering this for almost a year now and only became kind of comfortable with it last month. I didn’t just decide this yesterday.

Kinda wish that my first outright mention of it to anyone outside my family and Tumblr would’ve been met with better reception than that,

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Mun vs. Muse: the anon liking Fred

Fred: I think they just got lost, I have met nobody who has even shown a shred of interest in me outside of the desire to eat me.

Mun: Oh come on, you’re a hot dude Freddo. If someone likes you, you should open your arms and welcome them in. Go on a date for the first time in your life!

Fred: You say that as if you think the way they like me is romantic. If, and I mean if, I was the correct recipient of that message they might just like me as a Professor. Perhaps they like me in an academic sense, maybe they just like how my hair looks today. 

Mun: And maybe they want to date you, woo you, bed you and wife you.

Fred: I’m a man.

Mun: You know you want to be wifed. Have someone put a ring on it because they like it.

Fred: How does a misplaced message mean someone wants to marry me? You are a strange woman.

Mun: I’m an optimistic woman. You’re too old to be single forever son.

Fred: I’m not your son. And I’m not old.

Mun: You’re a thirty year old virgin. If someone likes you, take advantage!

Fred: I may be in my thirties and a virgin but I’m not just giving that to an anonymous stranger who pops in and says they like me. I have more self respect than that.

Mun: Yet you put your dick in your– MRPFHMMMGRRLLL

Fred: -has put his hand over her mouth- No, bad writer. Bad.

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oh wow, that sounds really scary! Good on you for reporting them! You've never seen any of them in person, though, including Liechtenstein dude (as you worried about him coming to Israel)? Nobody knows where you live, do they?

No of course I haven’t met them. And I wouldn’t no matter what, even if there were other people present. 

I never gave them my exact address but they know my full name and that I live in Jerusalem. I don’t think any of them are savey enough to be able to detect it somehow, it just really gives me the creeps to think this dude might come to Israel and want to meet me. 

RE-READ: REX MUNDI by Arvid Nelson, EricJ, and Juan Ferreya.

This is an oldie but a goodie. Arvid Nelson, the mastermind behind this excellent series–by far the best Holy Grail story I’ve ever read–is back and is currently showing his young adult fantasy book around to publishers. Here’s some info about it.

Arvid was one of the very first comic writers that I befriended back in the Queens days. The first time we met we had Indian food just under the 7 train stop for Woodside and it was delicious and amazing and we talked about telling alt history stories and I did a piece on him for some website I was writing for at the time. Anyway, he’s come back into my life and I’ve very, very thankful for it because not only is a brilliant writer, but a great dude. So if you’ve read Rex Mundi sound off. 

feeling so down lately. the only time i find myself smiling is when im talking with him. but even then, i still dont know what we are & that frustrates me immensely. i just wish things were alot more straight forward. i guess the kiss was a factor in that… but since then its just kind of been, meh. i hate how easily i fall for people. 

i just want him to come back home so i can watch him while he drives on that dirt road & sing under his breath. it gets me every time.

for now, i suppose ill go out & get plastered, probably dance with some dudes i just met, then regret every moment of it in the morning while i ask him about his sleep.

its so hard to stay on target when you have no idea what his intentions are - friends or more. so im not going to restrict myself when neither him nor myself are committed into anything.

thats not wrong, is it?

it is wrong. its so wrong. ive fallen so damn hard for this glorious man.