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Understanding Shiny Pokemon of the Crestlands

    Seeing as there has been a controversy as well as confusion, I’ve decided to create a much more detailed post about Shiny Pokemon originating from the Island that this blog takes place on. It will go into much more detail as to how this affects the ‘mons, the advantages it gives them, and what differentiates these Shiny Pokemon from your typical (canon) Shiny Pokemon.

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II. It Started with a Tremor

    Tikal sighed softly, having eventually landed to sit in the sand on the island’s beach. She faced the ocean, letting the sea breeze dampen her fur, sneezing lightly when too much had hit her nose. The Mew exhaled softly, once again trying to open a psychic connection with her companions; however she was only met with silence. The blind Deity released a growling groan, tilting her head back a bit. She remained that way for a few long moments before finally humming thoughtfully and moving to get back up.

    The Mew pushed herself up enough to gather the momentum to float, pulling herself from the ground before stretching, lightly rolling back in the air as she pushed out her limbs, arching her back with a few resounding pops. Tikal wobbled a bit as she straightened back out, her ear flicking. The Deity floated forward, reaching out to touch a palm tree that was standing a few feet from her. Once she had a hold on the plant, Tikal zipped around it briefly before taking off in the direction she had come from, an idea of where she was going now in mind. 

    However, she didn’t get far before abruptly dropping. Like a stone in water, Tikal’s petite frame slammed to the ground without warning, causing the pink kitten to yowl in surprise. She hit the sand which indented and compressed under her weight, sand scattering in all directions. Tikal inhaled sharply, as if the air had been knocked out of her before almost frantically scrambling to her paws and knees, a look of utter horror and panic on her face. Her head tilted to the sky, pale, colorless eyes opening for the first time. All that came from the now petrified Deity was a devastated whimper.

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what i know about blurryface

after today I remembered when I had a huge obsession with finding every single thing blurryface has done so let’s talk about the blurryface twitter account woot

mmkay so here’s the creation date

but twenty one pilots didn’t announce the album until march. and according to @tylersoldtweets the account just sent people dms and then blocked them which is how the account got attention. 

then one day he posted this 

it became twenty one pilots header

then this

lets look at a calendar

this was the day that it was tweeted

so what happened monday night?

the stressed out music video

in fact the account posted videos of Stressed out played backwards. Here is a link to the videos REVERSED. And apparently the account favourited and unfavourited tweets that included the words “Stressed out” 

here’s another thing the account did:

what could that mean?

the day after that tweet twenty one pilots uploaded a video that is three minutes and 30 seconds long.

let’s look more into the world of the blurryface twitter account!

tyler’s old header was tweeted

let’s talk now about the song Ride. The account seemed to have some sort of obsession with that song.

blurryface also did a periscope to which he played ride. (i do not know if the photo is the same thing as the linked video)

here’s the link to the periscope. someone said that maybe what they’re saying is swedish. 

now about leaking their own album: I don’t really know how to get into that so here’s a link to a how they leaked their own album 

let’s look at some other shit! in no order!

and then most recently

which was posted a day before they announced the tour

and today

this actually had some pretty good theories

alright kids that’s what i’ve got

i’m still new, i didn’t start listening to them until September so please correct me if i’m wrong with anything here

Few years younger Lexa & Aden messing around during practice.

Bonus: Indra & Titus


i left out some of ford’s laughter from before so i put them in as well as added in stuff from the finale. so it’s all here, for all your ford laughter needs