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Saw photos of Rose in Belfast today. Could this mean she's making a cameo in GoT, maybe showing up in one of Bran's FB? I haven't seen her hanging out in Belfast before, not even last year when kit spent a month there shooting the battle. So this could totally mean she's in town for filming, right?

I would absolutely love that and considering how D&D loved Rose I don’t think that’s totally impossible that they bring her back for a few seconds (especially considering Jason Momoa is also in Belfast, but he’s good friend with D&D so he might just visit too - edit: I’ve been told he was there doing things for Guiness) but I wouldn’t be too hopeful about it to avoid disappointment. She could also be there for several reasons, maybe just to have the chance to see Kit and her friends from the cast, we can’t know for sure. Fingers crossed that she’ll make a cameo before the show ends though !! :D

However I woke up to so many asks ranting about Rose’s private life because she’s in Belfast and as much as I’m grateful for the interest you have in the blog or my opinion, I hope you’ll understand that I won’t answer them as I said before. Just one last rant because this is honestly getting insane : we can’t know what is happening in actor’s lives and it’s their business anyway. I know that it’s hard to wait for news and so the focus is on her private life right now and what is she doing here or there and why isn’t she doing this and blah blah blah, but I don’t wish to know what is happening during her private life and do not care. I love her as an actress and she seems lovely as a person but I don’t enjoy speculating on her every moves. It’s her life, she’s a grown-up, she has the right to do whatever the hell she wants without being judged 24/24. As to people who blame her for all the gossip articles showing up when you google her name, I tried to google a few actresses and let’s see which article comes up first : “Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes move in together after secretly dating for a year while shooting Victoria” , “Game Of Thrones’ Carice van Houten shares kiss with boyfriend Guy…”, “War And Peace’s Tuppence Middleton shows off boyfriend at event”. This is a fucked up world where there are more articles about actors’ private life than their talent, you just have to accept it and ignore it. And if you want to stop following her career or don’t want to be a fan just because stupid gossip sites write about her private’s life or because she doesn’t seem to work enough for your taste when you actually know 1% of what she’s doing in her everyday life, no one’s stopping you. No one’s telling you how to live your life so I don’t get why so many people tell Rose’s how she should live hers especially through this blog. I’m just here to share my love for her/her talent and bring news and even though it always makes me happy to see other fans supporting her I won’t sleep less because some others don’t want to be fans anymore or whatever. There are honestly worse things in the world and I don’t have time for negativity. I don’t know about you but I have enough with taking care of my own life to care about someone’s I don’t even know personnally and I always said that I want to respect her privacy. Thank you for understanding. :)

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Warmth : 58%
Intellect : 58%
Emotional Stability : 22%
Aggressiveness : 86%
Liveliness : 74%
Dutifulness : 42%
Social Assertiveness : 18%
Sensitivity : 46%
Paranoia : 58%
Abstractness : 46%
Introversion : 82%
Anxiety : 30%
Openmindedness : 50%
Independence : 90%
Perfectionism : 58%
Tension : 54%


Warmth : 78%
Intellect : 90%
Emotional Stability : 54%
Aggressiveness : 50%
Liveliness : 86%
Dutifulness : 42%
Social Assertiveness : 90%
Sensitivity : 58%
Paranoia : 46%
Abstractness : 86%
Introversion : 50%
Anxiety : 50%
Openmindedness : 70%
Independence : 30%
Perfectionism : 62%
Tension : 26%


Warmth : 90%
Intellect : 90%
Emotional Stability : 46%
Aggressiveness : 46%
Liveliness : 66%
Dutifulness : 62%
Social Assertiveness : 90%
Sensitivity : 86%
Paranoia : 37%
Abstractness : 74%
Introversion : 46%
Anxiety : 86%
Openmindedness : 78%
Independence : 34%
Perfectionism : 74%
Tension : 18%

-Nea D. Campbell-
Warmth : 14%
Intellect : 70%
Emotional Stability : 70%
Aggressiveness : 82%
Liveliness : 90%
Dutifulness : 22%
Social Assertiveness : 86%
Sensitivity : 26%
Paranoia : 50%
Abstractness : 70%
Introversion : 50%
Anxiety : 14%
Openmindedness : 78%
Independence : 46%
Perfectionism : 42%
Tension : 18%

Warmth : 90%
Intellect : 84%
Emotional Stability : 54%
Aggressiveness : 42%
Liveliness : 70%
Dutifulness : 46%
Social Assertiveness : 90%
Sensitivity : 74%
Paranoia : 62%
Abstractness : 78%
Introversion : 46%
Anxiety : 74%
Openmindedness : 46%
Independence : 26%
Perfectionism : 82%
Tension : 30%

Warmth : 70%
Intellect : 78%
Emotional Stability : 38%
Aggressiveness : 34%
Liveliness : 86%
Dutifulness : 30%
Social Assertiveness : 90%
Sensitivity : 82%
Paranoia : 70%
Abstractness : 86%
Introversion : 42%
Anxiety : 74%
Openmindedness : 78%
Independence : 18%
Perfectionism : 54%
Tension : 18%

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Average Hours of Sleep: 4-6 

Blankets I Sleep With: one (but I have extra pillows & stuff hanging out on the side) 

Favorite Band: idk…………… … ……. ………………… jk lol f(x) for sure 

Dream Trip: hit up all of Asia and then cross over to all of Europe and then to Africa all the way down to the tip and then maybe Antarctica and then from the bottom of South America all the way up to the top of North American (can’t forget Greenland/Iceland!!!) and to Asia again (spec. East Asia bc my culture) 

Wearing Right Now: pajamas… (it’s 23:56 still gotta do my French homework hahA)

Age of Blog: this blog is only a bit more than a month old but I’ve been on Tumblr for like three years (?) 

