Whipped Cream

Y/N has created a chatroom.

Y/N has added Sam, Bucky, and Tony.

Y/N: Now which one of you little pricks, put whipped cream all over my bedroom?

Sam: First of all,

Sam: RUDE.

Bucky: What is whipped cream?

Y/N: Oh don’t fuck with me now, Barnes.

Tony has added Steve

Tony: Cap, she said the f word.

Tony: For the record Y/N, I am deeply disappointed that the first suspect would be the three of us.

Steve: Can you PLEASE shut the fuck up already?


Y/N has added Scott, T’Challa, Natasha, Clint, Wanda, Peter.


T’Challa: At least he has enough manners to ask nicely.


Bucky: Quick, we gotta cool him down.

Bucky has left the chat

Sam: Never thought I’ll say this, but.


Sam has left the chat.

T’Challa: But one Civil war was more than enough for my taste,

T’Challa: So I want no part in this one.

T’Challa has left the chat.

Clint: What I retire for 2 minutes and you guys start throwing fire at Stark? C’mon give him a break, you see he’s old.

Natasha has joined the chat.

Nat: Why are Sam and Bucky running around the tower spilling water everywhere?

Nat: Oh.

Tony: Thanks buddy, I wonder how many times you’ll come back from your retirement once I disable those fingers.

Clint has been disconnected.

Tony has left the chat.

Wanda: DANG it, I was really getting into it.

Scott: Guys, now I am scared.

Scott: Clint and Tony are running around the tower throwing things at each other.

Steve: Guys, seriously we should stop them, before they wreck everything.

Peter: Uh, yeah I agree with Mr. Rogers.

Wanda: I dare you to stop them, and I promise you that your worst nightmare will seem like the sweetest dream.


Steve: No need to get violent.

Scott: Since we’re not allowed to stop them,

Scott: Does anyone wanna go with me and record this?

Nat: Let’s go, tiny.

Scott: For the record I am not that tiny

Scott: I mean you all saw me.

Nat: You coming or nah?

Nat has left the chat.

Scott: On my way, Mrs grumpy kills.

Scott has left the chat.

Sam has joined the chat.

Sam: For the record, I am team Clint.

Sam has left the chat.


Wanda: Hell yeah.

Thor has joined the chat.

Thor has added Bruce.

Thor: I am pleased to see that they don’t require our help.

Bruce: Civil war, part two.

Bruce: Unbelievable.

Bruce has left the chat.

Steve: Well I know for sure I am not just gonna sit here while they wreck the whole place down.

Steve has left the chat.

Y/N: There goes Mama Steve.

Wanda: Always so careful of its little ones.

Peter: Guys, I think we should help him.


Peter has left the chat.

Wanda: I gotta go, gotta find Pietro, I haven’t seen him for a while.

Wanda has left the chat.

Y/N: Wait a minute

Y/N: Oh you smooth motherfuckers.

Thor: It is not suitable for one lady to have filthy mouth like that.

Y/N: can’t you see what they just did?

Thor: Wreck the Avengers Tower?

Y/N: Yeah that too,


Thor: Well, Lady Y/N, I might be of some help there.



Thor: Now it seems like a good time, yeah.


Thor: But don’t tell him I told you

Y/N: oh what are we 12 now? SPEAK FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

Thor: It was Bucky and Sam.


Y/N has left the chat.

Thor: Such a nice lady with such a filthy mouth.

Thor: I would rethink bringing her to meet my mother.

Thor has left the chat.

This is my first avengers chatroom, hope you like it.

I wanted to draw MerLance, but I wanted him to look like the mermaids from the planet he and Hunk went to so here you go! 

My thought is that something happens to the ship and it leaks some kind of Altean virus that affects humans differently. Instead of making them sick it makes them evolve beyond what humanity is already,so you turn into whatever your DNA was meant to evolve into in 10,000 years. In Lance’s case, it was the merpeople, because everything is made of space dust and there is nothing that says a person’s DNA in 10,000 years had they lived, wouldn;t have evolved into this. (I blame Star Trek). His suit had to be specially remade so he could breathe outside of water, hence the glowing by his ribs. 

Also I can guarantee you all saw this coming with all the merlance I was reblogging >.>

Coups: a grandpa. just wants his family to be together. hosts family dinner every thursday night. 

Jihan: moved to a suburban neighbourhood in Canada. posts pictures of their happy marriage on facebook. they go to the bahamas every year. 

Meanie: look at how happy they are. wonwoo tried to fake his death just so he wouldn’t have to go to this. parents of vernon and woozi. too young to have kids imo. 

Woozi: meanie’s eldest child. meanie’s better child. good at everything. how does he do it

Vernon: meanie’s youngest child.  “cool kid”, “why can’t you be more like your brother?” just trying his best

Seungkwan: vernon’s bf (you all saw this one coming). mingyu insists he joins the family picture because he’s practically family. meanie love him more than they love vernon.

Dino: coup’s youngest child, the one that takes care of him. just graduated. sick of washing all of the dishes from family night. honestly an angel

Jun: the uncle you rarely see but gives you $50 everytime you see them. no one knows what he does. eats ramen everyday. 

Hoshi: aspiring model. insisted that he poses like that. said that if they don’t let him, they’ll never hear from him again. very dramatic

The8: has a very successful fashion line. jeonghan is salty. asked the photographer if they wanted an autograph.

