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Would you like some “tea” or “snacks”? Aha, I have already “prepared” enough for all of us! Yes, Yes, I saw you coming, uhuhuhu…~

This was FATE who brought you here, she “whispered” in my ear, you know…? She told me you would be “coming.” WHAT AN HONOR! WELCOME!

it is my pleasure… ☽

It’s been a while since you I saw you this excited, teacher. It warms my heart.

She didn’t really introduce herself though, did she? This is my teacher - and friend - Suzukaze. I know she seems eccentric, but she’s really wise. I promise.

[ Suzukaze is now available for questions!]

                           FEBRUARY 2015 - AUGUST 2016

                                        (approx. 2.4k followers)

So the time has come for me to finally say goodbye, but with all of the sincerity possible. Perhaps some of you already saw this coming, considering my activity hadn’t been all that well, and the reasoning for it has both to do with lack of time, and equally, motivation. But it’s been a great ride! I’ve met so many wonderful people that there’s no regret on roleplaying to begin with. I do wish the best of luck to everyone who is still staying strong in the community, as well as those who are just now joining! Now, I don’t want to leave everyone blind, so here’s a little goodbye note?

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Thank you!

I just realized I have a little over one thousand kudo’s on Winter Bird and just…Holy shit. Sorry for my language, but that is insane! I haven’t checked the kudo’s or bookmarks for a little while, but I saw it all last night. Where all of you coming from? 

I am utterly amazed and I feel so honored and grateful to have so many people read what I am writing. You all have no idea how flushed I am, or how fast my heart is going, I never expected this. I mean, when I first posted the story I expected maybe ten to twenty kudo’s. You could imagine the surprise and excitement I had when I received two hundred on the first chapter. And now I am screaming internally. 

Thank you all so much for the support! It is so very sweet and generous and I am beyond thrilled that people even like it! I truly do not have any words to describe just how I am feeling right now! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! 

I feel like a cheesy cartoon, for making this post, but I am just so…I am so grateful, so blessed and you all have no idea just how motivating it is to see so many people enjoy what I write. I hope to keep you all entertained with what I have prepared for Winter Bird, and to keep you all satisfied. Truly, I am so happy that you have decided to join me along this ride and I just…THANK YOU. 

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I did Markiplier’s Warfstache logo on the Undershirt and jeans.

You all saw it coming.

I MIGHT upload this one, or maybe not. I dunno yet.

I doubt I would.

MacCready’s gone MacCreadiplier.

If someone could get Mark to say seductively “I never knew you could do that with mutfruit,” I think I would die a happy person.

i hate the Internet though

my internet connection is usually super fast and flawless, now it cuts in and out for hours and sometimes won’t let me connect to any pages other than google and YouTube…

Meaning I can’t answer requests on my computer and I really don’t want to do it on mobile because it sucks so much.

It ALSO sucks because I wanted to take a break from requests for a bit and do an art stream, but it looks like that won’t be happening either for the time being. >:C

Requests won’t be answered until my internet and computer are one again.

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ahhh you are fabulous <3<3<3

I’ve been officially called fabulous by @selene-yoshi-chan

My life is complete

I just want to say a personal fuck you to everyone who read my posts bitching about S/tranger Things being probably yet another piece of media where the only female character is lined up to be another fucking sex object/male fantasy in the making and NONE OF YOU fucking told me that that is exactly what happens. Nice guys, real nice! 

Couldn't stay quiet

Hey beautiful,

I have been following stephen for a while and saw you coming into his life and all. It really upsets me how everyone including me saw him as a guy who helps girls and stands up for women and everyones insecurities, while he does this awful thing to you. I have seen your videos and you have been through so much already… You deserve so much better princess! I really adore you. You are absolutely stunning, you do what you like. You openly talk about your past and problems and you have the guts to be a cute kitten and work in a sex shop and all and i just think that is amazing! You should never let anyone make you feel bad. You are not slutty or anything that anyone might ever say, you are a stunning queen who deserves all the respect and love in the world. If you ever end up in the Netherlands, you are very welcome at my place. I love you Tori, please stay strong and keep yourself safe. Take care of yourself. I know many people send you messages, but i couldn´t not send anything because this blog made me cry. You are amazing, I hope your family and friends will help you up and take care of you real soon. love from a fellow tiny human.

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Y'know I'm curious about what your initial reaction was coming to Earth. Specifically when you saw all these absolutely gorgeous automobiles, some more beautiful than Cybertronians you've known, and these bizzare tiny aliens, weird squishy organic little things, and when you realized that THEY actually constructed AND designed the beautiful, beautiful cars. Must have been quite a trip.

It took me a while to wrap my head around it, honestly. It just made more sense for them to always have been there, and your race to have simply built the world around them.

Never underestimate the power of wishful thinking.

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OKAY mysterious stranger! I saw you liking all my HatterCrow things and I legit had to come tell you that you're awesome and I super appreciate it! :D honestly, waking up to all those likes made my day!

I’m very happy to have made your day. It’s hard to find anyone who loves HatterCrow anymore and so I try to like and gather as much as I can.

Prompt #1: part 1

You go to the roof of an apartment building to stargaze and find someone else there as well.

The air was crisp and the sky was clear. As you stared out into the valley you heard the crunch of gravel from the other side of the roof. Turning around all you saw was the very large silhouette of a man coming toward you.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know anyone else was up here”, he said to you. His voice instantly calmed you and you relaxed the fists you hadn’t even realized you had clenched.

He came to stand beside you and took in the landscape. “Amazing, isn’t it?”, you whispered.
“It really is”, he replied but when you turned to face him he wasn’t staring out into the night anymore.

No, he was staring straight into you.

“I’m Kevin, nice to meet you. ”

-to be continued

Also 2K subs?!?!

Also yesterday I hit 2k subs on YouTube. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. Aaaah. Man I saw this coming for a while, but I didn’t get around to making something special for it >.< There is something sort of special coming this week (maybe even tonight if all goes well), that I didn’t necessarily plan for this but it’s certainly different and I hope you like it.

This has sort of taken over my life these last 5 months and changed lots of things in huge ways, but I really couldn’t be happier. Thank you all so much for your love and support <3 I hope to keep making things that make you happy (and sad, but hey that’s just life right?).

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Tommy wiseau.

Send me a faceclaim and I’ll tell you who they’d be in my muse’s life as a NPC

(( Thank you for the ask @grayfxce! ))

This NPC would play a role in The Room you all saw that coming  as a former occupant of Henry’s apartment. His fate is unknown, but like Joseph, he would leave cryptic comments behind him as notes for Henry, implying a possible connection to the Walter case. If one searches closely throughout the Apartment World, it’s possible to catch a glimpse of him.