I woke up to 2k this morning and I”m honestly in disbelief. Thank you guys so much <33 Anyways, this has been a WIP for a long time and I finally am able to release it!! This was requested by anon so here you go!!


  • 6 sets of poses (a family pose, 3 mix and match poses,  a couple pose and a crazy riding-in-the-cart shenanigans pose)
  • Everything should have a custom thumbnail 
  • Requires this shopping cart from @gfvsims (to find it type “shopping cart” in the search bar)


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Daisy: You’ve got me all shook up.

Robbie: I’ve got the hots for you.

Mack, leaning over towards Elena: I love them but they have got to stop with those cheesy pick up lines.

Elena: When I got home last night you asked me if my feet hurt because I was running through your mind all day.

Fitz: Pot, meet kettle.

Jemma: Shall I read this text you sent me earlier about us having chemistry?

Purple and Blue Geometric Curtains and Bed Set

Perfect for a teen ;) They are only in one color because TSR Workshop is giving me some probs but THEY’RE SO CUTE I couldn’t help but share. ♥ 

The Items in this picture from left to right:

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going to leave for LA tomorrow w @splatterfilm so will have to put commissions on hold -I’ve also got an internship so i’m no longer going to be taking any more ; o ;

please do say hi to sam and me if you see us !! i now have blue hair alskdfjdksj
(sticker cheebs for friend, second pic is my oc winnie and sam’s oc noah !!)
ALSO you wip for future print hehe, I’M SORRY FOR THE INACTIVITY, THANKS for bearing with me !! (°◡°♡).:。

woundednxtlost  asked:

so, I wanted to ask you something. I'm pansexual and only my best friend knows it, not because I'm afraid to come out because I really want to, but because where I live, people would say that pansexuality is something invented to get attention and that I'm just bi. they wouldn't believe in non binary genders and tho bisexuality includes attraction to your gender and more, I prefer calling myself a pansexual. so, should I come out as a bisexual to avoid all this stuff? idrk what to do

It’s totally up to you. For me I just used to label bisexual for so long because it’s just a lot easier than having to explain all this stuff every time you come out to someone. And also it’s not your job to put in the emotional labour to educate someone, especially when they’re not receptive. I still use the label bisexual when talking to people who aren’t super relevant in my life just because I don’t feel like explaining that I don’t label myself really. So if you feel the need to do that, then there’s no problem. It’s your identity and your choice!


I sat and watched,
The days flow by me,
Like waves receding shores,
Leaving behind untouched sand,
Almost like me,
Every morning,
After you retreat,
From my sheets,
And the coldness,
Settles in my skin,
Like the afterthought,
Of a well meditated,
Night mare,
Walking across on my toes,
Careful not to hurt,
The palms and soles,
Searching for an answer,
On broken floors,
Of ragged edged glass,
Exposed they lie,
And I lay in a veil,
That separates,
Me from you,
Us from reality,
And I try to count,
How many times,
Does it take,
To not deem a sin,
A crime,
For the first time,
The cost of repetition,
At the price of our love,
Hangs in the balance,
Like a moon in the sky,
Superfluous with secrets,
Held in hearts,
Sharing the same view,
Misguided intentions,
Unrequited love,
Forsaken stories,
Hidden desires,
Yearnings of loss,
Unlabelled findings,
The road less traveled,
A reason for reasons,
The rationale of longings,
All spread inked,
In the black of the night,
Trailing like a spill over,
Of words left unwritten,
On the sands of time,
And the lonesomeness,
Of fears and misjudgment,
Waits at the zenith,
Of dreams and mystery,
Reaching out I try,
To hold anyone’s hand,
But yours,
Yet everytime I try,
To walk away from feelings,
That drown my lungs,
I watch your image,
Turn smaller with distance,
I tell my self,
To forget you is a sacrifice,
To un-love you is impossible,
But it won’t be the first time.

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D A M O N << not sure if that's allowed but here's 5 letters!

Give me a letter and i’ll tell you my 5 favourite blogs starting with that letter






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Hi! Not sure if you remember me, but I used to run Crinkle Bottom Chrysalis under theunicornlord. Kinda moved away from Tumblr for a while and now I'm trying to get back to it all. Just wanted to say hi. Take care!


Ohh, I remember you. I used to stick to that blog like butter. >w> It’s lovely to see you’re still around. I’m flattered that you reached out to me! (senpai noticing me, my goodness @w@)

It’s my TF OC!!! Hey guys, right now I’m looking for name suggestions for her, because I’ve been trying to name her for seven months with no luck.

I have refs on her design here: link1 link2 link3 (#3 is the most recent & updated) and refs on her character info here: link1 link2 link3 link4

That’s just if you’re curious though, All you really need to know is this:

  • absolutely massive
  • turns into an aircraft carrier (huge ship)
  • Autobot
  • loves her crew family

If you think of a name that’s not already in use (as an official TF character OR existing TF OC) PLEASE let me know!!! :V I need help brainstorming!


so i decided to compile a list of actresses that you’ve seen me use since the beginning of this blog, up until now. i’m also adding three new face claims in order to be as both culturally accurate and as historically accurate as possible. plus, this allows for flexibility when writing out different threads in my various verses. NOTE: IT HAS TAKEN OVER 3 YEARS TO COME UP WITH THIS LIST AND I’VE BEEN HESITANT TO POST THIS.