DK: the lonely neighbour that sings too loud. don’t know how many times dino knocked on his door saying coups has to sleep. almost burned the house down while microwaving ready-to-serve mac and cheese. no one knows how he snuck into the picture

Soldier Of My Heart.

Request from anon:can i pls request a bucky x reader in which reader is a nurse during war? they met when bucky visited his teammate when hes injured with steve n the rest. reader is a no nonsense girl n isnt afraid to reprimand the group that consist captain america himself. she also doesnt hesitate to grab their ears to drag them out of the room when making too much noise. anyway bucky ended up having a crush afterward. pls do this?

Note: I really enjoyed writing this (as you can tell by the length of it! lol!) so I hope you all like it <3

1940′s Bucky x Nurse!Reader

Words: 2,120

Warnings: Mentions of death, injuries, and blood. Think that is it really.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

“We’ve got casualties coming in!”

The makeshift hospital you were working in was the closest to the battlefield that lay just two miles from you and already you were inundated with the injured. So much so that for those who came in with wounds they would never recover from you had to leave them to attend to those who had a chance of survival. It wasn’t the kind of decision you ever wanted to make but this was war and it had now become an hourly task…so you quickly had to become desensitised to the horror of it all.

When the call came through for more casualties you left your current patient in the hands of the other nurses and made your way over to the entrance of the tent. The sound of constant gunfire had become the soundtrack to your days, and even your nights, so it no longer fazed you… was the sound of planes you needed to worry about, they were what carried the real threat to the hospital.

“How many have we got?”

“Two. From the Howling Commandos would you believe? Both have sustained bullet wounds.”

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I’m sure you all saw this coming. Thanks to the discord chat for giving me plenty of ideas! 

Akande Ogundimu. 

The name alone struck fear in your heart and had you looking over your shoulder. You never thought that you would come to be so terrified of the man you had once cared for so dearly, it made you resent the world that had warped him into the monster he was now. 

You first met him at one of his matches, enchanted by how elegant his movements seemed to you. And from the look in his eyes, you could tell that he was calculating every movement his opponent made and knew exactly how to knock them onto their asses. When he won and made his way out of the middle of the ring, you had been quick to saunter up to him to congratulate him on the victory. The big smirk on his face made your cheeks flush and you gladly accepted his invitation to a late dinner, the both of you laughing over whatever nonsense would flow out after a few drinks.

 Akande was warm and charming, never failing to bring a smile to your face. You adored the deep rumble of his voice when he’d wrap his arms around you and press his lips to the spot just under your ear, whispering to you that you were the best thing that had ever happened to him. If it were possible you would spend days staring into his golden eyes that shone with all the hope and joy in the world. It wasn’t long before he took you to meet his family. The two of you were practically glued at the hip when he wasn’t busy with his family's company. You attended every match and cheered louder than anyone could ever hope to. When things had started getting more dangerous he had decided to ask you to marry him, promising that once everything was over he would give you a wedding grander than anything you’d ever seen. 

You had never been happier. 

That was until the Omnics made it to your area and wreaked havoc on the city. Akande had thought the both of you would be safe but things got ugly and he lost his arm because you couldn’t get away fast enough. You never thought you could scream so much and you couldn’t speak for the next few days, all the crying you did didn’t help either. When they tore you away from his side to get his prosthetic into place you nearly had a breakdown, worried that if you took your eyes off of him he’d disappear. It was a relief when you were allowed to come back to him, but he was different. 

Akande didn’t have that same light in his eyes, not after he was told he couldn’t compete in matches. His prosthetic had been deemed an ‘unfair advantage’ and you could tell that not being able to compete was really wearing away at him. He didn’t smile as much and it hurt your heart. You didn’t know what to do about it and thought about sitting down with him and having a really big talk, something you knew he had been avoiding. That was until there was a very sudden change in Akande, his eyes were bright again but he started disappearing for long periods of time. 

He started becoming more possessive of you, not allowing you out on your own. If you tried to do it, he was suddenly right beside you; grabbing your wrist and dragging you away so he could remind you of what he asked about. You figured he was paranoid after what had happened with the Omnics and did your best to listen to his.. requests. After a while he began dictating the way you should dress, laying out clothes for you every morning and ignoring you when you wouldn’t wear what he picked out. It wasn’t until he got aggressive about your going against his wishes that you really started to worry about where he was running off to. When you would ask him about it, he’d either avoid the question or reassure you that he was doing something that would be good for everyone, especially you. 

And then he was gone. It wasn’t for another week that you heard that he had risen to take the place of Doomfist. When the news got to you, you did the only thing you could think of doing. Hide. 

It had been such a relief when you heard he had been taken down, put under maximum security because of everything he had done while working under Talon. You never felt so betrayed when you heard about all of the things he had been responsible for. It took some time before you could go out and face the world, you missed him so much but there was no way in hell you’d want to be with him now. And then, when you had finally gotten around to getting into a nice relationship because you wanted to move on from the heartache, Akande broke out of prison. 

