You're so beautiful


i taetae you bb  
for @bwipsul, happy birthday my sweet hajar 

Just sitting next to you calms the storm in my heart.. never have I wanted to be calmed in this way.. until I met you.
—  Eue - Thoughts of Skeeter
There’s still so much of you that I’ve lost the chance to know. Let someone else explore all of that. Okay?
—  🖤

Rock! CFVY outfits after 10,000 years. Just finally got the focus in to sit down and colour/clean for five hours we’re good we’re good

Matt and Shiro's reunion

Shiro: Matt?? Matt is that you?! Oh my god!
Matt: wtf happened to your hair you look like a skunk
Shiro: It’s the stress and yOU KNOW IT
Matt: Yeah trying to get that eyeliner on point must be stressful
Shiro: *looks at the camera like he’s in the office*