No one better to have as a role model than Louis Tomlinson. Louis teaches us to stand up to those who tell you you’re wrong. To those who tell you’re not good enough, Louis says to believe in your self. Louis shows us to be the loudest voice for those around you who are quieted. How Louis fights may not be something we’ll always see extravagantly, but that doesn’t make what he does any less valuable to the life’s he impacts.

dear joshua dun,

thank you joshua.

thank you for understanding what i’m going through. i have anxiety too, you’re not alone. nobody here back home understands because nobody but me has anxiety in this little town i live in.

you get what it’s like to have that thought in the back of your head that whispers, “you’re not good enough. you’ll never be good enough. you’ll never be close to enough. everyone’s judging you. you don’t deserve all your friends. in fact, they’re not even your friends. they hate you. they just keep you around because they pity you. oh, and your best friend? he’s just using you. ever wonder why he always calls you his body guard and stopped saying ‘i love you’?”

you get that.

sometimes i feel alone in my problems, but i look at you. i REALLY look up to you. a lot. almost too much. you’re honestly my hero.

i could be calling anyone my hero. superman, john cena, my dad, my grandpa, my mom, one of my 47 cousins, i don’t know, anyone.

but i chose you, joshua william dun. you’ve really helped me through a lot. tyler does too, but right now, the focus isn’t on tyler, it’s on you for a change. now i’m gonna share a story if that’s okay with you.

a few years ago, i was called on stage with my friend. i hate being on stage. everyone’s always looking at me and stuff. so i got really, really anxious and i fainted. people didn’t understand how bad this awful monster in my head named anxiety is so they made fun of me for passing out. they started calling me goat. because when goats get scared, what do they do? pass out, flat down on their backs, legs in the air. well i didn’t have my legs in the air. but you get the idea.

anxiety eats you alive. and you understand that. you understand what i’m going through. THAT’S what i love about you. i know you prefer “respect” over “love” because “love” is more personal, but i do love you, but in a different way. there’s more than one kind of love, i do believe. i don’t love you because you’re “cute” or “hot” or whatever most of those girls nowadays call you (that isn’t even love, that’s lust. gross.), i love you because you understand. you understand, you listen, you care. i HATE that you get overlooked or taken advantage of sometimes, all because you’re very kind and trustworthy. people SHOULD NOT do that. you hear our stories too, you feel our pain too. and thank you for listening when we need it, and helping to build us up when we’re down, i really appreciate that.

i respect you with everything i have. you’re my role model, my idol, my hero, everything i aspire to be. i love you, i honestly do.

you’ll often find on my media platforms, i’ll call you my “superhero without a cape” – a lot. whenever i type “my”, my phone’s predictive thing always suggests “superhero” as the next word because i call you my superhero so much.

heck, i hardly refer to you as “josh”; i call you joshua. i guess it’s because i find it the most respectful way to address the man i look up to so much.

one of the major reasons i look up to and respect you so much, is because of the things you do almost every night. i’d imagine that preforming onstage in front of tens of thousands of people is pretty anxiety-triggering, i get uneasy just thinking about it. but you still overcome your anxiety and preform those shows with such a strong presence, and i find that so empowering. it motivates me to keep fighting my demons too, even when i feel like i’m not strong enough, or just not enough in general. sometimes even just thinking of you overpowering your anxiety – or just thinking of you – helps when i start to get a panic or anxiety attack. i couldn’t be more grateful that you strengthen and impact me in so many ways without even having a personal relationship with me. that’s pretty darn amazing, of you ask me.

now, one of the reasons why i love you. you’re human. you’re flawed. you’re not too different from me. you’re not a god. you’re a human. you’re not greater nor lesser than me, just like everybody else. and that’s one of the most lovable things about you; you’re human. you make mistakes. you’re not a perfect person. you’re not flawless. but you’re still amazing.

you’re talented and introspective and you have an artist’s mind, you’re amazing at what you do and i couldn’t imagine anyone else doing what you do. you see the world in a splash of color, you don’t see the night sky as black, but as blue with swirls of purple and red. you’re open-minded and intelligent in more ways than one. you inspire me, and so many other people.

you’re an amazing person. you are incredible, and you’re worth every fan you have. you deserve every second you spend on stage, every song played on the radio. don’t stop doing what you’re doing, don’t stop fighting. you’re good enough – you’re more than enough, joshua. i respect you and i love you, and don’t you forget it. keep it up, superhero.