You had been expecting him to come after you, never having officially broken off your engagement and knowing that he would hold onto you until he didn’t want you anymore. What you hadn’t expected was some dark figure to knock you unconscious. When you woke up you were laid out on top of a bed that was definitely not yours, it was way too big and felt a lot softer than the one you had at home. Fear gripped you tightly as you sat up, slowly because your head still hurt, and your eyes scanned around the room to try to have an idea about where you were. It couldn’t have been more than ten minutes, while you were trying to pry open the small window, that the door flew open; the shock of it pulling a scream from your lips. And there, standing in the doorway like your nightmares come to life, was Akande Ogundimu.

“There you are, my darling. I’ve missed you,” he purred out, taking a few steps towards you as he continued, “I know this must’ve frightened you but I had to make sure you came quietly.” You couldn’t help the whimper that slipped out of you, pressing yourself as far back as you could. If it were possible you would have melted right into the wall. The fear must have been clear on your face because his face fell a little, gently chiding you as he reached out to hold your face in his hand. “Now, why do you look so upset? If you’re worried about that man I saw you with, not to worry. I’m sure I can set you straight in no time,” at his last word Akande slid his hand down and wrapped it around your throat, squeezing tight enough to cut off your air and bring tears to the corner of your eyes. 

“Now, why don’t you welcome me back properly.”

Hiraeth 4

Hiraeth: (n) homesickness for a home you can’t return to, or that never was.

Jimin is a vampire who would stop at nothing to save his dying mother. What lengths would he go to if the only cure to her disease was destroying you?

Series warning: angst, emotional abuse, physical abuse, witchcraft, vampires, werewolves, fluff and eventual smut.


A/N: Releasing this chapter early because it’s Jimin’s birthday, Happy Birthday Mochi!

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Jungkook looked down to see who had run straight into his chest only to find your tear stained face that was painted with fright, his first reaction was to insulate you with his strong arms and pushed you back into his chest, hugging you. He didn’t know what else to do to make your panic and tears go away but nonetheless he wanted you to feel safer, because he was protective over you, and he was ready to fight whatever was chasing you no matter the consequences.

When he felt you were a bit calmed down, he hesitated to ask you what was wrong or why you had been crying, not wanting to stir up the memory back in your mind. Neither of you know how much time passed by when he hugged you but only before separating you had hugged him back. You had never had comfort in that way from anybody but the long forgotten, you were startled at first but the heat that radiated from him instilled peacefulness in you, making you forget about the scene that unfolded earlier momentarily.

“J-jungkook” you tried to push him away, afraid that somehow whatever happened before can still happen again, it seemed to follow her everywhere and Jungkook is the last person she would want to get hurt, even if she didnt know him. He didn’t deserve it.

“Do you wanna talk about it? What happened?” He looked at you with worried eyes that only made yours tear up, how can you even begin to explain this. No one would believe it.

“I.. I dont even know” you stuttered, “You won’t believe me because I cant believe it myself, its crazy” you wiped your tears with the back of your hand ready to turn around and walk away.

“You can’t just assume that… Try me” he reassured you.

“I think… Someone tried to hurt me, she called me a witch and then s-she just died in my hands” you were shaking again, “Just like how Sally died, she had a number on her forehead again and I don’t know what this means am I a murderer?!”

“No, no you’re not. You’re not a witch either” he looked at you with gentle eyes. “You don’t smell like them” he laughed, stunning you.

“You… you dont think this is crazy?” You met his eyes.

“No… it’s not” he took a step closer, “I don’t think its your fault either, that a person died in front of you unless you intended and physically done so”. He brought his hands and cupped your cheeks “So don’t beat up yourself over it”. 

“Why the hell do you smell like a dog?!” Seulgi had found you after you parted with Jungkook, he had finally left you alone after you insisted you were okay and had to go home alone, he resisted at first but agreed to it.

“What?” Was your only reply, why is everyone accusing you of smelling strange, you couldn’t pick up anything.

“You know what. I dont even care. Keep walking”.

The drive back home was quiet, Seulgi glanced you some strange looks but mainly kept her eyes on the road. You thought her company was over you reached your new home, but she had gotten out of the car and locked it, following you in to the house.

You were both met with a Jimin sitting on the black couch, his eyes darted upwards as he saw you enter. “Hey babe” Seulgi behind you greeted him and raced you into the living room to give him a kiss, he didn’t seem to be fond of it but didn’t look like he minded either. You excused yourself and went upstairs to not disturb anyone even further.

The night unfolded and you grew hungrier, you had barely anything to eat but some food samples in the market and forgot your appetite after the eventful afternoon. You had decided to go downstairs to find something to eat but your plans were disrupted when you hear moans from downstairs.

“Jimin don’t stop!” You hear Seulgi’s voice, followed by a loud moan. You were disturbed. The image of them doing such a personal activity disgusted you. They had no shame and didn’t even care to acknowledge your existence for not taking it upstairs and giving you some space. Yet again, you forget that you were just captive and your life was a ticking bomb at his hands.

You dont know how much time had passed before they’ve stopped, but you managed to gather some courage to go downstairs. As you walked down the steps you glanced around to see if there’s anyone there, you thought you were alone before Seulgi jumped into view. She was barely covered and there was a bite mark on the base of her neck.

“Did I tell you Jimin-ah, your little friend here smelt like a dog this morning, all in the intimate places” she smirked.

