Bernie Sanders’s Struggle Continues - The New Yorker
Throughout this campaign—even now, as he endorses Hillary Clinton—Sanders has always said what he meant and stuck to it.

Bernie Sanders’s most admirable characteristic came to the fore last night, and it should not have surprised his most insistent supporters, some of whom chanted “Bernie!” so long and so loudly when he took the stage in Philadelphia that you wondered whether they’d allow the man himself to speak. 

In fact, his integrity should make them proud. Sanders is the rare politician who is not a schmoozer or a pleaser or a prevaricator. Throughout this campaign, and indeed throughout his career, he has said what he meant and stuck to it. And, all along in the Presidential contest, he has said that he would not be a spoiler.

As he put it last July, in an interview aired on C-span, when he was asked whether he would ever run as a third-party candidate, “I made the promise that I would not, and I will keep that promise. 

And the reason for that is I do not want to be responsible for electing some right-wing Republican to be President of the United States.” 

Sanders has kept that promise in letter, and in spirit, by endorsing Hillary Clinton. He’s doing what he said he’d do, and saying why. “Think about the Supreme Court Justices that Donald Trump would nominate and what that would mean to civil liberties, equal rights, and the future of our country,” Sanders said last night. He does not want to turn over the country to a racist demagogue who would irreparably damage it, when there is a candidate who agrees with him on many, if not all, issues and who is temperamentally and intellectually capable of doing the job.

the-hidden-seeker asked:

First of all your blog is fantastic. I’ve bookmarked soooo many of your questions under ‘references’. Secondly, do you have tips for writing friendships? Really intense, “I’d-kill-a-man-for-you” friendships? I’m wondering both about setup and interaction, and how to show the growth of their friendship over time.

Thanks! I’m happy to hear you’re finding it useful. :)

I have two posts on this subject, both of which can be found in my master list. ;)

Levels of Friendship
How Friendships Form

Good luck!

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darkecriture  asked:

I just wanted to drop this in here to remind you that I think you are pretty freaking awesome. I appreciate all the time you took to give me an ear and really glad I got to speak with you more. You've inspired me in more ways than one and generally wish I could do more. Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day. <3

ahhhh ucutie ;ww;

man i rly needed this rn… even tho its probably just late i didnt see that ask in my inbox idk why i checked it but… thanks. you truly are a sweetie. v.v ♥


flora’s quotes about tony stark meme:  ‹‹ They hate him … they hate him for all he is. Rich. Arrogant. Insensitive. But I love him … I love him for all he is. Kind. Self-sacrificing. Growing. ›› quotes by allisonscott.

Let me be the one to witness your growth.
To watch as throughout the years
You become the most tempting man.
Keep me wondering how it is going to be
Not any future but the future with you.
Drive me insane with curiosity
Make me write about you.
Always. And again.

I REALLY NEED TO BE SLEEPING………but I can’t stop writing…….sometimes it just pours out and you’re compelled to keep writing. It’s so long since the creative process has been so strong for me…..over 25 yrs……I’ve written nothing, done no artwork, other than a diary…….Peter, you are inspiring……do you know it? Probably not, but it kinda doesn’t matter……even if what I write or draw is crap, the process behind it gives me more pleasure than I can possibly say.
And for that I will be forever grateful.