Hi, I’d just like to take a minute to thank all of the fanfic authors that literally kill themselves doing research and taking so many necessary steps towards creating a work of art that is historically accurate and believable, even taking the most minute details into consideration. Thank you for putting so much love and care into your story. You guys do not get nearly enough credit.

Soooo, @rickskatana made this beautiful piece of artwork for my current Work in Progress: Musings of Rick Grimes

Let me tell y’all how much I ADORE/LOVE this. I was having a bit of writers block, but this imagery is igniting stuff and thangs.

Thank you so much @rickskatana for dong this. It is so lovely!!!!

Thank to you, Richonners, for taking the time to read my work!!!!

I really appreciate it!!!

I’ll be on a 16-hour flight tomorrow and I have downloaded a few fics to read on the plane (thank you to everyone who rec’d a fic for frf!) but I was wondering if any of you had some long fic recommendations for me! (Or any more fics tbh I haven’t been able to read much for the past two weeks and I’m sure some amazing new ones have come out!)

anonymous asked:

Thank you so much for the effort you're putting in your works to show all of us. If you disappeared for a year, I'd still be happy to hear that you got relax alone and nothing of your works. That might have seemed like a strange statement but you are a really inspirational and model artist. Keep up the best for what makes you happy! Thank You for what you've given all of us!

Thank you! It’s words like these that help me keep going even when I feel like I’m spinning my wheels or not being as productive as everyone around me!


I reached a follower milestone recently and I thought I’d do my first follow forever! 

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I just want to say thank you. All of you. Nothing’s happened to me or anything I just really want to thank you guys for being here.

And not just for supporting texts.
Thank you for just being there following me and just knowing I can always count on you guys being there.

The support from you guys was something I never actually expected when I first made this blog. I didn’t expect it to take off. I didn’t expect it to help our YouTube channel. And I certainly didn’t expect to get fanart.

You guys are absolutely incredible. Every last one of you. I honestly can’t imagine my life without you guys anymore. Every day I’m thinking “Would they like this?? Maybe I don’t know.

"Oh I know I’ll ask everyone what they think!”
“I should give them a heads up to what’s happening.”
“Oh they’d love this.”

A bunch of stuff like that. Which is partly why I haven’t made as much texts lately because I want them to be really good when they come out. Quality over quantity yknow?

Long story short thank you. Thank you all for being here. Thank you for helping me on my darkest days. Thank you for being my friends. And thank you for bringing life to Qubé

Thank you all.


Followers: 9000+
Milestone: Achieved
Meme: Activated

i am forcibly removed from the internet


In honor of getting over 1k followers, I will be doing requests!

* Send me your name (anon or not), and I will make a list about what makes me think of it!

* Send me a  🎵, and I will make a playlist for your name, or I will hit shuffle on my songs, and will name the first song and write my favorite lyric from it!

* Send me prompts from the link on my blog with a few characters, and one line of dialogue, and I will write a one-shot for it!

* Send me requests for headcanons!

* Or just ask me anything you want to know about me! 

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