“She, what?” Jimin came into view. “It was him wasn’t it?” He asked looking slightly annoyed.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” you said, “I wasn’t playing around with a dog, I stumbled upon Jungkook by coincidence in the market and we spoke a little”

“Spoke about what?” he glared at you, “Do you think that all of this is some joke?” he scoffed. 

“You said to not make it obvious that I got kidnapped, what am I supposed to do?! Everything I do ticks you off so just kill me already and get it over with” you don’t know where you gathered this sudden courage, “I’m tired of this, I just want to be at peace” you let tears slip through as you remember the deaths at your hand. 

You expected Jimin to threaten or even worse choke you but to death this time, but he didn’t say anything. He looked at you for longer than a moment, almost as if he was analysing you before walking away, with Seulgi closely following behind. 

You stood there for a minute, took a deep breath in and walked to the kitchen looking through the cupboards and quickly cooking up a meal. As you stood by the stove you contemplated living another day, if you were going to die why don’t you just die right now, why should you wait for it. The more days that pass the more pain you experience, with Sally gone your life was gone too. 

Everything after that happened in a blur, you remember taking out a knife from the knife-station just within your arms reach and after that all you saw was blood coming from the main artery in your forearm and slowly you felt yourself going unconscious, until you were met with the familiar blond, with bright red eyes and then darkness. 

It was so difficult to see your blood everywhere and not have the temptation to drink you empty. All it took was a few drops of his blood to heal you. Jimin was upstairs in a heated argument with Seulgi, she was never meant to let you out of her sight and she’s done exactly that. You could’ve ran away or had been taken by somebody, your ‘gift’ was quickly spreading as the word of town, a lot of people are finding out how precious taking your life is. When he sensed your heart beat quickly beating and smelt the sweet scent of your blood he knew something had gone wrong.

He had taken you upstairs to your room and laid you on the bed. He would be so angry if he didn’t pity you a little bit, he didn’t have time to waste feeling sorry for you as he had business to deal with. Jungkook.

“Jungkook” Jimin spitted, he knew where to find where he and his group of dog friends were. They weren’t difficult to trace given his supernatural scent and Jimin’s supernatural abilities. 

“Look who’s here… Is that you Jimin?” Jungkook grinned, people might think he was really happy to meet Jimin but he knew him too well, their relationship dates back and things were never good between them. 

“Don’t get too happy Jungkook, I didn’t come here to play. That’s what humans are for” Jimin smirked. 

“This brat is really asking to die” said one of Jungkook’s pact, someone Jimin can recognise to be Namjoon. 

Jimin disregarded him and continued. 

“I thought I made things clear when I told you to not cross paths with me ever again if you wanted to still have your tail” Jimin continued. 

“Yet you don’t fucking learn lessons do you, bad dogy” he laughed. 

Jungkook stood up and walked to the shorter man, Jimin knew well how to work him up with comments like these. He was no dog, he was a werewolf. He wasn’t going to stand there and accept demeaning comments from a blood sucker. 

“Why? Did Y/N smell good” he laughed.

“If I see you around her one more time, I swe-” his eyes went a deep shade of red,

“Look. I could care less about your empty threats, if you were going to do something then do it now. Be a man for fucking once” Jungkook said through gritted teeth.

“Besides, it’s not my problem if your bitches can’t keep their hands off me” he shrugged with a smirk plastered on his face. 

And that was all that had to be said to tick Jimin off. Hell broke loose. 

Jimin had superhumanly pushed Jungkook back, causing him to hit the ground with a thud. He had quickly hovered above him to land his fists onto his face aiming for his nose. It was only seconds until Jungkook’s mates gathered to flip Jimin around and start attacking him. Jungkook had managed to turn into his superhuman form and join the fight. 

Although Jimin had been outnumbered, he was still strong. He had killed two pact number by the poison of his own bite and snapping their necks. Jungkook was his strongest opponent and had landed good bites onto Jimin’s body which for a vampire would take ore time to heal if it wasn’t due to Jungkook’s nature. 

You woke up in cold sweat and you were really thirsty. You recalled what you had done before you passed out but when you lifted the long sleeve of your sweater, there were no wounds and no dressing. Was it Jimin’s work? Didn’t he want you dead? 

You were in the kitchen when you heard the front door open and somebody walking inside. You had peeked into the hallway in attempt to see who it only to find Jimin glancing at you. He looked like he was in pain, he walked slightly crooked before he stood in front of you. You had not realised you were between him and the wall until he placed one of hands on it, making you flinch on the process. He seemed to notice it and his gaze softened before he leaned onto you further. 

You were stunned, you had been in this position in his room the night before but the feeling was completely different. The environment around you still beamed with tension, although different from the last, at least for you… It was. 

The Cute One, With The Limp

Request: This isn’t word for word but essentially I got a request about the reader being married to Newt and they all make it to Paradise and the girls are all hanging out with the reader. While doing this they begin to spy on Newt discussing how cute he is and calling dibs and one is about to go talk to him and he comes up and kisses the reader. Lots of fluff was specified so get ready for the fluff ride of your lives!!!