  • zhang ziyi as sayuri nitta / chiyo sakamoto: canon geisha verses, historical geisha verses & modern geisha/non-geisha verses.
  • umeha-san from umeno okiya (an actual geisha): real life basis for sayuri based off of an actual geisha.
  • chiaki kuriyama as maiko ebina: college verse(s), harry potter verse.
  • suzuka ohgo as chiyo sakamoto / photoshoot pics: young chiyo across all verses.
  • miu arai as young naotora ii / towa: young chiyo sakamoto preceding sayuri as an onna-bugeisha or an assasin.
  • ko shibasaki as naotorao ii: sayuri during period threads wherein sayuri is not a geisha and instead is either an onna-bugeisha or an assassin.
  • naomi zaizen as chika ii: older sayuri in canon / historical verses.
  • ayame from the manga ReVeRsAl: primary animated face claim.
  • iwa tamiya from the anime ayakashi: japanese classical horror: secondary animated face claim.
  • unknown character from the anime ayakashi: japanese classical horror: also secondary animated face claim 

chihiro ogino / sen from hayao miyazaki’s film spirited away: little chiyo’s animated face claim.

[Image description:

Text - (616): He keeps looking? I tried to shag. I invited him to this table but he went to ze other one. If he shaves his ‘tache I would totally hit it

Victoria and Albert stand outside together

End of image description]

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I've been keen to come out as NB irl for a while and your 'Pride' video made me finally come out to a workmate. This is how the convo went down... ME: I'm nonbinary. HIM: Ah. I've been calling you "she". What would you rather? ME: I use he or they but I'm not out to everyone yet so don't worry. HIM: I'll use "they" then. I won't out you but I won't misgender you either. ........!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, THAT'S HOW IT'S DONE!! :D :D :D

Beautiful!!!! It should always be as easy and simple as that, I’m so glad you had a good experience!

‘Why do you love me? What is there to love in someone like me? Please, tell me why you’re so fond of me because honestly? I don’t get it.’

I was perplexed how could he not see why?

‘I love you because you’re you.

I love you because when you smile, your lips always tilt slightly to the left. When you smile your amazingly sharp canines peek through giving you a juvenile look. When you smile, your ever present dimples show more — if that’s even possible —. When you smile, your eyes crease at the edges and your beautiful eyes become slits of pure joy.

I love you because when you laugh, you tilt your head backwards. When you laugh, you always close your eyes. When you laugh, you grasp your stomach and bend over. When you laugh, you always end in a deep sigh and smile after wards, you grasp my face in yours and kiss me as if we’ll never kiss again.

I love you because when I do something you like, you giggle. When I do something you like, you’ll caress my hair and pat my cheeks. When I do something you like, you look at my lips and say, “I fucking love you”. When I do something you like, your eyes bore into mine and I see a flame ignite in them.

I love you because when you’re concentrated you furrow your eyebrows. When you’re concentrated you tongue pokes out of your delicious lips and glides over them. When you’re concentrated, you tend to break out of it for a slight second and do that 'hmmph’ sound you know I like just to give yourself a small break. When you’re concentrated, you grab something to eat with your left hand and bring it to the right side of your mouth and proceed to take a bite.

I love you because when you kiss me, you grab my face with both hands. When you kiss me, one hand pulls on my hair, while the other runs its thumb across my cheek. When you kiss me, you always do a series of multiple pecks after we end making out. When you kiss me, I can feel you smile and let out small giggles of content. When you kiss me, you hold my face in your palms and look at me for a good while then you tell me I’m beautiful.

I love you because when you hug me, you hold me for a long time. When you hug me, you grasp me firmly with both of your strong arms. When you hug me, you use one hand to rub my back. When you hug me, you put your face in the crook of my neck and breathe in my scent. When you hug me, you won’t let me go until we’ve embraced each other tightly.

I love you because when you talk about something you love you smile the whole time. When you talk about something you love, you tend to look down at your hands. When you talk about something you love, you furrow your eyebrows and smirk a little. When you talk about something you love, you let out small sighs of happiness. When you talk about something you love, you always tilt your head to side and shrug your shoulders at the end because you get embarrassed at your enthusiasm.

I love you because when you make me blush, you tease me about it. When you make me blush you put your hands on my cheeks and remark, 'baby your cheeks are hot’ at which point I reply, 'no they’re not, I don’t know what you’re talking about’. When you make me blush you look at my cheeks and smile and say 'baby you’re blushing’. When you make me blush you hold me down and ask me why knowing damn well that makes me blush more.

I love you because when you tell me stories about your past, you say them in a low voice as if speaking louder will make them come back. When you tell me stories about your past, you always hug me and won’t let me go. When you tell me stories about your past, you run your hands through your hair because you know you might cry. When you tell me stories about your past you always mutter the phrase, 'why am I even telling you this?’ And we both know it’s because you love me, and you want me to know what I’m getting into.

I love you because when you notice I’m sad, you’ll look at me and poke my cheeks until I smile. When you notice I’m sad you tell me 'stop being a taco without the shell’ because you know I’ll laugh. When you notice I’m sad, you’ll hug me and tell me you love me. When you notice I’m sad, you’ll ruffle my hair and whisper in my ear, 'Tina eat your goddamn food’, because that llama is our spirit animal.’

I love you for so many reasons, if I listed them all, this poem would never end.

The best way to put it is, I love you because you’re you.

—  Beauty in IT /// I love you because…