‘I mean, Fee, the guy is asking you to court you! It’s like… I don’t know… I think they don’t even write it in books these days because it’s just… too good to be true’, Roosje was gesticulating like a madwoman.

‘I-’ Fern started, but Roosje didn’t give her an opportunity to say anything.

‘What do you want from him, Fee? I’ll never believe you find Storm not good enough for you. He’s smart, he’s beautiful, he’s rich, he’s well-mannered, he’s nice, and has his nails manicured, for god’s sake! I bet he’s all waxed down to-’

‘Huh?’ Fern raised her left eyebrow.

‘I wish a man like this offered me something like that-’

‘You’re married and have three kids, Rose!’ Fern decided it was time to interfere with Roosje’s wild and uncontrolled dreams.


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Prompts: “We should do a couples costume” and “We’re not a couple though?”

Characters: Theo Raeken x reader

Gender: Any/Neutral    Triggers: None

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You flipped through your textbook randomly, not even paying attention. You didn’t really need to study, you were good enough in this class, besides, you were too busy trying to think of a costume to wear to Lydia’s Halloween party.

Theo looked over at you, watching as you flicked through the pages, clearly not readying anything on them. 

He cleared his throat “What are you so distracted by?”

Looking over at Theo you rose your brow “I’m sorry what?”

“Why are you so distracted?” he repeated a little slower

“Oh! Um, I’m just trying to think of something to wear for Lydias party” you said looking back down at your textbook before bookmarking it and closing it.

“Ah, I don’t know what I’m going as either” he said staring at his assignment

“Hmm” you hummed, staring at the wall with your head in your hands

Suddenly Theo thought of something. Looking over at you he watched your face for a moment before deciding to speak “I have an idea”

Looking over at him you immediately saw the small, almost hidden smirk on his face “What?” you asked suspiciously

We could do a couples costume” he said in a serious tone

You paused for a moment “We’re not a couple though?

“So?” he asked with a smirk “We could be, for the night I mean. Or…”

“Or?” you asked watching him closely

 “Or. It could be our first date” he said calmly

“You’re asking me out on a date?” you asked surprised

He chuckled at your perplexed face “Yeah, what’s so surprising about that?”

“I never thought of Theo Raeken as the dating kind” 

He shrugged his shoulders “I’m not…for others. But for you, I could be”

“I’ll take that as a compliment”

“Good. I meant it as one”

Rolling your eyes you looked back at him, noticing how serious he looked. He wasn’t joking. Thinking for a moment you sighed “Alright. I’ll go to the party with you. But. No stupid costumes, we have to agree together on what to wear”

He smiled at you, a genuine relieved and happy smile “Deal”

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When I first heard these words it cut me to my core because I thought wow on a conscious level I know this right? but yet I realized subconsciously I’ve been living my life through the eyes of others, viewing my value through the eyes of others. If a man does not look back when I walk past I must not look pretty enough today, don’t worry tomorrow I’ll do my makeup better, then I’ll get the attention, THEN I’ll feel loved. Wrong. No amount off attention can make you feel good enough babygirl. It’s a vicious cycle till you realise that you are OK just as you are.
God never put the value of any human on the outside, that’s why no matter what you look like, you ARE intrinsically valuable and you ARE enough! Don’t let this backwards world poison you young lady/man. •

It’s been 2 months since I cut my hair and it just feels so good to #breathe this was never JUST about the hair, it was about the barriers that stopped me from really having to look deep within myself. As long as I could dress up the outside for everyone else and distract people with how good I appeared to look then who really needs do the inner work? I mean who wants to be real when you can be fake? it’s so much easier. But fake brings conflict and real brings peace of mind and so I wanted to be at peace with myself more than I wanted to the approval of other people so I just went for it. •

So here it is Series 1 of #SoulSurgery is officially over yet the lessons and the growth still remains. If you want to kick start your own self love journey click the link in my bio. Self love is the first love! How you see yourself effects every area of your life which is why it is SO very important. Thank you for embarking on this journey with me beautiful soul, please share with anyone you think who needs it. The world is changing. Don’t conform, stay true to your convictions and be who God made you. Love you, later x

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Day 17: Sweet Time

Prompt:  “You look good enough to eat” with John

He was sharpening his nails, glancing ever so often at you. You wondered how coy he was, how smart he was to capture you. You shouldn’t have trusted him, you should have listened to Gilbert. He told you don’t trust anyone in the club, he told you that everyone was trouble. And you, without the alcohol in your system, would have heeded that information. But the drunk you, well, that was a different story. John watched your inner turmoil, smiling softly.

He loved when his victims broke from the inside out. It was more satisfying when the blood had the adrenaline flowing through it. Sweeter, he thought. When it was from shock though, it turned bitter. Sometimes he had to drink water along with the blood. He had refined taste after all of these years. You struggled in your ropes, looking back and forth for an escape. He put his nail filer on the side, glaring at his watch. Alexander was supposed to be here by now. 

“Why are you doing this?” You asked through the bindings. He sliced your arm through the struggle. It was hard to resist killing you right there, but he had to. Taming his instinct was something he struggled with. Not Alexander though, which is probably why he was taking his sweet time with getting there.

John walked over, crouching down to look at you. He touched your temple, another place where you were bleeding. He licked the drip off his finger, his stomach growling in satisfaction. He couldn’t wait, you were one of the better tasting ones.

You were glaring at him, waiting for him to answer. He shrugged, pressing his lips to your temple. His tongue glided across the cut. You whimpered, trying to move away. He kissed the spot, grinning. 

“Look at that fear in your eyes. You look good enough to eat.”

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Your self ship is v good and #OTP because Edge would totally love the heck outta you. You are more than good enough for the skele.

Wow, really??? That makes me so happy <3!!! Hhhhhh you precious bb! I doubt Edge would smooch this mess though; but thank you for your opinion <333333!! 

Sometimes it’s good to just live life silently. Pay attention to your thoughts as they come and go, and reflect upon your feelings. Sometimes being overly social can offset our inner peace.
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Do NOT cut tonight. I know it’s hard and I know there are good reasons. But promise me. Whenever you see this on your dash you don’t cut tonight. Don’t even think about it. Whatever happened today to make you want to do this, it’s gone. It’s over. Don’t think about it. Put your favorite music on and think of the best thing you can imagine. And keep those blades away from your beautiful skin. Please. Stay strong. I promise you, you’re not alone. I love you.