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anonymous asked:

Ah! I forgot to add details: - Crush (Gentleman, outgoing and goofy but sexy at the same time) - Y/N (She's black, long braids, very shy) - Romance/Fluff + Smut Hyoseob (aka Crush) and Y/N are good friends + have been liking each other for a long time but haven't confessed it yet. They've just finished watching a movie + decide to go to the arcade after their little cinema date. It gets late + Crush invites Y/N to his apartment. Things get heated. He takes it nice + slow afterwards😏


“Do you want some more popcorn?” Hyoseob asked you, smiling brightly he leaned over the large popcorn bowl he had brought for the both of you before the movie started.

“Just.. A little bit more you’re going to get me fat.” You teased him, reaching over to press your hand into the bowl to scoop up some popcorn in your hand munching on the extra butter.

“Hey! That’s not true but even if you did become a plump fluffy donut I’d still eat you.” Hyoseob teased winking at you. The both of you bursting out into a fit of laughter in the movie theaters as the last few scenes rolled up. You both knew you were supposed to be quiet and you often received looks from the other patrons watching the movie but you didn’t care, because your attractive best friend was beside you.

“I don’t think your girl would like it if you were to eat me.” You teased him back, he rolled his eyes pulling at one of your braids.

“Barbra would be so mad.” He joked pulling back.

“SHHHHH!”  A person shushed you and Hyoseob looked back at them, anger flashing quickly across his handsome features before it died down turning to look at you.

“Yeah y/n SHHHHH!” He playfully teased and you hit his shoulder, causing him to pretend he was hurt clutching onto his arm. You rolled your eyes at him this time around, your hands wiping on the paper towels and soon after you were taking a sip of your ice getting into the Beauty and the Beast. Your heart clutched seeing the tea cup and her son as well as the other items becoming stone and hardened.

“Oh no..” You quickly felt your heart sink as you watched the clip play out. Hyoseob could feel the sadness from you and he couldn’t lie and say that he didn’t feel anything from this movie but he wasn’t going to cry over something like this in front of you it wasn’t macho. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder careful not to yank your long braids. His arm keeping you close to his body so that he could comfort you as you let little tiny tears fall down your reddening cheeks. His hand reached up to slightly run across your bare cheek and you looked up at him seeing what he wanted. Both of your faces were inches from each other. His eyes staring into yours, you heard the main song for beauty and the beat playing causing you to look back at the screen smiling widely as you saw all the characters come back to life. You got excited smiling like a big kid. Hyoseob chuckled watching your antics as you sat up. He slid his arm down your back in a comforting manner, his own eyes dancing over your features before he looked back at the screen as the movie came to an end. When the movie credits started to roll, he stretched out and rolled his head a bit.

“So, are you ready to go gaming?” He asked you, nodding your head you stood up with him grabbing the trash. Pushing your trash into the trashcan as you watched out of the movie room you were in you saw him look at a girl. You smiled softly seeing him engrossed in what she was doing, she was beautiful pecking away at her phone as she waited by the restroom.

“Are you going to go get her?” You teased nudging him with your elbows.

“Nah, she is a beauty but I have my eyes on someone else. And before you ask! I will introduce her to you soon.” He patted your head watching as you stuck out your tongue at him heading towards his car.

The drive to the arcade was quiet and peaceful. Hyoseob jamming out to music and rapping even if the lyrics were wrong. Your hands busied yourself on your phone, playing a game on your device and occasionally singing back to his horrible rapping until you were pulling up in front of the place. Hyoseob got you out of the car, holding your hand he led you towards the game room buying you both tokens.

As he got everything for you, your eyes couldn’t help but appreciate how handsome he was. His jawline and tanned skin. How deep his voice was he spoke. It was the little things you started to notice, how his jeans fit his thighs right, how you knew he was toned up under his shirt though he didn’t show it off. And those plump lips that he had. You wanted to kiss him, your best friend you wanted to kiss. Shaking your head, you walked off from him to go find a game just to keep yourself preoccupied.

“She gets like that when she is nervous. I hope she is ready for tonight.” He admitted to the other male behind the counter thanking him for the tokens.

Hyoseob found you staring at a racing game, smiling to himself it was his turn to notice you. How your nose flared out when you concentrated, or the way you gave a soft sigh once you felt either happiness or defeat. How you spaced out to think beyond the images flashing across the screen. Your tongue that occasionally swept across your bottom lip to wet them. You didn’t have on anything fancy, just a long sleeve button up shirt and a pair of ripped skinny jeans. Your braids were pinned back into a big braid and hanging free on the bottom layer, a flower crown on your head. Hyoseob walked up to you wrapping an arm around your waist whispering.

“Wake up.”

You slapped at his chest, resulting to hitting him when you couldn’t control your emotions and he died in laughter not being able to hold it.

“You’re so cute when you daze out I couldn’t help myself. Want to race?” He asked you and that’s what started your night of gaming. Both of you were equally good at something, but Hyoseob had the upper hand on most shooting games. You took him down in dancing games and the racing was equally one between you both. He got the games for the basketball tossing, he was a pro and you were slightly jealous. When the night was finished, he walked with you to the front, it was getting late and he knew you would be tired. Once you both stood in front of the prize line. Hyoseob watched you pick out a big fluffy Snorlax teddy bear that you wanted.

“C-can I have that one please?” You asked nervously chewing on your bottom lip as you clutched the stack of 700 tickets in your hands because you had gamed so much.