Following: 334

Posts: 1220 (on this blog)

What I Post About: NCT, occasional SR16G (my girls!!!!!!) 

When did my blog reach its peak? I hope it hasn’t reached its peak yet… 

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Solas makes mistakes, just like any other person in this world. He is victim to his own desires and sadness and prejudices and opinions. And it is his opinion that this world will never be able to be as t was, because all he HAS seen since he woke and watched from Uthenara is that the world is CONSTANTLY trying to destroy itself. He doesn’t hate the Dalish. It’s just that his pride was wounded deeply, along with his trust, because he helped free his people, put his trust and faith in them, and was disappointed to learn they curse his name and worship the gods who once enslaved them. AGAIN, this is not the Dalish’s fault, please don’t get that wrong. I’m not trying to defend Solas’s actions, but at least help enlighten why?

There was once a balance between magic and the world. Magic was everything. Magic was once as natural as breathing. Now it’s just a fizzling flame, dying out. Spirits once had such a deep connection with the elves, and now the elves fear them, just as bad if not worse than humans. Take Merrill’s clan for example: they shunned her when they learned of her blood magic and her connection with a demon. Spirits they often connect with Fen'Harel, the traitor. They’re VERY superstitious.

Basically, I’m saying Solas does care. A lot. About too many things and he doesn’t always process that well. He makes mistakes, and yes, that doesn’t excuse him from what he’s done, but I feel like some people make it out like he IS a God and he should know better. No. Lol. He specifically says he is just as mortal as the slaves he freed.

He even tells the Inquisitor that they have shown him value in this world, and Solas DOES see it. He even saw it in Templar Barris, because Barris is a good man, and Solas could see that. Barris knew his job as a Templar was not to abuse mages, but to protect them from outside hate and even from themselves if need be. But one small value does not save a world from what it once lost, you get me? Again. Solas cares deeply. He LOVES deeply. He’s just very good at compartmentalizing what he feels comes first, and loves has very many different forms, and his love for magic, freedom, balance, and the past will override most things. I do see him possibly changing with some strong opposition from those he cares about, but I also don’t see him giving up easily, hence why I think any ending will result in his death.

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•How old are you? 17

•Current job/dream job? my dream job is teaching english back in indonesia

•What are you talented at? i can draw alright i guess :/

•What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? my goal is to write this fanfic i’ve been delaying for months because of school lol

•What is your aesthetic? rami in a rose gold suit playing in the water of a beach and dragging you along with him

•Do you collect anything? jackets, all types…but i don’t wear them because i never go out

•What is a topic you are always up to talk about? anything to do with rami, pretty much anything really, i love talking to people heck i’d talk about the life cycle of a manatee if someone asked

•What is a pet peeve of yours? people who shit on rami because he looks white

•Good advice to give? i know i joke about staying humble a lot but really, keeping my blessings to myself is the best thing i’ve done. i’m not saying don’t tell anyone, i’m saying don’t tell everyone because there might be people out there who envy you and give you the evil eye

•Recommend 3 songs? anything from the shrek soundtrack

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  • Phoenix Wright + Maya Fey // Ace Attorney
  • Ymir + Historia // Attack on Titan
  • Shinji Ikari + Kaworu Nagisa // Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Max Caulfield + Chloe Price // Life is Strange
  • FeMC/Hamuko + Shinjiro Aragaki // Persona 3 (Portable)

That’s basically my entire blog lmao… It was hard to pick between Hamuko and Shinji and MOMO and Jr. from Xenosaga……. Also Cello stole all of my friends to tag so I’m branchin’ out.

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fez (that 70s show)
nick (freaks and geeks)
juliet (romeo + juliet)

also gotta mention kitty (that 70s show) & michael (the office)

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@monobored tagged me in the name three video game characters that you relate to. 

I chose Mordin Solus from the Mass Effect franchise. I chose him because of the way his brain works. It’s fast acting based off of observations. He has this appreciation for life in all forms even though he helps create this toxin that sterilizes a species. He in the end will do anything to correct his mistakes even if it’s no longer logical. He does it because it’s right.

Second I chose Leliana from the Dragon Age franchis (though I will tell you I only know her from inquisition). She is ruthless but has compassion when it comes to her people. She makes the hard choices. But I also chose her for her knowledge. I’ve always wanted to be that person in the background, watching. The person who sees everything. The spider working its web.

Third I chose Paper Mario because I also am tubby, I don’t talk much, and sometimes I say wahoo!

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i was tagged to describe myself with three characters by @baphos (: It’s Claire Temple because I’m kind enough to help others but leave when I’m taken for granted, Cisco Ramon because I’m a big ass nerd, and Finn because I too hate sand and wonder why everyone wants to go back to Jakku.

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1. I Like it When You Sleep for you are so Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It - The 1975

2. Blurryface- tøp

3. Made in the A.M. -one direction

4. X- Ed Sheeran

5. Sounds Good Feels Good - 5SOS

6. Future Hearts- atl

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