I was always so impressionable when it came to you.
I was like a blank piece of paper you could write yourself on, or the perfect little origami square that would fold to the will of your hands, twisting myself inside out to become whatever pleased you.
But now you’re gone and the words can’t be erased, the creases won’t come out and I feel torn up and thrown away… I am a paper crane with no wings, a poem with no ending… the discarded story you never cared to finish.
And that was where I made my mistake because I was not created for you; I was born to create something of myself and I am learning that you should never let somebody else become the main character in your story because when they leave, everything stops. I exist in this world to write my own story… to shape my own destiny.
It’s the unexpected plot twist I never saw coming – it’s not all about you… my life is about me. So I’ll gather my torn and tattered pieces and become something new… The past can’t be erased and I will never be a blank slate again, but I’m beginning to see that as a good thing because for better or worse my past has shaped me… it has made me who I am.
You will always be the pivotal character in a chapter of my life that hurt to close, but it made way for something beautiful because where it goes from here is up to me… I may have been your impressionable piece of paper once, but now I hold the pen…
and I’m writing my own happy ending
—  Ranata Suzuki | The end is not yet written

Alright nerds, turds, and and anyone absurd (i say all that with affection, you all rock), as TW comes to a close I want more Sterek on my dash because that garbage is ending and I know we’re all still here.

Reblog this if you’re a Sterek blog or you post a decent amount of Sterek content. I think we could all use some more Sterek on our dash. Just look at them, these idiots should be everywhere. 

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i love the thought of robbie coming out to sportacus and he’s just so goddamn supportive and robbie’s just there actually happy for once. like he’s literally crying tears of joy and sportacus is hugging him.
the gay rotten man needs support and happiness, okay?

youre on my phone. you wanna scope out my music taste, so you open pandora. i have one station, a Nirvana Station. you groan cuz im probably a weirdo edgy “classics” elitist. you tap the station anyway just to listen. mamamoo’s “You’re The Best” comes up, and you realize that through a series of carefully planned up and down thumbs ive manipulated the station to be exclusively k-pop. and then you realize ive planned this all along, i saw your nosiness coming, in fact im right behind you, grinning, wearing those sunglasses that flip upwards & a “hawaiin” shirt from walmart, and tight boxer briefs. i have two girlfriends in my arms now, one of them was yours till just a moment ago. i dont even use pandora, i use spotify.

Remember when Naruto said that his goal of Hokage changed? In Two Fates he tells Sasuke himself, in that sweet, soft voice:

“I almost gave into my despair but y o u and Iruka saved me. Back then, I always knew you were alone too.

I felt better knowing there was someone like you, like m e out there.

We were just kids, but dealing with stuff n o other kid had to.

Me- The Nine Tails.

You - The fate of the Uchiha.

We had such similar burdens, pretty ironic, huh?

To be honest nearly every time I saw you all I really wanted to do was come up to you and start talking…

I’d get sort of g i d d y.

Cause I thought maybe y o u of a l l people could understand me.

But I didn’t. Because I was jealous, you were so good at everything.

So I decided I’d make you my rival instead.

And Sasuke, since that day…

Y o u ’ v e been my g o a l.”

The aspiration to be recognized by the village as a young boy had developed into something so much deeper, significant and it was Sasuke.

The happy outers family talk sequel

During Un Nouveau Voyage 2015:

During LINELIVE event 2016:

Karin finally calls Shuu & Sayaka, papa and mama!

gif credits to @mlchirukaioh
p.s. don’t mind my rough translation for the video

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“I’m so sorry Y/N, but I have to dig the bullet out. And it is going to hurt like hell”

You took the towel of your stomach and saw all the blood coming from the wound.

“It’s alright, just take it out”

He took the tweezers and dug the bullet out.

“Ow, ow… ahhhh son of a-”

“I’m so sorry Y/N but it is… out”

If that stupid shape shifter hadn’t shot you, you wouldn’t be in this position. But at least Dean was the one helping you.

“You’ll be fine now, don’t worry”

“Thank you Dean”

Really hope you’re all alive come tomorrow morning.  I saw people making group suicide pacts earlier on here.  We’re going to lose so many tonight.  Over the next few years.  Friends.  Family.

Sleep tonight.  Sleep and pray that your mind will allow you a reprieve from this waking nightmare.  Presidents can be impeached.  Have been before.  He still has multiple court cases coming up before January, which is when Obama officially leaves office.  He could hopefully go to prison before taking the title of President.

Please wake up tomorrow.  Please.


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