“I’m sorry ma’am, that costs 20,000 tickets.” The man informed you. All the hope you had in your body just seemed to die out and the light was erasing from you. Hyoseob watched it all happen. Unraveling his stack of tickets and pulling out his receipts from previous days where you gamed, he handed it over to the male behind the counter who raised his eyebrows in shock.

“W-what are you doing?” You whined slightly seeing your best friend giving over his savings for you.

“I’ve seen you eye that bear since we’ve started coming here. It’s annoying.” He lied reaching for the item that was still hanging on the wall.

“Hyo..” You frowned gently your body getting warmer as your heart strings started to tug.

“Listen if you love me take this damn bear.” He grumbled walking off. You knew how serious he was about gamming and wining stuff for himself. Taking the bear from the man behind the counter you cuddled it waddling outside behind your best friend as the big Pokémon rested against your body.

“Are you going to take me home now?” You asked him as he opened the door for you and put Snorlax in the back. He strapped the bear into his seat, chuckling as he got into the driver seat.

“Son you need to lose a few pounds or you won’t be able to fit.” He started to drive the car from the gaming place causing you to laugh.

“And why is he your son? We aren’t dating.” You crossed your arms over your chest and he smirked shrugging.

“In a sense, I helped make him did I not? I put in work for him girl.” You playfully pinched his arm causing him to groan.

“You’re so kinky y/n, do you like causing me pain?” He asked frowning at you. Your cheeks heated up deeply, yeah of course, there were some things you didn’t tell him and you were a freak you just didn’t let anyone else know about it. “Look at that nose flare. I know all I need to know.” He chuckled pinching your cheek. “Come back to my place?” He asked you stopping at a red light looking down at the time. “It’s late and you live far away. I don’t want to drop you off and have to drive back to my house alone. And my house is closer.” He pouted using some aegyo and you couldn’t say no to him. Giving in you nodded your head.

“Weellllll you did give me a son.” You teased playfully.

It didn’t take long for you to get to his house. He carried your teddy bear inside to place it on the couch, both of you taking turns to shower. You ended up wearing one of his long sleeved oversized shirts because you didn’t want to wear your clothes that you kept at his house or the clothes you went out today in. Hyoseob ended up changing into sweats and a tank top. You both were sitting on the couch, Snorlax on the other one as a scene from an animated movie played out. You gave a soft yawn, but you didn’t want to go to sleep yet.

“Tired?” He asked you, his own voice become a bit raspy as he paid attention to the TV.

“Nope you?” You asked him as he grabbed at your hand.

“Well.. I can’t really go to bed like this, now can I?” You were going to ask what he meant, but he soon was placing the palm of your hand onto his hardened erection. You could feel his outline through the sweats. Immediately your face changed from brown to red. Hyoseob loved making you blush but he couldn’t deny how much he wanted you, there was so much to you. You were different even your culture and he adored everything about you. It was driving him mad to see you in nothing but his shirt, and how you are smelling of him, how your breast pressed against the fabric of his shirt without a bra. He groaned his cock twitching under the soft feel of your sweaty palm.

“H-Hyoseob..” You tried off feeling your voice dye in your throat as your palm instinctively rubbed him through his sweats.

“Just tell me if I need to stop.” He mumbled lifting himself a bit, he moved to push your leg open on the couch, reaching down his hand that was on top of yours to cup your pussy, rubbing your bare folds that were quickly becoming wet from the teasing and buildup. He let his fingers slid up and down your pussy causing you to let out a quiet timid moan. He pressed his lips together before he moved to press his forehead against yours, licking across your bottom lip.

“I want you.” He whispered softly, his middle finger rubbing against your clit as his first and ring finger spread your lips wide. He played with it, tapping against the bud before he slid his finger down your slit slowly.

“Hyo..” You groaned out almost throwing your head back. Your hand moving to slip inside of his sweats, he had on no boxers so it was easy for you to grip onto his shaft and stroke him slowly. He felt much bigger than you ever expected.

“Can I, have you?” He teased knowing the answer from how your legs quivered but he had to be sure. Sliding his middle finger inside of your tight entrance he bit on his bottom lip. He reached deep, burying his finger until the knuckle was in, wiggling it around he caused you to cry out, the back of your head hitting the couch now.

“Yes. Please take me.” You said softly looking at him with lust filled eyes, the want apparent on your face and you didn’t want to hide it anymore.

“What was that?” He asked thrusting his finger harder into you, causing you to let out a sharp cry of pleasure.

“I SAID YES! Take me dammit. Just.. Not in front of our son.” You teased him lightly. He paused his lips twitching as he pulled his finger from you.

“Don’t ruin my sex appeal. I need you to want me.” He almost whined. You pulled your hand from his sweats, you watched as he licked his finger winking at you, so in return you licked the palm of your hand causing him to release a rough breath.

Hyoseob picked you up, carrying you to his room, he laid you down on your back, turning on his light before he was crawling over you. Your legs spread wide inviting him in. “My brown kitten.” He teased stroking your thighs before his lips found yours. One of his hands cupped your cheeks, he kissed you with passion taking his time to press kisses against your lips. He let you get used to kissing him, occasionally biting on your bottom lip or licking at it before he was slipping his tongue inside of your mouth. You let him, giving up the dominance just to enjoy his tongue roaming against yours. His hands moved around your waist, gripping your bare ass cheeks as he ground himself against you. The imprint of his dick pressing against your wet core as he dry humped you. You were quickly a moaning mess, pressing your hips back against his, your hands moving to press against his biceps as his tongue traced all around your mouth, over your tongue and teeth over the roof or your mouth and back to your tongue. He pulled back to look down at you taking deep breaths as he pushed his hips hard against you causing you to moan.

