I AM SUPER LATE WITH THIS, I’m sorry! I’ve been down with a cold since we got back. :(

anyway last weekend we went to the wedding of two giant nerds, aka Winter and Keiliy! if you frequent my livestreams you’ve probably met them or heard them talking once or twice, and some of you may also know Winter as the guy who created Dark Woona for Moonstuck! did I mention they’re married now? because they are!!

congratulations you guys!! (also sorry if I messed up your OCs, I’m a horrible friend)

justaverysmallplant  asked:

this blog makes me sO happy just. thank you so much for existing and being high quality ♡

Anonymous said to yourplayersaidwhat:

I gotta say I’m impressed with how much work you guys do on this blog. Especially since there’s only two of you.

Thank you both!!! :D Yeah, it’s a lot of work, but we do it ‘cause we love making people happy!

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Another year has gone by and I figured I’d do another Follow Forever!

I will start off with the lovely people who really make a difference for me, I can’t imagine my time on Tumblr without them. Whether it’s just talking to them, helping me out personally, or just helping with gifs, all these ladies are awesome.

@notmydate, @ewebie, @watsonsdick, @fuckoff-imacting, @rominatrix, @hobbitbilbo, @thefreemanwizard, @madnina, @bagginses and lastly @justsuperblue who is like my sista from another mista! Love you all!

LOVE EVERYONE ELSE AS WELL, All these blogs are top notch, and I love them all to pieces!


@aconsultinghufflepuff, @akhaste, @alasse-m, @angiefsutton, @annabanana90, @areichenbachfall, @areyousuretonightsadangernight, @bartonfinks, @bbcbluebell, @bilbo-baggins-is-fantastic, @bilboo

@bilbosexual, @blackstarjp, @bookaddled, @capt-john-h-watson-md, @captainjohnwatson, @clueinglooks, @cookie-eat-me, @crazyatyou, @cupidford


@darlingbenny, @dmellieon, @drjohnwatsn, @e-l-e-n-a-t, @engazed, @eternity-is-a-terrible-thought, @fideliant, @forget-your-troubles-get-happy, @fortheloveofjawn, @free-martinis, @freebeardhell, @freeman-martypants


@gatissmark, @ghislainem70, @guixonlove, @gutendream, @half-of-a-halfling, @halloawhatisthis, @hobbit-feels


@iamnotamagpie, @jamandbiscuits, @jamlockk, @johnhamishwatson, @johnnlocked @johnlockhell, @johnlockhell221b, @johnlocklives, @johnwantsit
@johnwatlock, @jonnyluvssherlock, @kipli, @kissmywatson, @leeleesun


@m-sock, @mapleleafcameo, @martin-freemanomg, @martinfreefan, @martinfreemantor, @martinfreethebooty, @martinfreetrash, @martinjfreeman, @martinsassman, @martinthehunkyhobbit, @martyfreethrow, @melancolia, @militarykink, @miss-dramateen, @missdaviswrites, @mistermartypants, @miurt, @mmmaxi, @moriartyisrising, @mycroftistry, @not-john-watson, @notfuckingbeige


@path-of-arete, @paranoidfridge, @propergenius, @purrlockholmes, @redcat18


@sannapersikka, @scrub456, @shamelessmash, @sherlockens, @sherlockfalls, @sherlockscarf, @shirelockhomes, @shortsexyhard, @shutuporiwillmarryyou, @signofthreegarridebs, @skyefullofstars, @so-f, @starinthesky28, @starrysummer-nights, @studyinjawn, @the-enigmatic-crux, @thefreebeard, @therealmartinsgrrrl, @thereichenbachjazz, @thesignoffreeman, @thistie, @tinymartin, @tolkiencraft


@valeria2067, @watsonsanatomy, @willietheplaidjacket, @yoebagginsholmes, @youcantsaymylastname

Okay, So I know I’ve probably forgotten some people, but I follow a lot of blogs, so I could have missed a few. I hope everyone I follow has a great new years! I look forward to fangirling over everything with you all in the New Year! This last year has been a blast!