Did you know that i love galaxies and the sound of the ocean?
Did you know that i love sky’s color at sunset and sunrise?
Did you know that i love when dandelion’s petals dance in the wind?
Do you love them as well?
Did you know that they love you anyway?
Did you know that stars sing lullabies to you every night but you are too busy drowning in your thoughts that you don’t pay attention to them?
Did you know that clouds cheer for you every time you doubt yourself?
Did you know that flowers grow a little every time you smile?
Did you know that your clothes are excited to find out about your next outfit?
Did you know that your coffee is trying its hardest to taste better so you will feel good?
Did you know that your pillow breathes a sigh of relief when you wake up in the morning?
Did you know that all your surroundings have endless love towards you?
Did you know that they get sad whenever you feel like no one loves you?
—  did you know that i love you? and you should too /// midnightbluewallflower

Tell me about how you burned Rome to the ground with the flicker of an eyelash, tell me about all the lost pieces of Atlantis you found when you were surrounded by seabed, tell me, did they whisper their stories to you? did the catacombs tremble, did the fire melt away?

(did they mistake you for gold, 
try and imprison you in their aureate city?)

You taught me what it meant to bruise, what a hundred collapsing stars sounded like, the sweet nothings Zeus whispered to Hera back when love wasn’t as fragile as splintered glass and tear-stained cheeks. I felt the world falling away, 
you were spinning me into gossamer, 
I was entangled in you, 
in the battle lines we’d already drawn 
without even realizing it because 
militat omnis amans, 
because this will end in bloodshed. There are tales, that even the sun is 
afraid to swallow, how my wax wings
were burned off, how you blackened a
bit of my soul, whilst lightening it 
at the same time.
Those are the nights the sea, the stars, 
even the settling dust, will never forget.
The nights, even the gods were tempted
 to bow down in our worship.

—  This Holy War We Trudge / @jupiterreed