“I can’t believe I even got myself to hold back this much. Do you know how much I’ve wanted you y/n? You’ve made me crazy. I don’t know when I fell for you, but I do know it’s been a while. And we don’t have to talk about this right now, because I really need you. But I want you to be mine.” The sincerity in his voice made your heart feel like it was stopping. Either way you agreed nodding your head as you listened to him.

“You know that I want you. But we have time to deal with that. Right now let’s focus on getting you off because I don’t think my pussy will be able to handle this too much longer. You are making me so wet.” You whimpered slightly, he nodded his head in understanding a slight smirk on his lips. You watched as he pulled back looking down at his sweats that were soaked out from your juices, the outline of his dick becoming more prominent.

He let his hands push up your shirt slowly mumbling ‘dirty girl’ under his breath as he kissed on your stomach and between your breast. Soon he was lifting the shirt off your head and throwing it onto the floor.

“You’re such a fucking beauty.” He admitted, moving your hands from your shy face. He cupped your breast, running his fingers across your soft skin, watching as your nipples puckered up. He watched you before he leaned down, licking across the flesh softly sucking on the little hard pebbles biting on them gently. He pulled back making your skin sloppy and wet. Messy from his actions as he painted your neck and your breast with hickeys. Once he felt you were wet enough for him, and he could see the juices making a puddle on the bed under you he pulled away smiling down at you. He pushed down his sweats and threw them across the room with his shirt, picking you up he flipped you around, letting you face his hardened erection as he placed your legs on either side of his face looking at your glistening center.

You were eager to grip at his shaft, your mouth watering as you looked at the large organ. Your tongue slipped from your lips and ran across the head of his dick, lapping at the precum, you made sure to suck it all up proceeding to slide down his erection. He was a good side, he stretched out your mouth but you weren’t complaining. Bobbing your head up and down slowly, you felt his tongue press against your clit, two of his fingers escaping inside of you. He fingered you slowly, prepping you and making sure to scissor his fingers as your wetness escaped past his lips. The both of you matching pace, your hips lifting towards each other’s mouth in a needy manner. He felt your pussy give a squeeze signaling from him to pull back after he throbbed in your mouth. Slapping your ass, he gripped at the flesh spreading you wide.

“Ride me.” He almost begged quietly.

More than eager to do so you flipped off him, to straddle his waist once again, facing him this time. He gripped at your hips sucking in air once you grabbed at the base of his shaft and rubbed it up and down your soaking pussy. You slide down onto him slowly, letting him fill you up, your head rolled back and your lips parted slightly. You sat still on him making sure he was comfortable inside of you before your hands moved to press against his chest. Your nails dug into his skin as you bounced lightly on him. Hips slapping against each other, the few tiny groans being left from each of your lips. Your head rolled back around so that you could look at him, seeing his glistening lips you leaned down to lick up your essence from his face as he started to grip on your hips tighter picking up the pace. Your lips found one another’s once again, his hands moving to your ass to dig his nails into the plump flesh. He made you grind on his dick more than ride him, the new position he gave causing him to reach deep inside of you and to press against your spot. Your legs trembled on him, you felt so full and so much pleasure coursed through your body. Hyoseob was close but he made sure to get you off first, the soft pubic hairs rubbing against your lower stomach as he fucked into you.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum.” You whimpered out against his lips, your hips trying to speed up and he allowed you to pick up the pace slowly.

“Cum for me baby. I want to feel you tighten around me.” He admitted. Giving in you shut your eyes searching for your release as you started to feel tingly down below. Your eyes screwing shut tighter as your mouth flew open and his name was released off your lips in a choked cry.

Hyoseob watched in amazement and how good it looked when you were pleasured. He threw his own head back moaning your name as he quickly lifted you up wanting to be careful so he came on his lower stomach and a bit on your legs and thighs causing you to pant against his warm skin. Sweat dripped down both of your glowing bodies, the sheets became clammy and hard to stay on but he didn’t care.

“How about round two in a bubble bath?” He asked wiggling his eyebrows.

“Hmmm, only if you ride me this time.” You teased. He picked you up kissing your lips and walked into the bathroom giving you your answer.

i love the thought of robbie coming out to sportacus and he’s just so goddamn supportive and robbie’s just there actually happy for once. like he’s literally crying tears of joy and sportacus is hugging him.
the gay rotten man needs support and happiness, okay?

MBTI Types as Steven Universe Characters

ESTP: Ruby

INFJ: Sapphire

ISTP: Garnet (you all saw this coming)

ENTP: Bismuth

ISFP: Lapis

ISTJ: Pearl

ENFP: Rose

ESFP: Amethyst

ESTJ: Peridot

INTP: Connie

ENFJ: Sardonyx

INFP: Greg

ENTJ: Yellow Diamond

ISFJ: Opal

INTJ: idk but i have a feeling white diamond could be one (this might be how she looks)

I’m Here With You // Jaebum

Originally posted by jaebuvm

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Fluff // A tiny bit of angst?