thank you for taking the time to read this, i know it’s long, i’m very sorry. but thank you for saving so many lives and impacting so many people.

eve, from michigan

I want to talk about this, because I feel like enough people don’t. The idea of hurting ourselves, isn’t always a physical notion but it can be verbal too. I’m talking about that self-deprecating voice that wakes you up at two am, pounding in your head, telling you aren’t good enough. Give up. Stop. Roll over. Quit. I think the idea of us hurting ourselves is so comforting but it’s a defence mechanism too- we hurt ourselves, before anybody else hurts us. We control it. It’s masochistic, and brutal but that hasn’t stopped anyone yet. We need to be nicer to ourselves. Love ourselves. Be kinder to ourselves. We need to alter our infrastructure, and speak to ourselves with forgiveness and compassion. Stay safe. Stay strong. ❤️

anonymous asked:

Dear Lestat, I feel like I'm never enough. Not smart enough for my parents, not good enough of a sister, my work is not nice enough for my teachers, I'm not thin enough, not beautiful enough. Even in things I really put effort into. Do you have any advice for a desperate mortal?

♛Darling, you are good enough *embraces gently* Do we criticize a rose as it begins to bloom? No! You are a work in progress. Do not give others your permission to drag you down or crush your spirit, if that’s what they’re really doing. I’ve been there, I can recog

Of course, sometimes, that’s not what they’re doing. They might actually have something valuable to offer, but when there are so many voices, or it’s the heat of the moment, it feels so unbearably stifling. I know. 

Failure is a part of life. I fail more than I succeed, even in things I’ve put an incredible amount of effort into. Some things can’t be achieved on effort alone, some can’t be achieved at all. Some require different tactics. Each failure is a chance to lay it all out and strategize, whether to keep aiming for that goal, and if so, what steps might better achieve it. Perhaps advice from others is needed, perhaps not. 

Whether these people in your life are right or wrong, I’ve always found nourishment of spirit in inspiration. Seek out that which inspires you and consume it, let it nourish you in the face of negativity. Is it music? Art? Fashion? An indulgent bubble bath with candles and a good book? Do it. 

As for your beauty:

“How to describe what humans look like to us! … you can’t imagine what it’s like for us to look on living flesh. There are those billions of colors and tiny configurations of movement, yes, that make up a living creature on whom we concentrate.

But the radiance mingles totally with the carnal scent. Beautiful, that’s what any human being is to us, if we stop to consider it, even the old and the diseased, the downtrodden that one doesn’t really “see” in the street. They are all like that, like flowers ever in the process of opening, butterflies ever unfolding out of the cocoon.” (TVL)

You are in my thoughts, anon, and I hope you found some strength in my words. If anyone finds you less than beautiful, that is their own limited view of beauty.

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To my fellow severely mentally ill frands; your experience and your disabilities are valid, you are good enough, and you’re amazing and beautiful

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you are everything to me, Billy. You deserve everything good in life. Gosh, I wish I could give it to you. But sadly I know you'd never be silly enough to fall for a guy like me. Because guys like you never go for guys like me. So I guess I'll just have to hold onto my lonesome heart and summon up the courage to live in a world where you and I are never a thing. I'll just have to settle for gazing at your beauty from afar. But in those small moments I swear i am truly and undoubtably complete x

it annoys me so much when people say things like this!! i’m not shallow! i will talk to ANYONE that messages me! stop thinking you’re not good enough for me to reply to you, i’m literally some random guy of the internet. i’m nothing that special so i’m not going to ignore you

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Silly little chemicals that will leave you heart broken and shivering on your bathroom floor at 1am with tears in your eyes. Chemicals that will have you breaking down in the middle of a hallway wondering why you weren't good enough. Chemicals aren't worth it. All he/she is are lots of tiny little blobs glued together. Tiny atoms. And so are you. No different from an animal. Love is an animal instinct to reproduce. You can overpower it if you try. Part 5.

I’ve been there and I do not want to go back tho

Sometimes it’s good to just live life silently. Pay attention to your thoughts as they come and go, and reflect upon your feelings. Sometimes being overly social can offset our inner peace.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin


Do NOT cut tonight. I know it’s hard and I know there are good reasons. But promise me. Whenever you see this on your dash you don’t cut tonight. Don’t even think about it. Whatever happened today to make you want to do this, it’s gone. It’s over. Don’t think about it. Put your favorite music on and think of the best thing you can imagine. And keep those blades away from your beautiful skin. Please. Stay strong. I promise you, you’re not alone. I love you.