I AM SUPER LATE WITH THIS, I’m sorry! I’ve been down with a cold since we got back. :(

anyway last weekend we went to the wedding of two giant nerds, aka Winter and Keiliy! if you frequent my livestreams you’ve probably met them or heard them talking once or twice, and some of you may also know Winter as the guy who created Dark Woona for Moonstuck! did I mention they’re married now? because they are!!

congratulations you guys!! (also sorry if I messed up your OCs, I’m a horrible friend)

We recently broke 700 followers, and while I’ve missed the last several milestones, I wanted to do something special for this one. Finishing that big group pic seemed like a good way to start, so here we are, with the entire main cast of the AU, including an early reveal of our dear queen Toriel.

I want to thank everyone for their continued support. Knowing that I have an audience out there is a huge motivator, and I’m extremely grateful. 

Now that this pic is done, I’ll see about doing some more asks/submissions over the weekend. Got like 100+ to go through, and I apologize for the delay. At any rate, have a terrific day!