Summary; You are also an idol and you are dating Jaebum. He gets asked during an interview after recovering from a herniated disk in his back if he has a girlfriend - what will happen?

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Jim Holden Appreciation Week: Day 3 | Favorite Relationship, Holden & Naomi

“Are you saying you regret it? Everything we’ve done since the Canterbury?”
“No… Yes! But… only because I don’t get to spend more time with you.”

Yeah we all saw this one coming!!!!!! But damn if this relationship didn’t win me over early in the books. And no, not because I’m a sucker for adults in relationships, but because it started with mutual respect between them and a nice butt

It might surprise some show watchers to know that in the books, it’s Holden that says if Naomi says something, it’s going to happen. Holden always trusted Naomi and what she had to say. It was part of what made it so hard for her to keep hating him when he was hired for the XO job she applied for. He was a fair boss and a good person, and he treated everyone he worked with with respect even if they annoyed him or had feelings for him he didn’t share. But he had no idea Naomi had feelings for him. Idiot.

Book Holden and Naomi become the partners and leaders the Roci crew rely on. Always talking, Always being honest with each other, even when they break up for a short time (nearly unrelated to the current events on the show). They become a near cohesive unit that runs into the most trouble when they aren’t together to combine their talents. They start to know what the other is thinking before they even say anything. And they love each other so intensely that other characters outside the crew can’t help but notice. And what’s even more beautiful is that they exist outside of each other as well, working perfectly together as Captain and XO and living near perfectly together as partners. It’s the most healthy relationship I’ve ever read. And the openness of it is so refreshing.

Obviously, Show Holden and Naomi aren’t there yet. Naomi and Holden of the books have known each other for far longer than a decade by the latest book, and it certainly seems like the show has had it so they barely got along before what happened to the Cant. But they’re getting there. Holden confiding in her about nearly everything that troubles him. Naomi being honest to the point of brutal when he needs to hear it. Holden looking to Naomi first and last when deciding whether to burn after Eros. Naomi opening up to him about some of her past. Holden giving in to all those romantic thoughts he has about her and them. They have faced and are facing challenges that their book counterparts didn’t. But they love each other, they care about each other. They respect each other. And while it’s hard to say they trust each other with this massive truth between them, they certainly have given each other every reason to with every promise, every catastrophe, and every time they wait for or go back for each other.

These two are so so so important to me. They way there are portrayed in the show is important to me. And I can’t wait to see where they go from here.

Yoongi Scenario: I Can’t Let You Go.

Request: Can i request a yoongi scenario based on spoiler by epik high? Much drama but a fluffy end. Thank yoooou 💞 + Suga scenario where he has a dating scandal so his gf ask him did you ever love me something. Like that

Genre: Romance / Drama.

Yoongi didn’t know if this was the end of your relationship. He didn’t know how to handle what he had been feeling lately and what those feelings made him think.

You were sitting in your living, not doing much, he just wanted to see you, spent some time with you, but he didn’t know if coming here was a mistake. Comparing to how you’d act in other occasions today Yoongi felt as if you weren’t yourself. You had been watching tv but now no one was doing so. Yoongi was looking at you who just looked out of the window, not at him, like you wanted to be somewhere else.

-What are you thinking?- he asked trying to gain your attention, but you just stared out of the window, it was cold outside and at this point you couldn’t see more than cloudy skies, Yoongi was growing desperate, you were so out of it, usually when he came to visit you’d be affectionate with him, you’d play fight with him about everything, you’d reclaim that you needed him hugging you and kissing you for you to restore your energy and other cheesy things like that, he always faked annoyance at it but he never refused you. Now you wouldn’t even look at him. -Y/N, what are you thinking?- he repeated feeling pathetic to have to do so.

Only then you turned to him, showing him a mild smile. -Nothing- you sighed heavily, looking at the window again, Yoongi’s lips shifted to a straight line, what had been that? He didn’t understand why you have been acting like this for the last weeks, he had tried to give you time, he was trying to reach for you but every time he did you only seemed to push him away. 

Sighing again Yoongi noticed how the comfortable silence you had shared hundreds of times was turning into something unbearable. He didn’t want to think bad, he knew maybe something was amiss to him, maybe you were going through a rough time with something, but Yoongi felt as sensitive as a rock at the moment, he could only register how you just pushed him away, if you were having trouble then why not reaching for his help, didn’t you know he’d do anything to help you? It was stupid, he felt ridiculously pathetic and alone, two things he’d never thought he would feel with you. 

He sighed too, trying to calm down because at the speed his mind was going he knew he could do something he’d regret, perhaps he’d confirm what he was afraid of and what his mind told him every time you looked away from him. Perhaps this was the end and he just didn’t want to accept it.

-I think It’s going to rain- you announced out of the blue, Yoongi was going to say that you weren’t making any sense, that if he was just there wasting air then you should just say so, that if you didn’t want him no more then you should just fucking say it and be done, but your left hand sneaked its way to his right had, lacing your fingers together to then come close to him. -I think…- Yoongi stayed quiet feeling how your head rested on his shoulder perfectly. -I think I might love you too much, I…- Yoongi felt his heart leap at that, hearing you say something like that made his thoughts twist and turn from the way they were going. He just stayed still waiting for your words but once again he couldn’t make anything out of it. -Nevermind-

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