The history of besieged Presidencies is the history of hubris, of blindness to one’s faults, of deafness to the warnings.

His approval rating is 40%—the lowest of any newly elected President.

Recently, the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee privately told friends that he puts the odds at two to one against him completing a full term.

Could Donald Trump really get fired from the Presidency? (Yes)

Read Evan Osnos’s investigation on the realistic prospects of it happening.

  • pornhub boss: hey what quirky thing should we do next? people love our sex education and whacky antics! :)
  • pornhub employee: maybe we could actually have our actions reflect our words and remove all the harmful porn on our site and try to make the industry a better place instead of a misogynistic hell hole
  • pornhub boss: you're fucking fired
  • Capitalist Society: People are lazy.
  • Me: Eh, people aren't lazy, we just don’t like – and can’t live decently or happily within – a system while constantly being exploited. How about questioning why it is that our society values a person’s life only in direct proportion to how much they produce and how efficiently they do it? How about asking what life might look like if our entire existence did not revolve around – and become defined by – wage-labor?
  • Capitalist Society: Work or die buddy. Your choice.
  • Me: That's not a choice. It's coercion. It is the imminent threat of violence enforced by a system which deploys state terror to cement and expand the borders of capital, which controls how we live and think to constantly reproduce forms of self-management like a autonomous clock set in motion, needing only the slightest nudge to continue ticking onward. It is as much as a choice as trying to swim while drowning.
  • Capitalist Society: Call in sick again and you're fired.


you stupid fucking piece of shit

you’re fired