i haven’t seen enough posts about this so here i go. but pls pls pls do not make this tragedy about ot4/5 (or anyone else that is close to louis and his family) posting their apologies publicly. just because they are not tweeting @ louis or the other members of his family, does not mean they are not calling/facetiming him/them or sending texts privately. pls do not make this into that. it’s so much more than that.

Sorry, but if your theories on a show don’t line up with actual canon, I’m going to tell you you’re wrong. Get tf over it.

Like y'all are really going to sit there and say Stiles was responsible for Claudia’s death, and for Allison and Aiden’s deaths as well like???

A.) Claudia literally had a fatal disease, so she’d be dead regardless of whether or not Stiles existed (did you seriously not hear Mama McCall comment on how she shouldn’t even be alive after reading her medical records)
B.) They all three (Scott, Allison, and Stiles) opened up doors in their mind and any one of them could have been possessed, it wasn’t Stiles’ fault he got possessed.
C.) The Claudia that is in the show now is definitely off, she’s not just “alive because Stiles never existed so he never caused her death” (I’ll direct you back to point A for that one).

I mean come ON. Sorry, but I’m going to call you stupid when I pointed this stuff out to you and you continue to spout the same nonsensical theories.

noooooo my brother is going to get overwatch for christmas please god just end me now, i hate everything about that game and now the enemy will be in my house


6 selfies from 2016. Courtesy of @rockmusicplays for tagging me! :) Thanks

…I have a habit of taking selfies while walking my dogs ok…which means I have a lot of selfies 

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Ah, yes. Even better. Take ONE HUNDRED pictures. Decide which THREE to use after you’ve deleted the first SIXTY of the SAME camera angle moved by [__] much

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✦ i just love cinema!! and for some reason german cinema is my absolute fave.
✦ i attach a lot of importance to the lyrics of the song. i appreciate good instrumental so so much but lyrics are usually a crucial factor to me because i’m prone to associate them with characters (or myself).
✦ i have a shit ton of writing ideas in my mind which would be even better if they got a film adaptation but i’m sure it will never happen,
✦ mainly because i will most likely study linguistics next year even though i’m not interested in it at all :// (apparently florian henckel von donnersmarck is a russian teacher so maybe i’m not completely lost to this world)
✦ russian is my native language, i understand german most of the time, and i speak english. kinda. only when i’m writing in it because i’m too awkward to actually fluently speak it irl
✦ in fact i’m too shy and awkward to communicate irl in any language and this has been ruining my life
✦ i love germany just as much as german cinema and want to live there one day. additional points if i would live in berlin. this city is full of history and its very own charm.
✦ i haven’t swum since the age of like 12 and it was in pool because i’m scared of seas, lakes, rivers and shit like this lmao
✦ i survived a meteor explosion back in 2013 yay
✦ broadly speaking, i took two flights to travel to another country so i could visit the concert of the band that hasn’t even released their first album yet.
✦ tom is the light of my life and i love him ,,,,,,

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10 Songs + 10 Mutuals

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1.• Come on Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners

2.• Crazy=Genius - Panic! At the Disco

3.• Forgive and Forget - The Kooks

4.• Rhythm After Summer - EXO-CBX

5.• The Judge - Twenty Øne Piløts

6.• Ophelia - The Lumineers

7.• Coffee - BTS

8.• We Sink - Of Monsters and Men

9.• GOOD - GOT7

10.• Salvatore - Lana Del Rey

*** *** ***

I would like to nominate:











fixaidea  asked:

Do you think E/F is more of a rowboat or a canoe? By fic count on AO3 it's not the rarest of rarepairs, so maybe at one point it was more popular? Before I joined the fandom? Because nowdays, besides myself, you're about the only one I see actively producing content for it. (But maybe I'm just not looking hard enough :( )

Hum, I’d say it’s a rowboat! I know at least a handful of people who ship it, to varying degrees - not necessarily producing content, which is fine, just encouraging the ones who do is enough, ahah! Like, when I, say, write a E/F drabble, if it was a canoe I’d feel like no one would really care, but I know at least a few other people like this ship too and so I usually get a few notes. idk if the dictinction makes sense?

Music Meme

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Artist: Darren Hayes

What’s your gender? My, Myself, and (I)

Describe yourself: Dirty

How do you feel? Black Out the Sun

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Lucky Town

Favorite mode of transportation: Walk Away

Your best friend:  Perfect

Favorite time of day: Setting Sun

Your life’s a TV show. What’s it called? Waking the Monster

Relationship Status: The Only One

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✦ i love music and all aspects of it and i love singing and making music and playing music and!! 

✦ i’m planning on going to music school next year!! and i wanna teach it as my career hehe

✦ i love languages and i want to learn so many!! i know spanish and french to an extent and i wanna lead german and russian and hawaiian 

✦^^hawaiian bc i’m half hawaiian and it’s sounds so neat

✦ i want to study abroad so bad and i really wanna go to england!!

✦ i love traveling so much!!! there’s so many places i want to go 

✦ i love to read :-) 

✦ i’m american so yeehaw cowboy

✦ i love period dramas and i love a good movie (y'all should rec me some movies/tv shows to watch i haven’t seen any good ones lately!!)

✦ im so fascinated by war & peace and everything that has to do with it and if i could just take a college class about war & peace then i totally would 

✦ art and architecture make me so happy!!

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I changed my avi cus I don’t want to physically exist anymore & I look like shit & I’m tired of everyone putting me on a pedestal that I cannot reach.