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Sometimes when i see those quotes of the side of light/darkness of kouyou,i think about Demian by Hermann hesse.Its like kouyou you need to get that the sides of Darkeness/light are free paths that anyone can choose and aknowledge,dont bully kyouka.

I can’t say I’ve read it before, but that’s pretty interesting! Please check out this book recommendation it looks really interesting!

And I agree! But what’s fascinating and so problematic about Kouyou is how she expects everyone to go through the same experiences and has deliberately tried to force an experience onto these young’ins. But at the same time, I can understand where she’s coming from - this is the only experience she has known, and she knows how horrifying and traumatic trying to leave the mafia can be.

Kyouka’s literally listed under Kouyou’s likes, so suffice to say I think she cares a great deal for Kyouka. Protecting Kyouka, to her, means to protect her from the very same trauma she had to face. Just look at that expression in the corner, she’s absolutely haunted by it. She’s distraught and angry that Dazai is dredging up that memory. Kouyou was doing exactly what she thought to be right. Thankfully, Dazai convinced Kouyou otherwise and helped turn that dream into a reality for Kyouka.

(Also, interestingly, Dazai’s aware of Kouyou’s predicament, which means he was in the mafia by the time he was 10? Because dang kid stop being so smart and manipulative dang)

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So it's okay to "damn the straights" even tho some haven't done anything wrong to you? Most support all types of love and gender equality but damn us cause why not group us with the ones who hate? Just like saying all Muslims are terrorists or all cops are murderers or all blacks are thugs. Disappointed to see this on your blog of all blogs.

I dont know…. what you expected of my blog….. like “my blog of all blogs” bro…… this is what i post??? all the time?

But psych even if you don’t hate us you still contribute to our oppression! and It’s actually not like that at all and to say that is…. weird because it didn’t say all straights are anything in that post. I mean I just said all straights contribute to oppression which is…. true honestly…. because everyone contributes to oppression?

Tbh I’m pretty sure even all gay ppl have internalized homophobia it just… affects us differently because we direct it at ourselves but like… everyone does.

Also like saying “all muslims are terrorists” and “all blacks are thugs” leaves people dead in the street when saying “damn the straights” is…. a text post thats obviously a joke so honestly what the fuck is that comparison too……. black an muslim people’s lives and wellbeings aren’t tools for your discourse

Now back to the internalized homophobia! The reason a lot of lgbt+ people say “damn the straights” and “down with cis” is 1. it’s obviously a joke… most straight people, especially ones who run in lgbt+ circles aren’t going to internalize that because they know it’s a joke and also because they know point 2. which is a lot of lgbt+ people struggle to feel valid and important and valuable in comparison to cis and straight people and those kind of jokes are a way to rebel against our oppression by spitting back while simultaneously building ourselves back up

- and frankly most straight people won’t internalize any hate from it not receive hate, they’ll just get angry or brush it off, and if there is a straight person who has a mental illness or sensitivity that makes it hard to manage those jokes (which I know happens) if we were friends irl i’d avoid those jokes around them but on my blog because of the nature of my posts and the frequency they show up in my description and videos and tags I wouldn’t be able to always tag, which means it’s safest to unfollow and there’s no harm no foul there no ones forcing you on my blog (and no one’s gonna yell at you for being straight in the streets- you can escape it) so

In short damn straight its okay

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I dont know if you get this a lot but I really appreciate what you do, the work you put into this blog and how lovely you are to everyone, it's not easy to do but you just do it without expecting anything in return. So thank you for everything ily

I don’t actually get this a lot, I know that you guys appreciate the blog of course so never doubt that but it’s not as common to have someone spell it out in a message, so it’s absolute great to see. It confirms that i’m doing something good, so thank you! <3 xxxx

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thank you so much<3 your post really meant alot. i truly dont understand why people are so quick to judge our entire fandom on a couple bad eggs as if their fandoms dont have them either. its very disheartening seeing everyone against us sometimes so its really sweet to see someone who isnt, you dont understand what it means for someone to understand and not see all of us as crazy so thank you<3

First of all, I have to say I’m speechless. I have read your replies, your tags and your comments on my post and I am so incredibly touched with the amount of love you all have shown. I really didn’t expect anything like this, because in my point, I wanted to show support to Clexa because the fandom deserves it.

Olicity will be the next years poll and Clexa won’t, so I hope my fellow Olicity shippers will see this and realise that maybe they could step down and let a fandom that so much deserves it. In all honesty, I’ve followed the whole The 100 mess closely because it just shows there’s a very real problem in our society and The 100 is a very bad example of this, so I do so really hope that my fandom can see this and actually realise that Clexa represents so much more than just a ship and it needs to be addressed. You all deserve better and I love you all so much and I’m so very much proud of what you all have done, from the initial reaction to your billboards, it’s a story that should never be forgotten and I wish that is the year that will be remembered as the year where LGBTQ+ viewers had enough and demanded they be treated equally and that there is justice for all. So please Olicity, let Clexa win.

It would benefit all, because it would also be good for our fandom if it shows that we can be capable of this sort of compassion. It will of course benefit clexa but remember it also will be good PR for Olicity if you need this kind of motivation. If not, let’s help them in the future with everything, ally yourself with the clexa fandom because their cause is just and fair. I will, because I believe in a better world for all of the LGBTQ+ and this is just the start.

Last of not least, thank you so much for your message and honestly I’m so touched because I didn’t expect this kind of reaction and your message made me weep in a good way because of the love. The last 24 hours I’ve been touched so much by all of your kind words, but I don’t feel I deserve them, because in my opinion, it should be what every one who considers themselves allies or feminists. I hope my gratitude for your message shows because I feel words doesn’t convey my feelings, thank you, you lovely anon!